5 March, 2024


Gypsies Sunil Fears Mahinda Will Kill Him If Elected

Sunil Perera the famous musician and leader of the band Gypsies said that he fears for his life if the Mahinda Rajapaksa led UPFA party wins the upcoming General Elections and comes back into power.

The ‘bring back Mahinda movement” has only one objective ‘Paliganeema’ or ‘revenge’ said musician Sunil Perera in an interview with Swarnavahini, a local television station.

Sunil Perera

Sunil Perera

The famous musician fearlessly went on a tirade against the former President Rajapaksa’s party members, even calling them thieves and murderers who are protected by a man who is greedy for power and who even made every attempt to continue to stay in power forever. He in fact praised the good work done by Anura Kumara Dissanayake and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna for factually exposing the misdeeds and corruption of the Rajapaksa regime and helping in orchestrating the current change of freedom Sri Lankans now experience.”I am surprised that Dissanayake is still alive right now and I also doubt if this is the real Anura Kumara Dissanayake who is among us at present” he went on to say.

“Take the late Nelson Mandela from South Africa for example. He came into power, served his time and handed over the reigns to the younger generation to take the country forward. Mahinda Rajapaksa should take a cue from our very own cricketing global icons in Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara. They too relinquished their captaincies and authority and groomed a youngster to take over”.

“We gathered together and ousted Rajapaksa on the 8th of January 2015 and I really cant understand as to why the current President Maithripala Sirisena even went on to give him a nomination to contest the upcoming general elections. We have to rally together one more time and defeat him for good” went on the famous band leader of the Gypsies.

The Sirisena – Wickremesinghe government is doing things the correct way to punish those corrupt officials of the former regime. “You cant complete an inquiry and prosecute them in a few months. It takes time. Perhaps if the roles were reversed Rajapaksa would have thrown everyone into jail as and when he pleased. We saw him do it to our current Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka”.

“Please scrutinize the ill gotten wealth of the politicians in your area and if they have big houses and expensive cars, that means that those were all ill gotten wealth. Don’t vote for them as they will continue to plunder this country”. He went on to say that even one Minister openly confessed that he had sold his car permit for Rs 15 million to a third party. The government should stop the issuing of vehicle permits to politicians as it is not necessary. Give them a car and fuel just to do their work whilst in office he went on. ” These are the very same politicians who are now distributing money to the poor to garner their votes. It is only they that play ” Rajapksa won the war” ticket drumming up support to bring the former president back.

Perera also went on to say that the fathers who stole money would end up making the mother’s of their children weep as they will be punished for their acts of corruption, theft and murder. ” Even though the politicians of the former regime do have their children educated overseas, it is been funded with ill gotten wealth. Their children and their children’s children will all suffer the consequences for this” said Perera.

Perera also touched on the subject where Journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge and the mother and daughter from Kotakadeniya who were slaughtered and slain. He said that those murderers were still at large and even though they are currently escaping being punished on earth, they cannot escape the punishment that would be meted out to them from the heavens. It was the same fate that Mahinda Rajapaksa suffered when he was ousted from power in January. ” Even the life of a foreigner was not spared when they killed Britisher Khurram Skeikh” he said.

We now have freedom to express ourselves and we can even slander the President or Prime Minister fearlessly as there is a judiciary who will punish us if we are wrong. During the time of the the Rajapksa rein we could not say a word.

We need systems and procedures in place and we must also find ways to stop politicians from crossing over from one party to another to suit their own benefits.

“The power should remain with the people and not with the politicians. We would not hesitate to gather once again and throw out even our Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe if he is wrong” said Perera.

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  • 9

    MS gets lost because of this anti-buddhist, evangelical Christian unethical crazy bullshit and book-stealer Sannasgala.
    If they are the partners of MS we prefer MR this time though he voted for MS.

    • 11

      Be patient you racist idiot. Mahinda will find his way to political cemetery come 17 August and with him you racist bastard will also get lost. In the meantime, Sunil take care of your self from Mahinda the murderer.

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    [Edited out]

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    Peace Lover (older comment from the other side)

    “….@Champa you say ‘Mahinda is an extraordinarily strong Statesman. Lies, slandering and cheap shots by a simian like Sunil don’t affect a great person like Mahinda at all’ that must be the joke of the decade dear girl, Mahinda is a such a greedy fellow who is trying to come back for a lower post after being a president for 2 terms…….”

    Who said Mahinda is coming for a lower post? Have you forgotten the 19A?

    Mahinda will proudly hold the position, the First Executive Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

    And don’t forget Sirisena pledged to give away “all his Presidential powers”.

    You say “…….. of course you r entitled to your opinion as thts democracy (which MR wont understand)……. “

    Mahinda Rajapaksa very well understands democracy.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa is a role model for a true Democratic Leader. On January 9, he conceded defeat gracefully and ensured smooth transition of the power. His democratic move not only astounded the world, especially the western leaders who think the word “democracy’ is made only for them, but also DISSIPATED ALL FALSE ACCUSATIONS against him that he is an undemocratic dictator.

    Mahinda impressed the world again by avoiding the use of force after his defeat on January 9 as opposed to the bogus ‘fear’ instilled by his bankrupt opponents. Even during the past 6 months, with millions and millions of people surrounded by him, he patiently waited until the election was announced to take power politically and not forcefully.

    Mahinda deserves MUCH MORE respect, praise and admiration than what he receives now.

    • 6


      you say ‘Mahinda Rajapaksa very well understands democracy. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a role model for a true Democratic Leader. On January 9, he conceded defeat gracefully and ensured smooth transition of the power. His democratic move not only astounded the world, especially the western leaders who think the word “democracy’ is made only for them, but also DISSIPATED ALL FALSE ACCUSATIONS against him that he is an undemocratic dictator.’

      That my dear girl is a joke of the year if he so loves democracy then
      1)why did he treat our war hero sarath fonseka so shabbily?

      2)why did he force Chandrika to give him the PM post instead of Kadirgamar (who deserved it)when Srimavo died

      3)why did he pander to BBS and incite racial disharmony?

      4)why does he still try to play the race card ?

      you also make an utter fool of your self when you say “Even during the past 6 months, with millions and millions of people surrounded by him, he patiently waited until the election was announced to take power politically and not forcefully”

      hahahah how on earth can he take over like that ha,do you think any country will tolerate such behavior,you talk as if its his God given right to rule Sri Lanka and you also sound a like a woman who has a crush on Mahinda,perhaps its in the moustache ;-)

      wait and see your hero will lose in the elections ;-)

    • 3

      You must be on drugs that MR’s camp is distributing free

  • 5

    This man has got an elephant size ego, [Edited out]

  • 6

    You are Entertainer (not a good singer) so stick to that you are good at without giving opinions on politics. In this interview you are shamelessly talking about dead people. The late Bamunusinghe is not a relative of Mahinda nor was he the Airport Manager, get your facts straight and do not lie to the people of this country. Mahinda is not interested in sprats like you, who do you think you are? You are a man who is living, selling the hard earned assets of you parents.

    • 4

      Reality, You are entitled to your opinion. But the reality is that his entertainment has earned $Millions for our country and would have also paid Rs. Billions in taxes to our coffers which is plundered by the Rajapakse regime. The fear by Sunil Perera must be real because the form of thuggery, disappearance and murder was the hallmark of the Rajapakse regime.

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    To all concerned about the water problem in the Jaffna peninsula,

    The following news item has appeared today:

    “ECONOMY NEXT – Sri Lanka has decided to go for a seawater desalination plant to supply drinking water to people in the northern Jaffna peninsula after a plan to divert water from a reservoir failed.

    The Asian Development Bank has agreed to consider a loan of 90 million US dollars to Sri Lanka to fund the seawater desalination project, the government said.

    The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a proposal by Rauf Hakeem, Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply and Drainage, to seek additional funds to revamp the Jaffna – Kilinochchi water supply and sanitation project.

    The ADB loan is to fund a seawater desalination plant in Jaffna after a previous plan to divert water from the Iranaimadu reservoir, south of the peninsula, failed owing to protests from farmers and drought which reduced water levels.

    Implementation of the project under its initial plan failed owing to difficulties in obtaining the required amount of water from the Iranaimadu Tank, according to the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Drainage.

    It said the initial design of the drinking water scheme was entirely dependent on getting water from Iranaimadu Tank in the Kilinochchi district.

    This could not be done because of a dispute over water sharing between drinking requirements and irrigation agriculture needs.

    With the resettlement of people displaced by the ethnic war, which ended in 2009, in Kilinochchi, demand for water for irrigation increased, resulting in strong resistance from farmer organisations to share water with Jaffna district.
    The situation escalated after an unusually severe drought in 2012 when the water level in the Iranaimadu Tank fell drastically.

    (Colombo/July 22 2015)”

    Why this decision that will have a high investment cost, high recurrent cost, high energy cost and costs to the consumer? Further, the gains regarding reclaimed land, improved quality of aquifer water and better quality water for expanded agriculture and industry, will be negated?

    Were the people of Jaffna consulted? The solution to protests against sending Irranaimadu water to the north, is to bring Mahaveli waters to the Irranaimadu tank.

    Who is trying to play costly, foolish and shortsighted games and why?

    Dr. RN

    • 2

      Thanks, Dr RN,

      I am very interested. I had been wondering about a desalination plant myself, and didn’t know it was being considered.

      Your argument is convincing to an non-expert like myself (with little knowledge of the geography and none of the engineering, logistics or economics). If the problem was the irrigation requirements of farmers being provided by the Iranaimadu tank, the obvious solution seems to be (and without long term energy costs and taking up valuable space in the peninsula) to extend and connect the network of ancient irrigation tanks, fed by the natural river systems, including the Mahaweli Ganga, further north, to provide more water to the Iranaimadu tank (if this is possible).

      In a country with as much rainfall as Sri Lanka, and despite the relative aridity of the Dry Zone, it should not be necessary to build desalination plants.

      The problem may lie in getting advice from the people who made the “desert bloom”, rather than following the sage advice of King Parakramabahu who famously advised that not a drop of water should reach the ocean without being put to good use, hundreds of years ago.

  • 1

    The above comment has appeared here for some reason I cannot understand. Apologies, anyway.


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      Now that my comment has appeared and has received a response from Dr.Romesh, I will use this opportunity to request Sunil Perera of the Gypsies to compose and sing a song on the water problem in Jaffna. This will be his lasting contribution to reconciliation and genuine peace in this country.

      Dr.Romesh, a thanks for your comment. The NPC should request help from Israeli agricultural experts through the foreign Ministry, to help with the water problems, modern methods of irrigation, green house agriculture/horticulture and livestock farming. Israel presently has the best Holstein dairy cows in the world!


      • 1

        Dr RN,

        I have no idea what Holstein cows are, or why you judge them to be better than Brahmin cattle, that are depicted on the ancient Indus Valley seals (whose distinctive humps I am particularly fond of).

        Are you judging “best” by how much milk they produce (or its taste), how tasty their meat is, their size (which makes them more meaty), their speed, the quality of leather you can get from their hide, the types of loads they can carry or pull (for which a Brahminy hump is pretty useful) or their aesthetic qualities, such as the beauty of their eyes, or the colour and design of their fur?

        Are you sure you’re not being taken in by Israeli hype? I’ll have ask some of my Australian friends whether they agree with your opinion, even if you do mean the most productive milk-producers (which I think is a horrible way to judge the quality of a cow, and has no bearing whatsoever on the needs of Sri Lanka, where there is not, and has never been a milk shortage, as far as I know).

        Australia breeds and exports cattle and it is an important part of the Australian economy, having been introduced as a mainstay of the British diet (and that of the convicts and settlers). This has led to total devastation of the Australian environment with massive loss of biodiversity over 200 years. I don’t think Sri Lanka should develop its economy (in terms of agriculture and animal husbandry) on the Israeli and Western model.

        The Israelis do not provide their expertise for free. either, I lived long enough in Melbourne to understand a few things about Israeli and Jewish expertise, and how it is marketed, not by Zionists, but by a network of Jewish academics and businessmen who promote each others ideas, and have built the myth of the “miracle of making the desert bloom” etc etc. (hence my initial, more subtle, reference). There have been, and are, many brilliant Jews, especially in the realm of science, but there is also Jewish hype tied to the brilliant technology of the Weissman Institute and the science of Israel.

        Please tell me what’s so good about these cows?


        • 1

          Dear Dr.Romesh,
          Holstein cows ( black and white) have been genetically improved over a hundred years or more to be high milk producers, hardy and climate adaptable. Among the Holsteins, the Israeli type is quite the best.
          Dairy cow breeding, particularly with the Holstein, is a very advanced science, Ramesh advance data collection, genetic profiles and statistics. Israeli’s have done better than the Americans on this score, considering their climate and other constraints.

          I wish humans can be bred on a rational basis as done with these cows. We may have better humans within a a few generations. The random breeding we engage in has not helped us much!

          I have been involved with the dairy and food industry in Saudi Srabia for decades, after abandoning the academia. The Dairy industry in Saudi Arabia is also advanced, but it has not been innovative. There are farms with 25,000 milking cows, averaging 38 litres milk/ day and peak yields of 60 litres/ day.

          The local cows here will produce on average 6-7 litres per day. Thus, fewer Holstein cows managed well, will meet our milk needs better. We will be feeding less of better quality feed per litre of milk. The milk quality is also good ( about 3-3.5% fat).0, though the fat is lower than that of local cows ( 6 % fat). There is an inverse relationship between milk volume and fat.


  • 2

    Pathetic publicity stunt by Sunil Perera. We all reap what we sow Mr. Perera.

  • 1

    The fish dies because of it’s mouth. Sunil Perera the baila singer has an uncontrolled mouth when it comes to speech. Now he is afraid of the outcome of his own utterances. But the actuality is MR or anyone that matters will not pay heed to these ignorant uttrings.

    • 2

      Fish does not have a brain. Sunil has all the rights to express his feelings under this government. To me it looks your fish story applies to you. Freedom of speech is one of the main components in a civil society and during the last regime srilankans did not have any basic rights at all .Period. Looks like you were sleeping during the last 10 yrs

  • 2

    Dont fear Mahinda. But we Buddhists fear Evagelicals like you who hate buddhists and kowtow to Vatican

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