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Grade 8 Student Hospitalized After Principal Canes Her On Her Birthday

A grade 8 student from the Walasmulla National School has been hospitalized after the principal of the school caned the student on her birthday.

Education Minister – Akila Viraj Kariyawasam

According to the Walasmulla Police, the principal had caned the female student’s hand as well as her back with a cane as a punishment for accidentally littering the classroom with a few chocolate wrappers which she had brought to share with her classmates as it was her birthday.

The incident occurred when the principal had been passing by the classroom and the principal had seen several chocolate wrappers lying on the ground. The angry principal had then brought out the cane and had caned the child’s hand as a punishment, and when the student had bent down to pick up the wrappers, the principal had caned her on her back which resulted in the child sustaining injuries. While caning her on her back, the principal is reported to have said that the “caning was her birthday gift.”

In June this year it was reported that a teacher at the Anula Devi Girls’ College in Galle was involved in a case of child torture, where she had allegedly ordered her students to beat their 10-year old classmate, as punishment for talking to another girl while the teacher was conducting a class.

The incident has resulted in the victim receiving physical injuries, while she has also been mentally traumatized, as she was beaten up by 44 students of her class. The teacher had ordered her students to beat the girl after she observed that the girl was engaged in conversation with her classmates instead of paying attention to the teacher, which had angered the teacher.

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