19 April, 2024


International Bar Association Video On The Crisis Of Justice In Sri Lanka

The video the International Bar Association made about the crisis of justice in Sri Lanka –  IBA says; Film footage of the Report launch will be posted on the IBAHRI Sri Lanka-dedicated website pages in due course, alongside the short video clips that gave an overview of the salient findings of the Report ahead of the launch.

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    Oh dear. Sri Lanka, or rather the Rajapaksa regime is in the doghouse. Poor Rajapaksa.

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    People of Lanka have been reduced from citizens to serfs in Rajafuckistan – the name of the new nation that is struggling to be born.

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    Hara-Kiri , Sri Lankan government style, Unfortunately, the Hara- Kiri goes on. The government is beyond the pale.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    What is the whole purpose of having CHOGM in Sri Lanka. If somebody could explain will be helpful.

    We have a cabinet of ministers who are 90% illiterate in English Language.They neither talk, speak or understand western english.

    We have 90% of parliament members who do not have a university degree.

    We have 70% of Parliament members who do not have a Law Degree.

    We have 60% of Parliament ministers who have not passes Advanced Level Exam.

    We have 40% ofr Parliament members who do not have a GCE ordinary level certificate.

    Therefore to whom CHOGM members are going to speak to in English.

    Which Sri Lankian Govt. Minister or Parliament member going to understand your Western English Language.

    Sinhala is our sole national language and every Sri Lankan Tom, Dick and Harry speak, write and understand only their proud Sinhala Language only.

    Therefore unless all CHOGM members first learn to speak, talk and give their presentations in Sinhala Language, there is no point coming all the way to Sri Lanka to waste both your and our time.

    It’s Ok if you come to Sri Lanka to have a good time such as to have a glass of Toddy, dip in the ocean, eat coconut sambol and rice, drink a king coconut ,eat rice and Karavala dinner and can go and visit Mattala airport and Hambanthota Harbour, new Nanthikandal Ranaviru Hotel, VP’s bunker, Sigiriya etc….

    Other than that you may also get a chance to witness some live tourist Murder action,live Kasippu fight, live suicide bungee jumps to the trains, or live white van abductions etc.etc.

    Other than that there is nothing much to see….Also you may face a sudden water cut or a electricity breakdown so please bring your own water and battery fan and a torch light.

    Also you may expose to a Malaria or Dengue mosquito bites so bring your own mosquito repellents.

    Also if you plan to bring your wives and daughters make sure they bring their 10,000 volt stun Bras and stun underwares.

    Also make sure you take a 10 million Dollar Life and personal Property insurance coverage.

    Good luck.

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      While your English might leave something to be desired, you are “spot on” in what you have to say, particularly about the “delights” of our Miracle of Asia (Rajafuckistan) as provided by our “leaders.”

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      Hundred percent true. Well written.


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    Sri Lanka is a land of Emperors starting with MR. The lot are naked for the violence and corruption they commit. Starting from CJ, the Public Service is as corrupt, supporting a Corrupt and a Violent system. They all believe they are important people but are all naked as the Emperor. A shameless lot. Pity that we cannot banish them from this country back in boat loads, like how their ancestor Vijaya was dealt.

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    This is great.

    More likely there will be no CHOGEM in sl.

    Gamini, I am telling you .. their days are numbers. But we have to add more constructive comments to this and other threads so that IC can get more what the general public ^s opinions are. IC is not stupid as their naive villagers that keep strengnthening the power the uncivilized rulers.

    There will be consequences if they are going to hold CHOGEM in a country where the president himself is involved in crimes against the citizentry.

    CJ impeachment process is ended for them, but for the IC and HR respecting peoples would fight further to its fair end. Jaya niyathai :)

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    there days are numbered.

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    Commonwealth risks become irrelevant and devoid of values and principles if CHOGM is held under the tutelage of the Rajapakse regime. Without values and principles Commonwealth would be simply a high class tea party for leaders to gather and slap each other on the back. In addition imagine a Mugabe or Idi Amin in the chair, no better than Thadi Mahin.

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    CHOGM SHOULD NOT BE HELD IN SRI LANKA . The Educated majority both nationally and intrernationaly are of this opinion .

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    We have everything Homegrown. We have…………

    Home Grown Chief Justice,

    Home Grown police commission,

    Home Grown Election Commission,

    Home Grown Media Commission,

    Home Grown Human Rights Commission,Foreign Ministry and Foreign Diplomats.

    Home Grown Constitution Amendment,

    Home Grown Parliament and cross over system,

    Home Grown Mahinda Chinthana economic planning,

    Home Grown National Prison Commission, Internal Security and Human rights system.

    Home Grown Education, Healthcare, Language, Religion Systems,

    Home Grown awarding contracts, projects and comission system,

    Home grown Land commission,

    Home grown Foreign Trade, Tourism, BOI projects ect…

    This is how our Home Grown our own Mahinda Chintana wonder of the world system works.

    Threrfore CHOGM Members. Please note that we have everything HOME GROWN AND WE DO NOT NEED THAT MUCH OF YOUR ASSISTANCE.


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    The Minister Dilan Perera, who is a lawyer by training, sat on the Parliamentary Select Committee which inquired into alleged misconduct of now illegally-impeached 43rd CJ, in the company of guys like Wimal Weerawansa,he forfeited the modicum of respect that was left in the minds of right-thinking citizens of this island had for him. Ironically,he began politics with the late Vijaya Kumaranathunge, standing for a meaningful political solution to the national question. Then he supported Chandrika’s war for peace.Thereafter, he supported Mahinda’s military solution to the said issue. But his father,lawyer Marshall Perera, is one of those who left the LSSP, over its embrasure of coalition politics with the SLFP in 1964 and at 80+, he still sticks to his guns as a leftist, I guess. I the circumstances, I don’t believe even his Dad would approve of Dilan’s shenanigans in the current “Gang-Kabara Regime”

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