18 May, 2022


Govt Should Realise Human Rights Norms Don’t Depend On Personalities Alone: Lawyers Collective

A group of senior legal practitioners have advised the government to be realistic of in their expectations in hoping for a change in the decision making process of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) concerning Sri Lanka, following the retirement of outgoing UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay on August 31.

Outgoing UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay

Outgoing UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay

The Lawyers Collective in a statement today have pointed out that although international decision making and norms do not depend on personalities alone, the Rajapaksa-regime unfortunately is expecting Pillay’s successor – Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein to bend human rights norms.

Criticising this mindset of the government, the Lawyer’s Collective has pointed out that its time the government realises that international decision making is not heavily reliant on personalities while adding it is a grave mistake to perceive international decision making processes in the same light as that of the local political sphere.

In the joint statement issued by the Lawyers’ Collective co-conveners- Lal Wijenayake, Chandrapala Kumarage and JC Weliamuna, they have commended Pillay furthermore, describing her as an individual who was ‘in the forefront in protecting and promoting human rights norms’ and as a personality who discharged her functions as the UN HR Chief free of any fear or favour.

The legal practitioners meanwhile recalling Pillay’s visit to Sri Lanka and her concluding remarks have noted that they made an enormous impact on the human rights community globally.

They have pointed out that its extremely praiseworthy, the manner in which she maintained objectivity and professionalism in assessing the human rights situation in Sri Lanka and accurately identifying the authoritarian tendencies as well as concerning how terrorism has affected the Sri Lankan human rights situation, despite the Rajapaksa-regime and its supporters ridiculing her and the various other challenges she had to face.

Furthermore, the Lawyers Collective has noted that they hope Pillay’s successor will follow her footsteps.

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  • 3

    At least our Weliymuna and his mates have given Ms Pillai handsome accolades on behalf of the poor developing nations for her untiring efforts to serve the Western interests.

    But our poor people in the Arab world , lead by the Palestinian mums and Dads, and Millions of Iraqis , Libyans, Egyptians, and Syrians won’t be joining him.

    Wonder whether he will be in the TNA Diaspora Delegation at the Farewell Dinner on the banks of Hudson River.

    • 3

      Is Pillay a Vellala Tamil?

      • 5

        An utterly irrelevant question; stupid in fact.

      • 1

        Your brain seems to be made out of clay. How are you surviving.

        • 3

          If you have read sumanasekera previous comments, you would understand !

    • 0

      “A group of senior legal practitioners” could include J.C. Weliamuna?[Edited out]

  • 9

    Lawyers Collective has always stood in favour of upholding law and order and good governance in Sri Lanka. We wish the executive Committee success in their endeavours.

    You can always find individuals in any country who will do anything for money, free trip or holidays or sexual favours. LTTE got consolation from such individuals.Ian Paisley Jr accepted money for speaking on behalf of current Sri Lankan leaders. THe same was true with the former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox and got the sack once discovered. Commonwealth Secretary General Kamelesh Sharma has bend its procedures to help Rajapakse family by withholding the expert reports on illegal ousting of CJ Shirany Bandaranayake. So Rajapakses expect the successor of Human Rights Chief to protect them by bending normal human rights norms.

    It has always been the policy of this government to put LTTE tag on any individual or group when they stand for justice or neutral.

  • 7

    Ignore Sumanasekera – he is up to his usual silly remarks.

    Navi Pillay gave some hope of closure for those suffering souls whose husbands, wives and children simply disappeared. This sad episode has a long way to go before closure is possible.

    Lawyers Collective – please keep up the dissent, there are many people who admire your courage in the face of the menacing Mafiosi government agents.

    • 0

      You are correct BBS rep.

      I think it is time the CT stop KS from commenting for a month or two. Let him go find a ‘genuine Buddhist retreat centre’, an (Aaranya), give himself time to look inwards ( practice Sathipattana). He has to experience his rights and how he feels when they are violated first. The most ignorant, unethical bias (Ditti sahagatha, Dvesha Moola, Sasankaarika) individual human being I have come across so far.
      May he be well and happy and free from suffering after the retreat! Metta

    • 0

      Why ignore Sumanasekara? Because he is giving some facts to ponder? Don’t ignore him rebuttal him and show he is wrong?
      The real missing and disappeared are now a hand full. They too appears mostly victims of the terror group LTTE.
      If these “humanitarian” groups do not get involved the people of the North and East would be living a free and happy life since 2009. Read what a Tamil Nadu politician has said yesterday: http://www.asianmirror.lk/news/item/3017-tamil-nadu-congress-leader-says-sl-army-will-quit-north-if-we-are-mum

  • 3

    TNA Leader Mr Sambandan is reported as pleading with PM Modi to force the Srilankan President to hand back the land which belong to the 100,000 thousand Tamil refugees in Nadu Camps..

    These refugees are languishing there because their properties have been taken over by the Military and the Government.

    And they have no place to live if they return.

    And that is why they are staying there as refugees….says Mr Sambandan.

    Although Mr Karunannidhi and Miss Jayalitha love the Sriankan Tamils nowadays, How cruel is for these people to be confined to camps , when their brothers and sisters now eat KFC and watch Movies in the the Jaffna Central Shopping Mall.

    As I understand, thousands of Tamil Refugees in Toronto, London and even Sydney have come over to claim their old homesteads in the heart of Jaffna .

    Some have renovated them to pristine condition. Some have even sold them for small fortunes and have bought luxury pads in Vellala Gardens with the proceeds.

    And these One Hundred thousand poor souls to be forced into refugee camps is not fair when they have their own properties right here in Jaffna

    Mr Wellymuna should have written to the UN HR Commissioner about this injustice first and then followed it with this accolade.

    Even without this glowing accolade, Miss Pillai would certainly lent an ear to this injustice of deprivation of their own properties which is nothing but land grabbing. to the nth degree.

    Mr Welymuna should have o lodged a class action too, on behalf of these refugees, seeking redress from our SC?.

    Wonder why Mr Sambandan’s apprentice Abraham failed to notice this mammoth injustice.?.

    And legal costs shouldn’t be a hassle for these refugees as Abraham nowadays does a lot of Pro Bono work even for the Vellalas .

    • 1

      The military doesn’t listen to court ruling to get out of civilian properties and lands. Gotabaya can get judges sacked or impeached if their ruling challenged his wishes. There are court ruling to urge the military to leave certain HSZ for civilians to move in.

      Military also abuse women and assault whoever disobeys them. Even in Jaffna the IDPs languish in tin huts and dwellings of friends and relatives. The military do not give any compensation either.

  • 3

    Though I am the archetypal Male Chauvinist Pig, there are two women for whom I have the greatest admiration; they are Madam Navanetham Pillay and Dr. Nimalka Fernando.

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