13 April, 2024


Government To Set Up Special Task Force To Fast-Track Resettlement In North

Amidst an assurance by President Maithripala Sirisena that the land issues in the North will be settled within the next three months, the government is to set up a special task force to expedite the resettlement process in the North.

Still IDPs - 2Recurrent the expenditure for this task force will be approximately Rs. 14.5 million and the task force will come under the purview of the Ministry of Resettlement, Reconstruction and Hindu Affairs, and the Secretary to the Ministry will be the Secretary of the Task force

On Friday, speaking to media heads Sirisena said that the people in the North were requesting that the land that belonged to them be returned, and therefore as a government it was important to understand the grievances of the people. “They are asking for their own lands. We have achieved remarkable progress on resettlement, but there are a few more problems that need to be resolved,” he said.

He admitted that there was a delay on part of the state owned Survey Department because the department lacks sufficient personnel to fast track the process which will help solve these land related issues. “But despite certain difficulties, we hope to sort out these land related matters within three months,” he said.

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    Please do not ignore the displaced Sinhala and Muslim people. Tamils got displaced because of Tamil terrorists. Sinhala tax payers have to bear the brunt, Rs. 14.5 million recurrent cost.

    • 21

      Other than the 75000 Northern Muslims hardly any Sinhalese or Muslims were displaced. In the east Sinhalese and Muslims were killed and displaced thousands of Tamils. Stop lying for every so called Sinhalese/Muslims claiming to be displaces thousands of Tamils were really displaced by the Sinhalese state armed forces and by state armed Sinhalese and Muslims hooligans. Tamils were displaced because of State sponsored Sinhalese genocide and war crimes that started soon after independence. Your called Tamil terrorism is a response to more than 60 years of state sponsored Sinhalese terrorism on them overtly and covertly supported by Sinhalese racists like you. Even the international community and the UN are aware of this. Stop lying under the false pretext of displaced Sinhalese and Muslims you and the Sinhalese and Muslim extremists are trying to settle thousands of out of area Sinhalese and Muslims in the north and east, to further dilute the Tamil population and majority in these regions, so that effective self rule and autonomy will be denied to the Tamils. One Muslim Iblis from Mannar was doing that when he was in charge of settling displaced people. Instead of settling the hundreds of thousands of genuinely displaced Tamils and the 75000 northern Muslims, he was busy settling thousands of out of area southern Muslims along the Wilpattu corridor on virgin lands in order to create new Muslims enclaves along the strategic north western coast that were never there. He was being funded for this strategic move, by certain fundamentalist Wahhabi Gulf Arab states.

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        Real Siva Sankaran Sarma

        You’re making a new scope for a burning issue.

        To the best of our knowledge there’s no plan to settle Sinhalese and Muslims in the North but now I feel that it’s something good for us to do; must see the possibility for that.

        See, the British took thousands of Tamil people from India and settled them in estates. They’ve multiplied to millions now. How many hectares they occupy?

        Do Sinhala people cry like you or demand sending them back. (except that some were sent back under an agreement with India).

        What about you the Jaffna Tamils, making a big fuss over small matter of resettling innocent sinhala people who were rendered landless due to the arrival of Indian laborers, under new development projects in the North and East.

        Where’s your humanity?

        If your private lands are forcefully occupied by forces or any other you have a legitimate right to claim for that and people in other areas too, will support you.

        But as your people are adamant on the foolish idea of traditional homeland and nobody except Tamils can live in the North, it’s good to put a full stop for that.

        All of us will be benefited.

        How many Tamils from North and East are living in other parts of the country.

        So government should acquire lands from North and distribute among people from other areas. Similarly some Northern people also be resettled in other parts.

        So the heavy burden on your head the Tamil traditional homeland will vanish and life will be easy for all of us.

        The whole world is the traditional homeland of human beings and all other living beings.

        Real or unreal; Siva Sankaran Sarma use your brain and help your people to use their’s.

        • 14

          “”Do Sinhala people cry like you 2”

          Because they burnt kachelries to change names but still have the south indian DNA like you communist leeches.

          “”What about you the Jaffna Tamils, making a big fuss over small matter of resettling innocent sinhala people who were rendered landless due to the arrival of Indian laborers, under new development projects in the North and East.”
          there was nothing called sinhalese until the portuguese unloaded up until 1970.
          The avaliable was not prepared to work under the conditions in the tea plantations , cash crops that were created. Nadu workers from sculpture to working on the hills climbing like goats at the nilgiris, darjeeling were transported. (tea did not come via buddha but nusery of 10k plants at Darjeeling maintained by British botanist)

          Can you give the `concept` of Sinhalese and Buddhism?? I doubt you even have the courage to attempt.

          • 1

            Take that

            What you say is irrelevant to me and to what I said

            You have freedom of thinking so make your own concepts about anybody/ anything as you like and enjoy it.

            • 7

              Stupid Rudy,

              “What you say is irrelevant to me and to what I said”

              They did burn colombo kachelries. VOC researchers at Amsterdam blamed both Kerala And Colombo.
              What is your problem government servant?? ass licking village moron?

              as a professional politician SC/ST you write imaginary stories besides the truth.

              When the evidence is produced you get hemorrhoids- HeeHaw.

              Sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up- S2

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          “How many Tamils from North and East are living in other parts of the country.”

          Are they living on stolen land? Either they pay market price to procure their land/building or market rent for their residences.

          “What about you the Jaffna Tamils, making a big fuss over small matter of resettling innocent sinhala people who were rendered landless due to the arrival of Indian laborers, under new development projects in the North and East.”

          You are confused.

          It was not their arrival that rendered Sinhala peasants landless, it was the Brits who grabbed the land first and then they brought laborers to work in the plantations.

          Indian laborers didn’t invade the country and have had control over properties and migration.

          The Brits left in 1948. If you ever been a concerned citizen you would have pressured the successive government to dismantle the plantations and redistribute the entire land to the Sinhalese.

          It is interesting to note that you have selective memory, perverted logic, ….. bordering on racism, … you want everything free, ….. and pretend to be a honest broker.

          Please stop being a hypocrite with a hidden agenda.

          • 1

            “Are they living on stolen land?”

            I don’t think so, Nobody can live on stolen property.

            Do you mean to say that military are going to be permanent residents in occupied property.

            Their presence (Tamils) in every where reflects that other parts are friendly for Tamil people whereas the North isn’t friendly for other communities.

            Traditional homeland concept is offensive to other communities, why should Tamils maintain it. Do they have advantages?

            I’d love that idea to dismantle tea plantations but where shall we send workers? so it’s far from reality, we are bound to continue it.

            “You have selected memory,……,…. and pretend to be honest broker”

            I hate commenting on that

            Let me say like this.

            I’m not racial? why don’t you label Tamils as racial

            Selective memory might be reasonable but not to cheat, I refuse your comments.

            Don’t analyse me, Please analyse what I mention.

            It’s my general interest about what’s happening around me.

            It’s open agenda.

            • 8


              “Their presence (Tamils) in every where reflects that other parts are friendly for Tamil people whereas the North isn’t friendly for other communities.”

              Not so in 1956, 1977, 1983, between 1983 and 2015.

              Once in a while you should come of your bunker and see the real world. Do you know during the war how many innocent Tamils were arrested in the South and made to disappear?

              Do you also know how many innocent Sinhalese were killed or made to disappear in 1971 and between 1987 and 1990 in the South? You have a serious problem. It is you.

              Please face the past head on.

              You should travel through out the country frequently as I do. You will see many things that would surprise you.

              Go to the North and count the buses and cars carrying Sinhalese to various parts, and count them on their return. Then tell me how many Sinhalese are missing.

              Go and stand in front of Jaffna Library and count how many Sinhala speaking people come to visit, including school children.

              Only rational person can be convinced as to the reality but paranoid, ignorant, …… bigots will continue have see what they want see. You are no different.

              I never said Tamils were never been racist will continue to say it. Go visit my previous comments for proof.

            • 8

              “”Traditional homeland concept is offensive to other communities, why should Tamils maintain it. Do they have advantages?””

              That is because the rest are sambar mixture SC/ST.
              As Nehru realised with his hindustani ve tamil and now his great grandson Rajiv will never change it. Seen the nice words he had for Brahmin Dr R.R.

              you are porriki passan with new found sinhala goons.

        • 7


          Are you a Negombo Tamil converted as Sinhalese?

          They took not just the Western Tamil Lands,but they stole the Tamils too. Can you come back again as a Tamil to redress this for us?

          I am looking for all Negombo Tamils to convert them back and Tamils and their lands as Tamils lands.

          You are useless case. Tamils next project, after winning the current troubles, should start to sue all Sri lankan tea and rubber companies who have become crocodiles on Tamils flesh by immoral and inhuman exploitation.

    • 6


      “Sinhala tax payers have to bear the brunt, Rs. 14.5 million recurrent cost.”

      Who is going to pay for all those lost opportunities, forgone development, the looted properties, burnt out businesses and houses, ….. loss of lives, …. since language terrorism was unleashed in 1956?

      If we go by your logic, it appears the victims should be forced to compensate aggressor. Not a bad idea, only a bigot can think in similar line.

    • 3

      Hey do you think Tamils are living in SL on Sinhala handouts? Why all the Tamils are sitting there collecting welfare? Displaced Sinhalese? Where are they?

    • 2

      Some of these so-called displaced are those who migrated from South India to Vanni EElam during the LTTE war time. So, Tamils are asking them to be “resettlesd” in Sri lanka.

      • 5

        jim softy

        “Some of these so-called displaced are those who migrated from South India to Vanni EElam during the LTTE war time.”

        You mean they too are ilegal Kallathonies like your ancestors.

        Please inform the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

        Contact Details:

        Department of Immigration and Emigration
        “Suhurupaya”, Battaramulla.

        Hotline : 1962
        Phone : 94-11-5329000 Hunting Line
        Fax : 94-11-2674621
        E-Mail : controller[at]immigration.gov.lk
        Web Site: http://www.immigration.gov.lk

        Controller General of Immigration and Emigration & Commissioner for Registration of Persons of Indian Origin
        Mr. M. N. Ranasinghe
        Telephone : +94 11 5329400
        Ext : 9400
        Fax : 2674621
        Email : controller[at]immigration.gov.lk

        Additional Controller General
        Mr P. V. Gunathilaka
        Telephone : +94 11 5329450
        Ext : 9450

        Let them deal with the illegal immigrants.

      • 5

        Jim is correct some of them migrated to active war zone from India during the war, which is 2 %. Other 98% migrated from US and UK to the north during the war zone.

        • 3

          Are you not the author of Zero casualty?? 2+98=100%
          When it’s to deal with humanities one never gets 100%.

          top government man from vanni in the UK with his SL passport did not go to Vanni

          • 3

            My comment was a sarcasm in response to Jim’s delusion that people migrated to active war zone from safe countries.

            By the way people from Argentina, and Brazil also migrated to nothern Sri Lanka during active war while people in the north try to escape to save their lives.

      • 5

        Ado Jim Shit bugger, you ought to have your head checked for mental retardation. Dumb fool, when did the south Indians move to the Vanni area during the war? first of all when did the south Indians move to SL in the last 50 years? Idiot, you have too much cow dung in your head. What do you do everyday when you wake up? Do you sit there and think how and what kind of nonsense you could come up with about Tamils to write on CT?

    • 1

      Sinhalese got displaced systematic planned colonization, it is a welcoming thing if they were to be resettled.

  • 7

    Hi If it is democracy Under what democratic Law the military is occupying all the Tamils Land???? Can any one answer. IF there is no viable answer The proves The Tamils Land is occupied unlawfully by a Tyrannical Military government.

    • 9

      “”? Can any one answer.””

      Sinhala Buddhist and Muslim Fascist Army co- sponsored by Barrack Hussein and his women’s department with UN Ban Ki Moon and family crew.

      BodhiSira has a rough idea as to what would come when the `salli malla ` runs dry.

      tamils have no american clout but just the village cuckoo.
      India does not trust the tamils at all and prefer the better of the 2 the sinhalese- sanskrit.
      Remember the tamils picked colombo july 83 to escape and fund a war.

  • 5

    Why can’t the government give back non HSZ private land that had been already mines ckeared ? Government wouldn’t occupy non HSZ private land in Hambatota. You can’t treat north and south differently and call it equal

  • 7

    Hope the government will absorb neutral-God fearing Tamils and Singhalese into this task force. Vasipatha-business minded Muslims should not be included in North affairs (RB& Hakim). They have their own area with 99% Muslims in Eravoor and the surrounding. Let them develop their own area and leave Vilpath as tourist spot. We have enough unbiased professionals in North and south to handle this issue. Also we lost everything during the clash between LTTE(Tamils) and government(Singhalese)and actually Muslims benefitted during that 30 years of clash. Let us live together now without further clash.

  • 6

    This what UNP said in 2012

    The UNP says that the devolution of power is a principal factor in reaching a settlement between the ethnic groups and the government must take the initiative by placing a set of proposals for discussion based on the existing constitutional arrangements.

    UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said this in Parliament today.

    The UNP Leader earlier attempted to table his Party’s observations on the LLRC report and recommendations in Parliament but was prevented by the Chair as Wickremesighe had not submitted a written copy of his document to the Secretary General of Parliament.

    Later it was released to media by the Opposition Leader’s office.

    Here is the full text of UNP’s standpoint over LLRC recommendations:

    1. The Commission of Inquiry on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation which had been requested to “look back at the conflict Sri Lanka suffered as well as to look ahead for an era of healing and peace building in the country” submitted an interim report which was then followed by their final report. At the very outset we wish to put on record the lack of specific and factual findings in crucial areas which was very much a part of the mandate of the Commission.

    2. The findings of the Commission that the Ceasefire Agreement is conceptually flawed are untenable. The reliance on Mr. Javeed Yusuf who had little or no knowledge of the background or the working of the CFA and on the University Teachers Human Rights of the Jaffna University who were totally opposed to talks and a negotiated settlement with the LTTE leaves much to be desired. The conclusion reached by the Commission as to the failure of the Ceasefire Agreement does not take into account the impact of the understanding reached between President Rajapaksa and the LTTE prior to the Presidential Election of 2005 and the failure of the direct talks which were to take place after this election. The Commission has omitted to mention that the LTTE rejected the peace formula offered by the UNP in 2005 which included the Tokyo Declaration. Further, the Commission failed to consider the commitment of the international community to find a settlement as well as to combat terrorism after the Peace Process started. The Commission has also not taken into consideration the positive effects the CFA had on Sri Lanka’s economy. Within a year a negative GDP growth of -1% in 2001 became a positive growth of 4% in 2002. The Commission is also silent regarding the social and economic benefits of the Ceasefire Agreement.

    3. The arena of conflict encompassed both the Northern and Eastern provinces which saw continuous military activity by both the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE affecting a large number of civilians. The collateral damage included the displacement of a large number persons estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands affecting their livelihood and living conditions in the North and East. No part of the country was spared in this conflict which also left deep scars in many parts of the South. The number of deaths and those injured and requiring assistance remains yet to be properly counted. The Commission has also failed to adequately inquire into the reasons as to why the government failed to properly estimate the number of persons who would be confined to camps and trapped in no-fire zones. It is also observed that there has been inadequate preparation to accommodate the civilians fleeing the no-fire zone in the last week of the wars but the Commission failed to examine the Government’s preparedness for such a consequence.

    4. The Commission has very rightly recognized that the conflict affected all three major communities resident in these areas. One of the more pressing problems relates to the resettlement of the displaced persons together with the attendant problems relating land ownership. The Commission has not specifically addressed its mind to this problem and seems to place reliance on better trained administrative officers to resolve this problem. Comprehensive legislation is required if a lasting solution is to be put in place. The Centre for Policy Alternatives in their report titled “Land and Property Rights of Internally Displaced Persons” and a report titled “Legal Analysis of Property Issues affecting Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees in Sri Lanka” commissioned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka have addressed these issues. In addition, the Court of Appeal in CA Application 620/2011 had also issued a Stay Order restraining action on the basis of the programme “Bim Saviya, National Programme on Land Title Registration” issued by the Ministry of Land and Land Development.

    5. The displacement of hundreds of thousands from their homes, the deaths of a large number of civilians, the destruction of private property and the wholesale disappearance of village communities, is a national trauma which will haunt us for a very long time and will be in our memories specially the Tamils, for many generations to come.

    6. We also note the failure to consider the Report of the UN Panel of Experts. The publication of the UN Report resulted in the Government taking the stance that the Commission Report will deal with the issues relating to accountability and human rights. The Commission Report’s failure leaves large areas of the UN Report unanswered.

    7. The statement of Hon. Navin Dissanayake that 10,000 civilian casualties was a‘necessary sacrifice’ requires further investigation. Therefore, the Commission should have gone deeper into the evidence that was available before coming to a conclusion on the last phase of the war and on the issue of accountability. The Minister concerned was not even called before the Commission. Unfortunately, the findings of the Commission do not answer the question whether a reasonable effort was made to limit the destruction and damage that would have resulted on such an outcome.

    8. The Channel 4 video has caused much concern among international Human Rights agencies. The Commission has addressed its mind to the video broadcast over Channel 4 and has rightly recommended that“the government initiate an independent investigation into the matters to establish the truth or otherwise of the allegations arising from the video footage.” The mechanism for this independent investigation must be acceptable both domestically and internationally as being able to conduct an impartial inquiry including the examination of the video footage. There is a great urgency for this matter to be concluded in order that the government can move forward on the human rights record.

    9. The conclusion of inquiries into the matters in respect of the detainees is strongly recommended by us.

    10. No meaningful steps were taken to investigate the deaths and disappearances of the civilians which were reported to the relevant authorities together with credible information. Therefore, the Government must further appoint the several Independent Committees recommended by LLRC to conduct further investigations into such cases such as those referred to at paragraphs 9.37(a), 9.41 and 9.50 of Chapter 9 of the Report.

    11. All displaced persons are naturally anxious to get back home and restart their lives. The government should grant all facilities necessary to enable themselves in a vocation in which they are experienced and skilled. The government should also ensure that development activities should take place in a significant manner in the North and East. The Government must also make available the necessary financial resources for this purpose.

    12. The erosion of democratic principles, the political interference with law enforcement, politicization of the public sector, the lack of good governance and the absence of independent Commissions have all been acknowledged in the Report. This was also responsible for marginalized groups losing faith in the Government’s ability and willingness to address their grievances. The UNP will be failing in its duty if it does not commend the Commission for recognizing the problems threatening democratic institutions and the need to enhance the principles of democracy, good governance and human rights.

    13. While welcoming the observations and the recommendations relating to Reconciliation (paragraphs 9.167 – 9.285) and in particular regarding Human Rights (paragraphs 9.42 – 9.120) the UNP wishes to emphasize that the need of the hour is a fully functioning democracy wherein no sector be it ethnic, religious or political will be discriminated. The UNP proposes:-

    (i) New legislative provisions on abductions, involuntary disappearances including the procedure for arresting/taking people into Police custody under the Emergency regulations and so on.

    (ii) The need for an effective witness protection programme.

    (iii) A Select Committee of Parliament to investigate into the attacks on journalists in the recent past and even today.

    (iv) The speedy enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill accepted by Cabinet in 2003.

    (v) The appointment of an oversight committee whose members will be nominated by both the Government and the Opposition to report on the enforcement of law and order in the country as well as disarming all armed groups in the North and East.

    (vi) The immediate establishment of a separate Ministry for the Police, as done by the UNP in 2001. The Government should announce a specific and detailed programme for inducting Tamil speaking personnel into the Police and make the existing personnel trilingual.

    (vii) The de-militarization of the North and limiting the role in civil administration in the North to the public service.

    (viii) A new role for the Army be spelt out keeping in mind their need to protect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the country. The Army’s role in securing territorial integrity of the nation is recognized but merely rewarding the high ranking personnel does not suffice. A programme to meet the requirements all ranks who are serving should be put in place.

    (ix) The establishment of a Special Institution to deal with citizens grievances (9.218) must be based on a bi-partisan agreement in Parliament. It should be an independent institution and having the same status as the Independent Police Commission and Independent Public Service Commission.

    (x) The implementation of the reconciliation programmes without resorting to the use of one-time combatants and armed political groups whose involvement in the government’s political process is seen as a definite hindrance to achieving effective reconciliation.

    (xi) The fundamental rights chapter to be strengthened by repealing Article 16 of the Constitution and incorporating the ICCPR as a part of our law. The Public Security Chapter xviii should be revised restricting the extraordinary powers to the immediate crisis. The power of Preventive Detention should be specified in Chapter xviii. A Standing Committee of Parliament should be established to review the enactment of Emergency Regulations.

    (xii) The establishment of a Constitutional Court to deal with Constitutional matters including reviewing legislation, resolving disputes between the government, the Provincial Councils and Local Authorities and uphold fundamental rights. The pre enactment review system presently in force has been found to be totally wanting. We strongly recommend a post enactment review process.

    (xiii) A Constitutional Amendment establishing a new mechanism to ensure the independence of the following agencies:
    (a) the Constitutional Court
    (b) the Election Commission
    (c) the Police Commission
    (d) the Public Service Commission
    (e) the Supreme Court
    (f) Appeal Court
    (g) High Courts
    (h) The special institution referred to in paragraph 9.218
    (i) Inspector General of Police
    (j) Human Rights Commission
    (k) Monetary Board
    (l) The Attorney General.
    The Judicial Service Commission to consist of the Chief Justice, President of the Court of Appeal and the senior Judge of the Supreme Court. This amendment will also repeal the relevant Articles of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

    (xiv) The devolution of power as conceded by the Commission, is a principal factor in reaching a settlement between the ethnic groups. The government must in the first instance take the initiative by placing a set of proposals for discussion based on the existing constitutional arrangements, negotiations which are already taking place and the recommendations in 8.224.

    14. The onus is now on the government to announce a detailed road map for implementing the recommendations together with a clearly stated timeframe. The UNP also notes that the Government has so far failed to implement the interim recommendations of the Commission. Therefore the Government must establish its bona fides by taking immediate action on all recommendations which are agreed to by the Opposition Parties in Parliament that have submitted their observations. This road map must finally make a reality of our commitments to the Affirmation of Commonwealth Values and Principles by the Heads of Government in Port of Spain in 2009. Sri Lanka as a member of the Commonwealth is a Party to this Affirmation.

    15. The failure to find a concept to share power between the centre and the periphery has contributed in a large way in bringing this unfortunate position. Therefore, all “parties and all people must come together, understand the tragic traumatic period we have gone through and commit ourselves to reconciliation and peace. The government must take the first step to create an environment to build a national consensus based on unity, strengthening democracy, power sharing, equality and respect for the rights of all communities. All of us have a duty to respond and a role to play. This will also enable the government to implement in the fullest our obligations under the international agreements on Human Rights to which we have subscribed. The success of such an approach depends on the ability to transform our attitudes and thinking.

  • 6

    The Commander in Chief – a.k.a The President – is unwilling/unable/afraid to give a direct order to the armed forces, to immediately quit lands which belong to citizens.

    He needs a “task force” instead.

    • 6

      navy corporal de silva tried Indian PM Rajiv and BodhiSira brother was killed with an axe.

      the sinhala buddhist hyenas built an animal the size of a large buddha and are afraid of it-

  • 5

    The term re-settlement is incorrect. The displaced people want their land/properties/businesses back. It is the illegal occupants of these who must be resettled in the barracks.

    • 0

      the authority elected by the majority has given the army the right to occupation. eg An architects building/ home and office at ward place in front of JR home was occupied by army and they never returned it.
      BodhiSira is playing wait and see and prolonging his stay as others before him.
      #plantation island of Warlords where the army will not move and the people are cowards

      when civilians play havoc the army takes over and SL is being trained by USA to fight in the pits.

      Praise comes very freely from SL’s- intelect,legend, brilliant etc. – all mediocre that created this crusade.

  • 7

    To all forum participants,
    Though some of you are hiding your heads in the sand and thinking nobody can see you, you are just exposing your animosity. There is no point in hiding anything that happened in the recent history of Sri Lanka. It is all well known to the whole world how Tamils were marginalized by all the successive majoritarian Governments. Now we are watching how the properties of Tamils are being swindled by the majority Sinhalese after parking a whole lot of Sri Lankan forces personnel in the North and East. The whole world knew how the Tamils from North and East doing honest work and business in the South and other provinces lost their work, businesses and their properties. It was because of their hard and honest work Sri Lanka was hailed as an example by leaders of all other Asian Countries. Sri Lanka enjoyed huge foreign reserves. Foolish politicians of the time got crazy and plotted against the Geese that lay the golden eggs, just to take over the whole Administration took up to dirty hooligan work. Motivating Buddhist monks to spread racial violence and get the Tamils out of most parts of Sri Lanka. At first from the South and all escaped took refuge in North and East. Thousands of innocent men, women, and children were brutally killed and specially women cut up and raped by brutal Sinhalese supported by the majoritarian Government of the time.
    When you see the reality and how the international community hold Sri Lanka accountable for war crimes committed with impunity and how Sri Lanka is responding after cosigning the UNHRC agreement, all of you understand where and what is wrong. Please refrain from showing your animosity against one another. When you look at the History, it is abundantly clear history changes all the time. We the people sometimes make history happen for the good as in some Countries. You are the people who make the history happen bad as you are Sri Lankans and not any other Countrymen!

  • 4

    We heard this story before, many times from the President and the PM.
    The president,on his first appearance in Jaffna in early 2015 promised the people that the confiscated lands will be returned to the owners with compensation to develop their lands within six months and priority
    will be given to this issue but until today, most of the owners are still dangling in make shift camps, away from their own lands,as tho’
    hand over was done on paper, army refuses to vacate the lands.

    TNA adopting a ‘heming,heming’ approach, explains to the people that the delay in handing back the lands, back to the owners is due to lack
    of sufficient/efficient personnel to fast track the process, which is understandable as many govt. projects are either half done or put on hold due to Govt. ministers, 100 of them in number are not pushing their staff to complete the work on hand, on time.
    What baffles the Tamils is how come erecting of Buddha statues, bldg.
    of schools and unauthorised colonization in N/E are being done at fast speed by the army with the knowledge of the Govt., while the Tamil problems are solved at snail pace. The Tamil people are now very much
    concerned about the end results.

  • 3

    There have always been displacement of people and labour from one country to others. In other countries people are given citizenship. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the ONLY county that send back people of Indian origin and their children to India on the basis of their fathers did not posses Ceylon citizenship. These upcountry workers cultivated hostile land of bushes and beasts to plant cash crops in Sri Lanka.

    Sinhalese constituted 66% of the population in 1911 but they are more than 76% now. So it is obvious who multiplies fastest.

    All the displaced people must be resettled in their OWN homes irrespective of their ethnicity. There is no room for politics or racism in giving back their own homes.

  • 3

    As there is no war or land mines The military should go back to their pre 1971 sites. The status quo of 1960 ,s should be restored. All the land should go to civil admin and to the owners. The presence and actions of the forces will further escalate the hate. If any one wants the truth go and talk to the people around 70 Yrs. The atrocities and arrogance is one caused the separatism. You must understand Unity in Sri Lanka is a new thing which came after the British. If yo want to keep the unity there should be give and take policy. Division is the trend everywhere not the unity.
    The governor is a military representative of the Racist ruling. All the govet officers should be reappointed by the democratically elected tamil body. If the truth comes out you will know even the Uni admissions and appointments of Tamils was politically or militarily appointed.
    Any one talking about Tamils coming from India should fight with British empire because settled the Tamils in Upcountry. The Sinhalese chieftains also brought the Kings and Tamils from India. The Vijejan also brought too many Tamils from INdia. So Half the Sinhals Gene is Tamil and all those half genes should go back to India.
    Better SL join the Indian federation Like European Union so that there will be a better movement in both ways. And the Tamil problem will vanish.

  • 7

    All the Tamils displaced in foreign land should given assistance to resettle in their land from where they left.

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