2 July, 2022


India Govt Wishy Washy On CHOGM Attendance

India never took a stand on Sri Lanka’s hosting of the Commonwealth summit despite two meetings at which the venue could have come up for discussion and continues to maintain a wishy-washy position on CHOGM attendance, a senior Congress Party leader told a talk show in India.

D. Raja told India’s World, during a discussion on Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh‘s decision on whether to attend CHOGM that the Indian Government was lacking a position on the issue with ministers saying different things about attendance.

Other guests on the panel were Shashank, a former Foreign Secretary and Commodore (retd) C Uday Bhaskar, a Defence Expert.

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    The Congress lead by Italian born Sonia already made the decision that the PM Manmohan Singh should attend the CHOGM meeting in SRi Lanka. There is a close relationship between Mahinda Rajapakse and Sonia Gandhi. In fact the massacre of Tamils were planned and carried out by Sonia Gandhi and Mahinda.She used her power to threaten TN politicians, in a similar way Mahinda Rajapakse threatening Muslim Congress, CWC and Paramilitaries.

    There was a policy change after the death of Indira Gandhi. Sonia played a key role in influencing the foreign policy along with hindu exremists and the PMs came thereafter including Rajiv and Manmohan Singh are just puppets – It is Sonis’s rule. They have a common policy against Tamils. There was a conspiracy theory that the murder of Indira Gandhi and the death of Sanjay Gandhi was a planned one within the Congress lead by Sonia.

    It is time for Tamils to give up opportunistic politics and join together to safeguard the Tamils from forced extinction. Sonia lead and India and Mahinda lead Sri Lanka are joined their forces towards eliminating Tamils in the globe. It is very dangerous combination and Tamils should understand this and unite together to defeat this monsters. Tamils of Tamil Nadu should send a clear message to the Sonia lead Congress that there will be no place for them in Tamil Nadu. We are not going to join with a force that has a policy to eliminate our race. As a first step, i would DMK and ADMK to announce that they will not take any part in the Sonia lead Congress government.

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      Dar Ajith
      There is officially NO Sonia Gandhi….*
      *There is officially NO Sonia Gandhi. Her real name
      in passport is neither Gandhi nor Sonia. Its Edvige
      Antonia Albina Maino. Sonia is a Russian name and
      not italian. However, Antonia is an italian name and
      her passport is italian. Though she has married
      Rajiv Gandhi* she never accepted change of title
      officially. ( recall the time of turmoil in indian
      politics when Sonia Gandhi was trying to be the
      prime minister, but ultimately ManMohan Singh became
      her toy)… It goes on in the web

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      “There was a conspiracy theory that the murder of Indira Gandhi and the death of Sanjay Gandhi was a planned one within the Congress lead by Sonia.”

      You know nothing about “nalli cut” Sanjay how he died and when his mum picked up the keys and tucked it in her sari left without shedding a tear- That was the Day China respected India and still does. Nor do you know that even Henry Kissinger could never read her.

      “Sonia played a key role in influencing the foreign policy along with hindu exremists”

      Do you belong to S/C?

      The mother of all step fathers cotte boy VP assassinated Rajiv on orders of Preme so they got him fair and square.

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        *Rajiv Gandhi: Actually Rajiv Khan b! eing the son
        of Firoz Jehangir and Indira Priyadarshani. Gandhi
        is an assumed title to sentimentally lure indians
        for their political benefit.

        Stefano Eugene Maino is socially the father of
        Sonia. Her father was a German(hitlers army). When
        Hitlers army went to russia they were captured and
        imprisoned. He was captured near St. Petersburgh and
        was imprisoned for 20 years. But he became a member
        of KGB and his imprisonment was limited to 4 years.
        When he came back from prison he gave russian name
        to his daughters. Social father because when she was
        born her father was in jail for 4 years. Biological
        father is unconfirmed.*
        Paula Maino.*
        She had 2 sistersin Orbassano, italy*
        Sonia claims she was born in Besano, near Turin in
        italy. However, as per her birth certificate, She is
        actually born is Luciana, in the borders of
        Switzerland. A resort town for German soldiers
        during war.*
        She initially put forward to Indian Govt. that she
        studied in Cambridge University which proved to be
        fake. She submitted an affidavit that she studied
        english in Bell Education trust at Cambridge. Even
        this was proven t! o be fake and was found she never
        got any education after class five. She was a young
        girl with no formal education living five years in
        england. How did she support her livelihood for 5
        years? Any wild guesses?*
        She has not given off her italian citizenship.
        Indira Gandhi used her power to issue her an Indian
        Citizenship so that she can join Indian politics.
        She is holding an illegal citizenship in India. No
        action is being taken by Home Minister.*
        *Bank Balance:
        Rajiv Gandhi and his family owned 2 billion USD in
        Swiss Bank as of November,1991. Benefitiary of death
        of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was Sonia Gandhi.*
        Sonia’s sister Alexandria(or Anuska) has 2 shops in
        Italy selling antiques stolen from India. Sonia used
        her power to smuggle indian artifacts through Air
        India flights uninspected.
        Sonia’s son Rahul Gandhi, whose real name is Raul
        Vinci. He got admitted to Harvard in quota but was
        thrown off soon because he was incompetant. He has
        italian citizenship since his mother never gave up
        her citizenship. He cannot officially become the
        citizen of india or any politician in india as long
        as he doesnt give up his italian citizenship.
        Arrested in Boston airport for carrying 160,000
        dollars cash, accompanied by Veronique (spanish).
        veronique is the daughter of Drug mafia leader.
        Rahul has also been accused for gang raping Sukanya
        Devi, whose petition to all courts in India have
        been rejected due to their political ho! ld and the
        whereabouts of the family is unknown. However, the
        information is widely available online.

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    It is a pity that a foreign affairs issue which is the prerogative of the Indian central government is being hijacked by a couple of self-seeking corrupt politicians from the Tamil Nadu State. A ruling party which governed India for most of the sixty odd years since independence is being held to ransom by two Tamil Nadu parties which have taken up this stand for the sake of 39 Lok Sabha seats at stake in that state at the forthcoming elections.

    Fearing that a decision by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would dash their hopes of re-election at the Lok Sabha polls, Ministers Vasan and Chidambaram are preventing Manmohan Singh from taking a rational decision. The only Tamil Nadu politician who has taken a rational decision is the Minister of state for Commerce and Industries Dr Natchiappan who very correcly says that only by attending the Colombo CHOGM, India will be able to help SL Tamils.

    Indian foreign policy cannot and should not be decided on the basis of anticipated electoral gains in a periodic election. Congress Party leaders should remember that whether Manmohan Singh goes to Colombo or not their party is not going to win any significant number of seats in Tamil Nadu.

    If India’s foreign policy is going to be decided by state politics, India can never become a powerful actor in world politics. How can a regional power boycott an important summit being held at its door-step? It should be remembered that this time the CHOGM is going to be held in the South Asian region for the first time in 30 years.

    And for Sri Lanka, this is going to be the second summit meeting of world leaders after the 1976 Non Aligned Summit. No country would like such a glory to be dampened by a neighbour, particularly when that neighbour succumbs to irrational and totally unjustified political pressure exerted by sectarian elements in a corner of that country. All true Sri Lankans will be naturally angry at India if its Prime Minister decides to boycott the Colombo CHOGM to be held next week.

    If the Indian Prime Minister heeds the call of Karunanidhi and Jayalitha and decides to boycott the CHOGM, India will lose its leverage over the Sri Lankan leader. India will not be able to deliver on its promise to the SL Tamil leaders as MR will not be in any mood to listen to Manmohan Singh or any other Indian leaders any more. Eventual losers will be the SL Tamils. If Manmohan Singh boycott the Colombo CHOGM, those Tamils both in Sri Lanka and abroad who clamour for Indian PMs boycott will only have an empty victory.

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      whether Indian PM attends or not he is not going to have any impact on Rajapakse. The srilankan president doesn’t give a hhot to India, he will use them, he knows there are quite a few top officials in the foreign ministry who can be easily bought so he did that. Have a look at some of the recent issues, all the time the success went to srilanka. So don’t spout garbage study whats happening in Indian politics. YOU ARE LOOSERS.

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      “by a couple of self-seeking corrupt politicians from the Tamil Nadu State”

      The alu porata centred Kashmir Brahamin/Punjabi Brahimin foreign policy of India was shifted for the cow slaughtering Bengal for the creation of Bangaladesh. The day Pakistan was defeated Mujubir Rahaman screamed Alla gave it to us not the Indians and the seventh fleet was just a day away from India to bomb her.So India stopped short of a cake walk to west Pakistan.

      So what is your problem?

      Never has a government of India been created without UP and Bihar the largest block.
      The Indian PM is coming and meeting Wigneswaran too but the CHOGM is for a “white commonwealth”- makes you happy.

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    India carefully weighs the pros and cons of the matter of her PM attending CHOGM in view of the irrational behaviour of the Rajapakse
    regime in its trail of HR/WR crimes and refusal to provide accountability to a large number of Tamil civilian presumed dead and missing. There is absolutely no justification on the part of the Sinhala supremacist Rajapakses in delaying to provide justice to its large Tamil population long after “the war is won” Why should the Rajapakses complain if the Indian PM comes or not because this Lankan regime has been, at least publicly, anti-Indian and has railed many a times against the current Indian regime. They have offered provocation to India’s security, well-being and good by over-enthusiastically coying up with India’s main adversary.

    Predictably, if the Indian PM fails to show up, the regime will instigate its shock-troops in the Sinhala extreme to harm the Tamils across the country – in various dubious ways. This will only further
    make the case for the Rajapakses in global eyes more complex. Even if Dr. MMS comes the lot of the Tamils will not improve through a magnanimous change on the part of the anti-Tamil Rajapakse regime.

    R. Varathan

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    ” Why should the Rajapakses complain if the Indian PM comes or not because this Lankan regime has been, at least publicly, anti-Indian “

    Rajapakse or no Sri Lankan government is anti Indian. We can not trust the Indian government 100% because of the Tamil Nadu factor.

    If not for Tamil Nadu we will have absolutely no issues with India especially since the Sinhalese people in general tend to look up to anything Hindi.
    Remember though MR waged the war with the LTTE it was really Sonia’s war that he carried out which we Sinhalese became the main beneficiary.

    Thanks a lot for your investment in the murder of Rajive Gandhi

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      Ravi Perera

      “We can not trust the Indian government 100% because of the Tamil Nadu factor.”

      I suggest you relocate the entire Tamilnadu Tamils to Brahui (Dravidian language) speaking area in Balochistan and Afghanistan.

      Alternatively the entire Sinhala/Buddhist population should consider relocating to Bihar. The language falls under Indo-Aryan linguistic group.

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      Ravi Perera may or may not know of the anti-Indian rantings of Anagarika Dharmapala, A.E. Gunasinghe, R.G. Senanayake, Hector
      Kobbekaduwa – just to name a Sinhala few pseudo-nationalist scoundrels here, whose staple diet for political upward mobility was a strong anti-Indian stance. There was a bigger list – such as Cyril Mathew, Athulathmudali, Booruwansa et al later. And this was decades before VP/LTTE where there was no such thing as the “Tamilnadu factor” So the prejudice is congenital. The Indians know this.

      Now it is almost certain the Indian PM will not offer the badly required “connivance” to a worthless and utterly wasteful show which, in fact, most Sri Lankans are totally opposed to.

      R. Varathan

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