14 April, 2024


Govt To Fully Investigate IFJ Reps For Violating Immigration Laws

Two representatives from the International Federation of Journalists had been detained by the immigration authorities for violating Sri Lanka’s immigration laws Cabinet Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said, vowing to investigate the matter thoroughly.


“Just because of CHOGM we cannot let everything go. The law of the land prevails,” Rambukwella told the weekly cabinet press briefing a short while ago.

He said the two representatives had arrived in the island on tourist visas although they needed Government accreditation in order to conduct a media workshop in the country.

When it was pointed out to Rambukwella that Sri Lanka had stopped issuing business visas and the only visa available on the immigration website was the tourist visa option, the Minister said that it was still necessary to obtain necessary media accreditation to engaged in media activity in the country.

Asked if all business people travelling for CHOGM would also be arrested since they would be arriving on a tourist visa since the business visa option was no longer available, the Cabinet Spokesman said “Business is not media, media needs accreditation.”

He said immigration authorities were conducting a full investigation into whether the two representatives from IFJ were journalists or not.

The CID and immigration authorities have been grilling IFJ Asia Pacific Head Jacqui Parks and a second member of the organisation since last evening on the basis that they had violated immigration laws and participated in a workshop on tourist visas.

The two IFJ representatives were to be deported this morning but are still being questioned.

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    There should be only one law in the Island. But the present regime has got 2 laws, specially in Bribery comm, one law to Mervin and another to Ex CJ. Very pathetic situation, all citizens must make sure to send this corrupt regime home asap.

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    May be we should investigate to see who else was in the room when Keheliya jumped off the balcony in Australia! Also we should investigate how Karuna Amman got a bogus Sri Lankan passport to go to UK!

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    WOW Rambukwella,

    Sri Lanka must be the most law abiding nation on the planet. Impressive!

    Will you investigate following crimes with the same vigour then:
    -Duminda Silva’s multiple murders in broad daylight
    -Killing of Lasantha Wickramathunge, editor of Sunday Leader
    -Killling of Red Cross worker/British tourist and brutal rape of his girl Russian girl friend

    Above are just “The tip of the Iceberg”. The list of unresolved henious crimes is endless.

    Even by standards of your regime hypocrisy must have limits Rambukwella.

    Please give us a break from your utter nonsense. Presented on a regular basis to the public of Sri Lanka and the world. Please find something else to do for a living.

    PS: BTW Rambukwella, Is your son still sleep walking at high altitude? Or is he in alcohol rehab somewhere? Was he ever investigated and punished for that infamous episode on a British Airways flight?

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      you may not like to include the following because you only think Sinhalese only need justice in this country:

      Massacre of over 40,000 innocent Tamils in Mullivaikal.
      Murder of surrendered people by the Sinhala military.
      White van abductions and murder by Sinhala intelligence service.
      Violence of military personal during NPC election.
      Corruption of Rajapakse family.

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      Well said Ben, well said.

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      Kehel gediya says;

      The law of the land prevails,” At the weekly cabinet press briefing.

      We want to know, where is this land exists, which he is boasting.

      may be an Utopian Land, where he lives .

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    Rambukwella says “the law of the land prevails”.

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    Thumbs up Keheliya, way to go. These western people should know that we have only two Laws. One for “ape minissu” and other for “Arayage Minissu” Other than that our Law is very Transparent, Independent, unbiased and equally apply to “Arayage Minissu” unlike in those so called Developed countries.

    One Sri “Lankan” suggested that we should investigate about Keheliya’s jump from Australian hotel. It is not fair to investigate some sports events as “Kotu Panilla” is a favorite sport of Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi from his young days. We hear he still playing that game. In Hotel Jaic Hilton all the balconies are protected as keheliya use to play his “Kotu panilla” game there in the Jaic Hilton.

    The same Sri “Lankan” Suggested that we should investigate how Karuna Amman got a bogus passport. Answer is “Ala wageda Gova Lankan”

    Some suggested that then how Malaysian National KP came to Sri Lanka without a Passport and open NGO. Very Silly people, even if Pottu Amman alive today he could have got the same treatment as he was handling lot of properties of LTTE and numbered Accounts in Swiss Banks and Cayman Islands

    Actually in my opinion Govt. is right here as one Indian Lady, Leena, recently came to Sri Lanka on tourists visa and made a Film called “White Van”. Actually she should have selected Gota as the main character, but leena knows that cost will be very high if she selected gota as main character and selected some new actress and Actresses with low cost.

    Probably these Journalists also trying to make films about “Grease Yakku” “Matale Mass Grave” “Waliweriya Water Fight” etc. etc. Who ever who makes films no problem but they should know that in Sri Lanka we have only one person as Main Character and they should know that it’s very costly. It seems that they are still negotiating the price.

    • 0

      WE ALREDY started to stage acting and wants to film the Hambantota Mada mulan Sanniya,
      for the sickness of State beheethiya [ fear of state governance].

      The problem is, Acting witch Doctors take payments by force, make different excuses and vanish.
      at he same time patients, Film crew, critics and audience also disappear, missing without any clue.

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    What a foolish thing to do. To grill two international journalists for days… they will report word to word what was asked and we will again end up being the worst scum on the planet. Thank you Keheliya for fantastic international relations.

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    WOW Keheliya, WOW, indeed.

    Can you please tell us what kind of visa KP had when he came to Sri Lanka from Malaysia? Can you please tell us what kind of visa Karuna had when he left Sri Lanka to UK?

    The law of the land prevails? Two representatives had arrived in the island on tourist visas although they needed Government accreditation in order to conduct a media workshop in the count? What kind of work permit do the Russian and Thai girls, who are doing some wonderful business in Colombo brothels and casino dens??

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