21 April, 2024


How Our Peoples’ Security Came To Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Political Power Games

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

“…doctrines of all religions are one thing and the religious manifestations are another; variedly, another.”

Power-Game Resumes

The horrifying sadness engulfing our nation notwithstanding, we observe, once again, the ruthless play of  the power- game by our senior politicians. In a country like where I live (Australia) competing political parties would have come together, eschewed the blame -game and united themselves to collectively find an agreed strategy in order to prevent this from ever happening again. Not so in Sri Lanka. To begin with, the power -game offered fertile ground for the emergence of Muslim radicalism in Sri Lanka and it resumes even today unashamedly in the face of the Easter Sunday human onslaught that killed nearly 300 persons while in prayer and Western tourists while having breakfast, leaving many more in hospital battling for their lives.

Rajapaksa Brothers Acting

Mahinda Rajapakse rushed to the scene, visiting dead bodies along with TV cameras. Acting outraged, he exclaimed that this would not have happened had they been in power. His once powerful brother, former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who has been for months grooming himself to be Presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections, made a pre-election promise that if he comes to power he would ensure that Islamic radicalism will be banished forever. Foolish and gullible persons (both ‘educated,’ and illiterate) who have bought the Rajapaksa-created myth that the brothers had won the war with the Army General playing only a disposable and supporting role, nods a chorus,  “Yes. Indeed, true”! In Nadagam style, Sinhalese call this an “athwel gaayana.” How familiar I am since playing decades ago in the Maname original cast! The Rajapaksa chorus is observed in the diaspora, too, where otherwise respectable professionals are observed performing that.

Global Radical Islam

A global force of  an onward-march of radical Islam lies at the the depths of the tragedy we saw on Easter Sunday. One cannot properly comprehend the Easter human disaster without knowing what this aggressive march of monstrosity is. It isn’t, plainly, Islam. That’s is for sure. Islam is a doctrine of peace. However, doctrines of all religions are one thing and the religious manifestations are another-variedly another.

The problem of religion is that it is built on unquestionable  faith; there is no search for evidence or resort to reasoned argument possible in any discourse pertaining to any religion. Faith offers a dangerous leap because it is a slippery ground for many a crazy adventure in the name of religion. Christianity has had a violent history of intolerance. Even Buddhism-reputed as the world’s most peaceful religion- is now showing bigotry and savagery. 

Atheists like me advocate the end of all religion and we love John Lennon’s memorable and awe-inspiring song, “Imagine,” which invokes us to imagine (among other things) there is no religion and “all the people living in peace.”

Socio-Political Milieu

This points out to one solid reality, namely, it  is the socio-politico milieu in which a religion takes shape that can give it the horrible potential for intolerance and violence. In the global context it is geopolitics. Western Imperialism needed the input of the Christian religion to give it justification and  driving power. That imperialism is now over. Radical Islam is also driven by  geopolitics. The Arab states have a vital economic hold on the rest of the world in the supply of oil. Yet, looking around, they feel they are under threat from the Western political forces and the Western modernising cultural forces that threaten their whole way of life. They recall the glorious days when Prophet Muhammed went conquering lands of  heathen or unbelievers and expanded into a kind empire. Although in a different world context altogether, modern Muslim geopolitics is driven on this same ideology of expansion and conquest; the missionary objective of religious conversion is only the justifying and energising emotional drive. Any religion can always find some apparent justification from a perception on the part of believers of the founder’s intention.

Osama Bin Laden was the prophet of radical Islam. Today’s radicalists take their cue from him. Born in a wealthy Yemeni family Osama was extremely wealthy himself-owning billions worth at the time of his death. Osama bin Laden mocked the Americans and the West in general as sworn enemies of Islam. and the Islamic way of life. Since, Christianity provides the foundation of the Western civilisation and so Christians everywhere are potential victims of their wrath. Bin Laden’s own destruction by US power is a constant stimulus for anger and hate among fundamentalists.

Emergence of Radical Islam in Sri Lanka

The above brief gives some indication of the considerably potential danger of radical Islamists. Hence, Sri Lanka cannot afford but to wipe out this menace and have a constant eye on local developments. This is not something our political leaders ever sensed. Their power -game was more important. Muslims, to them, formed a significant vote-bank. Why not pacify that? Sharmila Seyyid writing recently to the Colombo Telegraph points out how these radicalists had surfaced in the island as far back as 2002. She observed in her village how these bands of youth went about brainwashing other youth and compelling girls and women to wear the Abaya and long gown. Muslim merchants made good money from that, she suggests. “The abayas and other masks took root as default symbols of our ‘culture,” says the writer.

Even the Qu’ran which had previously cost only Rs 300 was soon sold for Rs 3000 plus, the writer says. Gradually this trend kept growing. Soon, schools came up out of oil funds from gulf States and kids became indoctrinated in a violence-prone version of the faith.

Both major parties wouldn’t touch these elements because they would lose votes. The majority Sinhala vote bank being highly competitive, the votes of Muslims and Tamils became vital for victory. In this way, the movement that caused our Easter genocide grew and grew.

Some moderate Muslim leaders who met President Sirisena at a meeting of all religious leaders held recently in his office pointed out how they had repeatedly informed the former Rajapaksa government about the threat of radical Islam and how nothing had been done. Azath Salley, Governor of the Western Province, in a recent TV interview charged that Gotabya Rajapaksa was protecting and strengthening the radicalist leader of Thoweed Jamaat – the terrorist organization, which coordinated the Easter bombing.

Now, a Different Song

We know that President Maitripala Sirisena kept the Prime Minister out of Security Council meetings since the failed constitutional coup on October 26th; nor was the State Minister of Defence in the council. This was a different manifestation of the political power-game screaming, as it was, with stupidity and catastrophe only. One online paper said, “He took away all power of security along with him like a Grama Seveka taking all files along with him.” Our President made a beeline to God Tirupathi. Comrade Tirupathi should have warned him, “get back.! a calamity is about to fall on your people”!

The comic element is hard to unsee. Sirisena needs to vacate asap. On the other hand, the attempted re-entry of the Rajapaksa brothers into the political arena on the graves of corpses represents a sordid kind of duality characterised by both catastrophe and hilarity. The newspapers reported today (30/4) that Mahinda is locked up in meetings with Gota and former defence personal, in a kind of Security Council of his own making. The 52-day fake Prime Minister seems in the process of becoming a fake President.

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  • 5

    another attempt by Simon to suck up to his paymaster PUK Ranil Hamu. How low can you stoop, Saimon?

    • 5

      Shaymon Jayasunghe,

      “Religion is based on unquestionable faith”

      Thanks for your article.

      If one questions, he or she becomes a heretic, an apostate to be treated by the inquisition or fatwa issued by the Ulama to be killed.

      So, how to address this issue? If you can use their own sources, to create doubt in their theology, Satanic Ideology, you have SOME Chance. That is why, Amarasiri always reference the Hadith of Najd, against the Wahhabi-Salafies and clones, as it comes from an Islamic Sources.

      One can also use, science, data, astronomy, fossils, Biology, philosophy, Reason etc., but the brainwashed faithful will not accept it.

      So, the Earth is spread out like a carpet, the Sun goes around the Earth and sets in muddy murky waters, man was created, and did not evolve from primates, and the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, etc., the worldview of the 7th Century Arabia.

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  • 4

    Here we go again…
    This dude is even better than Rajitha and Mangala.

    Anyway it is worth quoting what Rajitha said today.
    8 Ministers are facing extreme danger ,
    And Rajitha named himself at the top of the list,
    Apparently his Security cordon now prevents him going even outside ..
    This Intel which seems deadly serious was delivered direct to Rajitha.

    Isn’t it a shame this Rajitha and the other Seven didn’t pass any Intelligence to his Highness Cardinal Dr Ranjith before Easter…
    But Shaymon doesn’t seem worry about it.

    Wonder where this extreme threat come from ?.
    Is it Gotabaya or it Mahinda whom Shaymon laways label the Villains. ?.

    Because all UNP ministers and MPs were safe and sound when 256 Catholics were massacred and another couple of hundred were maimed.

    Wonder whether UNP Minister Harin is on Rajiytha’s List of the endangered UNP species?..

  • 1

    The political power games reach far outside our shores to the Middle East, not to mention the tussle between China, India and the United States – the latter two are now very eager to help with “intelligence”, and warned us of the attacks so as not to make people want to vote for Mr. Gotabaya.

    So thank you for conveniently failing to mention this fact. Also, your frantic denial as a ‘fake’ Prime Minster is to no avail: the Supreme Court would have dismissed the case of a fake Prime Minister as in the case for example of Shalmon claiming to be PM. It was precisely the legislative fact that MR was PM that was the problem. Of course it is not clear to me what the point of it all was. Fact deniers are the ones most likely to spread fake news, and outright untruths.

    Is MR so powerful as to override the constitution and become President again or is this fake news?
    As you mentioned with this country controlled by the 17 percent minority swing vote, only the Rajapakses have to fear losing the election. We know how the problems caused for MR in the last elections by the BBS worked out. Maybe it was some crude plan like this again? These people really think we are stupid.

  • 1

    Shame-on it is disgusting coolie work………….. residing close to Brian’s?
    here is one of our past civil servants? Oh ! there would have been a lot of mud raking & excreta thrown onto the fans during his service.

  • 3

    KAS SUMANASEKERA loves holding on to Rajapakse’s testicles. How is the tase, Sumane?

    • 5


      “KAS SUMANASEKERA loves holding on to Rajapakse’s testicles.”

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera is the official b***s carrier to Mahinda for quite some time. He may be appointed as the official b***s carrier Dr Gota soon. Please wish him well.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        So you also reckon Nadasena got a better than Even Money Chance?…..

        I thought your mighty Diaspora stitched Nande in California, with the help of Sambanthnaban from Canada and Australian Ahimsa..
        What happened mate?…

        My Elite mates both Girls and Boys in Colombo are so pissed off now that they have to go through t Road Blocks, Bag Checks and even House Searches.-
        They even have to queue up for body searches at the Shopping Malls.

        What happened our beloved post Nanthikdal Nation, where we went about doing things without all those restrictions?..

        Thank God our poor Sinhala Buddhists whom you always portray as the Culprits had nothing to do with this.
        Although Dr Ranil went to Anuradhapura two weeks before Easter…

        Where are your beloved TNA bosses?.
        Wonder how they feel about being under the protection of War Hero Shavendra now ?.
        Or have they moved to Jaffana ?….

        • 4

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          “Thank God our poor Sinhala Buddhists whom you always portray as the Culprits had nothing to do with this.”

          How come your exclusively Sinhala/Buddhist state its rulers and its security forces were caught napping even though the Hindians warned them of imminent danger with specific information. And you want us to believe it was the Sinhala/Buddhist leadership and its Sinhala/Buddhist security forces that single handedly won the war against your brethren’s baby brigade.
          Sometimes you gotta get real.

          After the war had ended the celebrations went on for 10 years. The most annoying of it all is not the annual march past, the seminars conducted by Shavendra Silva. In one of those seminars a Hindian retired Admiral questioned his bloated claim to have devised strategies to defeat the Baby Brigade. Shavendra Silva could not explain his strategies for strategies were devised by Hindians.

          Even Mahinda and Gota admitted without Hindians they could not have won the war. Even yesterday MR told Daily Mirror “We should only obtain foreign intelligence and should not let our lands to alienate. During the 30-year war, we did receive foreign assistance but not soldiers. Place the trust in our own people who are capable enough to fight this menace,” – dailymirror.lk

          On the other hand with international protection Sinhala/Buddhists have been committing war crimes and crime against humanity since 5th April 1971.

    • 1


      You sound like one of those UNP Boys ……

      Do you live at Srikotha or the Temple Trees..
      Do you have dried prunes for breakfast?
      Or as a snack….
      Either way it helps a lot clean up …..

    • 3

      Padme – KAS Smane is a connoisseur of seafood and I am sure the bugger enjoys the taste of Medamulana Meeharaka Percy Mahendra Rajafucksha’s testicles!

  • 3

    Oh! Shyamon! Aren’t you a part of the power game when you choose to point fingers at the Rajapakse and Sirisena and not the at a Wickremasinghe? It is in the spirit of unity, as is supposedly practised in your adopted land that RW should never have uttered that he did not know beforehand and that he was kept out of the loop even it if it was 500% true. My God! this is a national tragedy where the loss of life of this day’s incident surpasses the loss of life any single bombing of the LTTE. It is easy for you to write from the comfort of your adopted land and for us to fear for our lives everyday here. But even in the current context your freedom to write is sacred. It is interesting to note the story that the radicalisation of some of the “Boys” (a Badurdeenian description) took place in your adopted land, Shyamon.

  • 1

    Shyamon, today I decided to go through all the comments under this caption of yours..( a psychological assay of the commentators in CT). There you go, my friend without doubts you are number ONE , in bringing out all the leaches out their gutter in unison. What is that makes them so pissed???? only you may know the answer. Anyway Well Done Mate. Continue the good work.

  • 0

    “They recall the glorious days when Prophet Muhammed went conquering lands of heathen or unbelievers and expanded into a kind empire…”
    This is absolutely untrue. The Prophet Muhammed’s (sal) never went conquering any lands. During the time of the Prophet the furthest was an abandoned Byzantine outpost at the NE edge of the peninsula. The Prophet’s mission has to be looked at in the context of the warring between the Byzantine empire to the West and Sassanian empire to the East.
    Bin Laden was an asset of the U.S. please see Charlie Wilson’s war.
    It was the West who bombed Iraq under false pretenses and subsequently caused the IS faux caliphate.
    It was the CIA who created modern Jihadism and Saudi Arabia who exported a discredited version of Islam. Jihadism is a political tool of vested interests that has absolutely nothing to do with the spiritual renewal Islam has been experience across the globe. The plurality of the Ummah as prescribed in the last sermon of the Prophet (sal) wherein he clarified, “the non-Arab Muslim is not superior to an Arab Muslim, nor is an Arab Muslim superior to a non-Arab. Nor black nor white superior one to the other except by faith and good works… (I paraphrase). The spiritual renewal has engendered an objectification of the Prophet and an emulation of his alleged habits and customs but this is distinct from conquest. The emulation of the Prophet by men led to an emulation of the garb of his wives but as declaration of commitment to religion and a tradition. This article lacks a fundamental understanding of geopolitics and the author best read Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard to understand the intent and progress of the American century.

  • 0

    What an extremely biased article! Not an iota’s worth of substance here. Written in a very one sided manner which makes one think whether the writer is fulfilling some hidden personal agenda rather than commenting on the current situation in the country. Disgraceful!

  • 3


    How Our Peoples’ Security Came To Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Political Power Games

    *** By our people I am sure you mean the Bhuddist Sinhalese because the miorities or the Christian or the Muslims had no security against marauding majority. But whose fault is it? . It is yours you brutalised everyone except the Bhuddists and now it is Harvest Time. After glorifying in defeating LTTE you have invited Wahabism and have earned the wrath of the Muslim World by encouraging BBS to attack Mosques and Muslim Businesses. Yesterday I read a piece which stated Saudi Arabia has blood on its hand . Saudi Arabia is the leader of the Muslim World beacuse it houses Mecca & and Medina and Muslims draw inspiration from there. Sri Lanka has its work cut out. Your arrogance and Brutality and refusal to compromise has caused you immense damage. Decimated Tourist Industry alieanating the minorities with the end product that the only tourists to arrive in the future ( many whites) will be the new recruits by ISIS and Saudis to cause havoc. Gotha thinks that he will deal with Radicalism but does he know that he is on Death Row so is hs cousin in the USA.
    God help Sinhala Lanka . Crime never pays.

  • 0

    When a religion claims to be the sole truth, claims to be God’s Will, forms an identity marker, forms a bureaucracy, forms a basis for an imperialism – proselytizes and converts – it is dangerous.

    When a religion is just a particular recipe for how to live that coexists with all other recipes for how to live, it leads to peace and great creativity. Think of the various disciplines in sports and athletics – they each require different training, diet, have different rules of competition, have different measures of excellence. But we seldom hear of clashes between devotees of different sports. Or think of the different schools of music. Living – the act of living – is like a performing art, and religion gives it a structure. But the in the world of Christianity and Islam this view of religion as performative art of living has rarely been there. In South and Southeast Asia, in most eras, people have viewed religion in this way. Islamic conquest and Christian colonialism has changed the view of religion. It is this view of religion that John Lennon decries, and is what attracts atheism.

    When Buddhists turn Buddhism to nationalism or political ideology, that has its negative consequences. Same goes for Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and secular “religions” like Marxism.

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