1 March, 2024


I Will Vote For JVP 

By Arundathie Sangakkara –

UNP is in my blood. When I voted for Sarath Fonseka placing a cross in front of the swan, my fingers trembled. When I placed a cross in front of the same swan in 2015 to elect the current joker president to his office, the same. But I did it. Because I am UNP.

Anura Kumara Dissanayake

UNP And Class

The UNP to me represented what I believed was my ‘class’. The idea of class is complex, it includes different elements: your address, wealth, primary language, how you speak English, what you read, the art you discuss, the theatre you go to, the holidays you take, what you laugh at, who you laugh with, what’s fashion, what’s funny and what makes you cringe. Voting with the UNP was and is a ‘supposed feature’ of the ‘upper classes’. 

This UNP voting ‘upper class’ didn’t come to be out of the thin air of Colombo 3 and 7. Many are descendants of internal migrants who settled in Colombo from the villages. They all have betel chewing, toddy loving, kasippu drinking, Mahinda voting unsophisticated rural bumpkin relatives. Those relatives talk loud into the phones and tell long stories. They openly harbor prejudice based on caste and religion. But they are promptly excluded from the equation of our identity to ourselves, our immediate families and similar UNP friends. UNPers are not like that, we were taught. They are progressive, liberal, right wing-ish. Voting with UNP is not just a political statement, it resonated with expressing a real or imagined elitism. 

UNP was also my best and only weapon against the despotic Rajapaksas. I abhor the Rajapaksas, Weerawansas, Chi-Chis, The Rockets, the Namals, Nil Balakaya, the Yo-Yos, the lootings, the killings. I have had no problem glossing over the lootings of the UNP, nor the killings. After all, the UNP was still the only hope for uniting all races and still is our best and only hope against a Rajapaksa perpetuation.  

So I grew up thinking this was my UNP. Ranil was my Ranil. Any criticism of Ranil Wickremesinghe was personal to me. If he was called a born loser I would go in to long explanations about how it was not so. 

I still think Ranil is not a born loser.

That’s not fair. 

Ranil’s just a plain day to day loser.

If someone said he was an unfeeling, heartless, out of touch political nincompoop, I would rise to his defense. 

If someone called Ravi Karunanayake a ‘pal hora’, I would provide statistics on Basil Rajapaksa, Mr Ten Percent. 

So how come that I am writing this article titled ‘I Will Vote With The JVP’?

How The UNP Kills Its Support Base

Then, in 2015, Yahapalanaya happened. The UNP went on a rogue appointment rampage. It also went on its mandatory looting rampage (bond scam, anyone?). The ultra-corrupt ministers planted their stooges in many public institutions for the purpose of stealing from our institutions. The politicians and the stooges alike were replenishing their campaign spending. They started tender irregularities, commission taking, womanizing causing the systematic break down of law and order, administration, morality, decency and everything sacred.

As a group of shocked staunch UNP supporters, we thought we should fight this. We resisted like citizens; like government servants; like decent people; “like UNPers”. For two years we wrote letters, protested, called for audits, submitted Right To Information applications. We took all administrative measures. We failed so badly, we became a joke. We realized that we needed political backing to fight this. From the President down to the PM, powerful ministers, cabinet secretaries were all contacted regarding these rogues who were UNP appointees, destroying public institutions.

The reaction we got from each and every UNP minister was…. very UNP. They listened to us indulgingly, like listening to a three year old narrating a fairytale. They listened to us elegantly, making appropriate facial gestures with well timed ‘tch-tch’s thrown in. They said “it’s so wrong, something must be done, and will be done, write a letter here, and send a letter there”. But they invariably ended the conversation with “you know, so-and-so minister is so powerful. You can’t defeat him. Lokka needs him. Why don’t you all get transferred out of your departments”? 

We nodded politely, sipping green tea.

I’m Going To Meet The JVP!

We came out and told each other – fuck these UNP bigwigs. They are taking us for a ride. What they meant was-“we are protecting our thieves. You idealists who think you are one of us can continue to believe that and vote for us. But we will commit administrative rape on you and you will thank us and vote for us”. 

We had come to the end of a road of our UNP options.

One day I told my colleagues, I’m going to the JVP. 

How The JVP Was Defined To us 

Now to give you a perspective of what the JVP meant in our ‘upper class’ world, we were told this by our elders; “JVP means poor people, people who smell of sweat. They hate beautiful people, jealous of good clothes, good vehicles, English speakers. They were university raggers, they would strip university students and make them perform sex acts. They killed bus drivers, gramasewakas, artists, teachers and innocent people during the JVP insurgency. They hate the private sector, the international community, they hate progress. They conveniently criticize all governments from their tiny little moral high horses. They are arrogant, areligious, hate the rich. Their followers are unshaven, unbathed street protesters who block roads and hinder day to day activities. They will never form a government, hence, never face the challenges of the real world”. 

All this was repeated to me throughout my life, and once again people who knew of our move were repeating it to us. 

To cut a long story short, we met Anura Kumara Dissanayake (AKD), the leader of the JVP. 

He listened to us showing genuine empathy. He understood the legal, administrative and moral violations we were referring to. He promised to fight it in parliament and outside. The JVP rallied the necessary elements, made submissions, and lodged police complaints. They tirelessly worked on the issues. Several of those rogues are awaiting their jail term soon. Together with the JVP we ended several thief tenures. 

I sat in my library, with a teacup in my hand and reflected on what just happened. I have mixed with UNP bigwigs all my life. Not one of them treated me with the genuine egalitarianism of AKD. He actually responded to us as if he has requested an appointment with us! He did not lie. He did not give us any inflated sense of his importance. When he was listening, he was learning. The JVP fought it out for us till the end. And the JVP never tried to collect the credit for it; never told us to be grateful; never asked for anything in return.

JVP: Undoing Historical Blunders

The JVP spearheaded by AKD is attempting to undo the historical blunder of university ragging propagated as a means of recruiting brainwashed cadres to the JVP. The infamous Antharey (the inter-university students’ collective) is no longer a JVP arm, but a Peratugamee Party instrument. The JVP is on a reformist path to steer away from their controversial past. How many political parties do you know who will accept their historical errors and will display the humility to undo their horrors and errors? 

Will we ever hear poor little rich boy Ravi K accept that  Arjun Aloysius’s ‘unknown little apartment’ was in fact a bribe?

Will we ever hear Gota accepting that he looted public money to build the graves of his parents?

Will we ever hear any accountability from Ranil who was instrumental to the cover up of the bond scam?

Will we ever hear Sirisena accepting his failure to protect the nation on the fateful Easter Sunday of 2019?

Will we ever hear poor little daddy’s boy Sajith Baba accept that he has no degree from London School of Economics and his adult measles case is a lie and that he has a piece of paper called an Aegrotat ‘Degree’ (which basically means that he did NOT graduate)?

JVP’s Dilemma: Retaining Cadres Vs Political Reality

I have learnt some interesting things about the JVP, in conversation with AKD. The JVP will always be the socialist, Marxist party that it is. But it no longer believes in a Socialist-Marxist- Maoist- Leninist utopia. They have a good grasp of global economic reality. They are in the democratic political process today holding on to some of the core socialist values of equity, equality and parity. They have distanced themselves from university ragging. 

The JVP has tried some difficult moves. They have apologized for the loss of lives they caused during insurgency, which I don’t think is sufficient. It’s not sufficient because there isn’t a sufficient apology for killing a human being. After all, if the JVP killed my father, no amount of apologies will make me vote for them. 

But then, why do we vote for UNP who has also killed so many mothers, fathers, daughters and sons? I mean, I cringe every time Sajith Premadasa mentions ushering in a Premadasa era. How many tyres is Sajith hiding in a yard somewhere? 

The two mainstream political parties, UNP and SLFP (SLPP) have managed to secure power and hence have the media, lobbying and the eye wash machinery to gloss over their murders. Also, when a party has power, people forget the dead and go after politicians to get things done. They will barter their memories to little privileges they pick. The JVP has not had a government to play this game.

The mismatch between the evolved, refined modern ideology of the leadership as opposed to that of their cadres is a challenge. The leadership of the JVP are really decent human beings. AKD, Sunil Handunneththi, Bimal Rathnayake, Tilvin Silva actually behave like normal human beings when you meet them. They share their views with unique humility. They speak and act from a place of truth. Even when they know that your truth is not their truth, they understand your pain because they are used to empathizing with other pains and other truths. 

The cadres of the JVP are a fraction of the young and old school socialists. The old school socialists are not internet savvy. They are not connected to the live streaming of our panoramic world. The old schoolers believe that they can kneel governments by island wide strikes and streets protests. In the modern world governments and governance are also abstract ideas operating on Google. Personage politics of NM, Colvin, Bernard and Peter is dead. Now politicians are measured not so much in charisma or intellectual luster but in numbers: number of followers, ‘likes’, ‘views’, ‘shares’ and number of people gathering at rallies. Google can count the actual numbers who came to watch you in Galle Face. Today’s celebrity is not an idea, it’s a number. The romanticizers of Mao’s China or Lenin’s Russia don’t get it. The internet age has made the battle lines between capitalism and socialism hazy bringing all battles to a complex middle ground.

The JVP leadership understand this shifting paradigm. If they articulate this raw truth they might lose their cadres. They have a challenge in recruiting new cadres from among the so-called elites, real professionals and upper middle class. Their dubious past is not covered in layers of political make up. The UNP, SLFP (SLPP) keep doing political plastic surgery over theirs’s to look good, every time. 

The JVPs honesty comes with a cost. 

But JVP’s honesty is essential. 

JVP Is Against Homophobia

JVP is also the only party to speak against homophobia. They plat formed Waradas Thyagaraja, an openly gay academic in their rallies. It is the only party in the recent times to stage women speakers and minority women speakers. In the UNP the women are just show pieces like Rosy or Chandrani Bandara – pretty things, nice decoration. Alternatively they have gutter mouths like Hirunika Premachandra who thinks oratory means name calling and verbally enacting supposed sex scenes between the President and his alleged mistress. 

If not for the left politics we would not have 8 hour work days, free health or universal franchise. Left political movements have trouble coming to power world over. But they represent our only hope of politicians supporting us in our struggles for justice and our freedoms. 

A Vote For JVP A Wasted Vote? 

A lot of people tell me that a vote for JVP will be a wasted vote. That it will strengthen the Rajapaksas. But if I vote for the UNP I will only be inviting the economic and administrative rapists to rape us more, loot us more. I have learnt my lesson, voting with the UNP to whom we are just a cross on a ballot. When they get to power they impose their thugs and rogues on our institutions and tell us it’s for our own democratic good. They will show us the Rajapaksa billa to get our vote. Then they will impose their Satans on us. 

I will vote for JVP to make them stronger. Because, without honest men and women our democracy is nothing. And if we, the so-called elite, professionals, the tech savvy liberal thinkers, equality seekers don’t support them, the soul of Sri Lankan politics will die. I will vote for JVP so that instead of 6 honest men, there will be 20 JVP men and 20 JVP women in a future parliament. 

I will begin that by voting for their candidate at the Presidential Election.

I will vote for them at the General Election. 

I will also do this because the rascals of the UNP have taught me an unforgettable lesson of what ruthless, nasty, dishonest bunch of soulless crappers they are. 

I will vote for JVP. 

(P: S: No one is ‘upper class’. We all carry faeces in our colons. Get over it). 

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  • 5

    UNP represent the economical interests of the western world while JVP and other marxist parties represent the cultural interests of western world. No wonder JVP is fast loosing the rural support while getting the support of elitists who are disillusioned with Ranil.

    • 0

      will NOT vote for AKD, , maybe Sunil Handunetti.
      AKD like Sumanthiran who support, Bondscam Ranil and US citizens Rajapassa brothers have sold out Sri Lanka for American and Saudi Dollars.

      JVP knows full well that the ISIS was set up and is owned and operated by the US Special Operations Forces (SOF), and US staged the Easter massacre but has not uttered a word about this also to prevent attacks on innocent Muslims and the stop the US weaponization of Ethnic and Religious Identity politics in Sri Lanka. Rather, AKD is on the LGBTQ bandwagon with US puppet Ranil and his butterflies.

      Like the greedy Muslim , Sinhala and Tamil politicians including deadwood like CBK, Sira and the US citizen Rajapaksa brothers and US puppet Bondscam Ranil, AKD has kept his mouth Shut about the fact that the US that was behind the Easter carnage, and made no attempt to educate the people on this.
      JVP has failed to protest against the US and the US Ambassador weaponizing Buddhism and Islam and visiting Buddhist monks to sign SOFA.
      JVP should organize protests outside the US embassy and UK for dumping garbage from Diego Garcia military base and demand that Alina Teblitz GET OUT of Sri Lanka and the US embassy be closed down
      Rather, with the other UNP and SLFP corrupt politicians AKD keeps his their mouth shut about the US staging the Economic Terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday, and they let innocent Muslims be attacked by SInhala extremists.

  • 1

    Democracy is definitely not for people like Arundathie who has let a party to get in to her blood and probably it has poisoned her blood.
    Democracy is for people to make a choice, a considered and educated choice.
    One can not get a 10% with out doing some job of work but a ‘pal hora’ only does just that…. steal.
    See the difference!

  • 4

    Having followed the trends above, there appears to be a case for a change from the blue green and red parties. So why not a clear break from all three and a dark horse to follow. BTW saying Nangananda has to be an MP first is saying he must become corrupt first. In Ukraine a President without any political background was elected by a disenchanted electorate.

    • 1

      Yes, youre probably right, Mandy.

    • 2

      Yeah a Comedian. Ukrainian Comedian

  • 9

    In Sri Lanka only a very few people are intelligent enough to grasp the on going political social religious crisis. Sri Lankans think they are educated enough to assess and provide opinions and Support who ever.But most of the time as evident from the past, they back the wrong horse and then face the consequences. Arundathie has correctly analysed the mentality, and has recommended and supported the alternative. Only a few intelligent Sri Lankans can understand this.I hope that all Sri Lankans will be able ntelligent very soon.That will be the time that JVP will be voted to Power and Sri Lankan people will enjoy prosperity, peace and justice in a righteous society.

    • 4

      Can you name any country in this world that has achieved democracy & prosperity via Marxism?

      • 4

        Mr. DP,
        Ever heard of China or even Russia?
        Neither is Marxist in economics now but Communism laid the foundations by eradicating religion, ethnic nationalism and feudalism.
        Democracy is in the eye of the beholder. Do you think Sri Lanka is a democracy??

        • 3

          A.N. Other,
          Russia & China eradicated religion, ethnic nationalism & feudalism? What a joke! Russia thought that was what they were doing but it never happened. Russia is dominated by the same orthodox Christianity back again. Yes, they killed more Russian than did Hitler in the process. The final outcome was a much more corrupt & inefficient bureaucracy replacing the feudalism. Same thing happened in China. Even today,China is herding ethnic Muslim as well as families of people demand for freedom of speech in camps to brainwash. The Russian efforts completely failed; its economy imploded making the empire broken into bits pieces. Despite so many killings & forced land grabbing by the Gvt, China also never achieved much until it decided to open its economy to the world. Hitler did the same in Germany by investing in military while inducing nationalism via Nazism.

          Marxism is a political economic theory; not a set of methodology to kill people indiscriminately. If that theory cannot bring the economic prosperity it predicts without resorting to the system it expect to displace (free market system), isn’t it itself the proof for the theory’s failure?

          • 1

            Mr DP
            The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You dogmatically state that Russia and China did not weaken religious /ethnic forces. Chinese religious groups are still under state control, even the Catholics, whose bishops are state appointed. The Russian church has very little of its pre 1917 influence.
            The acid test is : are the Russian / Chinese people better off than Sri Lankans?
            Yes, if you are honest.
            What I am saying is that only the JVP has the ability to put down the backward looking forces such as the monks. We need a few decades of Communist discipline.

        • 3

          A.N. Other

          “Democracy is in the eye of the beholder. Do you think Sri Lanka is a democracy??”

          In other words you are a supporter of Gota and is dying to build your fascist ghetto state.

          • 2

            How can Sri Lanka be a democracy when only a Sinhala Buddhist can be President or PM?
            And I Am no fascist Gota man. I hope the JVP hangs him at Galle face .

        • 0

          Both China and Russia follow nationalist policies. Although the Chinese political system is communist, they follow capitalist policies. That’s why there are billionaires in the parliament.

    • 2

      Lanka Adikaaram, You have gone in a roundabout way to tell us that,
      *You are intelligent.
      * JVP is still not in power because other people are not as intelligent as you are.
      * That intelligence comes over time!
      None of these is correct.
      * If you are intelligent enough, you would not have made any of those silly statements.
      * JVP is still not in power because JVP has yet to evolve to accept modern politics.
      * Over time one may look more intelligent, that is because of the experience gathered.

  • 0

    “We came out and told each other – fuck these UNP bigwigs.”
    OMG Arundathie Sanga, you have certainly ruffled a few feathers of the SAMANALA BRIGADE.

    I have learnt some interesting things about the JVP, in conversation with AKD. The JVP will always be the socialist, Marxist party that it is.”
    Oh ! then Ranil hamu too may be one of them as AKD was defending him during last 4 years. Also, Chathura.S the new Alliance Secy’s son was heard muttering delivering some suitcases full of something to AKD…..

    AKD is a good agriculturalist sans yields……..

    • 2

      Do not display your ignorance by not knowing facts. To this day no minister of agriculture has been able to get the highest paddy yield which was achieved by AKD within an year.

      • 1


        “To this day no minister of agriculture has been able to get the highest paddy yield which was achieved by AKD within an year.”

        Within a year?
        AKD must be a miracle man.
        Did he wave his hand to produce such miracle?
        You are sure he didn’t import paddy from the Moon like his predecessors?

        • 1

          Check out the Central Bank Annual report for 2005 when AKD was the Minister in charge of agriculture for the above information

  • 0

    I’m still waiting for answers to my questions.

  • 1

    I once admired the JVP in 1980s now its zero a party outdated and nearly extinct in politics like LSSP.If they did politics according to left philosophy in vigourassly after 2015 ,MS or MR never have opportunity to reverse 2015 January revolution.Pohottuwa never bolosom such level todaythey any words against MS scandal of Russian war ship deal with maharaja.they all enjoy publicity of SIRASA TV never fault with them. So all leaders in JVP are mistrust and suspicion role .So JVP is now dying and will finally exist after Presidential pole.

  • 0

    I think I know why you don’t respond to my questions. May be you are following the same old JVP tactic of not engaging strong counter theorists directly. I know for certain that the JVP instructed its followers not to engage in arguments with a small Trotsky group that existed universities in early 70 s, particularly just prior to ’71 attack. Your silence may be a result of the same strategy. Why don’t you return to your library to find some thing to say?

    • 3

      D. P. ,

      I think Arundathie is a young person without much knowledge of “Political Theory” – most people who write here are not experts in the field; including myself.

      I feel, she is mostly, expressing her disappointment with the mainstream political parties that have shared power since independence than her avid support of the JVP. She is predominantly advocating for a change from the mainstream parties; to give someone else a chance to try them out.

      Her disappointment with the major parties is something many of us here share with her.

      Will the country come good under the JVP? ………. I don’t think so — but who knows, perhaps there may be a slight chance they will be better than the rest – the others haven’t set the bar very high; now, have they?

      Only a miracle will come good; a gigantic miracle.

      • 1


        Perhaps under the JVP the country might come good if they simply do nothing but uphold the Law and dont undermine the Institutions.

        I believe they are decent ly educated and place a greater value on their self respect. In any case they couldnt do any worse than this present set of unworthies. Had they openly eschewed their Marxist ideology they would by now hve been governing this country.

  • 5

    Now almost nearing my 80 in life, beginning with the UNP at my 21at shifted voting to the SLFP at my 30. Hopes on either to honestly serve me kept me shifting from one to another when at late 70s I have realised that my past hopes were false.Now I find that the only lot who are honest and committed to serve me are the JVP. I see them having mobilised all intelligent sections of the people to be active in the interests of the people a policy and programme have been drawn up to better the lives of the people. My next vote with confidence will be to the JVP. The country needs them desperately.

  • 2

    The reason JVP do not get votes because we do not like hard work or suffering. In other words, we are lazy bunch of people.

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