5 July, 2022


India Gets UN Resolution Toned Down But Loses Key Ally

By Colombo Telegraph

The revised US-sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council does not call for an international inquiry into alleged war crimes and human rights violations during the last stages of the war but only “calls upon” Sri Lanka to conduct “an independent and credible investigation.”

The earlier draft of 12 March “urged” the Sri Lankan government to implement the recommendations made in the report of the Office of the High Commissioner but now only “encourages” the Government and also calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to conduct an independent and credible investigation into allegations of violations of international humanitarian law.

The following document shows how the draft was changed. While it is assumed by many that the changes were made to accommodate Indian concerns, the watering down has led to the Congress’s southern ally, DMK, not only to withdraw its Ministers from the UPA Government but also to meet Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and withdraw support to the Government. Congress is said to be considering passing a resolution in the Indian Parliament on Sri Lanka to placate its ally.

Read the original document here

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    Someone recently wrote something we knew all along, India is complicit in all the war crimes committed and is afraid an independent investigation will reveal the extent of their complicity. The Indians provided manpower, intelligence, weapons, surveillance and were in the war-room directing operations during the last days of the civil war.

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      u ppl still live in a dreamland

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    There is over-exaggerated hype about the Geneva vote against Sri Lanka.

    Everybody knows it was a fait accompli situation from day one, and the only drama unfolding is to do with the language used in the final draft of the Resolution.

    SL won’t worry too much about this slap on the wrist, and the regime will continue pursuing its own critical agenda, i.e. how to rule in perpetuity.

    This will also ensure continuation of enriching themselves and their cronies by award of multi-million dollar tenders and projects in the guise of development.

    We may expect this corrupt and undemocratic regime to react only if and when there are real sanctions imposed on us.

    Unlike Zimbabwe, which can withstand sanctions because it is blessed with an abundance of critical mineral resources (Platinum, Uranium, Titanium, Chrome, Gold, Diamonds etc..), economic sanctions on SL will bring us quickly to our knees, as our major resource is merely export of cheap labour to Muslim countries.

    If the regime continues to procrastinate in resolving the outstanding ethnic issues, economic sanctions would be the next logical option which the hypocritical West would consider.

    And who knows, they may just throw in charges of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity against our leaders for good measure!

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    This UNHRC Drama is just like the War Drama where VP and the LTTE cadre numbering forty thousand was killed with the help of Americans and the Indians and now MR and the Officers responsible are being protected and shielded yet again.

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    From the Iraq war onwards has the UN been relevant to any nation – Another Falluja Whey Hey.

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    Nobody wants to take care of a 65 year old sick, poor and bankrupt beggar to look after with 20 million siblings to feed, nourish and take care with no visible disposable assetts or resources available to compansate.

    That’s why they are allowing and waiting for some home grown sibling to take over, while providing some Bandages, medicine, food and assistance.

    They hope very soon either the Beggar will have a slow death, or will go into coma bu slow squeeze by the neck.

    Going to be a home grown implosion where no outsider will have to worry about.

    Let’s see how things going to unfold.

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