15 July, 2024


Home Affairs Ministry Wants Public To Fund PM’s 40 “Years In Politics Celebrations”

In a clear violation of the basic tenets of good governance and demonstrating absolute confusion over ‘state,’ ‘government’ and ‘party,’ the Ministry of Home Affairs has demanded all District Secretaries organize programmes for the commemoration of a political event, i.e ‘the completion of 40 years of public service by the Hon Prime Minsiter Ranil Wickremesinghe.’

The relevant instructions have been issued in a letter marked ‘Extremely Urgent’ and signed by Neil De Alwis, Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs. The directives, detailed under the subject line ‘The completion of 40 years of public service by the Hon Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the free economic system,’ calls for the mobilizing of support from people in the relevant areas and obtaining their involvement for commemorative programmes. These include all night pirith ceremonies on August 3, 2017 and offering of alms to 40 Buddhist monks on the following day (August 4th). The District Secretaries have been asked to arrange for these religious events to be complemented by similar ceremonies invoking blessings on the people and the Yahapalana government at Christian, Hindu and Muslim places of worship.

The letter has been copied to the Secretary to the Prime Minister ‘for his kind attention’. It is not known whether or not the Prime Minister’s office has noted the clear abuse of state resources and the politicization of public offices embedded in the text of the letter and, in the event of such noticing, given appropriate instructions to the Home Affairs Minister.

Meanwhile a person close to the Prime Minister has expressed the opinion that this is but an exercise in sycophancy by the Minister of Home Affairs Vajira Abeywardena. “In the end it will only ‘sully the good name of the Prime Minister,’”he told Colombo Telegraph. He also opined that if at all such programmed should have been organized by the party.

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    Forty years of devious manipulation and backstabbing is all what
    Ranil Wickramasinghe has been successful at. He promised
    a million jobs but not even a 100 has been found. He promised
    a Volkswagen factory. It turned out to be a hoax. He vowed to put
    corrupt Rajapaksas in jail. He has helped them to keep out of jail
    supporting them with information on how to escape. Police is
    providing the material for that. Ranil has been presiding over a
    group of crooks, racketeers and bribe takers.

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    Yes. Ranil is a world leader in few areas. Firstly he is the only leader in a former colony who wanted to invite the colonial masters (the Portuguese) to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the invasion. Then he is the only leader who had to peep at the enemy teritory from a bunker after signing a historical peace treaty with the enemy. Then he is the only leader to poke fun at his own army when they were going to liberate the country. (Thoppigala kiyanne kelayak.). Then he is the only leader of the world who robbed his own country through the bond scam within 50 days coming to power. Then he is the only leader of a country returning after a national disaster (floods) and talked about sending his ministers too to the US for the same medical treatments he had without going to the affected areas straight. The list goes on and on.

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    PM is using public funds to publicise his 40 years as a politician, as he has no achievements to show for 40 years. The adverts show the positions he has held. MP. dep minister minister and PM. What had he delivered to the country develoment from these.pls name 5.

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    What has Ranil Wickramamsinghe done to be felicitated. When the 18th ammendment was brought he walked away. When the Impeachment motion was brought he uttered gibberish.He had hardly been the epitome of an opposition leader. He had actually been a member of the Govt in opposition.

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      The only time Ranil acted intelligently was when the Evil Tyrant who believed in bullet NOT Ballot (1989-April 93 era) was ruining the nation with serial killings of his opponents, RW chose to remain on the safe side and hence saved his life…..so if he wants to celebrate this great escape..Mangala can bring another cake at his expense and offer RW

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    $ 40 years of political corruptions by destroy whole principles of Democracy since 1977?
    That is nutshell of Ranil Wicks past and present politics of “Democracy” ? He is incorrigible politics who had let country in current level of Governances that norms of values of democracy has been disappear in every sphere of life of Sri Lankan.
    Read history of modern politics, economics and social life past 40 years as it is, without any prejudices or your own interpretations ideologies you keep besides. Seek facts from historical roots ,then you come to conclusion by your own judgments about UNP -Ranil Wicks ?
    We are tiny Island, we people of majority valued and accepts democracy processes regardless all ideological differences.
    We have to safeguard democracy is life-line of system of governances.
    That is most paramount task of democracy —that all Sri Lankan majority line of thinking..
    Well system having defects and deficiencies in by operating Democracy ,that is natural phenomena. Ours democracy need to redress and revitalization by own methodology, that is urgent task elites of Ours land .

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