25 June, 2022


I Have A Dream

By Vishwamithra1984 –

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” ~Edgar Allan Poe

I have a hope. Sometimes, it goes beyond that and becomes an expectation. The hope is that this country will  once again be one in which every citizen is equal; a country in which members of one ethnic group, both individually and collectively, will feel totally and completely equal to the others, embracing each other not out of forced reconciliation but genuine emotion and feel.

Maithripala nomination dayThose hopes, aspirations and expectations have been dashed over and over again. But the dream continues. I have a dream that my family of three children (two girls and a boy of school-going ages) and wife who is a fulltime housewife would one day be free of all our debts. I dream about a day when my eldest daughter could be admitted to the best school in the district without paying ‘santosams’ to the Secretary to the local politician; I dream that my second daughter could be provided with brand new uniforms instead of the ones used and discarded by her elder sister. I dream of the day when my one and only son who is in his adolescence could play for the school cricket team without paying puja to his class teacher and coach.  And I have a dream that my wife who is pregnant with our fourth child would one day be provided with domestic help so that she could attend to the schoolwork of our children. I also dream that all my wife’s pawned jewelry could be recovered soon so that when the next big wedding comes, she could wear all the jewelry that I gave her on our wedding day.

And I have a dream that in my own workplace, I would be recognized as an exemplary, efficient worker and able to obtain my next promotion without a bribe being offered to the Chief Minister’s wife. These dreams may be far too ambitious to be realized, but can anyone blame me for dreaming? As a schoolboy myself, I dreamt of reaching impossible heights; I dreamt of having, not a palatial house for my family, but a roomy home where each of my children could have his or her own room with an attached toilet and bath. Is that too ambitious a dream? I don’t think so.

My wife’s brother is a local contractor. His construction work involving cutting irrigation channels has come to a dead halt because there is no irrigation work undertaken by the Government. Now he has switched to road construction and tarring of newly cut roads. Yet he cannot get work sufficient to keep his workforce gainfully occupied unless he pays 10% in advance to the Pradesheeya Sabha member who is allocating work. Days of tender procedures are dead and gone. Fly-by-night contractors are bidding way above the engineer’s estimates and still managing to obtain contracts. How on earth the local authorities find money to pay these contractors is another question altogether. Most of them have not been paid for the work done. Yet the 10% advance was collected by the politician even before the contract was signed. I dream of a day when my brother-in-law would be competing on a level playing field.

I dream that our so-called role-models of parliamentarians would exercise more restraint when speaking in Parliament; I dream that they would not take the law into their own hands and punish honest government servants for not obeying their orders; I dream that our local politicians would not get involved in raping tourists; I dream that they would at all times respect the law of the land; I dream that they would not punish schoolteachers who do not obey the decrees of politicians.

Dreaming of a land that is free of corruption and nepotism is no sin; dreaming of a Parliament that is robust and thought-provoking yet friendly, decent and civil is not only innocent, it is acutely necessary. Those who do not dream would not achieve what they have not dreamt of. Such is the fundamental character of a dream. It is not possible to dream if one is not ambitious. We are not in a super mundane world where all desires and wants are absent and worldly life is treated as sinful. So it’s perfectly all right to dream.

I have a dream in which our rulers are honest and candid about what they utter in public; I have a dream in which our President gives credit to the commanders and ordinary soldiers for winning the war without owning the war-victory by himself. I have a dream that the first family is, if not equal, at least comparable with others in all respects- security, wealth, facilities available etc. – of day-to-day life. I have a dream that bigwig-politicos pay attention to other commuters also when they rush from point A to point B. I have a dream that our politicians, be they Ministers, Prime Ministers or ordinary parliamentarians, abstain from soliciting favors of various kinds, such as money, flesh (women), furloughs and other santosams when they perform their basic duties as servants of the people.

I have a dream. I have a dream of being able to question our rulers without being treated as a bothersome irritant. I have a dream that my young daughter could be sent to see the area MP or the Minister without worrying about her returning with her virginity intact. In such a cruel world from where sanity has fled and avarice, greed and lust have invaded the inner sanctums of the ruling clan and their henchmen, dreaming of simple dreams has become an uncommon luxury. It is no cardinal sin to expect the ordinary from the ordinary. It is certainly a task to expect the extraordinary from the ordinary.

In a deeply convoluted world of phony values and distorted truths, the ruling clan is toying with the emotions and weak responses of a gullible public. In such a chaotic scenario, expecting a strong and wise response from the rulers is as impossible as extracting feathers from a tortoise. Deeply buried in their own excreta, these rulers spare no words or action to achieve their own parochial objectives, whether they be money, power or anything else.

It is in this morass that I am asking that I be allowed to dream; to dream about a better future for my kids; better future for my Tamil, Muslim and Burger brothers and sisters; to dream about a world of peace, justice and fairness. Is that too much to ask?

I have a dream that sooner than later this situation would turn for the better. I have a dream that our rulers would open their eyes and ears and if all signals are accurate and right, they have no intention of adjusting their antennas. If the current set of rulers is not willing to change, then I dream that there will be a man born of the soil, wedded to the age-old values of fairness and kindness, a man who sacrificed the comforts of ruling classes and who would come down to earth and stand with the ordinary man and woman of the land.

I have a dream of seeing Maithripala Sirisena as our next President to do away with this draconian system of Executive Presidency, to establish the rule of law and order; to be transparent and accountable and to enrich the people of the country instead of a single family.

I have a dream.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    Is this dude from another Planet…

    Under the current Govt, even Dalits can make a few bob to feed the kids without begging or sending them to Elite households to work for left over food.

    And most importantly Dalit kids in .the South or the North can go to school in peace and break away from the Poverty Cycle one day…

    And they don’t have to worry about children getting drafted to become soldiers,

    They do not get blasted in buses, in schools and in railway stations.

    Inhabitants are not considered equal even in certain communities because their caste. .

    And this dude reckon CC Sira is going to make his dreams come true, where all are equal ..

    May be he got a point.

    CC Sira’s backers are the Elite Aglicans and the Vellalas,,

    They are and always been on par with all what this Dude is on about in his dreams.

    That is why he says.. ” Like in the old days”…

    May be the Political power is the only dream which is lacking.

    • 10

      Which planet are you from Sumane? Without just broad brushing everything he has said and without using your Dalits and Vellalas shall we pick a point and have a debate with facts.

      I would like to pick the 10% advance a contractor has to pay before winning the work to local politician. He then performs the work and doesn’t get paid from the local authority. Where is the justice in this? We are talking about an average citizen”s ability to earn a living. The current system is preventing it. Just because the regime won the war they cannot use that to rape and pillage the country. What do you have to say about this? Who is ultimately responsible for good governance.

      • 2

        You reckon your Sira, CBK, Ranil supporters and financiers will give contracts without commissions….Right..

        Hope Chandrika, Kiriella, and Karunanayka won’t see this comment.

        Otherwise they will be giggling behind Sira’s back, when he addresses the Dalits in the Rice Bowl of Pollonnaruwa…

        • 1

          As I expected you failed the first test by mentioning Dalits. Let’s ignore it as an inherent weakness you are born with and analyse your reply.

          What you are saying is that an incoming government will be corrupt as well, therefore let’s allow the current regime to continue taking bribes and kickbacks. A big fail dear Sumane. You know that two wrongs do not make a right. Both parties should be punished .

          You keep applying the law of the land until we elect honest, trustworthy politicians. The law of the land is clear and we need to apply it to all equally.

          • 3

            “”Let’s ignore it as an inherent weakness you are born with and analyse your reply.””

            no way is he a Ambedkar style dalit.

            Dalit is his vehicle and he is in the driving and that makes the danger- tread with caution he is vadi kahata vedi (bullet in the bunker)

            NGO’s in the west also talk of Dalit, Sihal/labour party in the west also pick up `alcoholism, children, working class, underprivileged etc.

            Notice him attack them,

            Sumane is the Ombudsman from the wella bunker.

    • 0

      “Is this dude from another Planet…”

      He must be Sumane, if not he would not have fallen for the LTTE trick of planting “Taraki” Sivaram at the Island.

      The character is like used toilet paper.

    • 1

      Kandiah Arasaratnam Sumanasekeram, are you from another planet. Majority of people who comment here are against the MaRa regime. They and I think you are from another planet. So, get this through your thick scull.

      • 2

        He could get it through his thick skull ONLY if he had one that may cover his pea of a brain… He seems to be someone who likes to be led by a LEADER and be a FOLLOWER….. HE can NEVER comment without bringing in racist remarks… sigh

    • 2

      Kiribanda .A Sumanasekera


      MaRa Cronies wants to eat Wattalapam Says Minister..

      They have earned enough for this life and many rebirths..

    • 4

      half of the country s population would be more than happy if MR would be met with the same destiny as Premadasa faced it on a road junction.
      MR is the only leader of the country who is that devious and hypocrite to stay in power. He has sofar used all abusive tactics to stay in power.

      Rajapakshes deserve to be destined in the same manner as they harm to his people. I am sinhala but this man and his decisions took the lives of many in the last phase of the war.
      Some say – Rajapakshes govt is run by Gotabaya the born executioner while other wandibattayas stay mum as Maithree revelas whatever Rajapskshe does.
      At the time Baratha was killed out as a dog – Sirisena and Rajitha were threatened by Rajaapkshe using a filthy langauge that the both should have to follow the commands of Raja – this gives us a greater hint in finding JUSTICE in that murder case.
      If Royals did not put the pressure on MR adminisration in terms of the fair verdict to be given in that Tourist murder case, surely, the man close to Raja would have set free to this day. All these murderers should be punished to the North korean style – then the country and folks would feel that JUSTICE is given.
      Rajapakshes deserve to be excuted to the very same manner as Sadam faced it.

    • 3

      if the 200 lacks being spent for a day to maintain president expsenses could be curtailed to 20 lacks a day, with the rest 180 lacks x 30 = 540 lacks/month = 6480 lacks/ year –

      Why the ballige putha needs to take a single flight to his entourages while all othe presidents fly in usual flights – should be focused by the masses….

      cant these sums better be used to uplift the day today life of poor man whose income a day would nt even 250 rupess ?

    • 3

      Read where your looka is:

      Modi Mooth Maro Teetham Nehi he.

      Rajapaksa offers prayers at Tirumala


      • 0

        Medamulana mara,

        Sorry, the Gods are NOT with you

        Video: President on the mat


        Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, who appears as a devoted Buddhist and engages in religious practices sitting on high chairs goes suddenly to Thirupathy Hindu Temple after handing over nominations and sits on the floor to get blessings from gods.

        Billions of rupees in public money have to be used to take a ‘SriLankan’ flight to go abroad. The allocation for the President from the budget was Rs.8570 million. However, it was increased later to Rs.10490 million for such wasteful spending.

        Immediately after handing over nomination papers on the 8th the President participated in a religious ceremony at Viddyalankara Pirivena at Peliyagoda. There he sat on a comfortable chair during the ceremony.

        At At Thrirupathy Kovil:

    • 1

      This is one of the problems of this country – we have so many of these day dreaming duds among us who is expecting everything on a plate from the Gov. – The theory of these brick bats is “I vote for them then provide all my needs” – that is the basic theme of their pathetic story –these guys do not understand that they have to work hard and look for more opportunities and use their time more productively to be successful in their life – one of the main role of whatever Gov. is to facilitate the flocks to improve their lives – This is the breed of hate mongers – who thrives on rumours – These guys have no exposure to the outside world other than watching silly dramas and ridiculously silly commercial Ads , broad cast by many of Sri Lankan TV channels and sensationalized news items with no value for the viewers – I have one opinion for these duds – Put your country first – your private desires behind and try not blind yourselves with all what you hear – try also to see positive aspects – and keep yourself busy thinking how can i do something to contribute for the future of your country – you do not need to do big things – do your job properly – the best way possible – If we have more people thinking this way – this country will have a better future

    • 1

      If a litre of Petrol could be given at a rate of 80 rps, taking double of it to comfort their wastages – is a greater curse.
      MR should be executed only for the wastages he abusively continues while hugging and cuddling the little ones of the poor. It is like stabbing and even hurting further the wouunds. . These Beliaththa rascals are born criminals.

  • 1

    Dear mr Vishamittra
    ” The hope is that this country will  once again be one in which every citizen is equal; a country in which members of one ethnic group, both individually and collectively, will feel totally and completely equal to the others, embracing each other not out of forced reconciliation but genuine emotion and feel.”

    What stands in the way?

    The moment you mention “ethnic GROUP”, “collectively” the ball has started rolling.

  • 4

    BTW I had a dream – saw the “Assets Declaration” due to the EC from MR
    painted in small letters on all his cut-outs – it had to be small as
    the contents were so long to even complete it in one cut-out!
    So DJ advised him to complete a forth term when he can make a bigger
    cut-out to fill his full Declaration in one!!!!!!!

    Can his non-declaration even in his two terms cause the downfall in the 3rd?

    If this dream comes true, will MR confirm the painted sums or deny it??
    Will the SB Voters be guided by this little information to decide if
    it should be M1 or My3 on 8-1-15 (SWRDs Birthday).

    • 0

      punchinilame didn’t you write that you have suffered more than MLK Junior or Gandhi? I’m not hundred present might have been LTTE sympathizer and all thing Sinhalese hater Antany Western loving Peter.

  • 0

    It is a good dream my friend.Glad ypu called it a dream. Because Mithripala has deckared him self to be a Sinhala Budhist candidate.For your dream to come through he should not be devicive himself.

    Why did that Presidential peasant not call himself “Sri Lankan”.Perhaps he is not?

  • 0

    This will happen with the victory of MS and establis a government with Ranil as PM.

  • 3

    [“And I have a dream that my wife who is pregnant with our fourth child would one day be provided with DOMESTIC HELP so that she could attend to the schoolwork of our children. I also dream that all my wife’s pawned jewelry PAWNED JEWELLRY could be recovered soon so that when the NEXT BIG WEDDING comes, SHE COULD WEAR ALL THE JEWELRY THAT I GAVE HER ON OUR WEDDING.”]

    Talk about Vellalar living!!! In the US, domestic help is considered a luxury for the average Joe. Displaying of jewelry is usually the privilege of movie stars.

    Also, wonder who will look after the domestic worker’s children so the domestic worker’s children can be helped with their school work. A true and honorable dream should be of paying proper taxes so the people in the rural sector and domestic workers can be paid good salaries (and not go to the ME). And that the rural and domestic workers can afford proper day-care whilst working for the lady with jewelry. The dream needs to be fine-tuned towards a more Southern-reality/common-man dream. Otherwise it is ok.

    • 1

      `Talk about Vellalar living!!! In the US, domestic help is considered a luxury for the average Joe. Displaying of jewelry is usually the privilege of movie stars.`

      US a former colony with a civilisation of a little over 200 years and Lanka a land of Hora Oru and by products Portuguese Slaves from Goa (headquarters till 1978).

      The Europeans have a civilisation even before the Vikings were known to you.

      There still exist `child care support` and much, anf Europe is a giving nation because it has a culture.

      The Americans (land of immigrants) are expressly USAID- Defence related (Bush to Paul McCarthy)

      The happenings at Lanka show how uncivilized Fernando and Lankians can be.

      It seems General Lankian don’t need to be movie stars or buddhist to reject – the virtue of selfishness.- all talk of Altruism to their personal benefit.

  • 2

    I have also a dream.

    I would like to see all the culprits being given the due punishments for all the abuses being carried out by MR showing somethi palatable to the overwelmed stupid masses inthe country.

    Where has he gotten the rights to abuse the tax payers funds while the masses stay struggling for their 3 meals.

    Modi like personaliies in India would never do so – knowing the heart beats of the common man in that country.

  • 1

    Yes…We can…. as Dr.Martin Luthur Kings predicted.
    Not only you but also many millions of people in our country deeply feel the same. Unfortunately those who do not have capacity and ability to think deeply are blind about Rajapaksa Family. Most of people are completely unwise and uneducated and intellectually blind and lack of knowledge is very key issue in SL. The group which has assembled together with Rajapaksa family and regime is completely and extremely corrupted. They are intoxicated with POWER and MONEY.

    Rajapaksa family and their corrupted companions definitely can not live without power and privilleges.

    The DOG who barks to protect Rajapaksa regime (UDGOSHANAWANSA) try his utmost to fool every single fool to vote for Rajapaksa.

    However…Please try your utmost to enlighten people to expel this rajapaksa family.

    This PURE man and genuine human being is the leader for our future generation.
    Maithree…..May the God Bless you….

  • 1

    Saman, Sadly this has become the Truth of today’s Sri Lanka:-

    “Rajapaksa family and their corrupted companions definitely can not live without power and privileges”.

    By keeping the Masses ill-educated, the Rajapakse Family is ensuring that the Majority Voters will not See what they, the Maras, are doing to our Country!

    • 1

      after all that bugger Susil is a cesspit. These wandibattayas are the root cause rajapkahse to fall that deep. Anyway, I am so glad if Rajapakshe would be exploded by tomrrow leavingus all srilankens in peace.

  • 2

    The dream of right thinking ones are to see MR and the clans being punished for their crimes.

    This to be done, people should be made well aware of the gravity of the corruption and abuses being carried out by MR regime.

    MS has already revealed how Bartha killers were protected by MR. Today the man medically unconscious to recall the murder – has been put in front to play the hosanas to MR. All right respecting ones would raise the question, by digging the medical source data whether Duminda silva was hospitalized in the said time in a s pore hospital. Hirunika will bring all these soon – so that the family can breath in well. Duminda and Rajapakshes are born murderers sowing all criminal seeds to grow more of them so that they can stay in power.
    How can a man of that grade become current philathropist ?
    People are not stupid as they appeared to be. The very same folks would not fall in the same pits again.
    Jaya niyathai, people will say good bye to NATION S multi criminal MR on the 8th of January.

    • 0

      I have only one thing to say about B’s death -Those who have taken up Arms will will find their end with the same Arms

  • 1

    Best would be – if all the measures would be set up MR to be caught by JUSTICE – BY THE TIME ELECTION VITORY will be released. To the very same manner SF was abducted right away after last election is over.

    This MR deserves to all crimes he deliberately shaped up within last 5 years since the war is no longer there.

  • 0

    Never forget that your nightmare ended on the 19th of May 2009. Now you can go to work unhindered and you are not fearful of what would happen to your children during the day.

    As for desire for a footman, butler and a ladies maid in addition to a chef, you can keep dreaming. You are not the only one with such dreams.

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