21 July, 2024


Hulugalle’s Dangerous Liaisons With A Casino Queen Links To The Closure Of The Media Centre For National Security

The dissolution of the controversial Media Centre for National Security that was tasked with counter propaganda against the LTTE during the final phase of the war is directly linked to the illicit affairs and conduct of its Director General and regime strongman Lakshman Hulugalle, a Sri Lankan newspaper has revealed today.

The Presidential Secretariat closed the MCNS with effect from November 1, evicting Hulugalle from his post, the Sunday Times said in its political column today.

Gota, Hula and Sudharma

Gota, Hula and Sudharma

The Sunday Times said that a sequence of events triggered by the sudden transfer orders to 23 officers and constables from the Police Department’s Organised Crimes Investigation Unit led to the closure of the MCNS.

It came in the wake of the 23 officers conducting a raid on a gaming centre in the Colombo Town Hall area, the newspaper said.

The Sunday Times quoted highly placed Police sources as saying that the orders came even without a proper investigation being conducted against the 23 policemen. The newspaper quotes a UPFA source as saying the MCNS Director General Lakshman Hulugalle had urged IGP N.K. Illangakoon to effect the transfers on the grounds that there was ‘unfair’ treatment after the arrest of some persons closely associated with a leading personality.

Hulugalle, however, has denied he made any such request, the newspaper states.

“The issue was raised in Parliament by Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake. Noting that newspapers had reported that the MCNS had been dissolved from November 1, he asked whether it means that “only the crimes the Director General Lakshman Hulugalle committed after November 1 could be called crimes and wrong doing?” He asked how one would describe what he did prior to that date. Dissanayake said that the 23 policemen who raided the ‘Salaka Regino’ gambling den had been transferred to remote areas. Dissanayake said “Hula” is the name for the Director General of the MCNS. “What a crime for an official to use his powers to cover up his Casanova lifestyle,” asked the JVP parliamentarian,” the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile a leading businessman Gamini Nethicumara, granted an interview to a Sunday Sinhala weekly last week that the Sunday Times says came in the backdrop of representations Nethicumara made to the UPFA leadership over allegations against Hulugalle.

In the interview Nethicumara claims a person by the name of ‘Hula’ and his wife were having an illicit affair. He claims his sister-in law had benefited greatly from the liaison between Hula and his wife and got his wife involved in a gambling business. “Through ‘Hula’s’ influence the required security was provided,” Nethicumara said in the interview. He says he has proof of the affair which started at the end of 2011. Police complaints were lodged but never investigated, Nethicumara says, because “Hula” was a powerful person. The businessman alleges in the interview that even when there was an argument in the house, 50 policemen would surround their home.

“Whenever this particular person (Hula) came home it was a disturbance to the neighbors as well. The Special Task Force and their Defender vehicles used to come and block the roads. It brought embarrassment to us. My children told ‘Hula’ not to come home. I also visited his office and told the same,” he says in the interview.

Nethicumara says after repeated requests, “Hula” stopped visiting his home. “But whenever he wanted he came and picked her and dropped her. A private security guard was deployed at my home without my permission. I was forced to take their permission to enter my own home. I believe it was state money which was being used,” he said.

Nethicumara’s two children have made complaints to the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA). In addition, he had also made a complaint to the Cinnamon Gardens Police but has alleged that no action had been taken. It is only thereafter that Nethicumara had made representations to President Mahinda Rajapaksa himself, the Sunday Times says.

The newspaper said that this week an STF security contingent assigned to Hulugalle was withdrawn. UPFA sources said that Hulugalle had now sought a diplomatic posting, preferably in Malaysia but his request had not been granted.

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    The men will always will be men!!
    But a Sinhalese married woman with kids should know her limits!!!!

    • 0

      So long you have close ties with RULING thugs, those values related the respect and dignity of life are given no place regardless of you being a woman or man.

      Now I raise the question, this man Hulugalle and the ruling bunch charged Sarath Fonseka sending him jail sessions for rulers^own reasons. But how the same authorities would react against Hulugalle^s wrong behaviours ????????????…. So called barbaric GR .. how would he cover all these this time ? ..

  • 0

    The regime’s gigaloes are unraveling before the yes of it’s supporters who have gone to length to support it at all fronts. Many more to come out.

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    A VVIP family’s name is now a passport even for
    sexual activity and break families. Next will be
    the use of their names for forced marriages. They
    don’t care.

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    In the next term, suppose that there would be a new govt. I guess, they have to invest more to build hundreds of prisons to keep all these perpetrators related to ruling bunch and their generations.
    So the new govt will have to ask for loans not for any other development projects but for building prisons across the country.

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    Why cannot the government expose this fellow Hulugalle.
    Then their credibility will go up. They can say they do
    not protect wrongdoers however close to the government
    they are. Or is the government frightened all the secrets
    of their VVIPs will come out?

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    Hulugalle should be whipped publicly
    at the Galle Face Green. What a shame
    that Sri Lanka has gone to the dogs!!

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    Its Karma, he was instrumental in shutting down CBNSAT (now DialogTV) for the benefit of his business growing. Now he is gone from those he had protection.

    Karma will follow the Rajapakse too…

  • 2

    Will 100,000 brave Sri Lankans stand with me at Independence Square until we bring the crooks to justice? I admit, I doubt myself on this count. And, as long as we fear, for fear itself, the crooks will have their way.

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