14 July, 2024


Gota’s Ambassador To Germany Slams Switzerland Ahead Of Posting

Manori Unambuwe a close associate of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who just last month severely criticized the Switzerland Government by posting two detrimental comments on her Facebook page that could continue to sour diplomatic ties between the countries, has been nominated as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Germany.

Manori Unambuwe

Ambassador to Germany is also accredited to Switzerland.

A rather undiplomatic post condemning the Swiss government and aimed more at human smugglers state “Forget your Korean language exams, TOEFL, or smuggling yourself to Australia. Just claim the Sri Lankan government threatened you, and harassed you, and you’ll get first class tickets for you and your family straight to a 1st world life in Switzerland! All courtesy of the Swiss embassy”

Manori Unamboowe who was actively involved being in the forefront of Presidential Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s election campaigns and also organizing forums for Colombo’s business community went on to further lambaste the Swiss government for providing a safe haven for Nazi money. She also went on to condemn Switzerland’s view and stance on terrorists and questioned “what more can you expect from a country with that kind of track record?”.

Twitter users have managed to obtain screen shots of both comments made by Manori Unambuwe on the 3rd December 2019, just prior to her taking them off her Facebook page.

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  • 17

    What Ambassador Unamboowe has mentioned is absolutely correct. The Swiss colluded with the Nazis and hid the gold and money stolen from the Jews in Swiss Banks.

    Even though Germany banned the Nazi party and to this day condemn the activities of the Nazis the coward Swiss haven’t done so. Instead, they continue to profit from the Nazi loot by keeping the “account holders” (rather lootholders) names secret.

    • 19

      As usual the cardboard hero and Rajapakse worshiper the so called Lt. shamal Perera has jumped the gun and called this twat an ambassador. Read and think before you write.

    • 6

      Hallo, Mister. Thank you for putting the cat of out of the bag.
      I knew GR/MR are hiding something to public during election time which is They were “pretending” as if they were against Jews.
      Before the election when I said “If you cannot fight Jews, why not recognise Jews” Then GR/MR’ supporters burst into anger with me.
      Surely, this group’s anger is genuine. Immediately, at that time, I discovered that obviously GR/MR with multi- racial family never will be honest toward their supporters who dumbly believe G/.MR are nationalists. All that time, I had full evidence that GR/MR are playing double game in front of their Sinhalese supporter while they have full secret agreement with Jewish group to help them come to power in return work for Jewish interest.
      Here we go! This lady ambassador could potential also be a GR’s family members was chosen and appointed by Global Jew moment in Germany and making her work as a slave for Jews and global Jew moment is sending a “clear message to those dumb Sinhalese supporters of GR/MR who believe they are powerful and GR/MR work for nationalists.
      What Jews want to tell GR/MR’s supporters who opposed Jews is this, “You are nothing for us.” “You leader run by us.” Your ambassadors run by us.” We make your ambassador do dirty work for us.” We use your ambassador to promote hate against Swiss and make swiss public against Sinhalese majority.”
      I am not against Sinhalese who oppose Jews. They have their rights to oppose, but don’t go after or appoint wrong leaders who are playing double game.
      Sri lanka did not have any normal friendship with western countries because dumb Sinhalese always have been electing dumb double game playing leaders who played anti-Western rhetoric to attract Muslims voters in the last 70 years.

  • 9

    Love your attacks. You were mute when Ranil Haamu appointed his relative to be HC to UK, without Olevels but a leading businesswoman who inherited Swadeshi

    MANOURI IS A HIGHLY Skilled IT success story, your Yahooville low educated Ambattayas don’t like.

    Manouri Unamboowe is an Incredibly accomplished and SAP country manager. That is a really top notch global company in IT. Must have brains. She’s not like Premedasa cronies or MR cronies. Did you guys even KNOW WHAT THE **CK SAP IS? GLOBAL GIANT IN ENTERPRISE RESOURCES PLANNING SYSTEMS. Do you think Sajith’s aarayaawa or Rosy or Aunty Wijewardene can do that?

    • 9

      true she might be an accomplished IT professional. However to be an ambassador to a country one needs to know diplomacy and certainly an quality she doesn’t seem to have going by her Twitter rants. When politicians appoint non career diplomats things turn sour very quickly. Germany ain’t a country we can’t afford to screw around with.

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