21 June, 2024


Leaked Emails Show Park Entered Sri Lanka For Workshops And SL Media Orgs Fighting Each Other

Leaked emails show that Jacqueline Park, Asia Pacific Director of the International Federation of Journalists (a paid worker), is currently being questioned by immigration authorities over suspected violation of immigration laws lied about her entering to Sri Lanka.  Park entered Sri Lanka on a tourist visa.


Free Media Movement Convener Sunil Jayasekera has claimed that Park and another IFJ member were originally not assigned to take part in the workshop organized by them. “After hearing that they were in the country we (FMM) decided to request for their presence at the workshop. They did not come here on an invitation extended by us,” he said.

Last night the Colombo Telegraph reported that the Immigration authorities had been tipped off about Park’s visa issue by elements in organisations that are full members of the IFJ, disgruntled over continued preference of the IFJ for an affiliate (FMM) over member organizations.  Even this event, as evident by the wording on the banner, clearly shows that full members of the IFJ are not involved.

We publish below some of the leaked emails;

On 29 October 2013 17:59, Sunil Jayasekara <sunil.jayasekara@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all,

Reference to the letter dated 28th October 2013,sent by Mr.Lankapeli addressing to Jacqui Park saying unwanted matters which were inappropriate, inaccurate  and misleading the IFJ officials by giving false information.

We, on behalf of the Executive Committee, regretting, regarding this false information which was put forward by Mr.Lankapeli.

According to our knowledge, the IFJ had informed regarding the workshop to the all affiliated bodies in Sri Lanka months ago. Other than FMM, there is no single affiliated  body given a positive response to the IFJ.

During this situation, IFJ contacted us and requested to organize this workshop. We have agreed and also we believe that we don’t have any compulsory to ask any other affiliated bodies.

After accepting to hold this workshop, we have given the information to the heads of the   five media   organizations during the last meeting which was held at the Sri Lanka Press Institute. Even at that time, they did not put forward proper objection to us regarding this matter.

We totally reject the blame saying that we informed them only two days before.

And also I have to point out that this workshop is not only for the affiliates. This was organized to the  media organizations which are functioning in Sri Lanka.

Regarding this matter, up to now the SLWJA did not object our workshop and also the General Secretary Mr.Ranga Jayasooriya of SLWJA informed me that they have no any objections against this workshop.

The FMM also regret to mention that if there is any issues come up within the five media organizations or with IFJ, it should be solved in respected way within us.

Sunil Jayasekara


(On behalf of the Exco)


From: lankapeli dharmasiri [mailto:dlankapeli@gmail.com]

Sent: 28 October 2013 22:10
To: Jacqui Park
Cc: sunil jayasekara; lasantha ruhunage; UDAYA KALUPATHIRANA; Ranga Jayasuriya; femiroshinie@yahoo.com; Bingun Menaka; geeta seshu; Sukumar Muralidharan; Deepesh Sthapit; Minari Fernando; h k alagiyawanna; NM Ameen;nixon1@sltnet.lk; Jim Boumelha; Jim Boumelha; Sabina IEC; Sabina 2 (GS); YU MICHAEL; Beth Costa

Subject: Re: IFJ meeting in Sri Lanka


Dear Jacqui

Just I read your mail. Thank you very much for it.

I replied to your mail dated 26th of September to clarify a few points you had mentioned. However I did not receive any replies. It’s disappointing that you didn’t pay any attention at all.

Two days back one of the FMM some member called me and said that you are coming to Sri Lanka to hold a workshop for IFJ affiliates. She also said that a few of us could participate in the workshop to represent IFJ affiliated organizations. I told her that neither FMETU nor SLWJA has been informed about the said workshop except for the mail sent on the 26th.

This is very unlike of an international organization. We are very disappointed that you work only with a few selected individuals but not at organizational level. It adversely affect our organizations as well. This also reminds us of the irregularities occurred in previous activities organized under your leadership.

The way you conduct these workshops can also harm the unity and friendship among our organizations. It could also challenge the safety and security of some of the media activists in Sri Lanka.

Therefore both SLWJA and FMETU would like to inform you that we are not participating in your workshop.

This mail also will be cc’d  to the President and the Ex Co of the IFJ. We would also like to request from the Ex Co to take this issue up at the Executive meeting to be held on the 8th and 9th of November.

Thank you.

Dharmasiri Lankapeli

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 11:54 AM, Jacqui Park <jacqui.park@alliance.org.au> wrote:

Dear Lankapeli,

I am looking forward to meeting you and all our other friends while I am here in Colombo this week and indeed I would welcome the opportunity to meet some of the journalist members of FMETU for a discussion if you would like to organise this.

To correct the record the FMETU was indeed represented by Ferni and I hope she has given you a full report of the meeting.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

With best wishes,


From: lankapeli dharmasiri [mailto:dlankapeli@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, 27 September 2013 1:56 AM
To: Jacqui Park
Cc: sunil jayasekara; lasantha ruhunage; UDAYA KALUPATHIRANA; Ranga Jayasuriya; femiroshinie@yahoo.com;bingunma@gmail.comgeetaseshu@gmail.com; Sukumar Muralidharan; deepesh_sthapit@hotmail.com; Jacqui Park; Minari Fernando

Subject: Re: IFJ meeting in Sri Lanka

Dear Jacqui

First of all I thought of writing to you again, even though you haven’t replied to my previous mail on 28th August.

For the last few years, FMETU has not been recognized as a member of SAMSN. FMETU was not even invited for the last SAMSN meeting held in Nepal where there has been a discussions about Sri Lanka. FMETU was invited only for the meeting on gender issues.

If you are to initiate activities in Sri Lanka , you need to stop treating different affiliate media  organizations in different manner.

FMETU is glad that a new forum has been initiated to discuss after few years about the current situation of Sri Lanka.

Unlike previous activities led by your leadership, FMETU hopes that we could avoid further mistakes, through  proposed discussion.

Thanking You

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Jacqui Park <jacqui.park@alliance.org.au> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

At our Sri Lanka side meeting at the IFJ South Asia SAMSN meeting in Nepal in late July, we discussed the situation for journalists and how the IFJ can best support your work. These discussions identified the best way forward initially would be to have a strategy planning meeting in Colombo in late October with all affiliates to map out priorities and identify support needed.

We also discussed the need to revive the media rights monitoring network and activities, as well as the importance of continuing the important gender work we began again this year.

I would like to suggest we do this from October 29-31 and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this and I will be in touch next week with more details.

I would I would also like to take the opportunity to meet with each of our affiliates. If there is anything else I can do while I am there please let me know.

With best wishes,


Jacqueline Park

Director, Asia Pacific Region

International Federation of Journalists


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    This shows that the Government and its collaborators are monitoring mails of key opponents of the Government. In any country, this will run into major investigation how they violate privacy. Sri Lanka being a banana republic has not law or practice to prevent such violations.

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      you can be our Edward Snowden ?

    • 0

      This is the reverse of Ed Snowden. The thieves are caught red handed!

      Jacqui park is a secretive lesbian leader in Australia and it is clear from the emails that she is trying to divide and rule the so-called journalists. (Non of them have a profile asa journalist in this country). They are just trying to get asylum in Australia through people like Park.

  • 0

    Wxcellent. The USA can do so are we…………

    Park has violated provisions of the Immigration Ordinance by engaging matters that are not stipulated under the Tourist Visa Category whether for a fee or not.


    IFJ & Sunil Jaya, who is the MOLE within your Organisation or was it a NSA tap?
    Obama has just violated the trust of his allies. This is just nothing.
    What privacy LANKA that you speak of??

  • 0

    Same fate awaits any foreigner that enters Australia on a tourist visa, and then engages in non-tourist activities. I think for whatever reason SLK govt has exercised its law. Nobody could complain about it; certainly not any Australians!

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    Come on, just when the US was caught spying on their allies…

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    It has come to my attention that all you can actually do in these situations is have a very big laugh and actually think how many people have these ass clowns actually fooled.. It has to be at least 99% of the people.. What are these kind of stories come out from the news.. It’s very very hard because I think I get a little bit dumber and loose a little bit of me self worth when actually having to think about these particular stories.. Actually it’s not worth it.. All I will say is “Law.. What is it good for.. Absolutely nothing… La Lala la..”‘ What the hell is going on this country and the rest of the world governments.. Who is to blame on this BS?? Are we the real culprits?? What can we do to wake the people?? It’s getting sadder by the day.. Rest in peace TRUTH… some like us will miss you.. Most even know what you are.. Rest in peace God until u return again..

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    Poetic justice !!!!

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      Editor CT,
      Lankapeli retired from Lake House about 4 years ago. In Lake House he was not journalist. Only desk employee. How come he talks like a big journalist leader ? Who are members of his union ? This is big problem in SL trade union. All these fellows are actually fighting for foreign trips, hotel life and per diems. Lankapeli’s problem is he is not invited to Nepal. But no union, no movement and no actual members.
      IFJ funding small alienated individual groups. If Asia Pacific region director does not have at least small groups, she also loose job. So it is her survival also to fund some one.

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    Another drone strike and a Pakistan Al Qaeda leader dear and several others. ONLY USA CAN KILL SEVERAL OTHERS ALONG WITH THE AL QAEDA LEADER.
    For Sri Lanka its HARAM.
    Where is that mongul Mcallun Rae the award winning jokers who preys on Sri Lanka carcasses to win award?

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