19 May, 2022


Govt Protects And Promotes BBS: Muslim Parliamentarians Protect The Govt

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Muslim parliamentarians protect the government; Calls to ban BBS and prosecute its leaders

The government and opposition parliamentarians began, directly and indirectly, accusing the government of being behind the Sinhala extremist Bodu Bala Sena and its anti Muslim campaign following its attack on the Slave Island Nippon Hotel press briefing of Jathika Bala Sena – JBS.  The JBS is another group of Buddhist monk organization that promotes Peace and co-existence in the country.

However long before politicians woke up after the  attack on JBS ,most  Muslims were convinced of  government’s  involvement  in view of the police protection the extremists enjoyed in their more  than 300 anti Muslim attacks.

However what no one could understand is that these attacks on the island’s Muslim community come in the aftermath of the 30 year ethnic war which was the product of this very same destructive racist politics.

This only shows that no lesson was learnt from the 30 year carnage. Latest in this series was the attack on the press conference at Nippon Hotel.

Flanked by two dozen young monks and in the presence of number of police officers, on Wednesday 9 April 2014, the BBS General Secretary Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera, stormed a media conference organized by JBS secretary Ven Watareka Vijitha and forced to suspend the event.  Moulavis at the briefing fled the scene while the JBS monks were humiliated and forced to beg forgiveness for siding with ‘Lebbes,’ a derogatory term for the Muslims. Ven Watareka Vijitha Thera was forced to apologize to the entire nation and the Maha Sangha for what BBS claimed as ‘letting down the Maha Sanga before the Muslims and betraying Buddhism.’

What shocked the nation was that this shameful attack took place under the watchful eye of police. Police protection to BBS hooliganisms drew swift condemnation  here  and abroad with some calling for the banning of BBS and arrest Gnanasara Thera for continuously violating the law, spreading hatred and inciting Sinhalese against Muslims.

There was also a signature campaign calling President Mahinda Rajapaksa to ban the BBS.

In its wake Washington based Terrorism Research Analysis Consortium (TRAC) has classified Sri Lanka’s Bodu Bala Sena as a ‘Religious and Cult Terrorist Group. In its report on the BBS, TRAC states that, ‘the BBS engages in hate speech and attacks against minority religions.’  It has organized various campaigns against the country’s minority Muslim and Christian communities which, according to the organization, pose a threat to Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese-Buddhist identity, TRAC adds.   In the TRAC analysis in terms of the BBS ideology it has classified it as a ‘Religious (all) and Cult Terrorist Groups’.

Then came the call by Minister of National Languages and Social Integration, Vasudeva Nanayakara to proscribe the BBS by law .He told that “BBS is in no way an organization that can be called Buddhist. It consists of terrorists who are disguised as Buddhists. They have insulted and harassed minority religious groups in the country. Such organizations consisting vagrant operatives should be banned immediately.  The dormant attitude adopted by the police, especially with regard to the BBS and its actions, was due to the political immunity that the organization enjoyed through the intervention of a high-ranking government official. I can clearly say that the BBS is enjoying support from a high-ranking State official. That is why its members are behaving in such a manner.   There is someone impeding the police from carrying out investigations against the BBS.

Minister Nanayakkara plans to make a formal request to the government to proscribe the BBS, since a broad social dialogue should be initiated against such outfits.

Going a step ahead the National Shoora Council, NSC, called for legal measures against Sinhala extremists who are spreading the poison of hatred and tearing apart   peaceful communities. The  NSC urges the government and its principal law enforcement agency the police to ensure prompt prosecution of  BBS led mob which not only forcibly disrupted under threat of death the 9th April press conference of the respected Buddhist monk Rev. Watareka Wijitha Thera but also followed up by outraging, maliciously and deliberately, the religious feelings of the Muslims by insulting Islam and the Holy Quran outside the Slave Island Police on 12th April in the presence of the police, the media and the public.

The NSC considers these despicable and unlawful acts as violating the fundamental rights of the monk as well as the Muslims as provided for in the country’s Constitution.

The BBS had violated several provisions of the Penal Code such as threat of murder, unlawful assembly, criminal trespass, criminal intimidation, extortion or robbery, wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement etc. by forcibly preventing the press conference of Vijitha Thera. Thereafter, following his statement to the Slave Island Police, Gnanasara Thera had insulted the Holy Quran and Islam and had committed offences relating to religion as laid down in the Penal Code. In addition, Gnanasara Thera’s conducts are in violation of Sec. 2(1)(h) of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act which requires the offenders to be kept in remand custody until the conclusion of trial.

With such stringent laws in place, the police have in a shocking manner released the offenders at the police station itself without reporting facts to and producing the suspects before the Magistrate. Sequences of what happened and did not happen were seen by the entire country. Evidence of violations of laws is readily available in several video clippings recorded by the media.

Hitting hard at the government senior UNP MP, Ravi Karunanayake rejected claims by some sections of the government that the BBS was being used by international conspirators to tarnish the image of Buddhism. It was elements within the ruling alliance that were instigating the BBS to act in the manner it did so that the resulting confusion could be used to cloud burning issues such as the rising cost of living, rampant corruption and the unprecedented crime wave, which had gripped the entire country,

Accusing leading members of the UPFA government of being fully behind the BBS, he asked “how can those entrusted with ensuring the security of the people fiddle for nearly five years while violent elements attacked the minorities including their places of religious worship and economic interests? No sane person will accept such a stupid excuse.”

He pointed out that the government had been crying wolf for far too long and did not hesitate to brand those who criticized it with supportive evidence as deshadrodhin (traitors).”Sri Lankans are now sick and tired of hearing such foolish rhetoric.”

He emphasized that the BBS and other extremists were all home-grown forces and there was no foreign connection whatsoever.  Thus he called on the Muslim Ministers and MPs in the government to stop “running with the hare and hunting with hound” and decide whether they wanted to continue to be in an administration that was treating the minorities like third class citizens who could be punched and kicked about with impunity.

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna  JVP  said that the fact that the BBS could threaten and disrupt a  media conference in the presence of the Police was a clear indication that the organisation’s actions are state sponsored.  The government should immediately take action to prevent such incidents which   threaten  democracy and national unity . The strongly worded statement which denounced the actions of the BBS said that the abuse and threats hurled at the monks of the Jathika Bala Sena poses a serious threat to the status of the rule of law.

The Nippon hotel lawlessness also brought heat on the government Muslim parliamentarians, sandwiched between their keen desire to preserve their positions and perks and their responsibility towards the community which is seething with anger against them for clinging on to this very same government, forced them to speak out.

While condemning the attack Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem said the conduct of law enforcement officers was a matter of public concern and also of concern to political parties such as the SLMC which was deeply disturbed that the OIC of the Slave Island police and other policemen had been passive onlookers at the incident which was a blatant violation of a citizen’s right to free assembly and speech.

Minister Hakeem said that a principal obligation of the State was to enforce the law to prevent impunity and to subject that process to judicial purview and the SLMC was also compelled to note its grave concerns about the recent trends towards the emasculation of the law enforcement agencies.

Sri Lanka had steadfastly announced to the world that the responsibility to protect human rights rested first and foremost with the State itself and that the need of the hour was true accountability and democratic norms of governance that could guarantee political rights and civil liberties, the Justice Minister said.

Addressing a news conference in Colombo Chairman of the UNP Kabir Hashim, MP, said that the Rajapaksa regime never hesitated to issue statements on even minor issues, but when the BBS had violently prevented the JBS which included both Buddhists and Muslims from informing the public of their programme of work aimed at forging communal and religious harmony and threatened to disrobe a Buddhist monk, there was no one in authority to utter a word against it.

He alleged that the indifferent attitude of the powers that be proved there was a link between the BBS and certain sections in the government. The BBS not only had the audacity to attack minority religious places of worship but was also threatening those who criticized it with physical attacks. It was such actions that had contributed to Sri Lanka being pilloried at the UNHRC and other international fora.

Kabir said the only way the BBS menace could be controlled was for all the Muslim Ministers to sit independently in Parliament. Some Muslim ministers had threatened to boycott the legislature in protest against  the latest campaign by the BBS over the resettlement of Northern  Muslims who had been driven out of the North by the LTTE in 1990, the majority of whom continued to live in camps.

“Boycotting Parliament is not the answer since some ministers are rarely seen in the House. Unless a tough stand was taken, there was no way the Rajapaksa regime would rein in the BBS which has made life miserable for the minority communities ever since the war ended.

Hashim said that Muslim members of the government party in other elected bodies should also sit with the opposition or independently if the government was to be brought to its senses.

Representations to the president over the last five years have obviously had no effect, going by the continued attacks on virtually all aspects of Muslim lives including their religious places of worship and economic interests. The president as usual assured the various delegations who met him that the miscreants would be brought to justice and the issues resolved. But nearly five years after the war had ended the situation had gone from bad to worse, he pointed out.

Hashim observed that the reception accorded by members of all communities to Sri Lanka’s T20 World Cup winning team indicated that the minorities were willing to integrate as one nation though some extremist elements such as the BBS were trying to marginalize the minorities due to their warped thinking, irrational fears and belief that this country belonged to only the Sinhalese.

If the Rajapaksa regime continued to mouth empty slogans without disciplining the extremists, the future would turn out to be very bleak. The indifferent attitude of the powers that be was one of the prime reasons for the country being pilloried at the UNHRC and other international forums, he noted.  

Investment Promotion Deputy Minister Feizar Mustapha warned thatinciting religious hatred which is against the law could further isolate Sri Lanka in the International arena.

General Secretary of  SLMC M. T. Hassan Ali said that the minority communities were demanding that the government act fast to put an end to all illegal acts by the  BBS  and all other extremists groups that had got out of hand. Unless the government acted immediately there would be chaos as the BBS was trying to engineer communal violence.

He asked whether the government had recognised the BBS as a private army.

Summing up the situation Western Province Council member Mujibur Rahman said that the government is promoting and protecting BBS and the SLMC is protecting the government.

Thus the SLMC, as a constituent member of the government, also shares responsibility for the ongoing anti Muslim campaign which has all the potentials to turn this country into a killing field once again.

*Some details gathered from interviews given to The Island and Ceylon Today

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  • 6

    Latheef Farook –

    “Muslim parliamentarians protect the government; Calls to ban BBS and prosecute its leaders”

    This was the way with the Catholic Church.

    The Church found the people guilty by the inquisition.

    The State carried out the punishment. Torture, burning, etc.

    So, we have Sinhala Buddhist Inquisition of the 21st Century.

    Thank you, En lighted Buddha,

    • 5

      Good one Mr. Latheef!
      Why have the Muslims not taken Balu Sena leader court for attacks and hate speech and destruction of property and have him locked up? There is ample evidence since the attack on Fashion Bug and NO Limit. Majority of Muslims and their leaders are cowards and corrupt, sorry to say, have a “herd mentality” inculcated in them by religious culture. The CORRUPT Muslim leaders are desperate for perks and positions from Jarapassa and Goon Gota who is BBS patron saint so there has not been a single court case filed by the whinning Jamathi Ullama. Rauf Hakeem is so called Minister of Justice. My Ass is a better minister and knows more about Justice!

      We all know that DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE the Sinhala Modayas is the Mahinda Rajapaksa family military dictatorship’s project at this time. This was spelt out by the CHAOS SPECIALIST Lalith Weeratunge in his Geneva Speeach when he promised that there would be CHAOS in Lanka if the Jarapassa regime was held accountable for war crimes..

      But the Muslims and their shameless leaders are bigger modayas than the Sinhala Modayas who vote for Jarapassa and his family and cronies – to be supporting the Jarapassa regime.

      Actually Muslim leaders with few exceptions are the scum of the earth and Islam sorry to say is a primitive religion – based on how Muslim men and leader treats women as second class citizens and forces them to cover up in hot weather when dehydration and lots of related health problems is a serious concern! Muslim men it seems cannot control their sexual lust and don’t trust each other with women – so women have to cover up! What a joke is this religion!

      • 3

        Latheef Farook,

        For all the Muslims and Sinhalese who relished the pogroms on Tamils since 1956, a bitter lesson is unfolding: You showed no protest against the atrocities against Tamils; you only protested when LTTE started retaliating in kind.

        Now the ball in the Muslims’ court with the quisling Muslims enjoying parliamentary perks and protect this mafia regime.

        Who will investigate inside Sri Lanka BBS or the crimes against Tamils committed all along? This is like belling the cat that you all fattened.

        Tamils’ woes are in the UN now, while the Muslims who aided and abetted the racist regimes are facing the racist music. Will the Muslims ever learn to stand up for their rights instead of appeasing racism?

        I wait for the day they come for the Sinhalese too, just like how dealt with the suspected JVP-ers: It will come because they only need suspicion!

        • 0


          Well said. The Muslims aided and abetted the Sinhalese in murdering Tamils and now it is their turn to be at the receiving end of the Sinhalese extremists. It serves them right.

          Division among the Tamils led to their fall and today we that happening among the Muslims. The Sinhalese extremists will use this to their benefit. If Sinhala Buddhism is not destroyed it will destroy itself and the Sinhala nation. So, let’s all get together and support Sinhala Buddhism. Alleluyah!

      • 1

        Mr.Latheef Farook,

        If you do not get justice from Rajapakse government, why don’t you go to UN, EU, CW and NA movement and explain the situation.

        Surely there are enough Muslim countries in the world that could help you.

        Do you wait until another 1983 Progrom to take place in sri lanka.

        Who is the UPFA Government. UPFA is “Rajapakse Brothers Unlimited Company” hat’s it.

        Rajapakse Brothers company owns the whole country’s Budget, country’s economy, all contracts and projects, all finance and trade, Land and buildings, Judiciary,Supreme courts, police, armed forces, media, election commissioner, tenders, Drug, ethenol and cocain mafia, Casino Mafia etc,etc.

        All the rest of the 16 UPFA affiliate political Parties like your Muslim congress, JHU,CP,Sama samaja,NFF etc,etc,are mere Bone licking dogs. Jayawewa.

        BBS is Rajapakse creation. [Edited out]

        SWRD’s assassin Somarama’s Ghost BBS coming home to haunt.

        Mr.Latheef Farook should help to protect Rev. Watarekka Vijitha Thero.

      • 1

        S. Modaya,

        Frank to say I have travelled many parts in the world including West, East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

        I want to say that Muslim women look very sexy, specially Iranian, Jordan, Turkish and Egyptian.

        I love to watch belly dancing, and I have seen Muslim women as on top of the best. This is nothing vulgar but my honest opinion.
        Also their food is Great.

    • 0

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 7

    Latheef Farook: All your points are valid and well made. We must excuse our Police – for sometime now, the qualifications for joining this once famous force have been 1 no brains, and 2 no balls. They take their cue from their political sponsors and will act accordingly. As for elected Muslims, too many succumb to the temptation of ministerial/government perks and compromise their values. It is a well known fact that many in the ruling regime are laughing at the naivety of the Muslims. As for expecting any politician with a chance of the main prize to condemn anybody that passes for a Buddhist monk (including the odious troublemakers in robes)….dream on!

  • 9

    BBS leaders should be tried in open court and the organization BANNED for disturbing the peace…

  • 4


    If the Muslim parliamentarians should leave the coalition and become independents, it will be a win for the government anyway. Then Rajapaksa will cry foul even louder and the simple minded Sinhala Buddhist masses will rally around the GOSL even more strongly.

    The Muslims must brace themselves to the inevitable. The tempest of hatred is gathering momentum.

    It is imperative and urgent to make direct representations to the UN before things get out of hand. The Rajapaksa government either by design or pure apathy are not going to do anything. For once let us hope that the UN will mediate before a disaster rather than mediate after a disaster as usual.

  • 1

    “The Govt protects and promotes BBS and Muslim parliamentarians protect the Govt.” an absolute truth. They do it for not loosing their perks and portfolios. Many of them help massacre Tamils by spying on Tamils in Northern and Eastern Provinces supporting aiding and abetting SL forces. They never felt sorry for the Tamils who faced genocide. Muslims were chased out by tigers for their uncanny subversive help to SL army about Tamils and tiger info. Tamils never hated Muslims before. They lived in peace in North and East for centuries before the Sinhala regimes divided both communities for their grand scale genocides.
    The problem with Muslims is that they trusted Sinhalese but not Tamils
    who spoke their language and are pious people who shared and lived in North and East. These tricky Muslims said, they were not Tamils when SL Army came to massacre Tamils, but they said they are Muslims and not Tamils…and let SL Army massacre Tamils at their own will. Today the Muslims are at the receiving end. Tamils know the pain and are feeling for Muslim community without prejudice.
    Muslims should work together with Tamils anf they can trust Tamils more than the Sinhalese or the BBS let out by GOSL to haunt them.
    Rauf Hakeem is a disgrace and remove him if you want respect and peace for Muslims in Lanka.But one thing is certain.
    Muslims will never ever trust Sinhalese or Tamils, not because they are untrustworthy, but the Muslims are very suspicious of any one except Muslims. So they are by nature. Can’t blame them !

  • 3

    BBS did not indulge in any form of violence as such, no muslim or anybody was harmed or killed as against US killing of one million muslims in Iraq & Afghanistan, so the whole saga was a non event made up by extremist writers to CT & likes

    • 1

      BBS is giving fuel to fire another 1983 Genocidal progrom.

      Only Muslims were patient enough not to get trapped into BBS game plan.

      Ultimately BBS was categorised as a Terrorist movement by TRAC.

      Who won and who lost…….Anybody’s guess.

  • 4

    it’s high time that goverment take legal action on muslim extremism, mushrooming of screaming huts, goni billa suits and the cultural invasion commited by muslim lebbes and [Edited out] in SL

  • 14

    I was very sad to see the respected Mahiyangana monk running for his life, threatened by BBS organized goons who turned out in large numbers at the Mahiyangana PS. It shows even Buddhist clergy who are opposed to BBS’s hate campaign can get hurt when they try to tell the truth. All Muslims should now unite with leaders like Anura Kumara Dissanayake who is never afraid to tell the truth. He is the ONLY man I feel is capable of putting this country in its right track. Muslims should stop relying on the spineless leaders they have.

  • 3

    Latheef Farook, First of all tell us why you used the word “attack” for the BBS involement with monk Watareka Vijitha’s news briefing in Nippon hotel.[Actually it is not this monks news brief, it was a muslim group’s news brief]. Normally the word “attack” mean ” an act of using violence to try to hurt or kill somebody..”. If you write it as a ” verbal attack” it is correct. But you want to give the idea to the world that this monk physically attack the other monk. Am I correct?

    Did you see Ven.Gnanasara or any other BBS activist “attack” muslims or monk Vijitha at that news briefing? The answer is NO. It was a HEATED ARGUMENT between two monks. Only When a one Moulavi interrupt Ven.Gnanasara, thero said to him to shut up and let me to solve this problem with this monk. For your benefit I would like to mention the meaning of “Argument”. “..conversation or discussion in which two or more people disagree, often angrily..”

    We witness there was a heated argument over a issue that monk Watareka Vijitha engage on a act which is not suitable for a monk and the Buddha Sassana. This monk disgrace Buddhism and the Sassana and he is HIRED by MOULAVI’s to disgrace buddhism. He openly criticise Buddhism and praise Islaam. We don’t care he become a Moulavi after derobe and embrace Islaam. But BBS strongly against the use of “yellow robe” for activities of Muslims. What’s the meaning of MUSLIMS HIRING A BUDDHIST MONK TO TELL MUSLIMS GRIEVANCES TO THE WORLD? There are enough muslim politicians for that job such as Hakeem, Badhurdeen, Asad Sali[whom ready to run for UNHCR at anytime], Kabir Hashim, Hassen Ali, Alavi Moulana, Aswar etc..

  • 1

    Rather than blaming the others,time has come to retaliate the offenders as they wished.if they can’t tolerate minorities,then will make(carve-out) a minories own country.Sri Lanka belong to all it’s inhabitants.(most of the so called Sinhalese Buddhists are recent immigrants of South India-conveniently change the name into Sinhala).our last Kandian King was a Tamil and from Andra-Pradesh(Sri Vikrama Rajasinha (1780 – January 30th 1832, born Kannasamy Nayaka) was the last of four Kings, to rule the last Sinhalese monarchy of the Kingdom of Kandy in Sri Lanka. The Nayak Kings were Telugu Buddhists that spoke Tamil. ).

  • 6

    Mr Latheef What you say about the Govt Protects And Promotes BBS: Muslim Parliamentarians Protect The Govt is 100 % correct. But what to do Who cares the Muslim MPS. Does President care them ? No. Because as once the President has quite correctly said “There are number of Muslim Ministers in my Cabinet but all of them are leaders and no one has followers” This I heard from a Muslim Minster.

    This is the plight of Muslim politicians in the ruling party/coalition. Take the issue of Monks and the mob attacked the Grandpass Mosque while the Police who are entrusted the powers to break the law against Muslim, were onlooking. The Muslim MPs in the government wrote to President asking for an appointment to meet him. Was it granted.? No.

    Buddhist Religious Fanatics will be the order of the country in times to come untill the next Presidential election is over. The BBS like Saffron robes persons can act in a whimsical way. Though their act confound Buddhism they are not worried because they know that is the only irrational way to espouse and incite extremism to make the innocent people abhore Muslims in the country.

    Unfortunately even the responsible persons in the country has a Muslim Phobia to which there is no proved reasons. It will take long time for them to relaize that it was a concocted myth.

    Muslims spit on meals before serving to non Muslims
    Halal is coerced on Non Muslim Business
    Halal fund go to Islamic terrorism
    Jihad is operating in the east
    Lord Buddha has preached not to kill cattle (only)
    Shops like No-Limit convert their staff sinhala girls into Islam

    The above are some of the well calculated move unleashed by the BBS to incite extremism among innocent Sinhalese against Muslims .

    But on the other hand We can show the world the freedom of expression and association is guaranteed in deed in the Constitution.

    The intollerance on dissent was further evident with April 22 Mahiyangana PS Incident. Whatever the right the BBS enjoyed is denied to Wateraka Wijitha Thero. Due process of Law and the Natural Justice preach that every party has the right to be heard. This right of Wateraka Thero is continuously denied by the Police and the BBS who must have the support and the blessing of the person practically incharge of the rule of this land. Otherwise how dare the Police just keep silence

    • 0

      Your mumbo jumbo on political wisdom and confusion on Chandrika, jilmart and election apart, tell us whether Al Wijitha is hiding in Bathiudeen’s toilet or ACJU cesspit?

    • 0

      jayantha of the book will be in hell-fire eternally says, Sura 6, Bayyinah.

      “Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture will be in the fire of Hell, eternally, a worst of creatures.”

  • 4

    What are the Muslims going to do about the Muslim politicians????

    After they discover their Moral compasses beyond the theology, then they can ask others to stand up.

    One cannot benefit from the corruption, skullduggery and thuggery on the one hand ( However small that segment might appear to be) and then claim victimisation on a wider scale. That is the reason why there is skepticism about the instances of violence because society at large is being subject to the same treatment albeit without attention. Not just the Muslims and Christians. Notice how few instances of anti- Hindu incidents. Lest they wake up sleepy India!!

    A father who is now buying Milk powder by the spoon is as much a victim of state sanctioned economic violence as the school child being deprived of a useful education, whilst the powerful and rich are looting and making merry.

  • 9

    This beautiful country is going to be turned into chaotic situations
    Consequences of such BBS acts are huge and immerses
    First now politicians lost their respect and dignity in the eyes of public
    They are named by BBS with some vulgar names such as animal, dogs and with al, bad names
    Yet, shameless politicians bow down to MR and he made them like this
    Law and order is taken away from police
    Poole forces lost its respect
    Now what is waiting to happened is economic down fall with creating chaotic conditions
    Tourists will go down if unrest prevails in the country
    Country will go into chaotic situation
    Already people are suffering from price hikes
    What will have if MR comes to power against.
    It would be recipe for disaster and misfortune

  • 7

    Its very clear that Moda-choon Gonraja and his mental brother is behind BBS. Police is inactive. Gandasara has taken the law into his hands. According another news media, Gandasara has been furnished with a pistol as well without proper documentations.

    If this unoffical police of Gota is on rampage harassing normal day to day life and if the police is behaving like puppets and scarecrows if the opposition is helpless who is going to save the public?

    Opposition MP’s have been attacked yet so far no one has been arrested.
    Modachoon Gonraja can do anything and get away with.

    People must get united irrespective of their races or parties. Start retaliating them. Whenver there is a BBS,Rawana Balakaya,Sihala Rawaya gathering just attack them from all corners. Dispers them. Let some of those brave young boys wear yellow robes and mingle with the pro Sena cronies. Dont let them come out should be attacked wherever possible. Gota’s Grease Devils were attacked like this in some towns.
    Attacking them is the best way to make them disappear. Do it but organise first. Ugly mouthed Gandasara is real cowards. A few attacks on them will do the trick, and thats enough to silent him.
    There is limit for tolarance.

  • 8

    I’m pretty surprise to note why no one openly declare though it’s a open secret who’s backing and patron of BBS, it’s other than Sri Lankan’s powerful Defece Secretary Gotabaya Rajapkse. He was brought back from asylum in USA after the brother, Mahinda Rajapakse, became president.
    Gnanasara given protection by this very defence ministry even provided bodyguards (one disguise in robes) and a vehicle follows with ministry personnel wherever he goes to rampage!!!
    This family wants to stick to throne generation after generation, but how?
    It’s only possible whenever issues like poverty, inflation, corruption, health, education, intimidation, abduction, press freedom, war crimes, Geneva, white vans, final stage of war, LLRC and genocide pops up the tool to equalize is BBS.
    They know the art of fool the ordinary masses by intriguing the religious hatred through their own creation of racist BBS.
    BBS has nothing to do with Buddhism but to safeguards the interests of Rajapakse family especially, Gotabya and Mahinda. That’s the reason when the family feuds errupt, Gnanasara barks even to the own Brother Basil Rajpakse.
    If our claims are not true, then WHY Rajapakses are still SILENT towards BBS????

  • 3

    Farook says there have been more than 300 anti-Muslim attacks In Sri Lanka. He doesn’t say, none of it were severe like the attacks against Muslims in other third world countries. I mean, no Muslim had been maimed let alone killed in the so called attacks against Muslims in Sri Lanka. I say most of them were mere protests. So, how could one classify protests as attacks is my query?

    Let’s compare the so-called 300 attacks with attacks against Muslims in the UK. A UK press report said, there had been 700 attacks against Muslims in the UK last year. They threw smoke bombs at mosques in the UK. They wrote nasty graffiti on mosque walls. Bigots even threw pig heads into mosques. Some mosques were even vandalized. Situation is worse in other so-called civilized countries of Europe.

    ‘Jihadi watch’ says, Islamic terrorists have carried out 22,829 attacks since 9/11. Couldn’t jihadi attack by Muslims is the reason for natives in every European country to attack Muslims. Hindus and Buddhists in Europe were not being attacked like that. Muslims should go in front of a mirror and ask why all that harassment only to them (Muslims) and not to others.

    Three Sufi Muslims were killed in religious riots in Sri Lanka. But Farook never even mention about those killing in his writing. Why. 150 houses that belong to Sufi Muslims were burned down in religious riots. But Farook never even mention about those burnings in his writing. Why. Many a Sufi mosque had been demolished in religious riots. But Farook never even mention about those attacks on mosques in his writing. Why

    We Sinhalas know the reasons behind those attacks. We Sinhalas know extremist Wahhabis backed by ACJU had attacked moderate Sufi Muslims. BBS is concerned about what’s coming up.

    • 6


      Can we now discuss Jane Russell’s book?

      If you are not ready please let me know when it would be convenient for you to retract/recant your ill informed comment

    • 3

      Are you Jamis Banda or Kalu Banda??

      • 2


        “Are you Jamis Banda or Kalu Banda??”

        Banda believes he is James Bond.

        Obviously he is Samy Pandaram “respectable non-Brahmanical priest” from Tamil country.

    • 2



      “Three Sufi Muslims were killed in religious riots in Sri Lanka. But Farook never even mention about those killing in his writing. Why. 150 houses that belong to Sufi Muslims were burned down in religious riots. But Farook never even mention about those burnings in his writing. Why. Many a Sufi mosque had been demolished in religious riots. But Farook never even mention about those attacks on mosques in his writing. Why/”

      Why? Why? Why?

      1, The Sufis follow the creator, and respects others.

      2, The Wahhabis follow the devil, Satan and attack others who follow the creator.

      3. The Wahhabis attack the atheists and call them terrorists because they do not believe in the Devil and Satan.

      4. The Wahhabi , and their boss the Devil Satan is mad at all others.

      Wahhabis are nothing but The followers of satan Love destruction Death blowing up innocent people


      Uploaded on Apr 26, 2009
      Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, and may Allah raise the rank of the trustworthy Prophet Muhammad. Thereafter, this book is Hashiyat al-^allamah as-Sawi ^ala Tafsir al-Jalalayn authored by Sheykh Ahmad bin Muhammad as-Sawi al-Maliki who died in 1241 Hijri (which means that he died more than 170 years ago).

      This book was printed by Dar al-Jeel Beirut. In the second volume, the third section and on page 288 of this book regarding the interpretation of ayah (6) surat fatir Which means surley , the shaitan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy. He calls his followers so they become amongst the people of the blazing Hellfire the author said : and it was related that this ayah was revealed about the Khawarij who misinterpret the Quran and the Hadith legitimizing the killing and the confiscating muslims proporties; as it is seen now in their equal who are group in the land of al-Hijaz called al-Wahhabiyyah. They [al-Wahhabiyah] think they are following the proper creed; rather they are the liers whom which Shaitan overwhelmed and made them forget the thikr of Allah. They are the followers of Shaitan, and surely the followers of Shaitan are the losers. We ask Allah the all_Generous to imputate their origin. …end of quote of Imam as-Sawiy al-Maliki.

      This is the reality of al-Wahhabiyyah, may Allah relief the muslims and their countires from them; and all due thanks to Allah.
      Thanks to Brother ” 12345like ” for providing this video.

  • 4

    Country will be in flames!
    I am scared that there will another black July sooner or later. Next time it will be against Muslims. The BBS is carefully preparing the ground for it now. A minor incident will spark the flame and it may end with thousands of Muslim deaths.Hooligans , as they did in July 1983 will set fire to businesses of Muslims next time. A good number of Sinhala business men also definitely will encourage the thugs with money, petrol etc as they did during the black July days.It was a famous (pseudo) Buddhist priest who encouraged to set fire to Tamils businesses in Colombo in 1983.
    Police and armed forces did nothing to prevent the disaster in 1983 too.

    History is repeating. In ’83 some Ministers were behind the attack. Today it seems some Ministers are behind the BBS. Police did nothing in ’83. Today police do nothing to stop BBS terrorism. JR did nothing to prevent the Black July.MR apparently has done nothing to rein in BBS.

    Can we stop it? NO. Why? There are 4 reasons
    (1)Majority of Muslims in Sri Lanka are opportunists who go after profits.
    (2) Their sole aim is to earn, eat , procreate and go to heaven after death, no contribution to the progress of the human society.

    (3)They are disunited and weak.

    (4)Half of their population has been banned from fighting for rights by their husbands fathers and brothers.

    • 1

      Punchsingho, BBS not responsible for it. It is not BBS but the muslim themselves preparing the ground for it now. Even before BBS sprung up there was a growing feeling among Sinhalese against Muslims because of their dirty works. BBS only propagand it on the stages and through media.

      Your 3rd reason wrong as far as I know. It should be like this. “..They are well organised even though there were few brawls between Wahabis and Sunni’s.

  • 0

    muslism community is going after the government to there personal motives. musliam are no langauge, no culture, religion after the mosque prayer killed or attack the public or property,muslim must resign from the government. BBS is a communal monks are support by the politicians to destroyed the mosque and temples. this what budhhist religions

  • 2

    In Sri Lanka, Sinhala buddhists are a bad word. Even JHU is not for Sinhala buddhists. Jathika Hhla urumaya is for the whole Sinhale and not for the foreign cultures.

    Why do muslims have political parties catering only to muslims ?

    Is it not Religious extremism ?

    Only the BBS is working for Sinhala-buddhists.

    Muslims and Christians do not like that.

    Latheef Farook is an Islamic – Extremist.

    • 4

      Jim Softy,

      You say……”Only the BBS is working for Sinhala-buddhists”.

      Please go and check How much Land deeds, Buildings, Buddhist Temples, Super luxury cars and SUVs, foreign trips and foreign education, mega danas, Pansalas, Buddha statutes etc,etc, been Built by Pres Rajapakse.

      The latest was a Buddhist University, a boarding house, a Monestry and a Temple been built in Bodh Gaya India. Also a 600 Million rupee Buddhist center and a Library built in Colombo 7. How about Buddhist channels in TV,Radio and Press. Also maintain Buddhist Temples in all Western and Eastern countries.

      What else you need from Pres.Rajapakses…….More Kiribath…..

      What has he done or given to Muslim and Christian communities…….
      …..Lunu Miris. Go and hang with your BBS and leave others alone.

      MYOB….. Mind your own Bloody Business.

      • 0

        Saman, That is what constitution says. Whoever the President he has undeniable responsibility to protect,nourish and preserve Buddhism and the Buddha Sasana.

        • 1


          You say…….”That is what constitution says. Whoever the President he has undeniable responsibility to protect,nourish and preserve Buddhism and the Buddha Sasana”.

          But we never saw this much of colossal amount of money and all other perks given to buddhists in our history compared to all other past Presidents.

          This is much more than written in our constitution and I believe this has to do more with politics than the constitution.
          we never saw this much of Mercedes Benz and super luxury SUV’s driven by buddhist monks when they are supposed to walk.

          Also BBS is a Rajapakse creation.

          Jim Softy is wrong to say “Only the BBS is working for Sinhala-buddhists”. In fact it is Rajapakses who do most for buddhists.

          SWRD Banda. Here they come….This time BBS Gnanasara.

  • 0

    I hear BBS went into Industry and Commerce. I would think that is a palace auditors to visit regularly; But BBS went; Did not look for Rishad Bathiyutheen; Looked for Watarekke Vijitha Thero. Violence!

    Bathiyutheen’s entire property must be investigated by an independent commission. How many times he obtained commission to allocate Indian IDPs hoses for his henchmen should be put on books. His land deeds should be carefully perused. How many lands he illegally obtained should be published. Many TNA MPs tried to bring these to light and failed. He can not keep doing this for Tamils. If nobody come forward to stop Bathiyutheen, Tamils have no way but to hail BBS, at least on this. They not idiots. They know this guy. But they are not going by proper way. That is the only problem.

  • 2

    Latheef Farook does not talk how muslims attack muslims including those wahabi attacks on sufi muslims.

    “Wahhabi-Sufi clashes in Kattankudy, Batticoloa District spurred as a result of Wahhabi men mocking Sufi women on their way to a Sufi mosque and led to clashes with even fire arms being used and curfew imposed. 7 cases of property torched, 2 houses damaged, 8 motobikes torched. The meeting organized by the Police led to Jammiyathul Ulema (who represent Grand Mosque in Kattankudy) putting 10 regulations affecting the belief and practices of Sufis. Jammiyathul Ulema demanded Suffis to abide by their rules, to stop radio broadcasts, and publishing Suffi newspapers. Suffis refused to accept these terms. It was a clash of religious thought and not many Muslims like to publicize this.

    2. 2004 October again in Kattankudy – a book published by a Suffi leader ( M S M Abdullah) declared ‘un-Islamic’ by Jammiyathul Ulema representing Wahhabi school of thought. Result was over 200 Suffi houses burnt down. A fatwa was declared against M S M Abdullah leading to a court settlement.

    3. 2006 – clashes between Suffis and Wahhabis in Oddamavadi

    4. Wahhabis demanded removal of M S Abdual Payilvan’s (leader of Suffi sect and President of All Island Tharikathul Mufliheen) who was buried at the Tharikathul Mufliheen mosque burial grounds in Kattankudy. Wahhabis went on to dig the buried body and dumped the body on a local road. The policy recovered the body and re-buried it in the original burial space.

    5. Wahhabis are headquartered in Kattankudy, East Sri Lanka. Their brand of terror was seen in the gunning down of Lateef in Oddamavadi and even gunning down those who leave Wahhabism.

    6. 2009 – clashes in coastal town of Beruwala between popular Sufi sheikh and Wahhabi congregation.

    7. 2013 – Pottuvil, Suffi Muslim shrine demolished. So far 10 to 15 shrines and 25 mosques had been attacked all over the country by the Wahhabis

    Globally too the attacks on Suffis’ by Wahhabis have increased.

    Sudan’s Islamic Wahhabi Government is attacking black Sufis in Darfur
    Iraq’s Suffi’s are regularly attacked by Wahhabis using suicide bombers. “

    • 0

      Jim softy

      “Globally too the attacks on Suffis’ by Wahhabis have increased. Sudan’s Islamic Wahhabi Government is attacking black Sufis in Darfur Iraq’s Suffi’s are regularly attacked by Wahhabis using suicide bombers. ““

      Yes, these Wahhabi Terrorism are documented historical events.

      So who are these Wahhabi, the Terrorists?

      Wahhabis are nothing but The followers of satan Love destruction Death blowing up innocent people


      Uploaded on Apr 26, 2009 Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, and may Allah raise the rank of the trustworthy Prophet Muhammad. Thereafter, this book is Hashiyat al-^allamah as-Sawi ^ala Tafsir al-Jalalayn authored by Sheykh Ahmad bin Muhammad as-Sawi al-Maliki who died in 1241 Hijri (which means that he died more than 170 years ago).

      This book was printed by Dar al-Jeel Beirut. In the second volume, the third section and on page 288 of this book regarding the interpretation of ayah (6) surat fatir Which means surley , the shaitan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy. He calls his followers so they become amongst the people of the blazing Hellfire the author said : and it was related that this ayah was revealed about the Khawarij who misinterpret the Quran and the Hadith legitimizing the killing and the confiscating muslims proporties; as it is seen now in their equal who are group in the land of al-Hijaz called al-Wahhabiyyah. They [al-Wahhabiyah] think they are following the proper creed; rather they are the liers whom which Shaitan overwhelmed and made them forget the thikr of Allah. They are the followers of Shaitan, and surely the followers of Shaitan are the losers. We ask Allah the all_Generous to imputate their origin. …end of quote of Imam as-Sawiy al-Maliki. This is the reality of al-Wahhabiyyah, may Allah relief the muslims and their countires from them; and all due thanks to Allah. Thanks to Brother ” 12345like ” for providing this video.

  • 2

    Mr.Latheef Farook,

    Hope you saw today’s DM Video clip as to how BBS thugs looking for Ven.Watarekka Vigitha Thero at Ministry of Industries complex.

    Here’s the video clip.

    First of all it is duty of Both Police and citizen to protect the life of Rev.Watarekka Vijitha Thero. His life is in danger from BBS Thugs.

    Second This BBS Gnanasara thugs should never be allowed to enter any Ministry or any institution without A TOTAL BODY SEARCH.This is an absolute necessary after the experience of Somarama’s assassination of SWRD Bandaranaike. It should not be repeated.

    Sri Lanka is still a Democratic country and nobody is above Law including BBS.Everybody should follow law and order of the country.

    All Ministries are High Security Zones and nobody should be allowed in without Prior Approval and after thorough Body and Luggage search. This is a must for BBS.

    Third this BBS behaves more like Thugs than Buddhist monks. They have taken the Law into their own hands. They act above the Law. Who allowed them this much powers.
    Have they forgotton that they eat other peoples donated Food and totally depend on the society for their survival.

    Therefore for their own protection I say that the Muslim Community should form their own “Security and Intelegent companes” to protect their Leaders, VIPs, citizen and their Businesses and assetts.

    In all the Western countries many races and ethnic groups have formed their own so called “Mafias” or “Gangs” or “security forces” to protect their citizens Businesses and assets. From New York to Chicago to San Francisco to DC, to London, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris they have these. Why not in Sri Lanka. Therefore Muslim community should form their own “Security Divisions” to protect their business interests and Personnel ASAP.

    Third Muslim Comunity should work with ME countries and the West to Curb foreign Travel and Funding to BBS. BBS cannot do this kind of thuggay without support from Powerful donors, and Muslim and other Minority communities should find who they are and stop these funding and foreign Travel.

    Fourth I suggest Muslim community should work with opposition parties to nominate a common candidate for the next Presidential Elections.

    I presume Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is the Best choice as a Common candidae where she listen to all communities, and also have experience after the assassination of her Father by a Buddhist monk.

    Here’s the reason why I suggest her.


    I know everything how Pres. Rajapakse won last Presidential elections. Please read following how he won last Pres. Elections.

    First, I have been advocating Madam CBK as the best suitable opposition candidate for next Presidential elections after doing intensive study and research for the last two years.

    Yes, there is no other candidate to match Madam CBK as a joint opposition candidate for next Presidential Elections. Also there’s a strong possibility that she herself is mentally and physically prepared to face Rajapakses who are her arch enemies.

    It is Rajapakses themselves who are most fearful of her candidacy.

    Watch the following Viedos.


    Also there are ample videos of her in Youtube and her views on Rajapakses.

    I hope all the opposition parties have vision and will to Nominate and to protect Madam CBK for next Presidential elections.

    Therefore I have jot down some criteria which Madam CBK has to give attention before she decide to contest for next presidential election.

    Pres.Rajapakse will use all the following tricks,tactics, thuggery, funds, bribery and power to win Next Presidential elections.

    All government and country’s Resources, manpower, funds etc,etc, all the loop holes and tricks available under 18th Amendment, from Voters to the voting center and to the final ballet coun down, all media,advertising, posters, cut outs etc,etc, giving bribes, gifts and promotions to lure votes, using all the Govt.parliament members, provincial counsil members, all Govt.corporations and department heads, all clergy, all school children,school teachers and other Government servents and will use all Rajapakse thugs to intimidate opposition voters, using all media TV, Radio and press, all Sri Lankan foreign Diplomats and Foreign ministry, all Judiciary, Police, Supreme court, election commission, all the funds available from National Budget, all youth movements such as Tharunayata Hetak,Divineguma receipients, Public and private banks, enterprises and donors etc,etc.and finally using over 450,000 Police and Armed forces to lure votes for Pres.Rajapakse.

    Madam CBK or any other Presidential candidate who plan to contest should be able to face all the above challenges to win next Presidential elections.

    Also Madam CBK should remember, during Last PC elections,just one Government UPFA Western Provincial candidate spent a whopping ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE MILLION RUPEES (1,125 Million rupees)during last PC election….. Just one Rajapakse Candidate.

    Just imagine how much President Rajapakse and his brothers and his Family Oligarch are prepared to spend for next Presidential elections is anybody’s guess…………. It’s Un-imaginable.

    Therefore If Madam Chandrika is hoping to contest for next Presidential elections, she has to be prepared to face all the above challenges.

    Also she has to find out why Pres.Rajapakse suddenly pardoned and released the ten Criminal thugs who attacked Chandra Leka and Rukantha. The ten who were Madam Chandrika’s PSDs during her reign, who were suddenly released from prison by Pres. Rajapakse two weeks ago. May be a conspiracy in waiting.

    I hope all the opposition parties have vision to Nominate and protect Madam CBK for next Presidential election.

    Also Madam Chandrika should know what happened to Gen.Sarath Fonseka during the last Presidential ballet counting, where Gen.SF was kept under house arrest at Hotel Cinemon Lake side. Subsequently Gen.SF was Jailed for 2 1/2 years simply because he challenged Rajapakses for Presidentship. Madam CBK should be aware of this.

    Also Madam Chandrika should understand how Election commissioner was kept under house arrest dring the last Presidential election ballot counting.Also it was the first time we herd about “Computer Jilmart”

    Therefore Madam Chandrika or who ever planning to challenge Pres. Rajapakse during next Pres. Elections should find answers to all the above before deciding to contest for next Presidential elections.

    Also I finally say it is not the opposition parties or LTTE or TNA who are MR enemies, but it is his own brother Gotabaya Rajapakse and his Proxy army BBS who are his enemy number one. It is Gota with BBS who are creating all the trouble and making the down fall of Pres. Rajapakse. Gota with BBS are doing all the wrong moves that makes Pres.Rajapakse’s exist very quick.

    Take my word today and call me in one year to see if I am wrong. Yes “Chaura Regina” is ready to take Pres.Rajapakse in 2015.

    Awaiting comments.

  • 0

    another insignificant rant by Latheef!
    Lot of words…. no substance.

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