5 July, 2022


Nihal Sri Ameresekere To Get Rs 200 Million More On Hilton Deal

Being cash strapped and facing a virtually bankrupt economy has not prevented the UNP dominated government from agreeing to pay Rs 300 million to Nihal Sri Ameresekere, who, among many titles, styles himself as a professional consultant.

Nihal Sri Ameresekere

Nihal Sri Ameresekere

This is on top of Rs 100 million already paid to him by the previous Mahinda Rajapaksa government. The fee was in the form of a temporary overdraft from the Bank of Ceylon given to him last year.

A total of Rs 300 million as payment (inclusive or Rs 100 million already extended as ToD) is because Amerasekera claims he together with the Secretary to the Treasury and Attorney General “discovered a fraud in the construction” of the Hilton Hotel in Colombo. He also claims that it was his intervention that led to defaulted interest on Japanese loans and 30 % Loan Capital being written off.

This is not the only reward he has sought from the government. He has insisted that two slots on the Board of Directors of Hotel Developers Ltd, the owning company of Colombo Hilton be reserved for his nominees. When all directors of this company resigned last week, Ameresekere’s daughter and another friend refused to submit their resignation. Not even Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe’s request to seek their resignation has been successful.

In a letter to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake dated March 25, 2016, Ameresekere has said at a meeting with the Minister, Treasury Secretary Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga and Deputy Treasury Secretary S.R. Attygalle “consensus was reached to formalize the conclusion of the professional compensation payment to us at Rs 300 Mn., as a full and final settlement suggested by the Treasury in December 2014 (which was under the previous government).”

In the letter Ameresekere has also said “in addition to the above contractual obligation by the government, we are also entitled in terms of the Agreement to nominate 3 Directors of Hotel Developers (Lanka) PLC. Hereto, as requested by you, we acquiesced to the appointment of only one Director.”

The move to pay Ameresekere Rs 200 million more comes as the payment of Rs 100 million has become the subject of a probe by the Cabinet Sub Committee on Economic Affairs.

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    I have read the letter dated 31st March 2016 addressed by Nihal Sri Ameresekere to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

    There are 52 numbered paragraphs of boring grinding detail. I am not qualified to speak on the merits of Ameresekere’s claim.

    However I was looking for answers to the questions:

    1a. How did Ameresekere get involved in this case? Did he have any financial stake: for example had he suffered financial loss, or likely to suffer financial loss, as a result of a wrongful by another party.

    1b. If it was in the public interest, what was the potential loss the Government was faced with? May I ask why such a huge amount as hundred of millions of rupees has been paid, if Ameresekera’s intervention was prompted by the need to serve the public interest?

    2. What were the circumstances in which the Government of Sri Lanka started corresponding with him? What did the Government stand to lose if they did not?

    3. Who negotiated the terms and conditions and remuneration for his services on behalf of the government? Is it possible for CT to publish a copy of this Agreement, which surely they perused prior to writing their Article?

    4. On what basis was the amount of remuneration agreed? Usually consultants are employed for a particular task, at an agreed hourly rate plus expenses. In this case US$ 200/hour at most would have been reasonable.

    5. But in this case the remuneration agreed is a percentage of the perceived savings or recoveries. Was the ‘percentage’ agreement for this payment entered into before Ameresekera’s claims were intimidated to the Government?

    I know that there are among CT readers well qualified lawyers and forensic accountants who can speak on this matter. I invite them to write in their comments. Democracy has no meaning unless the public know how and why their money is being spent.

    Ameresekera’s letter is

    Hon. Ravi Karunanayake
    Minister of Finance

    Professional Compensation Payment under Agreement No. 3 by and between the Government and me, and as per Addendum between the Government, me and the Japanese


    1.Upon discovery of fraud in the construction of the Colombo Hilton Hotel by the Japanese, I instituted in September 1990 a very rare legal action, having obtained clearance from Secretary General UNP, State Minister of Defence, Ranjan Wijeratne, who had briefed the Cabinet, which Hon. PM is aware of. I did so, in view of the involvement of certain personalities.

    2.Attorney General Sunil De Silva appearing for Hotel Developers (Lanka) PLC (HDL) having discussed and ascertaining the facts from me, endorsed my action and did not oppose, whereas the Directors of HDL either opposed or were indifferent to such fraud on State Guarantees.

    3.Secretary Treasury Mr. R. Paskaralingam and Hon. PM too endorsed my action, particularly in the context of the enjoining orders I had promptly obtained restraining payments demanded by the Japanese under the State Guarantees, with foreign reserves at a very low level, threatening international cross-default on foreign borrowings.

    4.Upon HDL and its Auditors endeavouring to adopt a fraudulent set of Annual Accounts to cover-up the fraud, I was compelled to institute another legal action to have the said Accounts enjoined.

    5.Supreme Court in December 1992 held my legal action as a serious case of fraud, with every prospect of being successfully proven, and upheld the interim injunctions, which had been issued by the District Court, as a consequence of which HDL accumulated substantial funds.

    6.In February 1993 Japanese being unable to answer interrogatories ordered to be answered by the District Court, the Japanese Government urged Secretary Treasury Mr. R. Paskaralingam to intervene with me to settle the litigation. I acquiesced with his request.

    7.After discussions had, Settlement Agreements drafted in June 1993 by Attorney General, T.J. Marapana on the instructions of Secretary Treasury Mr. R. Paskaralingam were sent to me for my corrections.

    8.Settlement Agreements as had been insisted upon by me, included the agreement by the Japanese to write-off a substantial part of its purported Claims under the State Guarantees and to re-schedule the balance.

    9.With the death of President R. Premadasa and Secretary Treasury Mr. R. Paskaralingam having left the country, President D.B. Wijetunga, together with Attorney General, T.J. Marapana endeavoured to conclude the settlement at the behest of the Japanese Government.

    10.The Japanese Government had had discussions even offering to intervene with the LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to bring about a settlement and as a quid pro quo for the Sri Lanka Government to intervene to settle my legal actions complaining that the Government was not doing enough.

    11.On my Counsel’s advice, concurred upon by Attorney General T.J. Marapana, the settlement did not get concluded, since the Japanese were insisting on receiving Promissory Notes from the Government, in addition to State Guarantees, having previously been prevented by me of obtaining a Mortgage over the Hilton Hotel, in addition to the State Guarantees.

    12.With a Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry commencing in March 1995 and leading of my evidence and that of 23 others, the Japanese Government required the settlement to be concluded immediately, dropping the condition of requiring Promissory Notes from the Government.

    13.Thus in June 1995 Secretary Treasury, A.S. Jayawardene with the approval of the Special Presidential Commission and the Cabinet of Ministers, executed Settlement Agreements as had been finalized by Attorney General Shibly Aziz.

    14.Settlement Agreements contained Conditions to be performed by the Government before I withdrew my legal actions, including the payment by the Government of professional compensation to me for the immense benefit gained by the Government, as the Guarantor, as a result of the write-off in June 1995 of Jap. Yen 17,586 Mn., / US $ 207 Mn., i.e. Rs. 10,200 Mn., amounting to 62% of the purported Claims and the re-scheduling the balance 38% over a period of further 16 years, at a reduced rate of interest, as had been insisted upon by me.

    15.Upon irrefutable evidence of criminality being disclosed in May 1996 before the Special Presidential Commission, the Japanese Architect’s Counsel, Mr. L.C. Seneviratne withdrew in the face of such criminality.

    16.Architectural Plans had been cannibalized, the 3rd and 4th Floors were shown to be at the same ‘elevation’ of 24.5 meters, whilst the 19th Floor and the Roof of the 19th floor were shown to be at ‘elevations’ of 72.7 meters and 72.5 meters, respectively, whereby the Roof was depicted to be below the 19th Floor ! The 7 Sheets of the Architectural Plans pertaining to the Basements, had been removed. UDA acknowledging negligence on their part, prepared Measured Drawings of the actually built Hilton Hotel.

    17.Japanese Government once again intervened and threatened in or about August 1996 to withhold the Japanese Aid component of US $ 245 Mn., at the ensuing Aid-Group Meeting in November 1996, unless the Settlement Agreements were given effect to immediately, and all accumulated funds of HDL remitted to the Japanese before the Aid-Group Meeting.

    18.As a result, the Government urgently required the Settlement Agreements to be given effect to and my legal actions withdrawn in the face of such Japanese Government threat, even before the fulfillment of the Government’s contractual obligations to me, which had to be fulfilled before I withdrew my legal actions and removed the interim injunction which prevented payment of monies to Japanese.

    19.Acting under instructions of President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Secretary Treasury B.C. Perera and Deputy Secretary Treasury, P.B. Jayasundera pleaded with me to withdraw my legal actions, solemnly promising to duly perform the Government’s contractual obligations to me, after I withdrew my legal actions in view of the lack of time before the Aid-Group Meeting.

    20.Accordingly, Attorney General, Sarath N. Silva drafted an Addendum to the above Settlement Agreement signed in Japan in September and in Sri Lanka in October 1996 between the Government, me and the Japanese, whereby I consented as requested in given circumstances to receive the professional compensation payable to me after the withdrawal of my legal actions, without holding a gun at the Government and demanding for the same as per the contracted Settlement Agreements already executed in June 1995.

    21. The above Addendum was signed on 21.10.1996, and my legal actions were withdrawn on 23.10.1996 and HDL Board Meeting presided by Deputy Secretary Treasury, Dr. P.B. Jayasundera held on 25.10.1996, and payment to Japanese made on 28.10.1996, from the funds accumulated in HDL of US $ 30 Mn., due to injunctions obtained by me; demonstrating the expediency in which I had readily co-operated with the urgings of the Government, which I believed in good faith would be reciprocated.

    22.With HDL having accumulated US $ 30 Mn., in October 1996 due to injunctions obtained by me, had I not settled and withdrawn my legal actions, as had been urged by the Government, I could have easily continued my legal actions over several years, to be successfully proven, as I did before the Special Presidential Commission.

    23.I would then have obtained the final reliefs which were that no payments, whatsoever, were due to the Japanese, thereby accumulating over US $ 125 Mn., or more, in HDL, and thereafter negotiating and paying the Japanese a much reduced amount to settle the Loans, and thereby cancelling the State Guarantees, and I could have become a main Stakeholder, among others, of HDL today, and not the Government !

    24.The above was the correct business decision to have been made by me, which was well within my own sole power, but I heeded the desperate urgings of the Government, in the face of threat by the Japanese Government, the biggest Aid provider to Sri Lanka at that time.

    25.Cornel & Co. Ltd., which had caused a proxy to file 2 Cases on the lines of my legal actions to continue prosecuting the Japanese, lost these 2 Cases due to defects in the Plaints. Thereafter Cornel & Co., Ltd., filed 6 Cases against the Settlement Agreements, which had been executed at the behest of the Government, and in one last Case a restraining order given, and the said Case finally dismissed on 26.5.2014.

    26.Immediately after obtaining on 5.6.2014 a certified copy of the said Order, my Lawyers sent Letter dated 11.6.2014 to Secretary Treasury, Dr. P.B. Jayasundera requiring the fulfillment by the Government of the contractual obligations, particularly the payment of professional compensation to me, as per the legally binding contractual agreement

    27.As had been recorded in the Supreme Court Minutes of 24.4.2006, Secretary Treasury Dr. P.B. Jayasundera had reported that my matter of professional compensation had already been resolved on the basis that it would be determined on an independent assessment for which purpose Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka Ltd., (MBSL) had been appointed, which was in compliance with the Settlement Agreements of June 1995.

    28.With Secretary Treasury, Dr. P.B. Jayasundera being hostile towards me, due to various public interest litigations even losing his Public Office, he took no action, whatsoever, tantamounting to cheating; until I appealed to Secretary to the President Mr. Lalith Weeratunga in October 2014, who intervened and in December 2014, I was coerced to agree to Rs. 300 Mn., free of tax, as a full and final settlement, without any negotiation, whatsoever, had thereon; as the same was communicated to me through Mr. Lalith Weeratunga.

    29.Rs. 100 Mn., was promptly afforded to me through the Bank of Ceylon on 17.12.2014 until obtaining my signature on a Document as a full and final settlement by 31.12.2014, which was knowingly neglected by the Secretary Treasury Dr. P.B. Jayasundera.

    30.I was so coerced to agree, since I had signed on 28.6.2014, upon the aforesaid entitlement to receive professional compensation from the Government coming into force, an Agreement to re-purchase by 31.12.2014 part of my Residential Property, which I had sold.

    31.Thereafter, submissions were made in March 2015 to you, Secretary Treasury, Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga, Deputy Secretary Treasury, Mr. S.R. Attygalle, as per my Letters dated 18th and 19th March 2015, copies attached.

    32.With the Hon. Prime Minister being apprised, a Cabinet Paper had been submitted by the Ministry of Finance in June 2015, and referred to the Economic Sub-Committee of the Cabinet.

    33.I was requested by you to wait for 6 Months as had been intimated by the Hon. PM, until a Claim for compensation from Cornel & Co. Ltd., also could be dealt with, and for such delay of 6 Months, the Treasury in July 2015 increased the above funds made available to me through the Bank of Ceylon by Rs. 125 Mn.

    34.Even though the above compensation Claim by Cornel & Co. Ltd., had no connection, whatsoever, to the professional compensation payable to me by the Government, before I had withdrawn my legal actions at the urgings of the Government, I respected such request of the Hon. PM, and in view of the delay, I addressed Letter dated 9.12.2015 to the Hon. PM, upon which a further Cabinet Paper had been submitted by the Ministry of Finance in December 2015.

    35.At that very time, the leakage in December 2015 of certain Documents of mine and of the Treasury in December 2014 from the Head Office of Bank of Ceylon precipitated an unwarranted mischievous controversy in certain media, causing damage to my name, repute and standing, locally and globally; I verily believe at the behest of interested and/or affected parties. (I have evidence in a Client’s matter to suspect, as to how this had happened)

    36.The above media scandalisation was further fuelled by the publication of the Cabinet Paper in the same media, also reporting prominently that Minister Kabir Hashim had opposed such Cabinet Paper, in the absence of Hon. PM and you. Minister Kabir Hashim had also clarified the grounds of his objection to the media.

    37.In the face of the above, I caused to be created a ‘Blog’ disclosing the full facts and Documents pertaining to the above ‘legally binding contractual agreement’ – http://www.nihalsriameresekere-hiltonhotelcase.com

    38.On or about 30.12.2015 I was approached by a person I have known in the past to be a ‘wheeler dealer’ offering to intercede to have the above matter resolved. I promptly rebuked him stating that this was a legally binding contractual agreement, and that as a professional that I do not wish to lobby. I made a Contemporary Note and sent you a copy thereof, for the Hon. PM to be apprised if you deem fit.

    39.Due to mischievous misreporting from the MBSL Report as per my Letter of 1.2.2016 to you, I clarified such misleading misdirections, and pointed out that MBSL has stated that the Treasury can consider compensation up to 2% taking into consideration my valuable services, and the relationship the Government wishes to continue with me in the future, and any other relevant factors, stating that the payment up to 2% is within the Market Practice.

    40.By my Letter of 29.1.2016 forwarding documents, I disclosed that Ernst & Young had quoted 1% to 4%, and MBSL themselves had quoted 2% to 3% for their assignments, and Vanik Incorporation 1.5% financial re-structuring.

    41.Professional compensation at Market Value at 2% on the write-off of 62% amounting as at 31.12.2015 to Rs. 86,425.9 Mn., amounts to Rs. 1,728.5 Mn., and the re-scheduling over a further period of 16 years the balance 38% unwritten-off Loans at Market Value of Rs. 53,170 Mn., at reduced rate of interest at 5.25% p.a. (from 6% p.a.), at 1.5% amounts to Rs. 765.3 Mn., amounting in total to Market Value of professional compensation of Rs. 2,493.8 Mn., as at 31.12.2015.

    42.The above is the market value for normal professional compensation, whereas in this instance it ought be more , this not being a normal instance, but one with complex heavy litigation and obstructions of which Mr. R. Paskaralingam is aware of.

    43.I cite the following instances also taking into reckoning, that in my above instance the Government has admitted that it had immensely benefited with a write-off of purported Claims value as at 31.12.2015 of Rs. 86,425.9 Mn., and further re-scheduling of the balance unwritten-off Claims as aforesaid, whereas in the following instances colossal losses had been caused to the Government, for which professional compensation, free of tax had been paid by the Government on the sale of Governments Assets as set out below:

    i)In 2003 on the privatization of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd., PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young had been paid by the Government professional compensation of over Rs. 170 Mn., which at today’s value amounts to around Rs. 800 Mn.

    As a result of a public interest litigation caused to be instituted by me, I got back for the Government, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd., valued today at over Rs. 70,000 Mn., including also the valuable Lanka Hospitals PLC, valued today at over Rs. 13,750 Mn., as a result of the privatization being annulled as unlawful, illegal and fraudulent by the Supreme Court.

    ii)On the Oil Hedging Deals in foreign litigations, professional compensation and costs incurred, as a consequence of foolhardy stance taken by Attorney General Mr. Mohan Peiris P.C., preventing public interest actions I had instituted to prosecute in Sri Lanka, as reported had amounted to over Rs. 750 Mn., whilst also losing the Standard Chartered Bank Claim of US $ 160 Mn., + Interest, and the Deutsche Bank Claim of US $ 80 Mn., + interest.

    Citibank Claim of US $ 192 Mn. + interest was overcome I believe due to certain endeavours in publishing a Book distributed globally on this specific matter at that very time.

    44.Amongst others, I had been a Promoter, Shareholder, Director and Chairman of HDL. The above matter of the Hilton Hotel was my own business concerning which I had entered into the above legally binding contractual agreements with the Government, and it was certainly not a public interest litigation as the above; whereas on the above instances and others, I had acted in the public interest incurring costs and efforts and at costs of professional time, sans any benefits from the State or any other or duty free car permits !

    45.Ironically, professional compensation due to me is so delayed, purely because I had agreed with the urgings of the Government to settle and withdraw my litigations before the payment of professional compensation to me to overcome the threat by the Japanese Government as referred to above, whereas such professional compensation was to be paid to me before I settled and withdrew my litigations as per the legally binding contractual agreement with the Government, amended by a subsequent Addendum at the urgings of the Government as above. I reiterate para 21 above.

    “21.The above Addendum was signed on 21.10.1996, and my legal actions were withdrawn on 23.10.1996 and HDL Board Meeting presided by Deputy Secretary Treasury, Dr. P.B. Jayasundera held on 25.10.1996, and payment to Japanese made on 28.10.1996, from the funds accumulated in HDL of US $ 30 Mn., due to injunctions obtained by me; demonstrating the expediency in which I had readily co-operated with the urgings of the Government, which I believed in good faith would be reciprocated.”

    46.Reaching settlement with Cornel & Co. Ltd., is a HDL matter, whilst the above is a Finance Ministry matter concerning professional compensation for writing-off and re-scheduling of Loans under State Guarantees.

    47.As regards Cornel & Co. Ltd., the settlement of its Claims should not delay the payment rightfully and lawfully due to me. I have reached agreement with Cornel & Co. Ltd., that they and I can pursue our Claims independently, and without any cross Claims against each other, a copy of which Agreement I have given the Ministry of Finance.

    48.Though I was informed that a Committee had been formed sometime back and I volunteered to go before such Committee, however I was never summoned.

    49.As regards, Cornel & Co. Ltd.,

    they held the position of Chairman & Managing Director of HDL whilst the foregoing fraud was perpetrated on HDL and the Government on its State Guarantees and were was indifferent thereto

    also defaulted on the interest free installments payments on the UDA Land, which as a result the Government took over

    nevertheless they had invested to make the down payment for the UDA Land and cash investments in HDL and had been a foremost Promoter

    whilst consequent to evidence given in Camera at the Special Presidential Commission it was alleged by the Commission that the Japanese had given considerable Commissions therefor.

    50.As clearly disclosed by the above, professional compensation payable to me is under and in terms of a legally binding contractual agreement the Government had entered into with me, and which professional compensation in fact had been agreed to be paid before I withdrew my legal actions. To have so delayed as above to fulfill such contractual commitment and obligation, is appalling, whilst I had acted otherwise as referred to above.

    51.I require the full payment as had been agreed to be paid to the Bank of Ceylon on or before one week from today, and the right to nominate one Director as requested by you as against the entitlement in the Agreement to nominate 3 Directors.

    52.If the above is not promptly fulfilled as aforesaid, given the above undue harassment, humiliation caused, I reserve the legal right to demand just and equitable professional compensation as per market rates and the nomination of 3 Directors to the Board of Directors of HDL.

    Nihal Sri Ameresekere

    Mr. R. Paskaralingam, Advisor to Hon. Prime Minister
    Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga, Secretary to the Treasury
    Mr. S.R. Attygalle, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury
    Hon. Kabir Hashim, Minister of Public Enterprise Development
    Hon. Malik Samarawickrama, Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade
    Hon. Ranil Wickremesinge, Prime Minister

    • 0

      Thanks for the particulars.
      Heads he wins. Tails we lose.

      • 2

        Nihal has thrived on jealousy and hypocrisy all along.

        Imagine sending an invoice to the govt for public interest action.!!!

        He hoodwinked Chandrika and got himself appointed as chairman of PERC and that was it. I guess the only good thing that MARA did was to get rid of him.

        Former CJ Sarath N De Silva was a good buddy and the two of them made a mockery of justice through FR litigation.

  • 14

    Real patriots are relentlessely sucking the blood of the nation! When can poor Sri Lanke ger rid of vampires?

  • 4

    ‘I belong to your family too.’

  • 4

    Aah sweet mysteries of life!

    To those who have, more shall be given.


    • 1

      He has a jar of honey.
      Why not ask him to adopt you

  • 5

    The Father-In-Law of Sri Nihal.A.is in the present Cabinet.Readers may know this already;If not Pl:probe!

  • 8

    I smell a rat and they are edging on to become as corruptible as the Rajapakses.

  • 3


    You have an analytical mind.
    I will tell you something; All the swindlers in this country have had fun with the Sinhala/Tamil divide!
    In sleaze ethnicity,religion, caste etc do not matter!

  • 2

    Galleon Ravii wil be better off paying their mate LKR 200 M now be than later.

    At the current rate of LKR 150 to q USD , it is only USD 150000

    Galleon will have to borrow USD 200000 if he waits longer to pay their mate Samare.

    That will make the that loan USD 6.85 Billion loan tip over the 7 Billion mark.

    Then again it will be a win win for Yahapalana Galleon and his mates who organise the loans . Take commissions plus interest rates which are well over the market rates.

  • 9

    CT is running again with a story full of half truths.

    NSA is a stakeholder of Colombo Hilton.
    He was a finance director of HDL, the owning company of Hilton Colombo.

    During the course of his tenure, NSA as Director of Finance, stumbled on a fraud perpetrated by the builders- architect conglomerate Mitsui-Taisei,

    The Fraud was, original plans were destroyed and substituted with new plans with two floors and a basement completely missing from the previously approved plans.

    Auditors (Ford Rhodes) were reluctant to amend the audit report.

    NSA in his capacity as a minority shareholder brought the action and prevailed at all legal fronts. Finally, a Presidential commission to inquire into the matter ruled “credible evidence of criminality” on the part of the Japanese.

    As a last straw, the Japanese government wanted the case to go away and held as ransom a line of Japanese aid to Sri Lanka.

    The Government was on the hook for several millions of dollars in loans and accumulated interest over several years.

    Finally, a deal was struck where the Japanese would write off several millions in loan amounts, accumulated interest and in addition restructured the remaining loans with easy terms. NSA was the principal architect to structure the deal which benefitted the SL Government several million dollars.

    In return, the treasury entered into a legal agreement with NSA, for him to withdraw all his cases and claims, and agreed to pay him professional fees for his efforts along with all legal fees he had incurred.

    The cabinet at that time wanted to evaluate the value of NSA’s services and appointed Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka to come up with a recommendation for proper compensation for NSA’s services.

    The recommended % of compensation based on benefit to the SL Government recommended by The Merchant Bank is in excess of Rs.500 million.

    All there are public documents and are available for perusal by any interested parties.

    CT failed in its due diligence before writing these sensational articles.

    The fools who believe these articles are making stupid comments.

    My advice, before you open your mouth, check the facts.!!

    • 13

      Forensic Accountant

      Are you not Nihal Amerasekara himself, making up a case for yourself?

    • 11

      Forensic Accountant,


      There is world of a difference between professional fees and bribes. When Basil/Gota/Shiranthi/Namal/Yoshitha gang were extracting money on almost all deals that they pushed leveraging their State power, all these commentators were glassy eyed and gaping mouthed!

      Now they don’t want to pay the due professional fee to one who initiated and helped trace a massive fraud that saved the country millions of dollars. A feat none of the PhD’s and legal luminaries who surrounded the regime fro crumbs!

      When, despite the initial agreement to pay Nihal, the Government started back-tracking on its contractual obligation to pay the professional fee, the issue was thoroughly investigated, not just once but twice and the court ordered that payment was legitimate and confirmed it was not only a commitment under the contract, but also a fair professional fee for the work done.

      What a blessed nation – have absolutely no sense of what is right and what is wrong!

    • 5

      Mr Forensic Expert

      Your comments hold no credibility as ‘independent’ – a characteristic of independence.

      If you wish readers to treat you as credible, please provide clear answers to the questions 1 – 5 posed by Funlover (first comment). Otherwise you will be treated as a partisan.

      • 0

        Fun Lover,

        Pl.read NSA’s letter, which you have quoted, for your answers.

    • 6

      Forensic accountant [Edited out] – you better also elaborate how you who was just an unqualified tuition master fooled the public into thinking you are a public interest courtroom brawler just so that you can fill your pockets. Better check with your parliamentary in-laws as to what the government plans to do.

    • 4

      This is not the first time and certainly not the last time that CT has published rubbish defaming people and playing into the hands of the Rajapakshe mafia trolls. Press freedom comes with responsibility. If not in the not too distant future the Government may have to clamp down for its own good and survival. A case in point is the never ending articles about the central bank governor marely because he was a Ranil’s appointee and made some hasty but valid decisions to keep the financial situation from going out of control. Another is the recent broohaha about Minister Ranawaka and an accident his driver had. The details eventually published by the deputy minister of the media paint a completely different picture and is very revealing into the level of deceit and entrapment the Rajapakshes are engaged in. CT unwittingly I hope walked into pile of shit about this story.

    • 1

      ‘…All there are public documents and are available for perusal by any interested parties…’

      Where can these public documents be seen please?

    • 1

      Agree with Forensic Audit. Elsewhere in Colombo Telegraph another writer speaks of shooting the messenger. Here is, in fact, a classic example of shooting the messenger!

      I say pay him the dues legally agreed upon and be done with it.

  • 8

    NSA [Edited out]

    Does anyone know that he got the first Rs 100
    million only because he supported the impeachment
    of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaike? He sent
    reams of e-mails to ambassadors and others with
    copies to Lalith Weeratunga, Presidential

    Wait till they become public to realize what a
    sanctimonious crook he is. The fault lay in Prime
    Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. He tolerates all this.
    See how he did not object to the Rs 200 million more
    being given.

    In the same way Wickremasinghe also saved Nishantha
    Wickremesinghe and Kapila Chandrasena in the Sri Lankan
    Airline scandal. He got his class mate and wheeler dealer
    Ajit Dias not to take action on the Weliamuna report. So
    the crooks who ran the national airline to the ground
    are scott free.

    It is only Sirisena who is taking some action. RW on the
    sly is slowing them down because he is close to Mahinda
    Rajapaksa and his brother Gotabaya.

    • 3

      Rights Activist ,

      “Does anyone know that he got the first Rs 100 million only because he supported the impeachment of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaike? He sent reams of e-mails to ambassadors and others with copies to Lalith Weeratunga, Presidential Secretary.”

      you are absolutely right , this self proclaim pundit is another big time crook , i remember how he backed Mafia king’s outrageous misdeeds , one of them was , sacking Shirani B , this crook appeared on a live TV show on ITN to justify Mafia king’s diabolical action. NSA type guys are the ones who benefit from any government , basically he is a double dipper. my personnel opinion is , he should pay back that 100 Million as SL is in the verge of collapse ; on the other hand , how dare he demands such a huge amount from a virtually bankrupt country ! just let him sue the country .

  • 5


    Stop hallucinating and pay attention.

    Every one of your points were addressed in my comment. Kumar R. is probably the only person who seems to know the facts and is an independent thinker and not taken by CT’s sloppy attempt at investigative journalism.

    You started off on the assumption that NSA is NOT a stakeholder (because you questioned it).

    My comments are based on facts and documentary evidence I have seen. These, as I said before, are public documents available for anyone to see. CT and you have chosen NOT to look for facts supported by documents.

    You simply swallowed the lies CT is spreading.
    Stand up for yourself, look for the facts, authenticate it with documentary evidence,think critically, then make your conclusion.

    Until then, stand quietly in the corner and watch how intellectual debate takes place.

    • 2

      Hey Foren Sick

      You are none other than Ameresekere himself, or his lackey.

      With reference to Ameresekere’s letter, Para 1 is the torch that shines a beam on Ameresekere’s character as a Master Crook, Manipulator par excellence. It can be clearly deduced from this paragraph, quite early on, he prevented any critical thinking on the subject by the Government, by his action to get, in his own words “clearance from Secretary General UNP, State Minister of Defence, Ranjan Wijeratne, who had briefed the Cabinet, which Hon. PM is aware of” BEFORE before instituting “a very rare” (his own words!)legal proceedings in 1990. The purpose was to brainwash the Prime Minister et al about his undying “patriotism”, display the influence he had over Ranil Wickremasinghe to the concerned Public Servants including Sunil de Silva, Paskaralingam, Marapana, A.S.Jayawardene, Shibley Aziz, Sarath N.Silva and Lalith Weeratunga, and to forestall any questioning by them. The public now know some of the government servants mentioned by name in Ameresekera’s letter were notorious lackeys of the Government in power.

      Para 2: HDL supported Ameresekere’s course action; but HDL Directors did not. Is it not true that HDL as an entity can do nothing other than through its Directors?

      Paragraphs 15 and 16 clearly indicate that the Japanese Consortium got egg on its face, the charge of criminality being nearly proved against it. But then your godfather, being the Patriot he is, withdraws the Court cases, on the urging of the Government, to jettison the chance to pay less to the Japanese, and also jettison his own chance to become a “main stakeholder” of HDL. LOL. Read Para 22 and 23.

      In the context of Paras 15 and 16, what sounds really funny is the content of Para 17. Can any one in his right mind imagine that Japan will at an international forum withdraw its offer of aid to Sri Lanka, because her Government punished a crooked Japanese Building Consortium, who were proven beyond doubt to have acted fraudulently? Would the Japanese Government have sullied its respect and honor for a potty 200 odd thousand dollars?

      What I can see is not only has your godfather manipulated the Government of Sri Lanka, but also has bribed the various Government Servants to lubricate his path in this sordid business.

      Your godfather has provided a comparison of professional charges levied by Bodies entitled to provide consultation and arbitration services. But your godfather, because of his partisan character, had no capacity to engage in such services in this matter. Also, there was no free and fair agreement concluded before such services were undertaken / provided. Quite frankly Ameresekere has held the PM by his balls, and told him to order his minions to do what he wanted.

      In all of this there was no patriotism nor sincerity. It was all for personal gain. Ranil should tell this cunning fox to go f his m.

  • 6

    You said it Galleon Hora. It is none
    other than Nihal Amerasekera who is
    defending himself under different
    names. The same stuff was put out
    earlier too.

  • 3

    All the thief are connected under yamapalanaya and robbing the state

  • 5

    Kamal you are right ‘forensic accountant’ is none other than [Edited out]. Thank you colombotelegraph for exposing this downright fraud who has lived the good life by making money through blackmail etc.
    Kumar R please be careful when you defend Hora Amarey because the law enforcement authorities are in possession of some interesting documents prepared by your good friend.

  • 16

    The fact is that neither Sri Nihal Amarasekera nor Cornel Perera invested one cent in the Hilton Project.

    The whole burden was carried by the goverment of Sri Lanka.They are still paying huge sums to the Japanese( contractors)

    But both these guys are claiming a right to the prime land in Fort.

    These are what you call economic hit men who prowl in poor third world countries with their beady eyes and hanging tongues.

    Their operations are based on the corruption of government officials or their utter incompetence or both.

    This was a project that our government could have easily handled with Hilton/Mitsui etc.

    But because of influence of people like Cornel/Nihal at the time ( two directors of the company)chaps like JR/Chosky/Paskaralingam/Maropane/UDA allowed them a unfair and unjust stake in the prime land of Sri Lanka without paying one cent!

    Even today these chaps are talking direct to Ranil/Ravi/Harsha etc.

    Why do we need a half baked and unprincipled Nihal Amarasekera to do any negotiations for the government when we have a one million strong public service ? sad don’t you think ?

    A similar stunt was tried by Maharaja who recently claimed the land on which the Dutch hospital project is situated.

    it is time that chaps like these economic hit men are put behind bars.

    Sri Lankas who love their country should unite against this day light robbery.

    • 3

      Harry Hatton

      Very well put. Seven Stars for this contribution. May the leeches be burnt alive in this life.

  • 1

    [Edited out]

  • 3

    Common knowledge that a % of what Nihal Sri gets goes to RKK s pocket.
    No rocket science needed on that.
    Nihal Sri should be behind bars, not in prison but in the zoo.
    He is a blood sucker.

  • 2

    Aiyo Sirisena

    Haven’t you heard the saying “once a thief, always a thief”?

    Please check how much your Finance Minister is going to be paid out of the Rs 300,000,000. Anyway it is going to be a nice return for exchanging a few words at Hilton lobby over a couple drinks at Government expense, no?

  • 6

    And you call yourself a professional! Shame on you Nihal Sri, just another cheap Paisa Must Appah ready to fleece an ailing government.

  • 2

    48 hours ago, I specifically responded to Lakshamns questions giving him information on how to get information from the AG’s department based on Freedom of Information Act.
    How come you deliberately kept it away from publication.

    Please act responsibly by publishing my comments without sweeping it under the rug..!!

  • 0

    Hora [Edited out]

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