20 May, 2022


HRC Clarifies Situation Of Harassed Ganemulla Schoolgirl

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has stated that intervention at critical points has ensured the right to education of a school girl who was subjected to harassment due to her mother having participated in a programme to raise awareness of HIV prevention in 2017.

When the girl, who was attending a school in Ganemulla at the time, was harassed to the point she couldn’t attend school, the Commission had intervened to uphold her right to education.

However, at the beginning of this year a similar situation had arisen, prompting her guardians to seek relief at the HRC. Consequently all relevant parties had been summoned to the Commission on March 9 for an inquiry. It was then concluded that the said child was not being subjected to any form of harassment, neglect or rejection by the school, education officers, fellow students or their parents, the HRC stated in a media release signed by the Chairperson Dr Deepika Udagama.

While the guardians were advised to take the child back to school on February 12, after the March 9 inquiry a special plan of action was put in place so that the child’s identity will remain unknown.

The HRC also observed that there are various inaccurate reports and interpretations in the media about the nature of the Commission’s intervention and urged anyone interested to directly contact the Commission if accurate information is needed.

The following is the full text of the media release:

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    The schoolgirl’s mother seems to be a progressive activist. Evidently the mother participated in a programme to raise awareness of HIV prevention.
    A ‘critical stage’ came about and the Human Rights Council of SL intervened. What was this critical stage?

    Following submissions from both sides HRC SL on March 9 concluded that the said child was not being subjected to any form of harassment, neglect or rejection by the school, education officers, fellow students or their parents. This implies that the fault (whatever it was) is on the schoolgirl’s side.
    Was the furore “Much ado about nothing”? One is left none the wiser!

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    Hiding a whole pumpkin in rice?

    Dilrukshi cannot be in her job. Ponny cannot be the Law and order minister. It was reported by many NGOs in UN HRC that EP and PM have sternly said that no case of Human right would be investigated. How this commission replied to those complaints at UNHRC?

    The money spend on this commission would have been better spent on Divi Negumba, if it is still there.

    What a farcical comedy piece is this commission?

    Of cause we should not be the ones to talk about how the Yahapalanaya operating. We never accepted it. But, not anything out of seriousness, but just inquisitive, still what is the modus operandi of this farcical commission?

    Didn’t this kids’ matter was fixed last time when the imbecile education minister messed on a poor boy case? Why the commission is covering up instead of all those who anytime in their life attempted to deprived a practically orphaned child’s education, instead they say openly “Enough is Enough” and take them all to court? How many children have to go thought this pain before these crooks are prosecuted? Is that honestly right for Buddha facilitate Chief Madame to go up to PhD while these kids could not minimum spent their day time in the place called school, which their parents too paying for to be maintained by the government?

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    I think the public notice in Sinhala by the HRCSL is errorneaous.
    It should read as “the said child should not be subjected to any form of harassment ………… instead of “The child was not being subjected to …………………….”

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      “Human Rights” is the name of the game ejects you with bullet speed into Sinhala Buddhist Patriotic Colombo politics. You may remember some of us had appeared to silly JVP girls on Humanitarian grounds and went to UNCHR to talk about P. Richard’s mass murders?

      Human Right is powerful cannon ball can shoot through any fortress wall. Remember when Appe Aanduwas were tightly practicing Food and Medicine as weapon, Chitanta government killed 150,000 Tamils on a Humanitarian Rescue Mission with Zero Casualty?

      You may remember who donates Range Rovers to Colombo High Class Love Tri-Angle Murders; The World’s most renowned Charity Organization “ICRC”. (When ICRC walks into Lankawe, it upgrades the “R” one place ahead and “C” as “s” – “IRCs”.)

      And, other times, it is a well-recognized modern fashion in Colombo Streets too. If you are not a member of these “Humanitarian Societies” you are not in the “Class” too.

      That was case with the Friday falsehood too. Sundaram Commission investigated the NGOs murders by Lankawe Navy. It is the fascist from Friday Falsedom made it ti vanish into thin air for sane NGOs from Judge Sundram. That is how you get approval to contest in UN SC election.

      When Ranil went to Jaffna first time (2015) after winning Tamils Support, a principal from Kilinochchi wanted to complain about the condition of his school. Ranil replied “You Shut up and sit down” in front of his teachers and students. . Didn’t you hear when NCM a looming over his Ranil lamented and shed revers of tear in Jaffna, that Northern educations is destroyed by the LTTE war and he wats bring in 10 years the Sinhala Ayatollahs’ education system? Crocodiles! It is the Kanangra education system put the country’s education system on the hands of the politicians who call them as “Workers for Humanity”.

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