23 September, 2023


GSP Plus: Government Under Pressure From EU Office In Colombo

Just days since the European Commission proposed the GSP + concession to Sri Lanka, the EU office in Colombo has already begun pressuring the Government to ensure it sticks to its commitments.

EU Mission in ColomboSources said that since last week’s announcement by the European Commission, the mission in Colombo has already contacted relevant government officials seeking details with regard to the government’s implementation of obligations, which is part of the conditions if Sri Lanka is to obtain the GSP + concession.

In a tweet on Friday the EU Mission in Colombo also said it was ‘important’ for Sri Lanka to deliver on its commitments to regain GSP+.

The European Commission has proposed the GSP + concession provided the Sri Lankan government ratifies 27 international conventions in relation to human rights, good governance, labour conditions and environment protection.

A special delegation is also scheduled to visit Colombo to discuss matters with regard to the government’s progress. “The government must ensure all vital areas, specially on human rights and good governance are addressed. The EU is very serious, and mere rhetoric will not suffice, so based on the government’s progress covering these areas will it be decided if Sri Lanka will obtain the concession or not,” a source said.

A meeting is scheduled between government ministers and officials mid this week where matters in relation to the international conventions will be discussed at length.

In a statement issued on January 11, the European Commission proposed that a significant part of the remaining import duties on Sri Lankan products should be removed by the European Union in exchange for the country’s commitment to ratify and effectively implement 27 international conventions on human rights, labour conditions, protection of the environment and good governance. “These one-way trade preferences would consist of the full removal of duties on 66% of tariff lines, covering a wide array of products including textiles and fisheries,” the statement said.

Sri Lanka had already benefited from GSP Plus in the past, but in 2010 the EU decided to stop the preferential treatment for Sri Lankan imports due to the failure to address reported human rights violations in the country during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term. In 2015, following the change in presidency, the new government applied for GSP Plus in July 2016 and the Commission’s assessment has concluded that it met the GSP+ entry criteria set out in the EU regulation.

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    RE:GSP Plus: Government Under Pressure From EU Office In Colombo

    “Just days since the European Commission proposed the GSP + concession to Sri Lanka, the EU office in Colombo has already begun pressuring the Government to ensure it sticks to its commitments.”

    EU is well aware of the commitments by the Sri Lankan regimes.

    Have EU got the wind of the of the Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Mala-Perthaya and Sevalaya, who has hoodwinked the 6.2 million voters who voted the Good Governance, Yahapalnaya Govt?

    The lies and deception of the Medamamulana Rajapaksa and cronies are well known, and that is why ASL lost the GSP Plus.

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      EU explains it better. Lanken extremists that would always be ready to put the blame on the govt clarifies it by today.

      An EU report said: “Sri Lanka had already benefited from GSP+ in the past. In 2010 the EU decided however to stop the preferential treatment for Sri Lankan imports due to the failure to address reported human rights violations in the country.

      “In 2015, the new government of Sri Lanka set out a path of major reforms aiming for national reconciliation, respect of human rights, the rule of law and good governance principles, as well as sustainable economic development.”

      “The Sri Lankan government applied for GSP+ in July 2016 and the Commission’s assessment has concluded that it met the GSP+ entry criteria set out in the EU regulation”.

      “Sri Lanka must ensure its counter-terrorism legislation is fully in line with international human rights conventions. As a matter of priority, it must put a definitive stop to the use of torture by security forces and the related impunity.”

      “The government must also see through policy and legislative processes to improve the rights of women and children, for example with regard to discrimination, domestic violence, minimum age of marriage, sexual exploitation, as well as harassment of trade unions. All of these issues would be subject to GSP+ monitoring to ensure that positive progress continues to be made.”

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      Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today held an open discussion with the Chairman of the World Economic Forum Professor Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
      Professor Schwab highlighted a proposal tabled by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who suggested that a high level summit of European and Asian Trade Ministers be organised for the year 2018.
      Professor Schwab noted that the World Economic Forum will participate and help organise the event.
      The Chairman of the Forum said it was important to put forward suggestions that will be beneficial for the improvement of the World Economic Forum in future.
      Chairman Schwab also said the Forum will assist and advise Sri Lanka in its future course of action, having witnessed the positive economic path the country is heading along.
      The two parties also discussed new economic developments and challenges in the coming years.
      Ministers Ravi Karunanayake, Harin Fernando and Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha were present during the meeting.

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    I think it is a great achievement to get GSP plus back to lankens: My Salute is to all that work hard to get this done. Human rights related imrpovements to the levels they expect lanken to reach should have ben achieved if not full to someextent, to allow them the concession.
    However, as a highly sensitive srilanken living on the west (sinhalese srilanken), I believe, had EU put some pressure on lanken govt questioning the people s dissatisfaction on the election pledges in terms of speedy investigations on all high profile abuses deliberately made by former VVIP family tot he nation, we the folks longing for justice being finally served in the country.
    Today from the point of view of some ruling ministers, there exist prima facie evidence in terms of grabs of billions of state funds and putting them in Dubai Saving Banks. This was publicly made by some ministers to public forums telecasted in the country last week. Poor folks have to bear the burden while those men are still given unnecessary luxurious life. Those men deliberately abused people s funds have no rights to even today abuse the state funds for their enjoyable life styles.
    This means not that I only focus on the frauds being made by Rajaakshes, I also want if Bond scam made that billions of losses tob e investigated int eh same pace not being biased to any parties.
    Since both grand parties are in the ruling coalition, they should both focus not only on their party power consolidations but priority should be given tot he pledges made tot he people – at least 6.2 Millons oft he voter eligible citizentry sacrificed rulers tob e elected as their representatives.

    • 6

      Yes, without external pressure being exercised, nothing seems to work.

      They should be strict with lankens getting promised improving the Human rights issues further in the country.

      1)We the sum of 6.2 Mio of voter eligible folks regardless race, religion, party, or others worked die hard to chase away the devil out of his function but keeping entire faith on RESTORING law and order, Justice and all repsecting the basic human rights that had been jeopardised by MR and his goons during the previous so called Regime.

      2)At the time, we thought we need just above mentioned values nothing else, the people power converged to once single force rally round to one flag -which is GOOD GOVERNANCE in order to bring the folks back to civilized levels

      3) Howver Looking back, not even a single high sharks proved to be all wrong in dozens of cases … whose allegations are levelled at and FCID ro other bodies keep investigating – have not found its ends. .. no proper convictions to thoese investigations heard.. that is our bad luck… we are loosing our patience.
      So long these sharks that destroyed the nations wealth…. leaving poor sinking further in to mud, not caring Rajarata or other people s life grievances… are scot free.. nothing will work to the progress of this nation.

    • 6

      Yes Bunjjappu,

      I also listend ot that forum.

      There RS challenged opening his all secret information about the deposits of Yoshita et al being found in Dubai National Bank… that according to him is over billions of dollars.. just 500 million of dollars only had been withrawn by him and a white national accompanying him.

      Actually, this news is good enough people to start protest marches.

      But nothing seems to work.. why ?

      We thought law and order is restored… actually nothing tangible is felt in that line… yet.





    • 5

      Apparently they have to adhere to the 58 conditions imposed by the EU for the GSP + to be restored. THIS IS BLACKMAIL FOLKS.

      • 4

        No this is making people make hard decisions for their own good.

      • 4

        This is black mails for the idiots of your kind.
        All others that respect norms in terms of human rights-basic human rights – see in favour of those 26 conventions. And these are doeble too.
        If you want to be counted as Swaziland, Belarus or the like country category, you may remain so, but please for the sake of the majority folks in this country, innocient passive people of this country, change your voice. Sarogini, you should be ziamesian sister of that Pawithra Wanniarachchi (with a bed pan style mouth piece). Good luck, and get well soon.

      • 8



        There is no such thing as free lunch.

        If you think this is blackmail you should be able to do without the GPS concessions.

  • 10

    Yahapalana PM has to give the “Federal” thing to Sambandan, Abraham and Suren before EU gives him GSP Plus

    Is it worth it , is the issue which the great majority will be pondering,

    • 8

      Meeharakas of your sort would never see it right. EIther youare brain sick or any other pathological reasons should be there you guys not to sense it yet.

      Yahapalanaya is in slow mode, but that means not that current govt has done nothing.
      If they had not done anything, International Community would not allow anything.
      Many idiots and their supporters feel back in home country that IC will easily make their minds to allow lanken such previledges. These men biased to their blind thinkings, cant grasp it since they have been blind foldede by Rajakashes as nothing can help them easily. However, even if Lybinans had been such.. they have now changed their mind sets. Very same folks cant be fooled forever is what sociologists and the like experts predict.

      NO long, Rajapakshes who are your pay masters will face it. That is CERTAIN like each sun rise and sun set.

      • 1

        They built the volts wagon factory née? ?

        • 7

          Being in Germany, I am telling you. VW company has been facing unexpected problems right at the moment. Lanken Premier or other politicians could not know VW problems of the day – a few months ago. If you have problems with this, contact German embassy and get it clear.

          It is typical AND so pathetic to some people to hang on VW and attack the govt.
          Right at the moment, anything is being abused to attack the rivals.

          • 3

            Simon De Silva
            I applauded you for courageously trying to divert the issue talking about VW false numbers in the vehicle emission control data. But be realistic in all honesty would you believe any thing any Sri Lankan politician utters in Self grandiose. In only seven days VW, mega T/rethreading plant, and now icing on the top Coca-Cola want to setup Mega hub.
            All Sri Lankan remembers well Rajapaksa megaphone announcements. result’s Hub of every thing never came to fruition not even a smear or blob of Grease to lubricate the so called HUB
            Now the same Spin Doctors are working for MS & RW talking about HUB.
            My advice is start building a Axle first.
            By the way VW as the second biggest selling car manufacture in 2016 don’t need corrupt & crooked MS & RW’s help.

    • 4

      K A Sumanasekera,

      “Yahapalana PM has to give the “Federal” thing to Sambandan, Abraham and Suren before EU gives him GSP Plus

      Is it worth it , is the issue which the great majority will be pondering”

      Yes, it is worth it! Why are you so bothered about it? It was your mentor SWRD Banda who first said it!

  • 10

    What is all the fuss about: Isn’t the EU asking the govt to live up to the commitment it voluntarily made?
    Dint the majority of Sri Lankans elect this govt expecting it to deliver on these same issues?
    EU is asking for it now: Dint MR go to the UN complaining about human rights long before be became president?

    Before people get on the high horse they should ask for whose benefit the EU is asking to do these things.

    “The European Commission has proposed the GSP + concession provided the Sri Lankan government ratifies 27 international conventions in relation to human rights, good governance, labour conditions and environment protection.”

  • 13

    That GSP is not worth. EU does not understand Sri lanka has an established culture and civilization. EY wants Sri lanka to fulfill over 52 conditions. Sri lanka is better off without GSP.

    • 10

      Yes Sri Lankan Gov. should show the middle finger to EU – Sri Lanka had survived and will survive without bloody GSP – These EU SOBs should understand that they are not our masters – unfortunately idiots in the present Gov. had made us EU Kokkas

    • 12

      Why don’t you go fly kite.
      Women in the villages need some kind of income to provide for their children and the Kassippu drinking ! unemployed good for nothing village Casonova HUSBANDS.

      GSP+ is a godsend for village women ,
      I am sure you’re not aware of it!
      You are only good to run down anything the present government is doing.
      The GG promised the people and the a International First world countries several promises.

      REINSTATING GSP+ was one of the promises.

      White Van Murders, dead Democracy, Whole sale state Robbery of State Funds.
      Have you got anything to say about these FACTS? , FACTS, ?FACTS,?
      The conditions were applied to obtain GSP+ Must be Met.
      The GG has changed its colours like the Chameleons for their OWN SURVIVAL,




      • 4


        “White Van Murders, dead Democracy, Whole sale state Robbery of State Funds. Have you got anything to say about these FACTS? , FACTS, ?FACTS,? “

        So You think under Yahapalanaya – no state funds are being robbed ??And we are having perfectly corrupt Democratic Gov. now – Bull Shit – do you need to know FACTS , FACTS – remove your green Shades and read papers and other free news media

        GSP+ might happen in about six months – however in about few years if our GDP increases beyond current level , we will be automatically not eligible for GSP+ – So do not think GSP+ will improve our economy drastically ,and it is the only thing that will improve our economy – Idiots in the Yahapalanaya must stop shouting big about GSP+ and better do something to improve local industries ,agriculture and fishing industry to use the GSP+ benefits better and completely – at least within the short period it is effective –

        Unfortunately Yahaplanaya Gov. is producing Dramas for the enjoyment of it’s blind idiotic supporters like many who comments -and the country is going from bad to worst –

  • 13

    EU acts like that same european colonizers who thinks they are the best. They want 58 conditions to fulfill.

    Even if Ranil wickramsinghe agrees to that, People should oppose it.

    It is better of If Mahinda Rajapakse or some one similar to him comes now.

    • 6

      Do not worry China will colonize you before EU. LOL

    • 11

      What is then worth ?

      You the like want only to send your poor wives to Middle east right ? That way only you want mother lanka to achieve their earnings.
      Go to middle east and get the realities the levels that our folks SINAHALYAs have been categorized to this date ?

      Those women – coming from all lower walks of life across the country are sent to Middlee east – with no pre trainings. Most of them are very naive.. after going their, in case they would loose the jobs, they just get caught to BANGALDESHIes or Pakistanies or other men that have constantly been searching for sex relationships. THOSE poor women are not the failure, .. that is common to any women coming from that lower backgrounds. Politicians and you guys, that dont care fo the future of lankens should be made responsible for all the mess.

      Those women in ARAB coutnries give more publicity as CHEAP women to those Pakistanies.

      Pleae collect the information for yourself, by going to google seacrch

      May all curse be on you.. that block any other alternatives to allow lanken people more jobs.
      Why should those women at all leave the country for MIDDLE east is my key quwestion.

      Lanken drug problem of the youth is mainly related with mothers that leave families for ME.
      Those pennisless fathers and brothers remain in the coutnry, have made it even worse by today,… in Ambilitiya, there are camps for children where you will find fathers have raped their own daughters… brothers to have raped their own sisters.. this has gone to this appalling levels today.
      Media men work for Rajaapakshe goons .. stay mum.. leaving those alrarming issues let sinking even deeper.

  • 16

    The European Commission has proposed the GSP + concession provided the Sri Lankan government ratifies 27 international conventions in relation to human rights, good governance, labour conditions and environment protection.


    What is wrong in adhering to the above conditions? do we not want to get on board with the global civilised?

    This, not enough verily the next step must be handing down the administration to the remotest Village to manage their affairs and build their own villages.

    Mr has won in Kurangela district, so make him The chief minister of

    Kurnagela and appoint a Premier to the North-western province and do the same with the rest and just forget the Provincial and local government elections it will save a lot of money.

    And call for a referendum in parliament and introduce a federal system and appoint Maithree & Ranil as Joint executive PMs, Make Ravi and Dr.Sarath Amunugame as Joint Ministers of Finance and make Mahinda Samaresinghe as Minister of Tourism and make Mohan Lal Grero as Minister of Education and make Sampanthan as ceremonial President and send all the JO MPS to the district they were elect3dd from if they were elected only (get rid of national appointees)and make them Ministers of their districts if they have won in majority or let them go and sit in their areas as opposition.

    Just forget about what will happen in 202o and use the power in hand and secure the country and the national government and bring in The Federal system where people can get fully involved run their own Provinces, Districts, Villages and towns with complete transparency and let them have their own budget and encourage those who can bring in investments from overseas through their foreign contacts via families ,friends etc to their areas and monitor it without sabotaging.

    This is the best time to act.

  • 11

    Apoi , we never allow this, all the people will get united and all the damela and thambiyas will become rich and our moda Sinhala people become friendly with the thambiyas and demala.

    We must poison our modayas and keep them divided ,this is very good for our culture.

    the country musr never prosper and become famous in the world-no this cant happen.
    we will lose our power and our poor hard working Politicians will suffer.

    • 13

      Ablin Mama
      Hah! Ha, Absolutely correct!!

      Fools Fooling each other in the name of Lord Buddha and The Vandetta against the MINORITY.


    • 8

      Abilin Mama,

      you may be right.

      I think main problem lies on the media mafia men:
      Just listen to what Derana the marana, and Hiru or MALAHIRU have been promoting by their daily programmes. They dont care about the masses.
      I think lanken media men should be subjected to code of ethics.

      Today, even if THE FIRST CITIZEN of the country is being criticised by going that far about his probable deaths…. there seems to be a room in lanken media to do it without being subjected to any arrests ? That Astrologer man who is currently in the YTUBE about President sirisenas Death predictions prior to 26th Jan…. is no possible even on the WESTERN countries.

      Can you imagine ?

      Secondly former president challenged the current govt about toppling the govt in 2017 …. the kind of statements in the UK would have been taken very serious…

      But nothing was the case in Srilanka why ?

    • 2

      Try working hard without looking for handouts or trying to move on another’s shoulder you will be rich too.

      Even the people you completely looted in 1983 are doing way better than you are that because of determination and hard work and not handouts.

  • 8

    I don’t see any harm in the EU demands. In-fact the EU has said “Decentralization” and not “Devolution” or “Federalism”. Even the JVP was in favor of “Decentralization” of powers back in 2004. The GoSL should make maximum use of this opportunity.

    • 9

      Srilankens should be put more pressure on the humanitarian issues, if they are really concerned of all the high crimes occured alone after the war is no longer there.
      Rajaakshe men the way treated women, children, journalists or any other professionals incl. opposition parliamentarians.. were all assulated or let missing by their defence ministry. Today, the man who took the lead of all these crimes just because of the colombo beautification project is scot free -none other than nation s executionist -Gotabaya Rajaakshe.

  • 3

    We will never let this Society to ever be united we will do everything we can even if we have to do hu ni yan (black magic to achieve it.

    SATELITE-Abilin Maama & The like-minded followers!

  • 6

    Actually I am confused. Is it true that EU is begging srilanka to accept GSP or srilanka asked for it. Why many m–S NO intelligent srilankans are pretending like doing a big favour to EU by accepting GSP. Do they or Colombo politicians care if srilankans country folks stave. Is Mangala is going to work on those factories which are going to benefit by GSP. What a peculiar country and peculiar people we produce. Is it the reason we call our country a wonder island – you can see the advert about wonder island in all metro stations. Please do not play your game or pass time on poor people’s rice – you will be punished by God.

    • 10

      Absolutely correct, EU did not go begging Srilanka to accept GSP+ It was because of MARA &CO the the TAX INCENTIVES was lost.

      EU ordered the SL government to practice GOOD GOVERNANCE,
      IN THE PROCESS Followed SL lost the Fishing rights as well because of the bad practice allowed by the then government.
      THESE are the truths our Idiotic Politicians would rather forget and sweep under the carpet and tell FIBS TO THE CLUELESS MODA Masses.

      Lose the GSP+ , send their women folks to Middle East and other rich nations to clean THEIR TOILETS??
      What the hell NOW Mr GLP is barking about on the mouth piece News paper??
      that His Master had saved the country from EU ( anyone had heard that EU was INVADING To present GSP+ to SL?? ). and had rejected GSP+???during his So called GOVERNANCE! ( Bad Governance ) !’ What ??
      Pull the wool over man.
      Just because he has lost his MEMORY ! Not others, Fools.

  • 5

    Desperate Sinhalaya -Well said .

    Not just middleast,even malaysia,Cyprus and Korea.

    • 8

      Ablinunnahe, appreciate, at least one among the commentators praised mine.
      I lately thought if I would blessed with a lotto, first I would do is to airlift all those women cornered in ME countries not being able to see it beyond.
      I think those show-off politicians should really need to think about the kind of srialnkens, lost in those countries.
      If srilanka’s main income earning way is reported to be through foreign exchange being earned by housamaids sent to ME countries, WE ARE ALL INDEBTED TO THEM.

      IT IS BELIEVED; OVER 700 HOUSAMAIDS are believed to be house arrested in ME countries.

  • 0

    Learn from India,they don’t rely on these handouts and black mailings.

    Leave the hard-line accommodate and develop the nation,can make it to happen but they wants to please the robes.

  • 2

    The Government should not compromise the sovereignty of the Country to obtain anything from anybody. The citizens will be happy with what we have rather than agreeing to some stupid conditions. The Government should do what is best for the Country and forget about making others happy.

  • 3

    There is nothing wrong in EU exerting pressure on the Govt. SL History shows that we never keep our word and above all the traitorous acts of the Mahinda Rajapakse gang of Joint Opposition is another reason why we cannot progress. EU knows unless they exert pressure nothing will be done in Sri Lanka. Further if we look at the recent decisions of the President we note that he gives into every group that protests, JO, Unions, Buddhist Priest, lottery sellers, Army, Navy etc.

  • 5

    Desperate SInhalaya
    lanka’s main income earning way is reported to be through foreign exchange being earned by housamaids sent to ME countries, WE ARE ALL INDEBTED TO THEM.


    The most pathetic part is how they are treated at our Airport when they return.

    They are harassed from all sides, during the last regime period we even heard stories of how these poor women were even raped and robbed.

    They must ban them completely or discuss for better standards.

    I really do not know where this country is heading to.

    part of the people want to be a continued parasite on the nation, free education- they do not want competition, no for private education, no for GSP-Plus, no for every single thing that can benefit the Country.

    Well, in that case, best person is MR, to handle these people, you think anyone will dare to stop him if he decides to end the pension system, introduce private universities, scrap the present government grants for higher education etc?

    Sometimes you need men Like MR to handle certain mentalities.

    Unfortunately, these leaders seem too soft, you can not run a developing Country without taking iron fist decisions sometimes.

    Well by May or June we will know for certain where we are heading, 100% sure the government will not last until 2020 if the same constitution remains, if no Federal constitution is introduced and a Joint executive PM formed.

    We will know, the worst injustice to do to a people already burden with debts and hardships and finding it impossible to survive is to hold provincial and local government elections,

    What a waste of money, why can’t they just hold a referendum and change the constitution and select the already elected MP to the new federal territories?

    The Mega Cities can become Federal areas. If The present government will not be brave enough to change the entire bankrupt good for nothing outdated constitution fearing the opponents- Then the opponent will take over and they will definitely do it when in power and the present government will have to end up reading bedtime stories, for they will also end up kissing goodbye to their Political careers.


    If not The government and the people just mentally prepare for the worst.
    Generally, they say what we fear most never happens, but for me, the worst is to see Sri Lanka stuck in the same socio-political mess permanently.

    God Help The President & his men .

    • 6

      thanks for you posts. I agree with most of the contents but except that MR should not be the person to fullfil any of the highlighted ones above.
      I am telling you why. YESTERDAY; I thought to gather more information as to why BIA roll field the related work has been compulasory right bieng in the middle of being squeezed by national carrier bankrupscy. This should have been addressed long long ago, meaning during the last 10 years, had the authorities been owning atleast be blessed with little brains. Feasibility of the day has proved, that shoudl have been restructured already few years ago – but all the barbabric, and stupid men appointed by Mahinda Rajaakshe to take care of airline hadbeen idiots that have not the least experience about Srilanken or any other airline trade. Nor were they educated people to any good work.
      So, that way, the issues is reached to alarming levels until the current govt finally had to agree with Roll field -the related construction at least 8hrs/day for a period of next 3 months. And in the same time, even if we the simple simon being in andout of the country heard only Purasaram about Mattala airport, many european and ME airlines have rejected MIA as an international airport. Why ? Just becaues it is still not with well equipped to be recognized as one international airport.
      And say, in a country where all is dependent on one single International airport, Rajakashes should have to given the highest priority to reconstruct the roll filed already in 2010 or 2011 – had they the brains to consider the impact if today s problems that the airport faces. It is believed 20 airlines/day have cancelled their operations from BIA during the annulling hours. That is a huge loss to lanken state.
      Not only that but also from what is being revealed upto now, only high losses have been reported by MR adminsitration, as no other times before.
      Facts being collected, on the money grabs- proved to have made by FORMER vvip FAMILY…. so irrespective all the blunders, if anyone suggest him to be the future leader of the country, his nature should be subjectected to dramatic changes. Is that possible with such human beings ? Never, I really dont know if Monstanto with their GMO technology would be able to change MR and the like men.
      His brother would have been leader appropriate to the country – if he has as human face – not 100% at alteast to some extent. Gotabaya is a barbaric person to me any many that hold basic human rights should be something compulasary to all folks than any other contructions or anything.

    • 6

      The most pathetic part is how they are treated at our Airport when they return.
      It is just that our Immigration OFFICers at the arrival counters are no means ADEQUATELY trained to the standards, we talk big about our high academiic qualifications and the capablities of our men, but state has yet to fullfil these areas with replace of smart officers.
      Most of themm even today as I experience each time travel to the country (1to 3 times a year from Europe to Colombo and south eastern asia).

      Even if some would not agree with me here, I am totally against OUR PEOPLE -AS FEMAL HOUSMAID without pre-trainings being sent to ME countries and Italy. As for exmaple, Italian academics in general complain me whenever meeting in ACADEMIC sessions, pointing out the problems of lanken migrant workers in Milano, Rome or other places in that country (I am in Switzerland and Germany).

      Only well- trained skilled workers should be sent to protect lanken standards.

      And through media they the people should be adequately informed the need of trainings – today visual programmes can make them very clear that no traings can only mislead them turning refugees, slaves and others in those countries (ME) where not even basic human rights are not guaranteed

      And local husbands, pennisless men in general should be adequately informed about the options of their women if things would not work the way promised to them after their arrivals in those destinations, in those unknown atmpospheres, making them clear with danger of 100% harrasement by the sexual predators – that no any husbands would ever want to see – if they have some love to their lovely ones – what cant happen in outside world for women in such enviroments ? Rather living just for not having materials should be given a place than their wives not becoming spare wheels for animal like Arab men and the like men living there (Bangalis, Pakis or srilankens in that countries).

      If husbands of those women are lazy to go for earning for living, they should rather be subjected to trainings on facts and risks they would have to face in thefuture after wives would have been sent to ME countries.
      Lanken drug problem of the days is 100% met with those families whose mothers are no present in those house holds. The second generations are being caught by Drug dragon – with direct mediation of Rajakaashe family and their goons to this day.
      Why a state leader paid a visit to an alleged minister of his party – the latter is said to be a drug kin pin – there are prima facie evidence if LANKEN LAWYERS would take up the issue without any fears.


  • 2

    Simon De Silva- Well said.

    But what is most unfortunate is the old mindset of some of our Lankans , they somehow are strongly biased towards a certain sysytem , certain people , certain beliefs , certain Politicians and a Big no to try anyhting new, just like electronics and cars .

    a brand sticks in thier head ,so does prejudise .

    I can not se any way we can move forward or find any democratically elected politician to chnage this country .

    You need a dictator with a wip for atleast 40 years and I believe if this government is ever ousted that will happen ultimaltely ,people may suffer alot.

    • 3

      You may be right.
      Each time I travel back to lanka, I feel most seem not knowing that there exist Germany, Switzerland, France and other country that have been far better off than their counter parts in UK.
      This si just because they the lanken media is only interested in UK. There they are so blind.
      UK is an another Greece to many of Germans, Swiss and other folks in Europe.
      We have got English colleagues working with us but being in Switzerland and Germany. Almost everyone would not like to return to london or Uk since they are so evident aboutthe living stardards in the UK today.

      But our people only talk about UK uk::: not beyond that. I really like the way PM and newly elected ministers are into make ties with Switzerland, Germany and other countries too. We the folks have more chances if we improve our close contacts with those countries if we really want to see a developed srilanka.
      More students should come to Germany and other countries from Srilanka.
      More workshops can be arranged for those who really want to bridge ties with non-English speaking coutnries. That is surely pluses for a small nation like Sl

  • 0

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  • 2

    While the heat is on for constitutional reforms, I believe the government must seriously consider altering the action on price hike on cigarettes and alcohols.

    Increasing the price will never discourage the people who are addicted to them from reducing or quitting, the impact is going to be even worse for the families of the daily labour force.

    They will have to dip deeper into the already burden budget of the family’s daily bread, they will have to take more out from it to pay for the addiction and give less to the family to live on, you can not blame them, we need to understand how addiction works.

    The best thing would be to reduce the prices and bring in a quota system on both. Get them registered and allow a fixed quota and have system computerised to monitor the merchant from abusing the quota by black market practices and make sure they have some basic medical insurance covering which should be provided at a nominal cost by the companies dealing in tobacco and alcohol.

    This will make more sense and be fairer than burdening the poorer folks

  • 2

    The Prime Minister while in Switzerland should seek advice from the Swiss politicians on how well can Sri Lanka develop a homegrown Federation based on Swiss principals, Switzerland being a farming Nation may provide us with some advise that would benefit our farmers too.It is encouraging to hear that A Swiss Pharmaceutical Company bhas shown interest to manufacture meds in Sri Lanka

    • 4

      You thoughts may be useful no doubt.

      During the hectic meeting sessions, not PM but nobody would be able to get the attention of Swiss professionals of respctive areas to divert their attention solely on lanken issues. What you ask him to do he should achieve through diplomatic and separate sessions.
      Unlike lankens or the like minded folks, europeans when focusing on some issues, they fully conentrate themselves on the matters not leaving any or more criticms a room. I have heard them giving a press conference in Davos – but they were well enough to send the message across what Srilanka is expected right at this juncture of the country s prolics and policy changing in terms of anticipated economy boosts.

      I have the feeling that the diplomatic missions can achieve lot more if they are properly set. Through diplomatic relations, we can even get trainings for various areas if they would work accordingly. That is how western cultures progress. With newly available easy communication sources, we can achieve lot more…. being open to them for the speedy developments of the nation/country.

  • 2

    Can we request the good Journal CT to publish the 58 “Conditions” for the hot topic GDP +. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt .Let us see if Sarojini is Right about Sri Lanka being blackmailed. If its true then we need to look for more housemaid jobs for the poor girls. What is the other choice ? Anyone have better suggestions ?

    • 4

      Please check it again if you would stay worried, there had been no 58 conventions, it was as usual LIEs of lanken coconut smashing fithy filled communities. And media men who would even consume the extrementa of the former men for their commercial purposes. So please read those 26 or the like real factual conventions, that is not only valid in the improvement of human rights and other factors in any country being offered the kind of trade concessions.
      So, even if lankens stay discussing VW collapse and the other … as they have nothign else to do – europeans would not do so. They just focus on facts and the consequences of what they determine having studied them meticulously. Good luck and greetings today from Basel Switzerland.

    • 4

      Sarojini is an another fear mongering constable- that has beenruining this platform. These men have been injected with the germ by those who are sitting behind their curtains. Sarojini is diehard worker to get back the defeated forces seeking and another CHANCE to continue and establish Tyrany 2 episode by MR and his thugs.
      Please Lanken Nitizen, do it by yourself – read before leap.
      I would not give the swode to the monkey again, having learnt the way they do. We need some SPD style men to give a lead, but no means Rajaakshes again. Let them to dive in their flowing toilett pits.

  • 3

    Simon De Silva ,where do I get the list from? That is exactly what the Min for halth told the media last evening news 1st . to ask the JO to provide the list ?

    this News Item says 27 international conventions ?

    what th heck?

    If The JO is psreading lies then why is that The government is so lame and not sueing them?

    • 4

      You willread it inthe link added below


      I will add you more in the line of this next days, I hav been bit busy for the moment not being able to enjoy any free times.
      Thanks for your undrestanding.

      “If The JO is psreading lies then why is that The government is so lame and not sueing them? “

      Don t you think that thecurrent rulers are not after media men as had been trained by PREVIOUS so called regime.
      Most of MEDIA (Sirasa, HIRU, Derana and other printed media) are still under the pay of Maharajano. This we can prove if anyone would not get it easily.
      That is the KODIVINE of the current govt.
      People have been like blindfolded and easy targets for Rajaakshes. 10 long years they the dynasty worked with and for media to consolidate their myths/stigamatas on anything if it came from Rajakaashes.

    • 3

      I really dont know why and on what basis an OXFORD educated scholar- none other than GLP (former foreign Minister, former Prof to lanken law faculty) should have been acomplice to the crime group and their vicious acts being promotey today ?

      This is real stupid politics from srilanka. They call themselves being that literate – highly literate folks in SOUTH ASIA but acts they are no second to illiterate dominated pakistan.

      Only god can see it, nor RW or MY3

  • 3

    Here it is ,

    PDF]List of Conventions to qualify for ‘GSP Plus’
    List of Conventions to qualify for ‘GSP Plus’. 1. International … International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination · 4. Convention …

    What the hell is this women sarojini blabering about?

    These are basic reguirements every nation must folow ,GSP lus or not , an nation minus this is not be fit for human habitat .

    OMG What do one do with our lot?

    I wish we can sue these lot like in Countries as Singapore and the west , can make a quick buck.

    Literal Diarrhea seems the norm of many in our Country , with no ethics at all.

    • 4

      I thank you. Lies can mislead anyone and everyone easily. That nature has been established to lanken culture as nowhere in the world to this date. THat is the reality in srilanken media today.Hiru waits get his brother released to continue and give a life to the drug consuming community, while others in southern part wait to ruin the country form the place where stoped it.
      I think rulers are well aware of this and they just ignore but focus themselves on the essentials like PM led groups focus on EForums while MY3 does his usual duties being in the country. I think the problem in SL

    • 3

      Dont worry this particular Sarojini is said tobe big sister (AKKA ) of Wimal Google Buruwasnse.

  • 2

    Thank you Simon ,appreciate it.

    • 3

      be blessed to stand against false propaganda of VICIious men and women worked for them:
      Mother lanka will be proud of you. TOday we are abused by MEDIA mafia in and out of the country. Do whatever the little you can stand against and corner them. Then we can create a better future for our lovely ones.

  • 3

    I would be really happy to see Mr.Imtiaz Bakeer Maccar back in the parliament and It would be great to see another gentleman like Dr.Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu considering to take up politics, it is people of this calibre we need in the parliament.

    I hope people will choose wisely next time they pick Politicians, it is time to wash our hands off political parties that are based on race or religion.

    People should consider a national party and Politicians who will work sincerely for the Country and all the people without prejudice or favouritism.

    It is now time that Sri Lankans become more matured and think of the Country and embrace all as one people, yes we will always have the rotten lot but as long as more and more realise and get on board along with the civilised and wise we can move forward.

    I sincerely pray the cabinet at least for once think of the Country and people and shun their political agendas & pass a referendum that will enable the President and Prime Minister to usher in a new and successful journey to our nation and avoid another set of useless , none executive elections that had never been of any use to the country and people ,but only added to waste and plunder of our wealth.which will also save the nation a huge amount of money that can be utilised in more productive matters.

    • 3

      Do we have a big choice in the country ?

      JVPers and other smaller parties are theoretical btw. Else, people would and could them anticipated mandates in the recent elections.

      Be as qualified people for company to move forward too, there seem to be no enough experienced personalities. Most that had been hired by previous govt (they called it Regime) were just LOW LIVES – that licked their balls. That was the main reason them to end up with all the unexpected.

  • 3

    Folks ,This might be of interest for some of you .

    Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation in brief


    Federalism is a system of government in which power is shared between the central state and several federal regions. The laws of the central authority apply to the whole country

    The Confederation’s authority is restricted to the powers expressly conferred on it by the Federal Constitution. All other tasks (for example education, hospitals and policing) are the responsibility of the cantons,

    The communes have tasks which are expressly assigned to them by the Confederation or by the canton to which they belong, but they can also legislate when cantonal law does not specifically refer to issues that affect them directly


    How does Swiss federalism function – http://www.ch.ch
    The Swiss federal state. Division of powers between the Confederation, cantons and communes and a definition of federalism.

    • 3

      I wonder what had you been before ?

      Do you think the average in the country is interested in reading ON Federalism.

      It is a term that they intereprete as ” dividing the country into provinces or separate states”.

      Few leaders were pioneers that made efforts to clear this, but failed for the same bad luck of the nation.

      Even today, those who are blessed by Sinahla BUdhisam titles, will never see Federalism to be an option in resolving lanken ethnic issues.

      DJ and other mythologists will never allow federalism to take ground in the country even if the facts from EU and US, India would make efforts to clear the perceptions of the divided folks.

      So this has been the reason lanken Uni dons to draw conclusions on this – that the folks have to wait few more years to realize it, in the same time going and working on reconciliation, developmenet and etc on a continous manner.

  • 2

    Just have a look at this fantastic system that will suit Sri lanka even the remotest villages.

    Local level
    (Communes are governed by their own elected representatives)

    There is also a third level of government in Switzerland, the local level. Cities, towns and villages often enjoy a great deal of autonomy in running their own affairs. Around a fifth of Switzerland’s communes have their own parliaments, and local laws relating to matters such as streets, school buildings, water and energy prices, as well as parking regulations.

    communes enjoy sometimes considerable discretionary powers besides implementing the decisions of higher-level governments. They decide on matters of education, health, transport and public security. They also collect all taxes.

    The majority of communes hold an annual assembly where citizens can vote on issues put before them. and citizens still get to vote (at the ballot-box or by post) on major decisions like the municipal budget.

    This may be The last Chance for Sri Lanka to change bravely for the betterment of the Youth of Today ,our nation of Tomorrow !

    • 3

      Srilankens in general are misled by some leaders.

      Right at the moment, people still want extremists to reutrn to power.

      Media men support them even today, not the rulers.

      These are facts by opinion polls.

      If anyone woudl add anything being close to Buddhist monks, regardelss of the contents, the issue will get away as Tsunami waves entered huge volumes of waters in tto the country in 2004. There, the politicians stay bit cautious not intoducing proper system today being successfully appled in Scandinavian and other EU countries.

      Even if a political leader would just add the thought can have a killing impact…. Media men supportive to MAHINDA Rajaapskeh extrimism will interpret in favour of their political come back.

      This you cant overlook these days whenjust look at lanken media.
      Please be vigilent.
      That is to everyone from me to Lankens. I am sinhalaya but I am no proud call me as such since our majorities have supported extremism rather than federalism.

  • 3

    Simon De Silva, thank you for sharing such inspiring words .

    United we will stand serve our Mother Lanka, we can only pour our hearts out sincerely here ,honestly am quiet grateful to CT, This is the one and only news Journal that is so open to all people to come in and comment, very tolerent and also careful not to publish the wrong comments we make sometimes in haste ,after all we are only human , the Editors do a grand job , even the past regime members are allowed to have thier word here ,I like the neutralism in CT and how can we ever forget them ,they were the firebrand that brought the change and this government and all the rightminded people of Sri Lanka owes a thank you for them

    Thank you and God bless everyone at CT !

    • 3

      Pleae keep in touch. Each and everyone can make their distributions to stand against media mafia. See alone this GSP+ issue and the related conventions. They interepret it in favour of them.

  • 2

    Good Night folks

    Like the wise words of The Buddha – if we are blessed to wake up alive tomorrow, which means we are born again with a new day and another chance, hope we can keep doing more in our litte way to see a better future for our Youth.

    • 2

      Please read get the facts in terms of their land sales.


      These men re capable of doing anything in favour of them. They just twist the words. This particular man with a bed pan style mouth piece -none other than Bandula Gunawardhana is born to lie. I really dont know why.

  • 2

    Has the EU pressed and serious about the same issues with human rights, good governance, labor conditions and environment protection etc. on China too? I guess NO! Chinese products are flooded in the EU markets.
    It appears that EU’s strong arm tactics are only for the poor and weak third world countries only!

    • 5


      “I guess NO! Chinese products are flooded in the EU markets. “

      Are you planning to puke on Xi Jinping?

      Hang in there until HLD M sends his spare spittoon.

      • 3

        Stupid answer!

        • 3

          Answer which really help you opening eyes are always stupid for you the ilk. We know very well – Maharajano and his brother never tolerateed them either. Some times, we could not find them if stood against them. So, that is the doctrine sowed in the mind sets of you the like by those evil men.
          We can only pray for you with sooner recovery. Then only we can see it further.

          • 2

            Whose eyes are opened with stupid answers like this from vedda? May be of morons like you!

        • 3

          Nuisance the stupid I

          “Stupid answer!”

          Apt for a Maha stupid.

    • 4

      Chinese products are flooded in the EU and other parts of the world at full price and without tax concession. No one is preventing SL doing it either but its prices are not competitive.

      China has the advantage of slave labor and economies of scale.

      • 2

        That is why I asked why no pressure on human rights, labor laws etc. on China?
        I am dealing with retards here!

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