23 September, 2023


Is “Bodu Bala Sena” A Racist Organization?

By Hema Senanayake 

Hema Senanayake

A couple of months ago BBS became a household name in Sri Lanka. We may agree or may not agree with the views of BBS but we all agree that it created a heavy impact in the social fabric of Sri Lanka. Some people think that BBS is a patriot movement and some people think that it is a cheap racist organization.

Therefore when somebody told me that the General Secretary of BBS (Bodu Bala Sena) was supposed to come to the New York Buddhist Vihara on May 05th to submit his case to Sinhalese community in New York I thought I should come and meet him to ask a question. So, I asked one of the resident monks in the temple that whether the session was open for a discussion. The reverend monk told me that the planned session had been cancelled. I missed the opportunity of asking an important question directly from the General Secretary of BBS. So, I thought I would raise that question through the media.

The question is about as to how we recognize a Sinhala racist.

There is a small background story to this question. Let me explain it first. One of my Sinhala friends’ son was studying in Queens, New York. At about grade 10 he left this school to a new school in Howard Beach area close to the JFK airport. In that school most of the students were white. Majority of them were from Italian descent and some of them were from Irish decent. In fact in this boy’s very first class in that school there were no students from African descent. For dark skin students there were only two, one was my friend’s son and the other was an Indian girl.

In the evening of the very first day in that school I telephoned the boy as to find out how he was doing in the new school because I knew that old students sometimes play mischiefs on newcomers. In responding to my call he replied that the school was good and he said “but one racist white student yelled at me.”

“What did he say” I asked him. The white student had told our boy “go back to your country, go back to your jungle.” Perhaps some of those students might have thought that Sri Lanka was a jungle. I asked him whether he was scared. He said “No, I did not but I gave him a good reply.”

This child had told the white guy that he would go back to Sri Lanka but on a certain basis. The white student had asked what the basis was. He had told him that the basis was “first-in-first-out”; “so, you came first and must go out first then I would go back next.” Our child was studying American history in that grade and knew that white people came to America a few centuries ago from Europe. That was the reason he intelligently played a trick on the white student without going into a verbal or physical fight. I asked him as to what happened after that. He said that the white student had just gone away.

From this story we get a practical definition as to who a racist is. Our child defined the white student who yelled at him as a racist because that student had asked him to go back to his country thinking that the America is belonged to them only. In the same way if a white skin person come and say to any member of Sinhala community who domiciled in the United States that he or she has to go back to Sri Lanka they would definitely identify that person as a racist. So, this establishes a universal practical definition for a racist. That is, a racist is a person who thinks that a country belongs only to its old inhabitants who contributed much to the country’s culture. Racists think that other citizens must go back to countries where they came from.

Let us equally apply this definition to Sri Lanka. If a Sinhala-Buddhist person thinks that Tamil or Muslim citizens must go back to their former countries, that person is a racist. Also if that person verbally abuses citizens of minorities and destroys their properties, that person is a full blown racist.  From this definition even a child like my friend’s son could recognize who a racist is. I like this practical definition of racism than the scholarly definition of the word which says that racism means “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior” (Oxford Dictionary).

Racist is not a patriot; racists are disgrace to a country. So, I wanted to ask from BBS Secretary General whether BBS is a racist movement in terms of my friend’s son definition of the word. Since I have missed that opportunity as the General Secretary had cancelled his planned meeting in New York, I now pose this question to the members of Sri Lankan community that live in the United States and elsewhere around the world. What is BBS in view of their recent acts, speeches and declarations?

In view of the same definition, LTTE was a racist organization because they evicted around 100,000 Muslims from North thinking that north was part of Tamil homeland. Therefore I think this is a fair and practical definition of a racist so that even a child could recognize who a racist is. Hence this definition must be duly embedded into the core of the social fabric in Sri Lanka.

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    A Racist is “a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others”. So regardless of when we came to this land or what ethinicity and/or religion we belong to, any person or group which cannot accept the right of others to live peacefully practicing their culture and religion is a racist, be he Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or other. Srilanka is a multi cultural and multi religious nation and the best and worst of everything we experience here has contributions from all these factors…its silly and naive for any one group to claim superiority over others here regardless of when our ancestors arrived on the island or based on who consists of the majority since our past, present and future are inextricably linked with one anothers.Besides, if we are a true democracy then all our people must have the same rights and privileges.

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    white boy your child story I can bet it is a fiction and cooked up one. Sri Lankans are good at making things up. Please leave the child alone.

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    If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck and flips like a duck, it is a duck.

    So call a spade, a spade.

    So based on the Definitions, Absolutely Yes, BBS, the so called Budu Bala Sena, is Racism,

    Howevee, BBS, the So called Budu Bala Sena is not Buddhism. Any idiot will know that.

    This is called Monk Mahanama Racism.


    Definition of RACISM

    1 a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race/

    Examples of RACISM

    the racism that was the basis of apartheid

    The recording career of the Henderson band was brief … due partly to the racism of booking agencies that didn’t take on black acts until the mid-’30s, when Henderson’s career was on the downswing. —Greg Tate, Vibe, April 1995

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    Why are you all stuck with Myths yet. Just drop your MYTHS.

    Sinhala Buddhist Myths

    Sri Lanka Muslim Myths

    Tamil Myths,

    This is not Buddhism, and the Lion race is just another MYTH, among many others, used by the politicians and Monk racists. No Lion genes were found in South Asia among the people.

    Need to keep informing about the MYTHS, because the MYTH followers keep rejecting. Even after 470 of Copernicus, 25% of the Americans still believe the Sun goes round the Earth.

    The Natives and Religions of Sri Lanka

    Sinhala Buddhists Monk Mahanama and Tamil Hindus and Racism

    1. A fraction of Sinhalese Buddhists now are racists. They were NOT racists to begin with. They were TAUGHT by Monk Mahanama to be racists with MYTHS written to Mahawamsa. This was perpetuated later on by other monks and other racists. In fact, DNA analysis of the so-called Sinhalese will show that they are not much different genetically from the Tamils of South India and Sri Lanka.


    2. Sri Lanka was originally Animist, Hindu and Jain with Veddah, Yakka and Naga people. Even Vijaya and the other immigrants were either Jain or Hindu. Even Lord Buddha’s parents were Hindu.

    3. Monk Mahanama and other monks used the kings, and the kings used the monks, to reinforce each other’s position and hegemony and promoted Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism. This has nothing to do with Buddhism. Like Arab Nationalism and Islam.

    4. Buddhism and racism became rallying points for the monks and kings. This monk-king axis has nothing to do with achieving Nirvana and rebirth, which are all MYTHS.

    Studies looking at the origin of the Sinhalese have been contradictory. Older studies suggest a predominantly Sri Lankan Tamil contribution followed by a significant Bengali contribution with no North Western Indian contribution,[42][43] while more modern studies point towards a predominantly Bengali contribution and a minor Tamil and North Western Indian (Gujarati & Punjabi) contribution.[44][45][46] Multiple studies have found no significant genetic difference between the Sinhalese and the three other major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan Tamil, Indian Tamil and Sri Lankan Moor).[43][47][48][49][50][51]
    It is debatable whether the Sri Lankan population have genetic links to Far East Asian populations however due to their close links to North East India, there is a likelihood of some traces of East Asian genes.[52]

    Original Natives were Vedda, Naga and Yakka, who came from South India.
    Veddahs were the First to arrive in Lanka, like the Australian Aborigines and the Native America Indians, After they left East Africa about 70,000 years ago, Yes, the Veddahs are the Original Natives.
    Everybody else is an Illegal, Kallathonis.
    That includes the Subsequent Migration of Dravidian (Tamil) Hindus and Dravidian Tamil Janins from South India.
    That includes the Kalinga-Orissa-Bengali who were Hindus and Jains.
    Later Dravidian Tamils.
    Later Malayalees.
    Later Buddhists.

    Later Muslims, the ethnic stock is actually a mixture of Middle Eastern traders who were trading with Sri Lanka before the advent of Islam, called “Yonaka”, and these foreign traders who were mostly Middle Eastern converted to Islam, and got absorbed to both South India and Sri Lanka. So the gene pool of Sri Lanka Muslims contain Middle Easterners, South Indians, native Sinhala, and others. However, it is likely a large percentage of this pool is South Indian, but is not exclusively South Indian.
    Later Portuguese
    Later Dutch
    Later Malays
    Later English
    Later Estate Tamils.

    All these arrivals have one thing in common. Myths.
    However, one good thing happened. The genes became diversified, and created a more healthy population, instead of too many birth defects due to inbreeding.

    Myths of Rebirth, Nirvana, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory etc.
    The monks, priests and mullahs exploited the people, in order for them to stay in power and have hegemony over the people.
    In Sri Lanka, Monk Mahanama with his myths tat are being believed by many is the cause of the problem.
    It is really sad, that Lanka did not stay Native Veddah all these years.

    Religion is the Opium of the masses-Karl Marx. How true today.

    Just read


    Sri Lanka was originally Animist, Hindu and Jain with Veddah, Yakka and Naga people. Even Vijaya and the other immigrants were either Jain or Hindu. Even Lord Buddha’s parents were Hindu.


    HERE IS SOME SPECULATION: You Decide if true or Not True, based on data.

    On the way they picked up many MYTHS of Religion, Race,beliefs etc, and these were promoted by those in power or in collusion with those in power.


    The Genographic Project Confirms Humans Migrated Out of Africa through Arabia
    New analytical method approaches the unstudied 99% of the human genome.

    WASHINGTON, D.C., – 02 Nov 2011: Evolutionary history shows that human populations likely originated in Africa, and the Genographic Project, the most extensive survey of human population genetic data to date, suggests where they went next. A study by the Project finds that modern humans migrated out of Africa via a southern route through Arabia, rather than a northern route by way of Egypt. These findings will be highlighted today at a conference at the National Geographic Society.

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      Come on ..animals and humans can’t mate and have children. Genetically its not viable. So, Sinhalese cannot be descendants of lions ..’Sinha’ .. we could be descendents of the singhs ..a religious sect in India.

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    We are descendants of ‘Balangoda Manavayas’ and later “yakshas”. All religions polluted our minds including the one professed by Mihindu of India.

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    BBS is trying to distort Buddhism ! If they are racist or not is not my problem.

    They are bringing aggression and violence and egoism into a philosophy that preached the opposite.

    For this reason they should be stopped in their tracks.

    BTW – agree that this piece is rubbish with a largely irrelevant headline.

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    Dalai Lama Speaks Out. BBS Racists and Terrorist are being Exposed.

    A True Busddhist, as Opposed to Fake and Mara Buddhists in Sri Lanka.


    The Anwar Sadat Lecture for Peace and a Dialogue about Sufism and Buddhism in Maryland, USA

    May 8th 2013

    College Park, Maryland, USA, 7 May 2013 – Just before landing at Dulles Airport at the end of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s long flight from India yesterday, the pilot warned of heavy cloud cover over the Washington area. Today, the steady rain that fell as His Holiness drove to the Comcast Center of the University of Maryland to give the annual Anwar Sadat Lecture for Peace deterred none of the audience of 15,000 from attending.


    His Holiness mentioned his acquaintance with a Sufi master living in Paris, whose son came to India to study Buddhism. He acknowledged that Dr Mir-Djalali had told him about the resonance between Sufism and Buddhism, noting that when she said that Sufi means knowledge and cognition, he reflected that this corresponds with Sanskrit Buddhism’s emphasis on analysis and wisdom.

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    Written By Poet M A Nahum entitled ‘The Buddha Murdered’.

    ..’last night, I dream’t the Buddha was shot dead by the police, guardians of the Law. His body drenched in blood on the steps of the Jaffna Library. Under cover of darkness came the ministers. ‘His name is not on our list, why did you kill him?’ they asked angrily, ‘No sirs, no, there was no mistake. Without killing him first it was impossible to harm a fly’. Pass this to everyone and say ‘No’ to communal violence in Sri Lanka.

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      True Buddhist,

      An error was made by introducing Buddhism to Lanka.

      Lanka should have remained Jain or Hindu.

      That way there would have been no Racist Buddhist Monk Mahanama.

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    This land belong to you, this land belong to me, this land belongs to all of us, to live in harmony” – Unfortunately this is limited to a song only. We had enough, a war that lasted over 30 years and now all kinds of groups are coming up to claim ownership and causing hatefulness amongst ethnic communities, particularly aimed at what they call the minorities.
    These group never put a step forward when the areas were under the Tiger control. MP Azath sally is now in custody under PTA for some statement said to have been made by him whilst in India, but those who really carried arms against the majority sinhalese and the government are in parliament. In my opinion the BBS is a racist organization and they too must be closely watched by the government.

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    Mr.Senanayake,Sir, brother,my dear fellow countryman,

    I take my hats off for you ,you could have not written a better article than this to heal the hearts of Muslim unlike some writer who faked his Nicker by using a Muslim name went on ranting that we a low cast Hindu, an age old trick being played by some Tamils and not all to rob our votes to dominate north and east and in return they want to crown us with a garbage bin and brand us Low cast Hindu converts as a reward over my dead body,will never work.

    Please do Thank the Lad and tell him we are very Proud of him he is a hero , don’t care if he is a Sinhalese ,He raised the Sri Lankan flag way high and ask him to keep it up. We are all right behind him .Thank you for such a great Article Senayake.
    Well I want to just tell you one thing as my opinion -Let it be Sri Lanka,Saudi Arabia ,why even Timbuktu(The Face of Fanaticism emerges again in Timbuktu) is not spared -any Country lets in The Clergy to mess with the Country’s Politics will be doomed ,if not today some day ,I assure you that be even singing with my blood.

    No government .no International community ,no race ,no religion no ruler can solve that issue but the people themselves ,if they want to remain selfish thinking of today and hell with the generation of the future who is sure going to curse them ,let them go ahead and do what they want.
    The Sri Lankan Government is like a thin fabric the edges all been stitched with many tiny strips of clothes to make it a large spread to be laid for the King to sleep on, what away to go to sleep after a hard days work although your eyes are shut you are wide a wake the slightest harsh movement you wont have a sheet to sleep on.

    I would like you to kindly take a little time and go to Lanka blogs and read my opinion on Politics and Politicians and would appreciate your feed back;

    You see my father although was a religious man never missing his religious duties, he use to tell us always that work is worship and first we must attend to work and then to our worship,simple meaning -God is patient and understanding he will wait for you ,man you work for or serve as a businessman is Human most of them are not willing to wait for you.

    What has happened in most Asian countries is in all religions, with due respect to The founders of all religions and followers of all religions ,the custodians have found it a easy way of life ,good food , luxury to the core and meanwhile all Politicians have found this as the best tool to manipulate the masses for their vote bank.and all this dance is nothing but the fear of both parities loosing it some day which will happen for sue someday,it is already happening every where,it happened in the most powerful Ottoman Empire,today Turkey is a 100% Secular Country with a Muslim majority ,but no Clergy will dare mess with the Politics of the country and today it has become one of the most respected and economically moving upward and chasing China behind country in The world.

    As Long as this summe (Free) goodies dont stop in Sri Lanka nothing is going to change.
    As for the article I fought right through when a coward used a Muslim Nick to spit out his venom on my community ,not that my race mattered so very much for my life on earth ,but I believe hate mongers should not be forgiven or spared as a principal.

    Have a Pleasant day.
    NM:With you permission am goona re-post this else where too,if it is okay with you,it deserves popularity

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    I think the author’s definition of racism is very very narrow. Racism (from which word racist comes from) stems from thinking one race is superior to another irregardless of where they came from & discriminating against that race.
    So even if the BBS did not ask the Muslims to go back to where they came from – the very fact that they are bullying and downgrading the Muslims and calling for boycott of Muslim establishments makes the racist.

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    Yes i agree with you when you say that many sri lankans abroad do have a dismissive attitude towards afrcans. Most africans i have come across are friendly people and i don’t have a problem with them. But if your talking about african americans then it is a different story, i don’t mean to stereotype them all but a lot of them have attitude problems, can’t get along with others and act like big shots just because they live in america (eventhough most of them occupy the lowest jobs in america.

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    These guys are simply thugs … in the name of Buddhist monks. Enough is enough..we can’t afford to allow these racist and politicians to let our country down anymore.

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    It is a very simple and practical modern definition of racist. well donr Senanayake

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    BBS Racist fundermental Fanatic evil satsatanic illeterate assholes should go back to where they came from ceylon belong to all people to live peacefully inharmony.government hand is played in this suspicious act.greedy for money(norway )has paid to do this act beggers stink ediot.

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    Mr hema , I am very disappointed after reading your article.your article is certainly true for all communities except Muslims.
    Your argument is BBS is saying all Sri Lankan Muslims to go where they came,and becouse of that saying BBS is racist organization. First I want to tell you you are not either good Sinhalese or Buddhist.you leave this country to have a much luxury life. You don’t bothered about buddhisam or Sinhalese culture ,simply you needed to earn more money.therefore,pls do not try name BBS as racist organization without knowing real vision of BBS.

    Mr hema BBS is try to prevent Sri Lanka from becoming another Islamic country.BBS does not have any problem with Muslims if there is no any treat to Sri Lanka and Buddhisam from Muslims.

    If you have a bit of brain you would understand that hindereds of various nationals living in US,Uk,Europe and Australia including Muslims.have you realized that there is no threat from any other nation to above countries other than muslim migrants.now muslim has become a cancer to us , uk,Europe, and Australia .no Buddhist or Hindu is try to set bombs in Landon ,new York , Boston or Bali island .

    Islam is a not a religion it’s a fast growing cancer which does not know humanity or civilized society.

    In Sri Lanka , Muslims are growing 3 times faster than other all religion due to high birth rate of muslim population. Average children per Buddhist or Hindu family is only 2 children,but average children for muslim family is 6 children.

    Percentage of muslim population as per last population count before the war escalerare was 5%. Thereafter in 2011 another full population count has done after the war, as per 2011 results % of Muslims 9.7% which is almost 10%.

    It says muslim population has doubled from 1981 to 2011.in other words their high birt rate will double their population for every 30 years.

    So that see how Muslims will take over Sri Lanka after another 90 years time.

    In 1981= 5% ,2011=10% ,2041= 20% ,2071=40% ,2101 =80%
    This way BBS is working to prevent tragedy once happened to former Buddhist countries like Afganistan, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Maldives,Indonesia, Malaysia .

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      Dear Priyanjith,

      Usually I do not reply to comments. But I see real honest pain in your mind. Mind is like an umbrella; it performs best when it is fully open. First, mathematics of BBS is wrong. Even if Muslim population doubles in every 3o years, by 2101 Muslims will be 47% of the total population, not 80% as BBS pointed out; this also subject to two assumptions. Those assumptions are (1) total population in 2011 is 20 million and (2) until 2101 the population growth of other ethnicities is zero. You may understand if the population of other ethnicities grow then the percentage of Muslim population by 2101 will be further reduced.

      Second, BBS should not harm Buddhism, this great religion is fast spreading in the West. They are now formally studding the contribution of Buddhism to Cognitive science (mind related science). Dalai Lama made an impressive presentation in Cambridge University. About 15,000 students came recently to listen to Dalai Lama in an University in the United States. I wish if Sri Lanka produces great monks like we did in the past so that we will have our monks talking in Universities in the West. Radical Buddhism cannot exist and harms true Buddhism. One lady donated 14 Buddhist temples in USA and obviously she is ashamed to read New York Times with headings such as “Monks Gone Bad” (April 17, 2013 New York Times). BBS should spare Buddhism.

      Thirdly, educate children as much as possible, do not tell them to breed as much as possible because one great scientist or a philosopher or an enlighten monk can make any nation proud. Thanks.


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    No country was a Buddhist country in this world, including India, Pakistan, Indonesia, America?, England?,Ethiyopia?,……, before Loaed Buddah preached his Philosophy which he derived from Jainism! Buddah was born as Hindu, he first converted Hindus (Brahmins), and Jains into Budhism, then Ashoka who was a Jain became Buddhist. Ashoka used his Jihadi forces to convert the Jains and Hindus of Pakistan, Afhanistan … as Buddhist. He sent one of his son to Sri Lanka to convert the Sri Lankan people into Buddhism. This is what happened in Japan, China, Inonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea. People in all these countries were converted to Buddhism at the begging. There is no point in saying that Christianity or Islam converted the Buddhist of these countries into Their religion, This is what BBS says. They forgot the fact that they themselves are the Converts and try to claim the authority of this land to Buddhism.

    Buddhism is not a religion, it is a PHILOSOPHY which was derived from Jainism! Christianity and Islam are religions. Number of Philosophers Like LOARD BUDDAH were introduced to the world by these Abrahamic religions! So these religions easily caught the hearts and minds of those people. Main reason for the destruction of Buddhism in many part of the world is the Buddhist monks – not any other religion.

    There is a simple mathematics to increase the Buddhist population in Sri Lanka. Buddhist monks should be allowed to marry as many as they can. Within 10 years there will be over 10 million Buddhist could be added to the present population.

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      It is about Myths, Religion and Philosophy. If BBS believes, their version of Nirvana is True, must provide scientifically acceptable evidence, so that they can convert the other MYTH holders to “Buddhism”.

      “Buddhism is not a religion, it is a PHILOSOPHY which was derived from Jainism! Christianity and Islam are religions.”

      Well, well, ….

      1. You can add Judaism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and others as religions.

      2. Yes, Buddhism was and is a Philosophy, like cause and effect.

      So what Happened? There were no statues for hundreds of years after Buddha. The Monks, the Sangha took over, just like the Christian Religion taken over by the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests.

      The Monks wanted to turn Buddhism into a religion, as people were more receptive to religions and afterlife. So, they set themselves like a hierarchy, between the people and the kings and emperors. and thereby controlled BOTH the people and the kings and the Emperors. Very similar in Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

      Buddha Statues were introduced. The statutes became Gods, like in Hinduism. and Buddhism got “Elevated” as a religion, and allowed for the consolidation of Monks power. People were fed MYTHS, asked to make sacrifices, make Bodhi Poojas, Prostration to the Monks, even Kings, and this became the “Buddhist” culture. In return, people were promised MYTHS of Nirvana and Rebirth, just like Christianity, No Sin and Heaven, and offered Pirith, Dhana etc.

      It is like going to a birthday party, having a good time (Monks, Priests and believers) and getting back home feeling good, the Gods have been satisfied, and the Monks and Priests have been satisfied.

      DeJa Vu.

      In Sri Lanka, initially there were Animist Veddahs, Hindus and Jains. They were the people who were gradually converted to Buddhism.

      Yes, Buddhism grew at the expense of other religions,partly because it was a Philosophy and partly because it had no religion based caste system.

      So the Bodu Bala Sena is all Myths. Myths based on Monk Mahanama and perpetuated by many Sinhala “Buddhists”

      1. Vijaya’s grandfather was a Lion.
      2. Lord Buddha visited Lanka 10 times.
      3. Lord Buddha was in Lanka when Vijaya arrived
      4. Buddha was born in Lanka.
      5. Demonize the Natives, Veddha, Yakka,Naga and others.

      Want to find the gene composition of South Indians, inclusing Sri Lankans? Visit


      There is a Table There that shows the gene diversity and original location of the genes.
      Mediterranean 4%
      Northern European; 2%
      Southwest Asian” 58%
      Southeast Asian 35%


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    Adding to Amarasiri’s,

    There is also an argument, quite historical although it sounds like a reinvented wheel, that the Abrahamic religions were mostly theologies and had a very minimal set of ritual practices form religions that are meant to be adaptive. The complaint is that later the people tampered with the words in order to build and justify their civilizations and cultures and traditions centered around the religions they represented. For example, the legitimacy of hadeeth text (the compilations of the narrations relating to the prophet mohammed) as canonical texts upon which the relgion is to be based was only established about two centuries later the death of prophet mohammed. most of what’s knowns as any organized religion today is man-made.

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    Mr Hema
    Thank you for your reply .

    Pls understand this simple erithmatic population growth model

    1. if any nation has 2 child policy,that nation has no population growth. Reson is only 2 children remain when their parents died.therefore, Sinhalese population never grow again as now most of the families have only 2 children. In remort area , average children per family is not more than 3 due to well developed family planing amount Sinhalese families.unfortunately same thing hapening amoung Tamil and Christian families.

    Therefore not only sinhala Buddhist population is not growing but also Tamil and Christian population too not growing.i bet with you, you go and ask any mathermatisian about correctness of zero growth population amoung 2 child policy families.

    Like wise average children per family is 1 child, that nations has negative growth . In otherwords that nations population will be decreaced by 50%.bcz when parents died only one child is remain.

    That’s why we say within another 60 years time , this country dominate by Muslims.also Muslims will not allow other religion to to exist like in US or UK.

    Quran has specifically mentioned to kill non believers of Islam.when Pakistan get independence from India , Pakistan had only 80 % of Muslims .both Hindu and Christians 10% respectively. But what is the situation to day ? 95% of Pakistanis are Muslims. The rest 5% is the Hindu and Christians. Same thing has hapening in Bangladesh, Indonesia and malayasia. In malayasia both Buddhist temple and Hindu temples are destroying by radical islamist led government.
    I have videos of removing Buddhist temples and Hindu temples by Malaysian government. Also same Vedio evidence for Pakistan ‘ s Hindus ‘ faith

    That’s why BBS is working. You are living United States you call and ask your relations how many 100% Muslims only villages has arose within last 40 years.
    Some of them are

    Thihariya -gampaha
    Ukulele- matale
    Drags town-Aluth gama
    Part of weligama
    Part of dikwella
    Part of dehiwela
    Wattala mabola
    Meda gama-bibila
    Part of okkam pittiya
    Gala uda- badulla
    Kande gedara-Badulla

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    Mr hema

    Pls note you have got wrong in 2101 muslim population will be 80% of total population.see again, Muslims doubles their population for every 30 years

    In 1981 = 5%
    2011 = 10%
    2041 = 20%
    2071 = 40%
    2101 = 80%
    This is hapening as Sinhalese population growth is zero due to 2 children per family.

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      Priyanjith, before pointing fingers on others please learn about the history of Buddhism first. Your great emperor Ashoka is the first person to destroy Hindu and Jain temples during his rule. He massacred over 18,000 followers of Ajivika sect
      in Pundravardana, just for ( a person of the same sect) drawing a picture of Loarf BUDDAH bowing at the feet of Nigrantha Jnatipura (identified with Mahavira , the founder of Jainism). How do you call this. In your own words can we call this as a first Jihad in the history of Buddhism?

      When Pakistan got independent it was Pakistan and Bangladesh together. You are referring to that Pakistan!at the time minorities may be 20% of the total population. Now they are two different countries and in Bangladesh alone there are 15% minorities. So from where did you get your figures.

      Your BUDHIST monks went to Indonesia in the 4th century and converted the Hindus, who went there in the 2nd century, into Budhism. LOARD BUDDAH was a Hindu. Ashoka was a Jain. Please do not blame other religions for the downfall of Buddhism. It was BUDHIST monks who were responsible for the destruction of Budhism. That is what BBS is trying to do for Budhism in Sri Lanka.

      Muslims live in small communities together. The reason is their religion. They have to go to mosque five times a day and Fridays it is a must. So Wherever they live, it is densely populated. Ithe reason is, in your country building of mosques and churches are restricted except the budhist temples and statues. therefore muslims have no option other then to live in the same old cities. Except the villages specified by you, do you agree that all other villages in Sri Lanka have 100% Buddhist population!

    • 0

      If total population in 2011 is 20 million and if Muslims are 10%, and if Muslim population doubles in every 30 years below is the calculation.

      2011 – Muslims = 2,000,000 ; rest = 18,000,000
      2041 – Muslims = 4,000,000 ; rest = 18,000,000
      2071 – Muslims = 8,000,000 ; rest = 18,000,000
      2101 – Muslims =16,000,000 ; rest = 18,000,000
      So, in 2101 total population is 34,000,000 (16,000,000+18,000,000)
      Therefore, the percentage of Muslims in 2101
      = 16,000,000/34,000,000 x 100 = 47.05%.
      Priyanjith, this step by step calculation is to educate you. I told you that “mind is like an umbrella; it performs best when it is fully open.” Thanks.

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    Scrolling down the comments I find that instead of a discussion on the issue raised by Mr. Hema Senanayaka, a script of a cheap street drama is being developed. All who have written chapters in this script cannot be Sri Lankans because they are behaving like those in “paadada panthiya”(unprincipled, dishonorable).

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    Good article Mr Senanayake ,Totally Agree with your definition ,it is totally a sick mind with low upbringing like we say low breed

    I studied at primarily Budhists than Christian followed by Muslim Schools

    My current organisation,Head of Global operations is a Tamil and Head of Finance is a Sinalese and Head of development is a Muslim,never thought for a while about their religious affiliation for the respective position only criteria performance

    There should be no room for racism from any community

  • 0

    Mr Dodu,
    I don’t know your religion or cast.pls note followings

    1. Buddhisam is totally rejects violence.in history Buddhist kings never invade other countries.king Asoka was not a Buddhist when he invade other states in India.later he worried about what he done and become a Buddhist. So how are you calling king ASoka as Buddhist jihadist?

    2.Buddhist kingdom was fallen mainly becouse of muslim invasion. Even though loard Buddha touch great doctrine to save people from suffering he was unable go touch how to protect it for long time. Ancient Buddhists was in Afganistan or Pakistan or India did not prepared for a war with Arabic Muslims.also did not know what is Islam , what has touch in Quran, how Quran is harmfully for non Muslims.as a result Persian and Arab Muslims killed millions of innocent Buddhist and convert the rest forcebly to Islam.

    I can clearly see you are try to teach me history and try to protect barbaric Islamist.but just look at Afganistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh now,hundred of Muslims dieing daily in both Afganistan and Pakistan. See what has happend to Former Christian countries like Egypt, Syria,Iraq,lebonan,Palestine ?

    Thousands of Muslims dieing in Iraq and Syria.no peace in Muslims countries like yeman , Somalia,Ethiopia,Sudan,chad,Mali,lebonan and libiya. I will assure you those countries will have no peace as long as Islam is exist in those countries.

    3. Buddhisam and Hinduism in Malaysia and Indonesia collapsed again due to violent and forcebly conversion in to Islam. For example Maldives to former Buddhist country however muslim merchants wanted convert small Buddhist country in to Islam and they first convert king in to Islam . Then Maldivian king ordered all civilians to convert in to Islam.

    4.now we will see peace in other countries which have more than 5%

    @thailand under threat from jammathi islamia terrorist organization who demand separate Islam state in Thailand.
    @mynmar now in serious problem due to illegal muslim immigrants who came from Bangladesh.
    @south Philippine too under going serious attack of south Philippine muslim separatist group
    @india has olso affected by Islamist attack ex :Bombay attack,Bangalore attack , Assam separatist, Kashmir separatist
    @kenya has 20% of muslim population, now al-Shabab muslim terrorist organization killing innosent Christian and try to impose sharia law . They conducts beheadings,stoning,burning people alive as guided by al Quran
    @nigeria too has 50% muslim population the rest is Christians. What is hapening in northern Nigeria . Muslim separatist organization called boko-haram killing thousands of innocent Christians
    @what about Mali , northern Mali recently freed from radical Islamist terrorist who tried to impose sharia law in northern Mali.
    @in Sudan Muslims are killing and burning Christian alive.later UN decided Sudan in to two and now south Sudan Christian live peacefully
    @ what is the situation in chad?
    @ what about Algeria?
    @what about situation in Tanzania?
    @what about Niger?

    In all these countries Christians are facing death warrants from Muslims
    Do I want to explain you faith of Europeans countries who welcomed Muslims in to their countries and now suffering ex: Madrid train bomb,London train bomb,WTC attack in USA,latest Boston bomb

    Finally pls remember there is no peace to non Muslims in the world or even to Muslims from Islam.islam is totally against the mankind.no democracy under Islam, no freedom to follow other religion under Islam.

    Therefore pls do not try to teach me history and you first study Islam and quaran.specially very harm full verses of Quran.

    And I want tell you I don’t mind if this world become a Christian or Hindu world. Bcz they are leligion of peace loving people. But I don’t like to see spreading of this Islam cancer to world.

    • 0


      From what you wrote I can understand of your knowledge about Buddhism. You are just like another BBS fellow born to hate others without knowing the true history of Buddhism. Buddhism has a dark side which people like you and Monks of BBS are trying to cover and try to preach others that Buddhism is a non- violent, peace loving religion – sorry philosophy.

      As I said you know a part about Ashoka or you are trying to pretend that you do not know the other part. It is true he was violent feeler he became Buddhist. He Killed over 99 of his brothers to come into power. He billed 500 of his ministers after becoming the King. Over 500 women were killed by him just for insulting his rough skin! He had a Guantanamo style Toture Chember where toture and killing were carried out. After becoming the king Asoka conquered Afganistan, Burma, Bangladesh and upto Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In Kalinga war he killed countless number of innocent people. Yes, these all before he became Buddhist.

      After he became a Buddhist, according to buddhist teaching of non-violence, did he gave up all those countries he conquered, by force and killing? He never did that, instead, he forced Buddhism on them. You guys are trying white wash him saying that Ashoka was non-violent after he became Buddhist. It is not so, read Asokawardana! He killed over 18,000 followers of Ajivika sect in Pundravardana just ( a person of the same sect) was drawing a picture showing LOARD BUDDAH bowing at the feet of Nigrantha Jnatiputra ( identified with Mahavira, the founder of Jainism). That is why I said (in your own interpretation for Jihad) Asoka was the first Jiahadist! In another incident after this Asoka burnt alive another Nigrantha follower with his entire family for drawing the same picture. This may be the first burnt alive punishment in the history for blasphemy! This is what your brothers followed by burning Tamils alive in 1956 and 1983. Ashoka converted most of the Hindu ( Brahmins) temples in to Buddhist temple and killed Barahmins! So it is Ashoka who converted Hindus and Jain King into Buddhism!

      After Ashoka, Mayurian Kingdom lasted just over 50years and Brahmins were looking for a revenge. It is not MUSLIMS who destroyed Budhism in those countries. It was Brahminism which destroyed Buddhism in Indian Subcontinent. Buddhists paid the price for what they did to Brahmins. They, Brahmins, took revenge by chasing Buddhism from India. In fact, Loard BUDDAH’S fight against Brahmins won him many enemies from among the Brahmins! Brahmins who were the superior cast was against Loard BUDDAH’S brotherhood and equality? So, after Ashoka they started a campaign of hatred and persecution against Buddhists. They made a plan to win the lower cast Buddhist masses who were earlier Hindus. As a final stage in this process to wipeout Budhism was to propagate the myth that BUDDAH was merely another AVATAR of the Hindu God Vishnu and by this they turned BUDDAH just another countless deities of Brahmminical pantheon! Buddhist were finally absorbed into cast system mainly as Untouchables ( Dalits) and with that Buddhist presence was completely wiped out from the land of its birth, India.

      Many of them later converted to Islam, Christianity and Sikhism in a quest for liberation from the Brahminical religion. Brahmins said that if a person touches a Buddhist he should purify himself by having a bath! They said seeing a Buddhist monk is in auspicious! Brahmins, who were once beef – eaters, turned vegiterians imitating the Budhists. They said that one who dies in Harramba (the place where Loard Buddah died) goes to hell or reborn an ass! The Shaivite Brahmin King of Bengal destroyed the Bodhi tree in Buddha Gaya under which Buddah had attained enlightment! He forcibly removed Buddah’s image from the Bodhi Vihara there and installed Shiva in its place. They destroyed hubdreds of Budhist statues, stupas and viharas between 830 a d 966 AD. Not only Brahmins were responsible for the destruction of Buddhism. With the time Buddhist priests became increasingly lack in the observance of religious rules, corruption, thuggery, child abuse…. ” The history of India is nothing but a history of a moral conflict between Budhism and Brahmanism” Dr. Ambadekar.

      You think your Buddhist countries are very peaceful and the people living there are peace loving. I can feel that your are exited. You must re ember that in this world you through a stone at others you should also ready to receive the same. I

      #Cambodia is a BUDHIST country and Pol pot is a Buddhist. He. Killed almost 3 million Innocent Buddhist, Muslims and others. Is this Non- Violence thought by Buddhism?

      #Two BUDHIST countries, your buddhist brothers, North and South Viatnam fought among each other and the number of death was agains over 3 million!

      # Another two Buddhist countries South Korea and North Korea fought among each other and the casualties were over 1.5 million!

      # Hapan another Buddhist country was the Mai partner of the 2nd World War in which over 73 MILLION PEOPLE DEAD!!!!!!!!

      ##Our mother Lanka is also a Buddhist Country where Tamil minorities were genocide in the case is with UNHRC!

      #In Burma, a buddhist country, mulims are massacred by your Buddhist monks!

      #In Buddhist country Thailand you are killing Muslims!

      According to your version, if a religion can be spread by force, by now Afganisatan and Iraq would have become christian countries because of the military invasion of US and the Christian missionaries which are working there. You cannot spread a religion by force. If you do so, like Ashoka with Brahmins and Jains, it will never last long! For your information: Afganistan. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are muslim countries for over 1000 years!!!! Current muslim population of the world is over 2.2 Billion and by 2030 it will be over 3 Billion. It is a growing religion like Christinity and not a dying Philosophy !!!

  • 0

    Get it together guys; the plain truth is that the veddahs (like the red indians, remember them?) were not smart enough to repel the boarders from the north. They lost the right to inherit this green and pleasant island. The best they can hope for is a reservation or two where they can show off their traditional dances to the gawping tourists. As for the BBS – where to start? – The enlightened one must have had a senior moment when he entrusted this rabble with his noble doctrine. The ex-prince must be spinning in nirvana……what to do?

  • 0

    Nice to meet your all of and i have red all comments are having here.MY Opinion regarding your commented tropics are BBS,SINHALESE NATION,VADDASS AND BUDDHISM.comments you have commented regarding these tropics an according to you knowledge. therefor all comments are have achieved logical stage.therefor unfortunate thing is your all of have unable to achieve the true,regarding your commented tropics.the reason is for it, your all of have try to achieve the true regarding this tropic via logical path.
    I will write to think you all of,a some thing’s true,your try to find out via logical path, as result or as a answer you will obtain logical answer or logical result.also it answer getting touch your mind as true and same time you will except it “yes i was realized true” .but it’s not true.it;s a nature of mind.it’s natural principles in the animals world.i am sorry to say same thing happened here commented your all of also.every one have field to realized of regarding the commented tropics.in fer the also your can get your known and unknown only specially Buddhism and Sinhalese racist.

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