29 May, 2022


Human Rights Groups Warn Sirisena May Face Scrutiny By International Criminal Court Over His Pledges To Emulate Duterte

Manila-based human rights groups said Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena ran the risk of facing scrutiny by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, due to his remarks pledging to emulate Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal war against drugs.

Sirisena drew condemnation from the civilized world when he publicly lauded Philippine Duterte’s “war” against drugs, during an official visit to the country.

Human Rights Watch, last year, stated that Duterte’s murderous “drug war” resulted in extra-judicial killings of tens of thousands of drug suspects.

In one of his speeches, Sirisena said, “Excellency, the war against crime and drugs carried out by you is an example to the whole world, and personally to me. Drug menace is rampant in my country and I feel that we should follow your footsteps to control this hazard.”

Philippines human rights group iDefend said that if Sirisena was serious about following Duterte’s lead, he should be ready to face scrutiny by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, which has started a preliminary examination into alleged crimes against humanity by Duterte.

“We warn Asian leaders not to emulate the Philippine model but adopt a humane, evidence-based public health approach to the drugs issue through a rights-based governance that strengthens, not erodes democratic institutions,” iDefend spokesman Judy Pasimio said today.

Meanwhile, the President’s Media Division today announced that Sri Lanka would get help from the Philippines to deal with the “drug menace”. In a statement, the PMD stated that experts from the Philippines would arrive in Sri Lanka soon to look into technical advisory groups operating in the country, dealing with the drug menace.

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    Drug traffickers are Exploiting weakest side of the human minds. As such fighting them with whatever the way possible is the duty of the countries leaders. It is not a violation of human rights.it is the enhancement of human rights. Just like fighting against terrorism. So called human rights groups may be beneficiaries of drugs traffickers black money. It is obvious that terrorists use drug trafficker’s black money to buy weapens for their human rights violation activities.Therefore Mr. Sirisena’s visit to country and shack_ hand with its president should be appreciated. Our country too is suffering and will suffer with effect of such activities soon. Our police were able to find lots of drugs in and around Colombo. Also found weapens from Islamic extremist groups in Vanathavilluva and more recently more explosives from Jaffna . That means our minorities like tamils and tamil muslims merged together and planning to vage terrorism activities on our cultural and religious ancents sights. Mr. president I wish you all the best. TERRORISM THAT alinged with drug trafficking can be wiped out only with making good reletionship with those who already started fighting against those two activities. Wish you all the best Mr. presidents of Lanka & Phillipine. You all are lovers of human rights not violators.

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