29 May, 2023


I Was A Bumbling Englishman In A Sri Lankan Disguise

“Many of my family still live in rural villages in Sri Lanka, where they have a squat toilet and wash in a well, with snakes regular visitors. Staying at these places should have led to a humbling epiphany regarding my material attachments. What actually happened is it made me realise what a first-world-comfort, desperate little twat I truly am. I actually felt embarrassed at what a big deal I was making about staying in those conditions, while continuing to make a massive fuss about them.” says Romesh Ranganathan.

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    Poor Romesh Ranganathan tries to be a comedian on BBC Three that labours very hard to come up with insipid programs for younger audiences, and no wonder he ends up as a joker. The joke is on him. He is no Englishman, he is no Sri Lankan, he is no comedian. He is an over-baked piece of bland white bread.

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      Off The Wall

      Have you seen the entire episode?

      The joke is on him. It is even better. Now we can laugh at him, isn’t what he intented do in the first place?

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    I can relate to the author’s feelings coming from a rural village myself. Quality of life does not always mean the creature comforts we take it for granted in the western world. It is much more than that , when you feel fulfilled emotionally and spiritually that feeling adds more value to your life than all the creature comforts put together.

    I who used to turn my nose on the Village folk and their way of life when I was young, have over the years become a converted country life enthusiast and supporter. Country folk have much more to offer to the world than even city folk. The information of technology has made the world a global village where everybody is connected to one another and in that changing paradigm the village folks personal qualities are valued much more than the contributions most city dwellers can offer to the modern society.

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    Didn”t good lovable snake creep inside his trouser?

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    Not many have (a) the self-confidence and (b) detachment to laugh at themselves, particularly in public. It’s a rare and welcome trait.


    PS. Perhaps, he should have written, “I was a bumbling Brit”, rather than “a bumbling Englishman”?

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    Funny Englishman…..Hehehehe

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      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “Funny Englishman…..Hehehehe”

      When did last time or ever a woman voluntarily touch you , excluding your mother, sister, grandmas, aunts, care home assistants, nurse, air hostess, female doctor, …………?

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