13 April, 2024


How Did My Father’s Driver, ‘Raththaran’ Stack Up Billions In 10 Years?

By Achini Ediriweera

Achini Ediriweera

Achini Ediriweera

How did my father’s then driver, Raththaran aka Rohitha Abeygunawardhana, who came to my house in a push bike and won my father’s heart, manage to stack up billions in 10 years. Hope he was smart and made up papers like others do. But, this man I tell you, is a Disgrace!!

Being my driver isn’t the case, but the point is he fooled my father into thinking he is a good person. My father, who didn’t bring his wife or sons into politics, or give relatives any positions at his office or ministry, due to his principles, gave this man the opportunity. He told my father how much he loved to be in Politics, and how he admired my father’s views. My father appointed HIM instead of my older brother or mother! He made HIM the chairman of the Beruwala council! As the chief organiser for Beruwala/ Kaluthara District, he gave HIM the ticket for the next election at the provincial council, and my father told Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga who refused to give him a chance at the parliamentary election, that “Here is my resignation letter, If you don’t give this man the chance in my district!.” Sadly my father didn’t see what Chandrika saw that moment! There are many who were present when this happened, who can prove this! My father then gave him the seat of Beruwala and said “it would be best if you took my seat, Beruwala, cause I have set this up for you now and made you here, and I will move to Agalawatte.”Rohitha

This was done by my beloved father, because he believed you don’t need to come from a rich background to be what you want! You don’t have to inherit the right to become a politician, you need to have only the “passion” and “hunger to serve the people” and he though a poor man would know BEST ! Like my father did when he came in as a 13 year old. Which minister today gets on a stage and say about his driver, “This is my son in politics” “I see you making your sons and wives a political career, but, This here is my son! Vote for him! I appoint him for you, my Beruwala people!”

His success was not something my father would ever be jealous of because that is what my father gave him, without giving even his own older son or his wife, like many others did! My oldest brother’s dear friend was already in the parliament back then, and today he is the secretary to the SLFP, whilst my father chose to stand by his principles. Prathipaththi, and trust that this Raththaran would never steal from the nation!

Today his entire generation is in politics, and made billions for his family, and disgraced my father.Rohitha

We don’t need politics to survive because we got a life beyond that. We are disgusted that he does everything that my father never dreamt he would do when handing him this life! Something no one today would do.

I will NEVER support this rouge or any rouge who steal from the innocent people of this country!

Falil Hajiar uncle (from Beruwala) he was your worker first, and you gave him to my dad because he said that he admired my dad, so he can be my dad’s driver. Then when my dad made these moves and got fooled by his talk, you warned my father, who thought naturally anyone would be jealous. I thank you for that, Today.

*The writer, is Achini, daughter of Ediriweera Premaratne, Former Deputy Minister of Buddha Sasana. Former Cabinet Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardhana is currently under investigation on several counts of fraud by the Bribery commission.

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  • 62

    Thank you very much Achni for your bold comments.Keep it up.

    • 4

      DEMART, looks like you have sold what little brains you had!

      Did you read the first comment on this blog by Kanishka and the comment by Saman (giving the full story of her brother’s deeds)?

      [Edited out]

    • 24

      Achni.. My be he learned his trade from your father. Another politician with bad judgement who hired a good for the dirty work as they do. ohh please Achni blame daddy for that

    • 15

      How Did My Father’s Driver, ‘Raththaran’ Stack Up Billions?

      Does not matter who he was, when the country’s leader says, you all have freedom to rob the nation and do legal or illegal businesses to earn MONEY, but give me my portion ‘PARTY FUNDS’ and help to keep my Kingship!

  • 8

    Why doesn’t America, that shining beacon, show us how to install checks and balances in place to improve our political and financial systems? They could have helped us with these things a long time ago.

    Instead, America is conveniently turning a blind eye to these kinds of thieving. All the money usually ends up in American universities, American real estate, and to build up American failing brokerage firms……these being the legal things.

    But they will spread their democracy by singularly going after those who actually ended the war. What a mean, sneaky way to build up the great land of America! (But maybe they are starting to do so now…..showing us a better democracy starting with checks and balances).

    • 20

      Ramona, America does not deserve the praise you give. It is a far greater corrupt place than Sri Lanka. Don’t take my word for it but investigate for yourself. It is also the cruelest country in the world. Just check it out.

      • 13


        Americans are the best marketers in the world, and like everything else, they market their country’s ‘goodness’ brilliantly as well.

    • 5

      Is it not correct that US did make a Grant of USD 46 Million for a specific purpose i.e. Fight Corruption? Why is the Ministry of Justice
      going slow on the matter, when a special court could utilise these Funds and the FCID 65 member staff expanded?

      The public are interested in the following 17 matters:
      a) Computer purchases for Mahindodaya labs. in Rs. 5.87 Bil..
      b) Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule.
      c) Wealth of PSD Staff during the past Regime
      d) Tourist Board Officials Rs. 5.7 Mil. . transactions
      e) SL Insurance re involvement of a Doc. & ex-Minister
      f) S.E.Corp Rs.4.7 Mil. transaction
      g) Diary Printing by an ex-Minister Rs. 1.4 mil.
      h) D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 91 Mil.
      i) Purchase of Gowers Pvt. Ltd. by a Parliamentarian
      j) 40 luxury vehicles rented by S.Eng.Corp.
      k) Rs. 3117 Mil paid by a Chinese Engineering Co. into 6 Banks A/cs.
      l) Commonwealth Games Trip of 140 persons & exp.of Rs.358 mil. thereof
      m) Rs. 12,500 mil. found dumped in Temple Trees during ec.2014/Jan.2015
      n) Prof. S.Wijeyasooriyas allegation re the sale & distribution of
      40 Kg. Gold, also Siriliya A/c.
      o) Air Force Commanders dealings in the hire of HelicopterstoCrain Ltd.
      p) J.C.Weliamuna Committee Rpt. on Lanka Airlines still in the hands
      of the PM of SL.
      q) An ex-CJ admitting to lenient or corrupt (?) verdict on “Helping
      Hambantota” Case!

    • 7

      So let me get this straight. America shouldn’t push for the prosecution of politicians who stole a massive component of Sri Lanka’s GDP or committed war crimes? America shouldn’t fund its own universities, financial institutions, or real estate? Instead, America should fund Sri Lanka? Why? What, exactly, does Sri Lanka do for America?
      Sri Lanka has refused, time and time again, to allow outside observers or moderators (just ask the Norwegians), yet is quick to blame the world for its internal problems. How about taking responsibility for the ethnic strife, corruption, and dishonesty bred in Sri Lanka by Sri Lankans rather than blaming everyone’s favorite scapegoat? Grow up.

      • 7

        An Actual American,

        Hey!…….America is funding its universities etc., on money that comes willingly to it from places from Sri Lanka. That’s what developing countries do for America.

        I meant : ” All the LANKAN money usually ends up in American universities, American real estate, and to build up American failing brokerage firms……these being the legal things.” Lankans who have some money usually like to show off their success story in Western places, and the West usually turns a blind eye.

        Yes, America SHOULD push for the prosecution of politicians who stole a massive component of Sri Lanka’s GDP. Instead they are singularly going after those who ended the war.

        • 11

          If the West countries like America opens its gate for Sir Lankans, almost all the Sinhalese will leave Sri Lanka. All these Nationalist Patriotic talks are all bull crap.

        • 9

          “”Yes, America SHOULD push for the prosecution of politicians who stole a massive component of Sri Lanka’s GDP. Instead they are singularly going after those who ended the war. “

          There is no accord as the swiss /usa thats where real money flows
          – pigs can’t fly old crock.

          “”Hey!…….America is funding its universities etc., on money that comes willingly to it from places from Sri Lanka. That’s what developing countries do for America. “”

          Dreams can not reason the big apple; marx couldn’t either gauge.

          The air wonder of asia with $60 billion budget against
          $$$Trillion innovative power?
          It’s largest export item is still arms big un’s. please imagine disarming lankan forces than putting your hands in a GI/Marine pocket.
          How lovely a feeling that would be.

          Lanka is not even on the sending list of first 25 nations;
          So why the hiccup??

          USA has a total of 22% world mobile students and last year just about 1 million in headcount.

          Key Findings: Top Markets and Methodology
          The list of countries sending the most students to
          the United States has been relatively stable during
          the past 10 years, and ITA does not anticipate
          significant changes to the list in the near future.
          Specifically, China, India, and Korea have ranked as
          the top three “sending” countries for the past 10
          years while Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, and Japan have
          consistently ranked among the top 10 “sending”
          Projected Top Markets for Education Exports
          1. China 3. South Korea 5. Canada 7. Taiwan 9. Vietnam
          2. India 4. Saudi Arabia 6. Brazil 8. Japan 10. Mexico

    • 7

      “”But they will spread their democracy by singularly going after those who actually ended the war.””

      what war? like brazalian nuts el nino- internal strife `not` a bashing
      mad dogs and sinhala muslim with the rest, vs up granny’s garden path..

      creation of bangladesh was war.

      you don’t need to think to own up sin.

    • 6

      Yes, America is terrible and corrupt, Sri Lanka is great. You sound dumber than Buruwansa !The reason money ends up in American universities is because people want their children to actually have a meaningful degree and proper education. Sri Lankan universities are hopeless, people vote with their feet. ‘Those who actually ended the war’ are a corrupt family that wanted to reinstate a kingdom for themselves and rob the country. ‘Those who actually ended the war’ destroyed the checks and balances we already had in place. Newsflash for you – the war was ended by sinhala peasant boys who gave up their blood, not the Rajapaksa family! Did Yo-shiter, Namal baby and the other retard son go anywhere near the fighting? Don’t think so, just robbed us blind. The Rajapaksas are the mean sneaky ones. Open your eyes. Smell the roses. Stop blaming America!!! Start blaming the buggers that actually robbed you.

  • 20

    It is your father to be blamed Ms Achini if what you are saying here is true. If he dared to appoint his driver as a politician isn’t it his fault?

  • 16

    For crying out loud, Lady, you have gone and exposed your family’s sordid background with this insulting article. Raththaran is no saint but people in glass houses should not throw stones. A very patronizing heading indeed.

  • 15

    No one is a bigger rogue than Chandrika. Go and read Choura Ragina by Victor Ivan. Your father was Chandrika’s right hand man.

  • 3

    Thanks Achini I heard your father didn’t earn from politics.Even when your father died it was my friend’s Mr.Chandana Amarasinghe Isuzu van he gave to do help your family for the funeral.I plead you to give political help as he preparing for Pradeshiya Sabha Elections from matugama .I am sure you can remember him.

  • 12

    ”How Did My Father’s Driver, ‘Raththaran’ Stack Up Billions In 10 Years?”
    Good question. That is what the Inland Revenue should be investigating but your father is responsible for nominating a known thug for Parliament. Maybe it was a error of judgement or maybe he was coerced or even black mailed but by doing so, his own credibility is at question. As a responsible Minister, he should asses the suitability of a candidate as a MP in terms of basic level of education, integrity & competence & not on the basis of how much admiration a person has for his or her ‘mentor’. You admit your father was warned by Mr Fallil, ironically the same man who recommended this punk as your father’s chauffeur, yet ignoring his advise & possibly, even knowingly (it would have come to light at some point about his past), appointing a thug to a high office certainly questions your father’s own competence as a Minister. There are politicians with humble beginnings & poor backgrounds in the world but they all have proven a proven track record & often a good higher education to come to that position & certainly not on the whims & fancies of an individual. That is the difference between developed countries & third corrupt world countries.

  • 7

    cant believe the story. or was ediriweera an utter fool not to know that raththaran is a bad man, who had plundered gold chains from train communters

  • 4

    how come you are ediriweera when your father was premarathne. Another hoodwink by the family?

  • 4

    Look like two groups both of whom are thieves opened each others closet and threw everything outside.

  • 12

    My father was also in politics all his life. His driver ended up as one of the richest men. In fact the Benz company gifted him with a benz car as he was the person who had bought the largest number of lorries. but this was long ago. His daughter married a friend of mine who ended as a judicial officer. This is part of life. You sound very bitter. I do not want to quite from your letter, but you COMPLAIN that your father had heirs to his political seat, your mother and brother and he preferred to give his seat to his driver. You should have told your father to let the local party members to select a candidate, if you had any love for the country. It is people like your father who ruined the country and you have inherited his nature.

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