21 May, 2024


In 24 Hours, A Second Prisoner Commits Suicide

A prisoner is reported to have committed suicide today while serving his prison term at the Matara Prison. This was the second such incident within a little over 24 hours, the first such incident was reported from the Pussellawa Police Station yesterday.

Sagala Ratnayaka - Minister of Law & Order

Sagala Ratnayaka – Minister of Law & Order

According to the Prison Department, the body of the inmate was found by the prison officials today morning. His remains has been sent to the Matara Hospital for a post mortem.

The inmate, who was a resident of Matara was serving a sentence of ten years of imprisonment over a child abuse case.

On Sunday, the police reported that that 33 year old man, K. Ravichandran from Pussellawa died after committing suicide. The incident sparked heavy protests with residents claiming that the victim may have been tortured to death by the police who had detained him for questioning after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Since the incident, a Sub Inspector and a Police Constable attached to the Pussellawa Police Station have been suspended.

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    There we go again.

    Torturing people to death, then covering up the crime is an Instituion in our country.

    All are involved. Criminal Police, corupt Judiciary, rotten JMO and General Public, who look the other way or justify the killings. Not least the politicians who never cared, since 1948 about this issue.

    BTW, where are the cold-blooded killers, who gave the order for Welikada Prison massacre? In broad daylight. In the middle of our capital city.

    Hate to say it, but Yahapalana monkeys are complicit in the attempt delay and cover it up as well.


    • 7

      What are the alternatives for a nation every second is corruption and high profile abuses.


      Those voted for Mahinda Rajakpakseh were almost over 45% of vote eligible people…..

      Electing MR led forces = Giving a mandate to loot and ruin the nation

      Electing Anti MR led forces = not 100% but to some extent – good goverannce

      Examaple: Drug trafficker alleged rapist, Rajakashe man Duminda is murder convicted to this date

      Example 2: All others that perpetrated high crimes of diverse sort are being investigated

      Inveistgations are slow – sometimes like snail moves, due to the system shortcomings, lack of proper men and women, still having the thieves in the boat etc.. all these are known to SRILANKENS… but not to others looking at them.

      • 0

        drug trafficking duminda convicted of murder..fine.. the other guy he murdered was also a drug trafficking murderer, the father of hirunuka. Why was hurunika let go off in 24 hours after abducting and beating up people in defenders using her father’s drug thugs? biased judgment much?

        and you say MR put the country to ruin. From what we are seeing right now it sure as hell looked much better during his presidency than what it is now. what happened to all our foreign reserves? development rate going into negative figures, taxes sky rocketing.. and here we have a government blaming the previous leaders for their current inabilities. seriously, whenever MR is mentioned, it is either followed or preceded by crook or thief. however, after nearly two years there’s nothing to show that he stole anything. just allegations. and yet, half the people who was alleged of corruption are in the coalition government. looking at the county now and what it was 2 years ago, it was surely in a much better state. if this stupid government haven’t increased government worker salary by 10,000 we wouldn’t have been in this economic mess, plain and simple. now they are bullshitting about previous debts. and sadly people fall for that bullshit. increasing taxes to minimize car imports and then lowering the taxes of luxury cars. and increasing the tax for hybrids. that should have been an indication of the lies this government concocted.

        The article is about a tamil man suiciding in prison, and here you are taking the opportunity to do some MR bashing. when you repeat the same thing over and over again, at one point you start to believe your own tales. but that is exactly how the current government deceived a whole nation isn’t it? :)

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      Ben – You are dead right. The govt. gave the Police and the media,un
      -limited freedom to act independently as responsible people,as one of the principles of ‘Yahapalana’ administration and they are reaping the benefits of it now. During the last regime, they were silenced and today they have taken the upper hand , misunderstanding the word
      ‘freedom’ and the next is judiciary.
      Sri Lankn’s mentality is either to cow down or take the law into their own hands and there is no middle path. Its a shame that the govt. let down the people who had high hopes in this administration.

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      Ben Hurling

      “Hate to say it, but Yahapalana monkeys are complicit in the attempt delay and cover it up as well.”

      Well, there is some truth in what you are saying.

      Practicing Torture has been part of this island’s heritage. Read the article on net:



      Copy past following in google search:

      Methods and sequelae of torture: a study in Sri Lanka

      You will learn more than what you hear or read in CT.

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    Where is AHRC Basil F’do the epitome on Human Rights?
    Is he still standing on his tail in GAYASHAN episode ??
    Shankar said we are driven to Lunacy……….

    Ben the Hurling boy, is it still rotton or rotting under yahapalanaya?
    hey !! Hey !! Do not insult. Yahapalanaya are not Monkies

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    PM Ranil – what happened to the proposal for a cabinet reshuffle. Are we to name them or you will do the change sooner so that govt. machi-
    nery works perfectly.

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    Police all over the world are the same, difference is SL Police are the worst of the lot, I have experience with Police of UK, USA,Canada, France & Germany. SL Police have no control, they can get away with murder other Police from other countries have some control, to hell with the SL Police.

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    Whatever the pm or minister say or order seems to have an un-impacting effect on the administrators as they go ahead and do whatever they please and come out with some garbage excuse. Old habits die hard, strange habits die harder.

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    A despicable thing to happen in our land,over to PM Ranil and his men to sort this out or if they cant please get out as per ROYAL COLLEGE motto! ‘Disce aut Discede’

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