1 August, 2021


“How Was Arcelor Mittal Awarded 65,000 Housing Project?” Sumanthiran Demands Answers

Member of Parliament of the Tamil National Alliance, M. A. Sumanthiran has requested for information pertaining to the awarding of the contract to Arcelor Mittal owned by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, to construct 65,000 houses in the North and East.

M.A. Sumanthiran

M.A. Sumanthiran

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Rehabilitation and Resettlement D. M. Swaminathan on Thursday, Sumanthiram has specifically requested for information including for the actual cost of the proposed construction of houses by Arcelor Mittal, and the comparative costs of construction submitted by the other bidders. He has requested for the information by April 21.

“While acknowledging the dire need for housing in the North and appreciating the willingness of the government to heed to it, I consider it important that such a construction process is undertaken in a transparent manner with the present and future wellbeing of the conflict-affected families in mind. As an elected parliamentary representative of the Jaffna district and on the account of the direct impact of it on members of my constituency, I have been compelled to further examine particulars relating to the aforesaid scheme, in the light of many serious concerns raised relating to the aforesaid scheme,” Sumanthiran said in his letter.

He has requested for information including particulars of the 15 bidders who pre-qualified and their respective submissions in response to the call for expressions of interest (EOI), and the criteria of the subsequently amended EOI, and the particulars of the 8 bidders who submitted the request for proposals (RFP).

Among the other information requested by Sumanthiran from the minister is the RFP criteria for ‘acceptable bid security’ and ‘confirmed comprehensive concessionary financing facility’, the RFP document submitted by ArcelorMittal and the EPI-OCPL Consortium in relation to the total cost of construction, the dates on which the financial bids were opened and the list of parties who were present at that time.

He has also requested for particulars relating to the financing arrangement with ArcelorMittal, the comparative costs of construction of the ongoing scheme to construct 10,000 houses in the north and east, the warranty period for the proposed construction, reports on the environment suitability and durability of the proposed construction, information concerning the local agent to be used in the proposed construction and information concerning to the implementation of the proposed construction of the 65,000 houses.

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    Suma seems to be upset that the company that offered him a big amount didnt get the contract.. now he’s putting up all this nonsense..

    • 21

      Try living in a house with steel walls and asbestos roof in this sticky hot weather and you will be pulled out like dry fish a few days after you go into occupation.
      The Tamil homeless who voted for Sumanthiran do not wish to have that experience that’s all.

      • 3

        Uthungan ,

        “”Try living in a house with steel walls and asbestos roof””

        Asbestos you would die of cancer (there is blue and white which one are they using)
        Its a cavity wall panel like your
        refrigerator door- Steel on the outside Thermal material glass wool in the middle, and engineered plastic inside. Now can you imagine what the french are giving you?? remember its low cost housing low rise not medium cost.
        Every person who rents out a house finally makes ammends on their own to suit them- its like bying a car or PC (accessories.)

        Why don’t you say lightning would hit? i suppose because stupid Northerners are Faradays, but the tall blokes of Yorkshire get hit in the fields while practicing rugby.

        • 2


          If Lakshman Kadhirgamam was alive he would never have worded a letter like this. Consultant Intellectual Property Rights Swiss

          Intellectual property rights govern the home A/M is providing. Its equivalent to car you can only ask for ratings . so be specific.

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      “…to be upset that the company that offered him a big amount didn’t get the contract”

      That will be more in the style of the “Good Grievance” regime that we have.

      Sumanthiran, commendably, is speaking up for the people. I wish to hear him speak with equal force on Sampur, poaching by Indian trawlers etc. as well.

      • 4


        “I wish to hear him speak with equal force on Sampur, poaching by Indian trawlers etc. as well.”

        How did you miss an important proposal by Sumanthiran last year:

        Sumanthiran proposes laws to ban bottom trawling in Lankan waters


        TNA National List Legislator M.A. Sumanthiran presented a bill in Parliament on Tuesday (21) seeking to prohibit mechanised bottom trawling in Sri Lanka’s territorial waters, widely practiced by South Indian vessels poaching off the island coasts. The Private Member’s Bill calls for the amendment of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act, No 2 of 1996.


        Until 2013 the Sri Lankan state had issued permits for 13 foreign vessels to fish in the economic zones, which includes Chinese and Korean factory ships.

        Why don’t you also ask Sumanthiran to speak with equal force against these these fishing vessels?

        Is it alright if Chinese are involved in fishing in Sri Lankan waters?

        • 0

          Thanks for letting me know.
          If so, Sumanthiran deserves to be commended. But the TNA as a whole has thus far been muted in its response to Indian poaching.
          I wish Sumanthiran success to carry the battle further as well as side with the people of Trincomalee District on Sampur, where again the TNA has not surprisingly let down the people.

          Other countries too fish in our waters; and we need to be consistent. If your call is for a total ban on all foreign vessels, or a set of very strict rules I am game.

          What are bad are illegal and environmentally damaging practices.
          If Sri Lanka has issued licences to Chinese and Korean vessels the matter should be addressed at state policy level.
          The issue then concerns net benefit to Sri Lanka in relation to draw on marine resources by the fishing boats.
          I know that the EU kicked up a row for other reasons, and there has been some rethinking.

          The issues at stake in the North are poaching and willful damage to the livelihood of a people for whom the TNA and its rivals shed crocodile tears, especially during seasons for filling boxes with slips of paper.

          The TNA (which objected to coal power in Sampur in the 1990s and after) changed its tune after India was awarded the contract.
          I have for apolitical reasons been an opponent of coal power all along, be it Chinese, Indian or any other.

        • 0

          I wonder if you have further information on the Private Members Bill presented almost an year ago?
          I searched hard, but found no sign of any progress since.
          Was it passed into law?
          What has been the follow-up action?

          • 1


            Here is something that was published on DBS J web


            Sumanthiran Files Bill Again in Parliament Seeking Prohibition of Mechanized Bottom Trawling in Sri Lankan Waters
            Posted by Administrator on 10 December 2015, 5:00 pm

            A Bill prohibiting mechanized bottom trawling was filed again in parliament last week by M. A Sumanthiran, Member of Parliament. The Bill calls for the amendment of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act, No 2 of 1996. The Bill was first presented by Sumanthiran on 21st of April 2015. Following this, however parliament was dissolved.


            The conflict is not exactly between fishermen on both sides if Palk strait.

            In the case of South Indian fishermen, trawlers are owned by powerful Tamil Nadu politicians who have borrowed large amounts to finance the purchase of such fishing vessels. The trawlers are being hired by local fishermen whose traditional livelihood depends on fishing.

            The Trawler owners need to repay capital and interest while the poor fishermen need to catch enough fish to pay the owners rentals on a daily basis and eke out a living.

            Why would state or centre jeopardize the close relationship with local politicians.

            The situation in Kerela is similar.

            I am not sure if there is any geopolitics involved in the fishermen conflict, poaching, ….

            What my Elders are worried about is that the long established bond , working and close relationship among South Indian and Sri Lankan fisher folks are being destroyed by politicians, bureaucrats, …. law enforcement agencies.

            The government on both sides have to find alternative employment to these fisher folks until a settlement is reached. In the meantime banning all fishing by trawlers, factory ships, encouraging fresh water fishery, limited international agreement on export/import of sea food ….. and lot more could be done.

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            My questions remain unanswered.
            Whatever DBSJ thinks is irrelevant to the issue raised.

            There is besides poaching, willful damage to fishing equipment of northern fisher folk and depletion of resources with grave long term consequences.
            All of it is in violation of international laws and agreements reached between the countries.
            When the local fishers arrest the violators the Indian government and the Deputy high Commissioner intervene to secure their release. The Navy too faces such bullying by the Indian Government.
            The TNA has consistently failed to protect the Northern Tamil fishes in this matter while raising a hue and cry about Snhalese (and at times Muslim) fishers fishing in “Tamil” waters.

            My question is whether thee has been a follow up to Sumanthiran’s Private Members Bill. He is a reputed lawyer and knows his business.

            If there is no follow up, why?
            Is it another of the familiar TNA theatre? (I wonder if Sumanthiran under pressure of some kind.)

            Left to themselves, fishers on both sides are capable of resolving issues, and they have made serious effort.
            The Northern fishers are not so cussed as to refuse livelihood to their South Indian counterparts.
            The problem is the scale and method of fishing.
            But these efforts are undermined by vested interests in Tamilnadu. Some trawler owners are key political figures.

            • 1


              “The problem is the scale and method of fishing. But these efforts are undermined by vested interests in Tamilnadu. Some trawler owners are key political figures”

              This is exactly what I wrote above.

              “My question is whether thee has been a follow up to Sumanthiran’s Private Members Bill. He is a reputed lawyer and knows his business.”

              Please read the latest news on the above:

              TNA MP Moves Bill to Ban Bottom Trawling

              By P.K.Balachandran Published: 11th February 2016

              COLOMBO: A bill seeking a total ban on the destructive fishing method known as “bottom trawling” was moved by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP, M.A.Sumanthiran, in the Sri Lankan parliament on Wednesday.

              Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said that the bill will be to sent to Lanka’s nine Provincial Councils for their comment.

              Sumanthiran told Express on Thursday, that since fishing is a Central Subject as per the 13 th. Amendment of the Lankan constitution, there is no requirement that the consent of every Provincial Council be obtained for the bill, and therefore, the circulation of the bill among the Provincial Councils is not a major hurdle.

              The Tamil MP is of the view that Lanka cannot stop Tamil Nadu and Puduchery fishermen from indulging in bottom trawling in the North Lankan seas when the practice is not banned in the island nation itself.

              According to Gehan Gunatilleke of the Colombo-based Verite Research, there is opposition in Lanka itself to the imposition of a ban on bottom trawling. This is because Lankan fishermen (mainly from South Lanka) want to indulge in bottom trawling in the Northern seas once the Indian fishermen are driven away.

              Therefore, Lanka’s larger and long term interest will be served only by imposing a total ban on bottom trawling, irrespective of the nationality of the trawler, Gunatilleke and Sumanthiran feel.

              When the Indian External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, met the TNA leaders here on February 6, the latter urged her to stop Indians from indulging in bottom trawling in the seas of Mannar and Jaffna. The Northern Province Chief Minister, C.V.Wigneswaran, was to press for this if Swaraj came to Jaffna, but she skipped Jaffna during her two day sojourn in Lanka between February 5 and 6.

              12 TN Fishermen Held

              Twelve Tamil Nadu fishermen and two trawlers were caught by Lankan the Coast Guard on Thursday for poaching near Thalaimannar, the Lankan Navy spokesman, Capt. Akram Alavi, said. The arrested fishermen will be handed over to the Fisheries Authorities at Thalaimannar later in the day for legal action.

              Prior to the arrests on Thursday, there were 15 TN fishermen and 79 vessels in Lankan custody.


              It’s High Time Sri Lanka Banned Bottom Trawling

              Thu 17 March 2016

              Gazala Anver


              How Come?

              Turns out, while most point fingers at the Indian fishermen, who are notorious for using this method of fishing, Sri Lankan fishermen have also been adopting this destructive practice, as seen off Jaffna. This means that it isn’t enough to ban Indian fishermen from Sri Lankan waters – banning Indian boats could simply result in local boats taking over. The practice, essentially, will continue while the main culprits will change. The only solution is to ban the practice altogether, to prevent any further damage to our delicate marine ecosystem.


            • 0

              The fishers of the North are having a raw deal.
              People are busy making excuses for Indian abuse of our waters.

              I am not in the least interested in the domestic disputes of Tamil politicians lining up behind various masters.

              I was glad to learn from you that at least Sumanthiran sought to act, but am disappointed about insufficient or no follow up.
              I feel uncomfortable that we have Theatre of the Absurd before us.

              We are drifting too far from the issue at stake.
              If you have news of progress on Sumanthiran’s Private Members Bill, kindly let me know.
              Otherwise, I grant you the pleasure of the last word.

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      M.A. Sumanthiran

      RE: “How was Arcelor Mittal Awarded 65,000 Housing Project?” Sumanthiran Demands Answers

      “Member of Parliament of the Tamil National Alliance, M. A. Sumanthiran has requested for information pertaining to the awarding of the contract to Arcelor Mittal owned by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, to construct 65,000 houses in the North and East.”

      Yes. Very Good.

      Follow the Money, Follow the Commissions, and the answer is there.

      The question is is everything Transparent? Were the other bidders qualified? Do they have a reputation of not putting enough cement, in order to increase their profits? Are the Walls and columns going to be thinner than specified?

      Who will bribe the inspectors?

      • 3

        “”Follow the Money, Follow the Commissions, and the answer is there.””

        One good thing about France is they have to be transparent in their foreign contracts while England are not obliged to and generally don’t because it spoils foreign relations.
        This came off an investigation and a french supreme court judge was furious.

        Mittal would not even see these any of the lankan blokes but the maximum would be his CEO.
        Even in the UK- £ 1 billion Housing Association (charity) CEO will not see a minister and may send a low ranking officer or assistant director. Why? because politicians talk nonsense while H.A. CEO deal with investment bankers.

    • 12


      Mr. Sumanthiram is doing exactly the right thing as a MP of this country.

      This is what people expect in Jaffna, Northern Province, Easter Province and in the entire country.

      This project must be totally transparent. Nothing less will do.


      PS: Josh is a loser!

      • 3

        He is right like a lawyer.
        Mittal cant be beaten on cost of material because he is the worlds number one extractor.

        As a lawyer he is asking for ” the environment suitability and durability of the proposed construction, “
        He nor the idiot bloggers will have a clue to even detail it out.
        Proof of the pudding is its edibility- engg terms prototype even of a golf club is tried out than all the jargon he is imagining.

        The outlaws only know law that hangs on one word of the language.

    • 1

      TNA not going to do and they wont others to do too.

      Look Northen province no developement.

      instead of fighting ask for changes.At the end Muslims will get all these houses.

      Who is the looser. NOT SUMANTHIRAN . THE POOR PEOPLE.

      Typical Jaffna mentality to critesise others. WE WONT EAT THE CAKE AND WE DON’T ALLOW OTHERS ALSO TO EAT.




      ACT SMART.

      • 2


        Get the houses first and do the changes, and that you call smart. You mean the way of the 13A. Sign first, pass in the parliament and throw it in the dustbin. You seem to have perfected that art, don’t you?

        • 3

          When USAID built 3 Garments factories in the north-
          Italian, Muslim, Gujarati/Lankan owners.- that is for running sweat shops.You cant do it because you don’t have the buyers it is controlled and runs.

          what were you doing making bombs or blogging for the sake of blogging then .

          Suma is an opportunist but he wants to know something but there are limits to disclose by private tech companies and there are safe guards.It is not like premadasa the thug forcing local contractors to provide the original costing and estimating as PWD works.

          here it carries an American guarantee and whats more Mittal is Sac’s director.
          Non of the others could build finish with their own funds and ask for payment in 10 years. Even the investment banks worldwide borrow from Sac’s .plucking from the tree. 1 billion is pea nuts for Arc/Mit.

          • 0


            We are talking about houses and you are talking about making bombs. You see what kind of a donkey you are? When you have your brain of the left on your right and vice versa, it never literally gets fixated and starts then jumping like a monkey here and there. Stop being childish and come out from your donkey’s brain to ask some pertinent questions.

            If you as much feel or believe is an opportunist, please present the facts. No one is going to support him if the facts are there to see. Instead of that you are trying to catch the cows escaping to the moon.

            Agreed that detailed costing is privy to the tendering company but it is public knowledge that a number of companies had tendered for the project and the tendered prices can be revealed. The other issue that has irked many is the prefab steel houses to be built, the costing of which is noted to be about three times the house usually built under such circumstances. Also, the NPC should have been briefed on the undertaking but the Minister and the govt had not done this leading some to believe that they have something to hide and is trying to bypass the NPC as MR did so once. The Minister and the govt should come forward to clear these issues.

            The points on Mittal’s favourable credit/loan terms and the American guarantee are noted and are welcome but loans are loans and I am sure that the govt could have discussed with the building of cheaper and affordable houses with Mittal unless the longer credit period is a cushion to push the cost up.

            • 2


              It’s pointless debating with a pandithiya .
              it is easy to talk to a mudalali who has built his business from scratch.
              Bring the goods let me test it then I pay- Is mudalali . Like the goods he has- mudalali has common sence a strait of the middle class. you behave likwe an aristro talk nonsence till the chickens come home.
              While you are branded komission kakka helper leading to misery for all.
              Keep it up till you can get Gota back he can work like that.

              the past is ref only. the present is residence.

              People living in the USA trailer dont freeze and die. more people die of the cold in india than the heat.

              • 0


                Looks like you are pretending that you are going to do project and not Mittal. To what is a straightforward request, you are simply beating around the bush. And don’t continue to display your silly antics. To you, is only Mittal the mudalali and the others who tendered are road sweepers? Then what is this talk of open tenders? The issue is not Mittal at all. He is as qualified as the others to tender. With the sort of profile Mittal has, surely it can provide the type of housing that will meet the construction standards and at the same time stretch the availability to more of the people. The problem is somehow Minister Swaminathan does not want the NPC what he wants to do. Guess why?

                • 0

                  “”Looks like you are pretending that you are going to do project and not Mittal.””

                  Even for the love of god or a billion I don’t touch other peoples housing.I am not house builder. It’s mafia art,. Politics is for politicians and i don’t interfere.
                  Read any detective novel (social housing, music, drugs prostitution, murder, developer, politician- mafia art) 65,000 is a lot to do even in the west.
                  Owner of multinational TESCO cannot enter UK on warrant living at Tel Aviv – house for vote at Westminster
                  Real estate by multinationals is all over so we can see when we like to purchase holiday home.
                  Mao did ethnic cleansing of 42 cultures and north india wants hindi only and lanka wants Sinhalese Buddhist. Swami does not mind as long as his temple is there and all indian tamils hug him as maharaja. Nearby Siva temple built by JT (where an Mp was shot) will also be there.

                  When did you folk sinhal tamil, stop fighting not even before you were born.

    • 2


      Instead of being a senseless donkey, provide the details. Not Sumanthiran, it can be anyone, I don’t think so anyone will take it kindly for gaining on any projects on the back of the populace, be it Sinhalese or Tamils. So, instead of bleating around, offer the substance.

    • 3

      Josh – Pls do not judge the TNA members of parliament, specially Mr.
      Sumanthiran by the standards of Indian MPs. An office peon has to be palmed if a file has to be moved to higher authorities in the govt.
      sector in India but its not so in SL. Your mind drags you to corru-
      tion, common in India, when somebody talks of projects, which your
      head takes it as non sense.

      He is a highly respected constitutional lawyer and an asset to the
      parliament as an MP as he delivers meaningful speeches on matters of
      importance to the country, which most members of the divide appreciate
      & digest.

      • 1

        Lanka Watch ,

        “”An office peon has to be palmed if a file has to be moved to higher authorities in the govt. sector in India but its not so in SL.””

        This is true at Lanka too- every clerk or peon who receives your case file has to be palmed. Your DNA is not different.

        If the agreement is payment on completion (Government never had money for housing or infrastructure) It would be a back to back that the government will be able to pay back. The completion date they envisage is 10 years which is very quick So First payment A/M receives is last payment and only the top most player gets it.-finito, No komiss kakkas as Marwadi knows the game well.
        So these scum screaming think like it is Mahaweli project where payments were top Dr Renzi Peris 5% on behalf of JR party and down it goes the sewer. so when the queen pulled the chain it leaked and had to be sleeved by ANS Kulasingha.

        So you see folk like Naren, Jay the SC/ST are screaming for power over the people because they dont know the subject. See their first post and their last post Copy, copy and say I am the presenter. Ha ha mafia. VOTE matters sicko.

  • 10

    Minister Swaminathan give us more details
    65,000 Permanent Housing Programme for Conflict Affected Families
    in the Northern and Eastern Provinces Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:18

  • 15

    Why is Minister Swaminathan in such a mighty hurry to award the contract at an inflated price to the Indian company owned by steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal?

    What is the benefit Minister Swaminathan is getting from this deal? Are any secret commissions involved?

    Jaffna PC and its Chief Minister had even passed a resolution asking Minister Swaminathan to stop the deal but the Minister is adamant that the Mittal deal will go ahead.

    Every one is saying that this pre-fabricated structure is not at all suitable to the Jaffna climatic conditions. And most importantly they say it would not be easy to repair these pre-fabricated steel houses. If that is the case why Minister Swaminathan is adamant that he will go ahead and award the contract to Lakshmi Mittal’s company?

    Many say that for the proposed tendered cost of a single house, three houses could be constructed. How come that the Indian government was able to spend Rs 500,000 each to put up 50,000 houses while Mittal’s company’s is to be given Rs 2.1 billion to build each of the 65,000 houses. Certainly some people are going to get a cut on this deal.

    Now the news comes that the government has a appointed a committee to examine the deal. Will any thing come out of this committee or as has been the experience in the past is this committee yet another eye wash?

    • 3

      Geopolitics is playing havoc all over the world:

      ”Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa once told the then Indian High Commissioner, who complained to him that the contract for the extension of the Colombo harbour had been given to China, not to worry too much as the next extension contract would be given to India. That was his simplistic ‘Non Aligned’ policy of balancing the competing geo-political interests in Sri Lanka between India and China………………………………………
      Sri Lanka is trying to ‘balance’ this about-turn on the Port City project by assuaging India’s concerns — pledging to enter into economic agreements (ETCA), huge housing projects in the North being given to Indian origin companies, ambulance services and ignoring the ‘irritants’ such as the poaching issue in the Northern waters of the island by Indian fishermen. ……… ………………”
      – Cash-strapped Govt. turns to China, 3April 2016, http://www.sundaytimes.lk/160403/editorial/cash-strapped-govt-turns-to-china-188531.html

      • 0

        “”Geopolitics is playing havoc all over the world:””

        Gota will be back!

        to meet all who admired him and asked for bumpers.
        He proposes to give puttu curry.

    • 0

      “”Why is Minister Swaminathan in such a mighty hurry to award the contract at an inflated price to the Indian company owned by steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal?””

      Poor would struggle to deliver while he is not only Goldman sacs (bigger than all world banks) 1 billion is pea nuts for him.

      How do you know that it is inflated?? Are you a housing contractor?
      If you were a HC then you must know needs services, water drainage electrics, telephone, tv lightning conductor and above all land and access pathways.

      Your problem is this: Lanka has natural latex but can it make engg rubber?? Never
      You have graphite can you make slim engg materials- it is beyong your imagination.
      He is the worlds biggest steel maker from his iron ore deposits and his business is registered in the USA.

      take what you get don’t be like VP gunddas.

  • 7

    Mr Sumanthiran’s speech in parliament on this topic http://www.parliament.lk/uploads/documents/hansard/1459419716082610.pdf

    • 3


      Thanks for the link. I returned this morning from a two day trip to Batticaloa. I saw several houses-large and small-probably built for government officials and a housing scheme for the poor in a village in the Senkaladi area. The concrete block and tiles roof houses built for the poor, were almost like the proposed 65,000houses. Their was no ceiling and and there were few small windows and there were ventilation holes on the walls close to the roof. There was no water supply and the people were dependent on public wells, that were running dry. The MP of the area inaugurated a temporary relief scheme to supply water by bowser. The people were lining-up with vessels to collect water delivered by water.

      I spoke to the people in the concrete block houses and they told that houses would be extremely warm if not for the large trees planted around.

      The insulated wall and roof houses being proposed would be much cooler under similar conditions ], much more elegant and require almost no maintenance. Trees planted around will enhance the elegance and cool the air blowing through the windows and doors. I making this statement from my own experience in SaudiArabia and my post-graduate training in environmental physiology.

      The issue of possible corruption in the deal with the proposed supplier has to be sorted out. But the concerns regarding the suitability of these houses is unwarranted and going by many comments here more of mischief making.

      The bonus for the eventual recipients would be learning to live in more modern houses. Of course, they have to be taught initially, but will be a lesson they will benefit much learning.

      Ignorance and mischief making in equal proportions should not be the factors that decide the fate of this project. I find plenty of these in the multitude of comments on this subject.

      Dr,Rajasingham Narendran

      • 0

        Minister, Swaminatgen has announced the 65,000 house contract has been awarded to ArcelorMittal.


        It was a cabinet decision.



        • 0

          Here is another link to the detailed interview with Minister Swaminathan on this project:

          [Edited out] Please don’t post links from unethical, cut and paste websites – CT

  • 0

    Om commission oi !! on commission

    This Suma has no common sense or cents.

  • 11

    If you check Swaminathan’s and his family’s phone call and bank records or hire a business intelligence firm, you can find out what was behind all this drama.

    For school uniforms, the government wants to pay money to avoid corruption. It is a Rs 500.00 matter. But for 2 million affair they want to give contracts. Why can’t they pay money just like India does? That way you can create lot of employment and use local products as much as possible.

  • 6

    North-East are not New Hambantota to carry out New Royals’ white elephant projects. There are really suffering people by the 65 years revenge of Sinhala Intellectual governments.

    This is not another Port City project, under which the sovereignty sold to China can not be retrieved back, but only can be used by Sinhala Intellectuals to fool the Sinhala Modayas to win an elections.

    The Yahapalanaya government, because Tamils has protested against a big fraudulent projects, should not renege them on this. They should recognize NPC’s authority on this matter. Selection process should be let with the NPC Chief Minister whose integrity and honesty internationally recognized. Colombo government should participate only in funding, which they are refusing to hand over to NPC by including it in the provincial authority. House numbers should be increased to 120,000 that is what the EPC and NPC desperately need. Rest of peoples’ whose houses are bombed by the Sinhala Government should be helped with government assistance to make for themselves.

    In fact, like the NPC, if the Southern Province Council and the Western Provincial Councils had been opposing the white elephants in the name of developments, by now the country would not have been in the loan indunnation. But the official in those Provinces swindled the peoples money with the Sinhala Intellectual Governments.

    • 0

      I am sorry I do not share your confidence in the NPC.

      Look at the Chunnakam oil issue.The Minister and his expert team including the Dean of the new Engineering Faculty certified there is no oil while everyone could see the oil.

      A case has been filed by Lawyer Abimanasingam,PC. (I think she is Uthungan’s sister). The Minister vanished to India on some excuse just before the last court date. Let us see for how long he can avoid a court appearance.

      What is the CM doing about his Minister?

  • 1

    Has TNA Abraham become a pert pooper?

  • 5

    The first and prime need now for the shattered North is employment and this house building in slow traditional way will provide employment to many trades like catering, labour, few engineers, few clerical staff and many more. These people spent almost 6 years in open prison under army guard – they can wait more time to get a long lasting tradition houses like the ones demolished by shells and bulldozers. British steel Corus in a mess and we do not want another mess in our Tamil home land. How many MPs are willing to spend money on this type of houses for their own use – why always test new things on poor people (gini pigs).

  • 2

    Vellala Summa is worried that the Dalits will have elevated social wellbeing with this new houses. Summa had his tail inside his legs when Thambi was forcing all the Dalits to live in trenches. Then Summa and his old man Sambanthan was the voice of Thambi but sadly they had their vocal chords tied. Now with Batalanda Ranil in the fray it is a free for all. I guess we should donate 65000 mamoties to Dalits to dig trenches and live happily ever after.

  • 3

    Well done, Sir.

    Now let’s have only one well and one entry point for sewage into the ground for a group of houses.
    Or better still some ”town planning” with pipe-borne water system and sewage treatment system.

    Please note:
    *Critical status of groundwater in Jaffna peninsula:
    i.‘’Results showed that the total average annual withdrawal from the study area (0.66 MCM) exceeded the total average annual recharge (0.57 MCM), implying that the system is in deficiency indicating unsustainable water withdrawal. A further recommendation is the establishment of an institution for a groundwater regulatory frame work to optimize the usage of groundwater and to arrest negative groundwater balance’’ – Assessment of Groundwater Resources in Jaffna Limestone Aquifer, M. Thushyanthy( Department of Agricultural Engineering University of Jaffna, Jaffna Sri Lanka) and C.S. de Silva (Faculty of Engineering Technology, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka ). Tropical Agricultural Research Vol. 23 (2): 177 – 185 (2012), file:///C:/Users/PS/Downloads/4649-16553-1-PB%20(2).pdf
    ii. ”Challenges: Establishing caps on abstraction, Prevention of Contamination, Prevention of over irrigation, Increasing recharge & runoff reduction, CC challenges, Stakeholder cooperation Recommendations: Awareness creation, Promotion of technologies, Investment on pollution control, Agrochemical use reduction, Rainwater harvesting & recharge, A policy framework for Groundwater Management ”- Groundwater Management – Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Herath Manthrothilake, International Water Management Institute, 28 Feb 2013, http://www.slideshare.net/IWMI_Media/groundwater-management-jaffna-sri-lanka
    iii. ‘’ Inadequate water sources within Jaffna Peninsula to provide pure and clean drinking water. Existing underground water resources are contaminated (bacteriological and chemical contamination and intrusion of seawater). About 30% of typhoid cases in Sri Lanka are from Jaffna Peninsula while cancer cases are increasing. Farmers are losing their income due to saline paddy fields. Water supply available in the Peninsula is at a minimum where people have to spend long hours at stand pipes.’’ – Managing aquifers in Jaffna Peninsula and providing safe drinking water, S. Croos, Consultant to JKWSSP, Proceedings of the National Seminar on Groundwater Governance in Sri Lanka, 15 August 2013, http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/Publications/Other/PDF/proceedings_of_the_national_seminar_on_groundwater_governance_in_sri_lanka.pdf
    iv. ‘’Putting sustainable groundwater management quickly in place is essential to give Jaffna sufficient space and time to roll out its development plans for a bright future.’’ – Good groundwater management is key to Jaffna’s social and economic revival, 27 Feb 2015, http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/2015/02/good-groundwater-management-is-key-to-jaffnas-social-and-economic-revival/

  • 2

    Arcelor Mittal would do well to learn how to make prefab houses for dryzone in tropical countries.

  • 7

    The kind of houses proposed to be built by Arcelor-Mittal are for Caravan Portable houses – popular in the West. Many efforts were made by foreign firms earlier on different Lankan governments to impose these houses. Competent officials in the Housing Ministry rejected them as unsuitable for our weather and conditions. The overtures failed despite the pressure of powerful political lobbies at that time.

    Minister Swaminathan is a mediocre lawyer although he inherited a successful law firm from a close relative. Swaminathan cannot make a speech in English or Tamil sensibly or convincingly for five minutes although he went to Royal College and comes of good Colombo 7 Tamil stock. His writing capabilities are equally dismal. One has not heard of him in academic or the lecture circuit in the past 4 decades. In the few instances he spoke in public he made a mockery of himself. The most he can do is read from a script – as he does in Parliament Ranil helped to make him Governor/WP a few years ago. He is a pathetic Ranil creation. His only claim is he has been faithful to Ranil and the UNP since the 1980’s. But that is no reason to waste a National List seat and Ministership on him. Ranil foolishly thought Swaminathan has influence with Tamils in Jaffna – which, on several occasions, proved to be without any foundation. He has equally little influence with Colombo Tamils – to whom he is a non-entity. However, in fairness to him it must be said he has not been involved in rackets or financial irregularities – so far.

    The Arcelor project is one where Ranil and those close to him are believed to be personally involved to satisfy Ranil’s overseas supporters such as those in Freedom International. Lakshmi Mittal belongs to that exclusive club of billionaires like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim et al – who are influential in many countries in the free world. That is fine if the project brought Sri Lanka good houses at reasonable prices. In this case it is not. If Swaminathan subjects himself to a media Conference or a Parliamentary Committee Inquiry his real mettle and the wheels within wheels of this near secret deal will be exposed.

    If the CM/NP and the political leaders in the North are against this and if the TNA is against it citing sound reasons – why proceed. By all means give the Jaffna poor 65,000 decent houses but at reasonable prices going through a transparent tender process. If Lankan firms can assure they can do the job at reasonable prices, why do we need Arcelor with suspect quality houses. If funding is the central reason giving the Contract to a deserving foreign firm is not disputed. However, local
    Contractors and workers should be given preference to carry out the work


    • 0

      Since my last comments on the 7th instant, I have seen an interview said to be given by Minister Swaminathan to Zahra Imtiaz of the Ceylon Daily News a few days ago. I am re-assured to learn from this interview the award to Arcelor was made at Rs.1.4mln whereas the next lower bidder was at Rs.1.35mln. Reportedly, the Arcelor offer had the advantage of adequate Furniture, Fans, Cooking facilities, Computer etc. which must have cost something substantially more. The Minister also assures consideration for the heat in the area, sufficient cool air within the house have all been taken care of and that the different authorities concerned have approved these unconventional houses. Apparently, experts at Moratuwa University too have studied and certified the houses are suitable to the local climate/sorroundings. We are told a 30 year Guarantee comes from Arcelor for the safety of the houses and the components therein. In addition, it is claimed an Arcelor office will be opened in the vicinity to handle any complaints of house owners. Comparatively, the houses built and handed over by the Indians in the North recently are admittedly of extremely poor quality.

      Therefore, in fairness to the Minister and the Govt the benefit of the doubt should go to him. I hope these comments will be seen by the CM/NPC and his officials for their own comments and necessary follow-up action. It is hoped the media will follow this matter, keep track and keep the public informed of progress as it is an important matter that also impinges on peace and reconciliation – a high priority of the Sirisena-Ranil administration.


  • 0

    Indian govt offers contracts to their companies.

    Sumanthiran asks why ?

    It is like Sumanthiran catering to Vatican.

  • 3

    Arcelor Mittal has never constructed houses/housing projects.
    It is a steel products manufacturing company.


    The requirement of “experience in housing construction” has not been included in the advertisements inviting interest in a project to build single storied houses in Sri Lanka.
    This appears to be a purposeful omission.

    Yet, Arcelor Mittal which has no such experience has been awarded the contract.

    Long ago, another French firm which built ship engines, was awarded a contract to supply ten locomotives to the CGR, though their proposal was Rs. 500 Million more than that of the British firm which traditionally supplied locomotives which ran for many decades.
    The French locomotives were found unsuitable for our railroads and also broke down often and were finally condemned.

    Tropical dwellings require construction by using lightweight low heat storing materials – like wood, and need access to ventilation.
    Steel absorbs heat in daytime and dissipates same at night.
    There appear to be no outlets for heated air like square/rectangular vents at the tops of walls, or covered vents in the roofs.

    It is not specified that the toilets have water-seal latrines.
    Toilets should be preferably easily accessible from living/bed rooms without going outdoors.

    • 1

      “” “experience in housing construction” “”
      That is if you are seeking employment in a company.
      Groups have sister companies which specialize in whatever is asked.

      Before all your refugee, 9/11, efficient office workers had protest marches to parliament of UK against cooperation’s like these. These were hijacked by refugee, islam, communist, fascist etc- immigrants.
      They have been outnumbered and stay away.

  • 4

    The defiance of rehabilitation minister, Mr.Swaminathan ,who is unelected by people,to consult the people and the MPs of the areas in
    N/E on the proposed housing projects in the N/E should be condemned.
    Bitter lessons were learnt in the South when projects like the Mattala airport and the Hambantota harbour were built and colossal sums of people’s money wasted without consulting the right people and today these projects have become white elephants for the govt.as these they are unusable due to faulty planning. The Govt. is trying to revamp these projects by dumping more of people’s money for political gains as this is MR’s area but independent feasibility study reveals that
    these two project cannot work profitably due to location and faulty
    planning of the airport. TNA is taking up the matter too late, as
    usual, tho’ the question asked by Mr. Sumanthiran is a fair question.

    The appointment of the Governor, Northern province Mr. Reginald Cooray
    is in fact a blessing in disguise for the Tamils. He consults the public and cooperates with CM & NPC on matters concerning the well being of the citizens of the North and he is also not a ‘yes’ man. He
    has experience in handling provincial council matters and the President
    and the Govt. respects him, unlike the former governor who was remote
    controlled from Colombo by the previous regime. He should intervene and halt the housing project until such time ,people and housing dept. experts in NPC are consulted and a model is chosen to suit the climatic
    condition of N/E.,other wise the minister can steam roll the opposition
    from the people and NPC due to builder Laksmi Mittal’s pressure.

    The minister, who is an elite from Colombo 7 living in air conditioned comfort,does not know how people of N/E suffer from heatwaves and he, presume believes in the saying ‘beggers are no choosers’ and they should accept what is given to them, whether they live inside or outside the proposed ‘ovens’. People’s power should prevail and not steel magnate Laxmi Mittal’s influence on the Govt. and make another white elephant for the govt. to handle. CM, NPC should consult the Governor immediately before interested parties close the subject and the loser will be the citizen.

  • 2

    Minister Swaminathan’s attempt to wade through the waves, high waves, will engulf/swallow him. Now that it has become the talk of the town, and in better sense, evading the issue is not an option anymore.

  • 3

    It is now clear that neither TNA nor Northern Provincial Council were consulted or discussed about this housing programme. There was no proper evaluation of this programme. Asbestos has identified as a silent killer and band in several countries. North is already suffer from enviornmental damage, water quality, excessive use of chemicals and a huge increase in the disease related to these damages. The use of asbestos will add more hazardos. See below.

    “Studies show that inhaling exposed asbestos fibres can cause serious illness including a lung cancer known as Mesothelioma as well as Asbestosis, a debilitating lung condition”.

    “This disturbing evidence has prompted more than 55 countries including Australia, the US, Canada, the European Union and Japan to ban the use of all asbestos products.”

  • 4

    Any one who has travelled in buses or cars or by train in/to Jaffna must have experienced how they get roasted in side the bus/car/train within a short time.

    Living in a steel house day in day out the people will get roasted to death. Perhaps its a ploy by the Sinhala Govt to send these people voluntarily to the roasting oven to exterminate them. Hitler did it forcibly to the Jews by sending them to the gas chambers.

    The issues raised here are that there is not enough natural material, not enough skilled labour, not enough time etc etc.

    So here is one Solution,instead of building 65,000 unsuitable houses for long term accommodation why not initially provide short term accommodation, like a dormitory or campus style accommodation.

    Then build suitable houses using local material and labour and as and when houses are complete relocate people from their short term accommodation to their permanent houses. Families with young children get priority first

    • 1

      ” Any one who has travelled in buses or cars or by train in/to Jaffna must have experienced how they get roasted in side the bus/car/train within a short time.”

      Izeth hussians London ka modaya from florida singing the blues.

      The building is static and the vehicle is thermodynamic.

      even with fully air-conditioned brand new bus or car one would feel the heat while travelling in the desert. but the centrally air conditioned apartments are cool.

      “The issues raised here are that there is not enough natural material, not enough skilled labour, not enough time etc etc.””

      Its very true as steel is dirt cheap and they are giving you cheap dirt??
      The steel panels are like cavity brick walls So ask them what is thermal,electrical ratings

      • 1

        indeed the displaced people are very rich that they can pay for air-condition, TV , TV license, and cable TV etc etc

        • 1

          There are poor people world wide who live in houses that are made like this and then they keep adding. it is life.
          One has to be humble and request the supplier to provide a prototype then you live there for a couple of days and say how you feel on CT.

      • 0

        Where will the skilled workman to build these houses. In the north, there is a dirty of skilled and disciplined workers. It is painful experience to deal with them. many prefer to bring them from the South. If this is done with this housing scheme, the one’s who are complaint now, will complain more that work is being provided for Sinhala workers! Let us not cheat ourselves and our people who are yet suffering, to score political points.

        Those who are comparing the proposed housing to buses, are comparing onions with potatoes. The proposed houses are insulated to minimize the heat load. The metal sandwich has thick insulation imbetween. Further, the glass windows permit plenty of light and can be opened for ventilation. The panels are clad around a steel structure and are very durable. A 60-70 year life span is indicated for such houses built in China. These houses are designed for the Sri Lankan climatic conditions.

        Many ask, why the hurry? The hurry is because thousands are languishing for at least 20 years in ramshackle housing and are pleading for decent houses from the President and PM, whenever they visit Jaffna.

        I will venture to say boldly that the Tamil politicians are playing the usual time (dis) honored game. They want beggar’s wounds to remain in the north, for their political publicity and vote harvest! Their predecessors held black flags and opposed the establishment of the university in Jaffna! They also inspired the Tamil government servants to resign on the language issue. They made us fools and continue to do so.

        Even, the almost 30 years of suffering the people underwent has not taught these persons, new and sensible politics.
        We can blame the Sinhala polity for many wrongs, but should also have guts to blame those who talk on behalf of the Tamils, wrongly. Have they done anything useful for the Tamils since independence? The cement factory and paranthan Chemicals for which GGP claimed credit were conceived and executed by JRJ. Please check the time lines on Google.

    • 4

      Rajash – In your 1st para, you have put it in simple language to the
      “Modayas” who cannot visualise how people will feel,living in ‘Tin Houses’
      In my opinion, tiled roofs with brick walls and French windows to take
      in more air into the living room would suffice. Tiles, wood and bricks
      are available in the South and some parts of East. Employment & business will boom in the South & East and all will be happy. There is no need to ‘import’ men and material,may be some wood as an exception,
      from abroad and local contractors could do the job. India should be convinced that what ever building materials available in India are also available in Sri Lanka with few exceptions.

      The biggest mistake the Govt, made in this case was, that people and Prov.council of the area, were not consulted and gave into outside forces, which is not tolerable and the purpose of having PCs is lost.

      • 0

        You clearly know nothing about the state of the local construction industry or its ‘skilled labour’. How optimistic.

  • 3

    Good call Mr. Sumanthiran. There are many aspects of this project that warrant investigation.

    Are these prefab houses appropriate for the barren hot and humid conditions?

    Have they been used successfully in Africa or India already and proven?

    Mittals are losing money to cheap Chinese steel. India and UK are both hit with a glut of much cheaper Chinese steal. USA already has 300% tariffs on Chinese steal to stifle competition.

    India is putting pressure on Sri Lankan government via threats and bribes.

    Ranil is trying to balance China vs India as he is going to China after being disappointed by his slave masters run by Indian American Kesap and Biswal both probably Patel Motel owner racist Indian families in US where they do not mingle with blacks or other minorities but hitch themselves to whites to do their bidding.

    China is not a threat to India but India views China with the greatest trepidation.

    Swaminathan’s bank accounts should be checked.

    India is putting pressure on Sri Lankan government via threats and bribes.
    India is putting pressure on Sri Lankan government via threats and bribes.
    India is putting pressure on Sri Lankan government via threats and bribes.

  • 1

    Geo political juggling act by government to appease bully India when Hon PM is visiting China?

    Has this firm ever built houses in the third world or is it to dump steal the MITTAL mootals cannot sell because of cheaper Chinese steel?

    • 1

      Don’t challenge the Marwadi when you don’t have a clue Pissu kollo.
      Karanataka smuggles Iron ore to China millions of tons.
      A/M does not need to pay taxes at Luxembourg. china can’t match that thought evey thing in China is subsidised Oil etc Dump large quantities and wipe the rest then raise the prices when the others are dead is China pavement hawker style business.

      The Top 7 Largest Steel Producing Companies of the World


      1. ArcelorMittal

      ArcelorMittal, headquartered in Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg was formed by the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel in 2006. With above 232,000 employees, ArcelorMittal is operating in more than 60 countries. It produces 10% of the world’s steel and plays a major role in supplying it to the markets includes automotive, packaging, household and construction. In total, Europe produces 47% of the steel, America produces 35% and other regions (Kazakhstan, Ukraine and South Africa) produces 18%.

      At the beginning of the merge, the multinational steel manufacturing corporation announced 35 transactions worldwide and continued to invest, with transactions announced in Australia, France, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica, Sweden, Venezuela, the US and United Arab Emirates.

      2. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC)

      Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) was created by the merger of Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal in 2012. It is the second largest steel provider in the world, lining up next to ArcelorMittal . In more than 15 countries with nearly 83,000 employees, NSSMC is producing an extensive range of steel products for areas like automobiles, construction, civil engineering, energy, resources and railways.

  • 6

    So, CM Wigneswaran was right in his protest concerning the type of houses being considered? If the monies come mainly from the Sri Lankan government, the people should protest vigorously.

    There should be many SL companies that can do the right type of homes in a cheaper way.

    • 3

      “So, CM Wigneswaran was right in his protest concerning the type of houses being considered”

      Yes when CM Wigneswaran sneeze Sumanthiran catch a cold

      • 3

        This I fully agree because he is a opportunist not Wiggie.
        Rajesh live in a prototype then like oliver twist intelligently ask for more
        they are so rich that they won’t reject because they would also learn.
        Believe me then north would be a proto for the poor south too to have a shelter Premadasa conned while 3 lingams were his brains.

        Lift the house so you can have chicken or verandah make provision in the panel to fit pergolas made of say pvc filled pipes run grape wines etc then you got birds and bees make iot pleasant for for the poor but don’t be crying about their poverty- just lift them in a practical way.
        So many things come into mind when you test drive a car or 30 day money back guarantee soft ware.

  • 2

    Mr.Swaminathan is of Indian Origin and has given the contract to build the houses to an Indian Mittal and large sum of money would have been given to Mr.Swaminathan as commission by Mittal.
    The allocation to build houses in the North and East should have gone to the Provincial councils of both North and East and those councils should plan out suitable houses after consultation and call for tenders. That should be the norm. Why didn’t the TNA pursue this matter early before the contract was given to Mittal. There is no transparency in the government or in the TNA.
    Mr.Sumanthiran says that he represents the Jaffna electorate. How many times has he visited Jaffna and found out the from the people of their progress and their requirements. What about those people of vali north who are still in camps. What has he done about it.

    • 1

      “Mr.Swaminathan is of Indian Origin….” No, he is not; his family’s roots originated from Jaffna; his mother was the daughter of Ponnambalam Arunachalam, I believe. The NPC CM is related to Ponnambalam Ramanathan, so Swaminathan and Wigneswaran are probably related.

      • 1

        Look at Wikipedia entry or his law firm’s website to see the correct relationship.
        It was grand daughter, not daughter as I said, and there are other details of his kinship.

        • 3

          Agnos SC/ST, Wiki is no god evidence.

          You know why??

          With love from Malaysia Vaddukottai Resolution and boom boom at malaysia they call JT kottai buggers.
          So even Singapore Tamil Tharman married to Chinese says he is from Nadu but a JT has changed it on Wiki recently like the Sinhala is changing data on Taxila using Chinese traveler evidence.
          GTF, BTF How did they spawn and from what substance??
          No one in the world want’s to associate with Lanka Tamils. phew!!

          Ofcourse behind close doors Brahmans talking among themselves want the tamils of lanka get at least something but do not want to associate.

          • 0

            Nonsense peddler Garuda aka Javi,

            Tharman Shanmugaratnam is of SL origin; he has attended Ceylonese gatherings in Singapore and given speeches about the future of kids from Ceylonese Tamil families in Singapore. And he is married to a Japanese lady, not Chinese.

            • 2


              Why are you interested in other peoples pedigree??
              Are you from the dogs kennels??
              Indian Tamil was written on Wiki from the duration of when he was Finance minister.
              Wiki – anyone can edit.
              Get it nut head SC/ST/

  • 0

    Honorable Sumanthiran,

    “Member of Parliament of the Tamil National Alliance, M. A. Sumanthiran has requested for information pertaining to the awarding of the contract to Arcelor Mittal owned by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, to construct 65,000 houses in the North and East.”

    Thank you for your request.

    I still have not understood where all these houses will be built. Do all the recipient families really own land? Have they shown a clear deed in order to apply?

    Is there an environmental plan or are we going to see 65000 new tube wells with water pumps and 65000 new toilets destroying the rest of the ground water?

    The president intends to ban asbestos. Why is asbestos going to be allowed in this project?

  • 2


    Why didn’t TNA pursue this matter early before the contract was given to Mittal.

    I am surprised that you are not aware that TNA had been asked by the
    Govt.not to challenge Govt.actions in N/E and that they will fulfill
    their demands as and when possible. This is where TNA and CM, NPC
    differed and they quarrelled in the past.They maintain absolute silence
    and in meditation,while the damage is being done systematically.

  • 0

    sumanthiran has woken up at last after all the furore and publicity.It took the wiggie his ertswile rival to come and hit him on the head with his verti and shout”adey ennada nee nalla thoongu,inga engada kundila wellam adikuthu(you are sleeping while our arse is on fire)”.

  • 1

    Model steel house was put up. People inspected . They requested the house . Its called ‘Choice “
    the names and NIC numbers of those who requested are on the Ministry web site. Please go and see , instead of wrting a load of bull.
    They have been living under tarpaulin sheets or Palmyrah leaves for decades. They are under privileged and maginalized.have been so for generations
    Not air conditioned honchos gassing it up at J’pura Parliament
    this is an empowerment issues.
    No wonder the guys who presently dominate the North are unhappy.
    If there is corruption go to the Bri Com and complain, then like those Customs suckers , they will be locked up!

    • 0


      “”Model steel house was put up. People inspected . They requested the house . Its called ‘Choice ”””

      Wise owl why did you not tell that the prototype was seen at `site` and lived in??
      From what you say its like the scrupulous even in the west who ask sing this sign that without reading.

      if a person is allowed to live in at site for testing he can make suggestions that would interest the manufacturer.
      This is manufactured by automation (which is over 40 old) to make and amendment it takes seconds and voila manufacturer sees the cost. He is happy all are happy.
      Its the cheek in jowl approach of Pusari Swami who is clueless like you not to understand – CAD/CAM/Database.(all in one Automation)
      You know as we know get an idiot on the street to sign a bill and send it as tax returns is Lankan culture and everywhere – so we have rich professionals.

    • 0

      this is a true story of the largest seller of golf clubs uK.
      Previously moulds used to be made by hand and they are expensive so if an ammendment is to be made anew mould had to be made.
      UK asked a manufacturer at Taiwan to make it for him but he would like to see the proto- 20 prototypes in all were made- they take seconds to ammend- CAD/CAM/Datebase costing all linked. So we got the best- I saw this on screen
      Once production starts there can be no amendment whatsoever because that is how Automation works.
      If you have any self respect let them first live for 3 days on site where it is to be stationed. If they are not happy after that (means they give suggestions and you amend) kick them but not now because you are no better than Gota and his goons- I mean Swaminathan the temple man who boasted to former USAID….both kalla thoni..blind leading blind.
      Any clarification please come on i am Automation industry for 30 years)

  • 2


    Your Line….
    Mr.Swaminathan is of Indian origin….

    Actually,he is a Kinsman of Sir.Ponnambalam Ramanathan/Arunachalam.
    My take on this issue is that the decision to hand over this contract to A/M IS DUE TO OTHER COMPELLING REASONS.
    Mr.Swaminathan,unfortunately,is the sacrificial Lamb!

    • 0

      Dead right, Plato.

      No one will dare name names.

  • 2

    Well, It is Yahapalane guys, who need tenders, Any Jack shit can do anything in Sri Lanka.

    • 2


      mahinda chintanaya is being brought forward.Though it is yahapalanaya,mahinda chintanaya is also incorporated out of respect for him.
      so now it is yahapalanaya/mahinda chintanaya/chingalesnaya

  • 2

    In March 2005, the BOI organized a seminar and an exhibition at Hotel Galadhari for the benefit of “suppliers” of pre-fab houses for relocation of families displaced by Tsunami. I was in the audience and during the question time I asked whether those houses on display were suitable for living in a tropical climate, whether they could be guaranteed for fire safety with firewood cooking and whether they could be maintained with material available in the country. No “supplier” could give assurances but said that minimum order should be for 2000 units for them to supply at a reasonable price. Finally they were asked to get the materials tested by UoM or UoPera. Those “suppliers” were never heard of thereafter.

    Before Tsunami disaster, the annual output of houses in the country was 25,000 (both state and private funded. Tsunami destroyed 135,000 units and that meant construction of nearly 5-year output in one year. The reason for BOI to invite “suppliers” was to mitigate negative impacts on local natural resources. Finally the relocation program was split into two: Donor Funded and Owner Funded. Donor funded program was financed by NGOs and INGOs and the Owner Funded program was financed by the WB. Since N&E were inaccessible all the Donors flocked to South and in Galle, Matara and Hambantota Districts there was an oversupply of houses.

    Now coming to Hon. MAS’s query, there are many questions that Architects and Engineers would love to raise from the Hon. Minister DMS. Whether there would be a forum to ask the question and whether Hon. Minister DMS would answer them is a million dollar question.

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