7 December, 2023


I Was Nowhere Near Isaipriya: Major General Harrendra P Ranasinghe

Responding to the report “No Vetting For Sri Lanka’s New Major Generals” by the International Truth and Justice Project, Major General Harrendra P Ranasinghe says; the publication is totally “misleading”.

“I wish to categorically state that I was not present in the country during the time of the incidents that have allegedly taken place, as the publication has claimed,” he said.

When Colombo Telegraph inquired about the matter in question, the International Truth and Justice Project said “Tell him it is being taken down by us”. When asked the reason behind their decision to take it down, the ITJP has not responded.

We publish below the clarification by the Major General Harrendra P Ranasinghe in full:

Isaipriya alive

Dear Editor

The Article with the heading of No Vetting for Sri Lanka’s New Major Generals: ITJP on 23 May 2020 at Colombo Telegraph website.

I refer to above ITJP publication appearing in your website base on totally “misleading” misinformation and wish to clarify as follows. 

Recently, I came across with the above article concerned in your website citing my name with bogus/false allegations, stating that I have been identified in a video clip, where Miss Isaipriya, a so-called Tamil TV presenter and LTTE woman carder, is seen alive and surrounded by Sri Lankan soldiers in 2009, during the at the last stages of the humanitarian operations. 

I quote the following from your publication.

2. Major General Harendra Parakrama Ranasinghe

Special Forces, Staff Number: O/60846,

Promoted after the war in 2009.

571 Bde. commander in 2009: 17 Dec. 2008- 6 Aug. 2009.  (See ITJP Dossier on Jagath Dias and 57 Division).

There is a video of the prominent Tamil TV broadcaster and singer known as Isaipriya surrendering unarmed at the lagoon edge in May 2009; photographs have also been published showing her corpse. The 2015 UN investigation concluded that Isaipriya was executed after surrendering to the Sri Lankan Army. Witness testimony has identified Lt Col Harendra Ranasinghe of the Special Forces in the video as one of the people accepting the surrender of Isaipriya; though there’s no indication he was responsible for her execution but he would likely know who was. 

Major General Harrendra P Ranasinghe

He went on to become the defence attaché in Washington in 2014- 2015.” Unquote  

Whilst neither the publications have attached any material evidence to prove the claim nor it is clear what, how, when and where those videos are taken. 

I wish to categorically state that I was not present in the country during the time of the incidents alleged to have taken placed as the publication has claimed. 

During the final stages of the said humanitarian military rescue operations, I was not in the country and was on an overseas vacation with my family in Dubai and London from 10 of April to 18 May 2009. I returned to the country on 18 May 2009 at midnight directly from London with my family. Thereafter I was in Colombo for a few days with my family due to a family emergency situation. I am in possession of more than sufficient evidence to prove this and more than willing to present them in an any inquiry if required. Your reporter may verify these facts, particularly my presence overseas from the UK and Dubai immigration departments. And further any one can easily obtain this information from immigration department of Sri Lanka under Section 24 of the Right to Information Act no 12 of 2016.

Furter, I wish to emphasize that nether the troops under me/my command nor myself were present in the area, that the publication has claimed, during the last stages of the battle fought with the LTTE or after the humanitarian operation ended. My troops were placed to secure the areas far away from the last fight took place/ended.    

Therefore, the allegations made by ITJP are baseless and have no truth to the accusations with my presence or my responsibility linked to the incidents. Neither have I any clue about Miss Isaipriya to date nor have I ever seen her until I noticed the publication in your website. Furthermore, neither I was involved with such operations, nor I have any knowledge about the claims by the publication.

Surprisingly the mysterious allegations were made by the publications, long after, 11 years to be precise, the incidents claimed to have taken place and come to light only when I was promoted in line with service seniority. Therefore, it is clear that the unsubstantiated allegations were made with ill-information provided by interested parties with pure professional jealousness, hatred and with ulterior motives.

Therefore, I hereby vehemently reject any truth to the publications as baseless, malicious, and futile attempt to tarnish my image as a disciplined military officer, by the hatred parties

I believe in Buddhist philosophy and Karma. Therefore, truth cannot be hidden from your Sole. Hence, all these false accusations will never be true for me and for my canciones.

I urge and request your kind consideration in this regard to find the true facts and to clarify the article imminently which gives me more concern of my hardly earned good name and character.

I believe your perusal action in correcting this article will gives trustworthiness of your website.



Major General Harrendra P Ranasinghe

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  • 12

    we know that the order was given by gota.This man is innocent.Anyway the article only says he was there when she surrendered,not that he executed her.Seems to be a malicious article.

  • 25

    Thank you Major General,
    This proves your innocence and the culpability of other alleged war crimes reported by IJTP.
    I appreciate your loyalty to your institution in calling the operations as humanitarian but do not continue to fool us saying that it is not Genocide committed on Tamil bretheren by Gota and his war criminals

    • 2

      “but do not continue to fool us saying that it is not Genocide committed on Tamil bretheren by Gota and his war criminals”

      Technically it was not Genecide man. (Though there had been indiscrimate shelling in the last few days as a retaliation to Tamil terrorist killings). You fellows are smarting from defeat. Ha ha..

  • 17

    If you were not present at the time, tell IJPT who was at the execution site

  • 16

    ” I Was Nowhere Near Isaipriya: Major General Harrendra P Ranasinghe”

    True! He was busy reading the International Prisoners of War Charter …….. after comprehending and memorizing the UN’s Human Rights Charter.

    Bad luck for him …….. his photo looks like from the rouges’ gallery of the Nuremberg Trials.

    Some guys have all the worst luck.

    • 14

      “his photo looks like from the rouges’ gallery of the Nuremberg Trials.”
      Why do so many senior officers end up looking like that? Are they picked for those qualities?

      • 17

        By the way General, Pissu Sira was not in the country, when Easter massacre took place. He lied that he did not know anything about it. Now we know he was aware of everything and let it happen. Mahinda was not in town for the final assault but he took full credit, and threw SF behind bars. Do people have to be present , physically to commit crimes ????. May be for Silly Lankans, it’s a prerequisite but not for countries like Canada, who declared Mahinda, guilty of committing war crimes.

        • 13

          Also General, just to let you know there are few wartime Generals/ colleagues of yours who left the country before you have now turned witness, to help bring those responsible to justice. You are indirectly accusing your colleagues of lying.

      • 9

        Geeeze OC ……. when there is such overwhelming filmed-evidence ……. these guys should at least try to come up with some believable yarns.

        • 7

          Nimal / OC, was anyone near to Thaj or Lasantha, when they were murdered ??? Was VP near to any of those alleged killings ??? People who were actually present and committed murder, are pardoned by our ex Presidents. This General, may have to come up with a story, we haven’t heard yet.

  • 11

    There is what is known as command responsibility?. who was the commander at that time?. The commander is a coward who refuses to take responsibility and hide behind slogans and evade

    • 2

      sri krish

      the commander at that time was fonseka.he ran off to china.All orders were given by gota during his absence.Fonseka would have thought it is better to be away.

  • 5

    Gota was nowhere near the theatre of war does that mean he is not responsible for the genocide

  • 9

    It is irrelevant who did it. But the act is a disgrace to humanity and Buddhism. Most disgraceful, inhuman act a human can do to another human. But this is what we see form thousands of years, a race evolved from violence, betrayal, incest, bestiality, wantonness, etc so what else one can expect. From the word go there was violence and betrayal. LTTE no doubt killed innocent civilians too but they were virtually forced to do so. Who attacked the innocent, civilians Tamils from 1956, 1958, 1977, 1983 and then almost continously until 2009 and even thereafter. So what else the Tamil youth could do. Either perish under Sinhala murderous rule or fight back, winning or losing is a different issue. How many surrendered men the sinhala forces executed in cold blood. Ene the baby Balachandra was shot several times on the front of chest. God, who can pull the trigger like that. He cant be a human being. To cover those sins there are sinhala racist still going around and saying that Tigers killed pregnant mothers., infants and so on. All were lies, nothing but lies. Now I hope that majority of Sinhalses know how good are sinhalese in lying. Killing during combat is ok but what these evil guys did were all without war and those who surrendered. And you ask then to surrender and then kill them.

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