17 May, 2022


How Valuable A Free Press Is: US Embassy Removes Sison’s Residence Gathering Video

The US Embassy Colombo, an outspoken critic of Sri Lankan government’s media suppression and advocate of freedom of expression and right to information issues in Sri Lanka has yesterday removed a video from You Tube after Colombo Telegraph published a story based on the video.

Michele J. Sison - US Ambassador

Michele J. Sison – US Ambassador

The US propaganda video entitled “Daniel Pearl World Music Days” was uploaded to You Tube and the US Embassy Facebook has been widely circulated over social media. In the video, a freedom of expression activist and a politbureau member of the NSSP, Dharmasiri Lankapeli, who was also outspoken critic of American imperialism and neoliberalism was seen dancing at the US ambassador Michele J. Sison‘s residence. Lankapeli, is one of the three key signatories of the recently formed Action Committee for Media Freedom. Two days ago the ACMF issued a statement condemning the Sirasa Satana censorship imposed by the government through privately owned cable TV networks. Uploading the video to the US Embassy Facebook page the embassy said; “U.S. Ambassador Michele J. Sison recently hosted the popular Sri Lankan band Marians at her residence to commemorate Daniel Pearl Music Days 2014. Civil society activists and journalists were among many who attended the event that is observed each year in the month of October. Since 2002 there have been over 11,000 performances in 129 countries to celebrate the theme of ‘Harmony for Humanity’ and pay tribute to the late Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl. As U.S. President Barack Obama has said, ‘The loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination because it reminded us how valuable a free press is.’ US Embassy video 1 US Embassy video   Lankapeli

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  • 9

    my my thats bad on uncle sams part !

    now even poor fellows like K A Sumanasekera cant watch that dance clip and imagine if only he had been invited for the event !

    • 12

      Peace Lover

      “imagine if only he had been invited for the event !”

      How cool that would have been!!!!

      • 0

        @ Native Vedda

        I cant stop laughing at the beating poor K A Sumanasekera is getting on these forums poor boy !

      • 0


        If that happened Obama would have a replacement with a paradesi like whats happened in Hindia of course backed by Susima/chaddi walla

    • 1

      Why the U S Embassy officials not invited the Jarapassa Mongols and Our future Education minister, Uneducated Maahaalaka Silava?????/.
      Those political cheating Mongols families love the western nude dancing culture,
      even they publically bellowing hate speeches against western countries and running there for any Arse pain.

      • 0

        `the western nude dancing culture, `

        I have never seen this even in the Netherlands a very open society.

        Ofcourse in the sauna and in the showers of the pools where men are separate from women- this takes the fear from self of being nude.

        In China at – degrees folk swim in the sea and rivers in the nude.
        or visit any super market and you see hundreds of unisex WC cubicles without doors.
        they respond by asking you dont you see your wifes thinge everyday.

        You should stop thinking like the Mughals of Sharia Law that invaded north india in 1498 and staid there

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    Thank you CT for exposing the unbelieveable hypocrisy of these American thieves.

    Every time their underhand work in our country comes to light, they do this. When their sponsorship of Bodu Bala Sena came to light they sent a Sri Lankan staff member and two americans home immediately.

    The [Edited out] herself (whose photo you have published) is about to go to Geneva, before her term expired.

    Good riddance to her.

  • 1

    ” a politbureau member of the NSSP, Dharmasiri Lankapeli, who was also outspoken critic of American imperialism “

    Another ‘socialist’ in the pay of the modern imperialists. Nothing is what it at first seemed. Such perfidy.

  • 0

    `In the video, a freedom of expression activist and a politbureau member of the NSSP, Dharmasiri Lankapeli, `

    He must have followed in the footsteps of Modawanse who got a long holiday in Japan after he criticised Japan the co chairs.

    How do they do that??

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