27 June, 2022


Is Gnanasara Another Buddharakkhitha In The Making?

By Vishwamithra1984 –

“The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery – not over nature but of ourselves” ~Rachel Carson

galaboda-atte-gnanasaraIs the person who is identified as Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero another Buddharakkhitha in the making or is he just a pretender? But the circumstances and conditions seem to be much too close for comfort, although the mannerisms and public demeanor of the two seem to keep them wider apart than one would like to accept. At this juncture it might be useful to indulge ourselves in some post-independence history of Sri Lanka, especially regarding the Sir John Kotelawala era and the following ‘1956 Revolution’, one of the main architects of which was Ven. Mapitigama Buddharakkhitha Thero, the Head Priest of the historic Kelaniya Vihara. Buddharakkhitha’s very ascension to the exalted position of the Chief Incumbent of Kelaniya was not without any rumblings either. At the very tender age of the early twenties, to assume leadership among an exclusive clergy and for that matter, at Kelaniya of all places, is indeed a spectacle by itself. Yet Buddharakkhitha achieved it with overt support from one of the leading members of the Daayaka Sabha (Lay Committee) of the Temple.

The chief among those who supported Buddharakkhitha was D C Wijewardene whose young wife was Wimala who made no effort whatsoever to conceal her political ambitions. Her first attempt at the hustings failed when she contested the Kelaniya seat in the 1952 General Elections and lost to none other than J R Jayewardene; yet with money, power and the might of the Eksath Bikkhu Peramuna (EBP), fully behind her, Wimala defeated her opponent quite comfortably at the 1956 General Elections, this time in the Mirigama electorate. Her majority was over 25,000 votes, a prodigious majority in any era. Wimala Wijewardene was one of the beneficiaries of the ’56 Revolution, a child of the “new nation”.

What added spice to an already succulent political gossip was the illicit extra-marital affair that Wimala Wijewardene was alleged to have been having with the Head Monk of the Kelaniya Vihara. An extra-marital affair of a female Cabinet Minister in the mid-Fifties in a tradition-bound society as that which existed in the middle of the Twentieth Century in Sri Lanka was not another piece of Colombo-centered gossip; it was considered an unpardonable sin by a great majority of the voters who ploughed the “Common Man’s Era’ with S W R D Bandaranaike as the Chief Shepherd.

However, Buddharakkhitha’s constituency was not the exalted diplomatic corridors of Parliament or Temple Trees; his constituency was mainly the Pirivena centers and temples of worship where the ones attired in the saffron robes were held in awe and respect, in reverence and dignity and in blind obedience and devotion. And he, Buddharakkhitha exploited that unquestioning obedience by his devotees to the hilt so much so that he was known as the uncrowned king of the Bandaranaike-led Sri Lanka Freedom Party. The tragedy of Buddharakkhitha was the tragedy of the Bandaranaike policies and the latter’s rhetorical pursuits which did not match the needs of the average voter in the context of economic uplift. So diabolical was Buddharakkhitha in his venom and hatred of the ‘Master’ whom he was credited with placing on the ‘Throne’ that when it would have been much easier to secure the participation of a layman as the ‘executioner’, he deliberately employed another one in saffron robes to pull the trigger. The tragedy resides in that very fiendish manner- by employing the finger of another Buddhist monk at the trigger of a gun- in which the assassination of one of the greatest liberals Sri Lanka produced was carried out. This part of the Buddharakkhitha saga is most illustriously penned by Justice Alles in his famous booklet: “Assassination of S W R D Bandaranaike”

The present day Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara has not yet assumed such dizzy heights as did Buddharakkhitha in the Nineteen Fifties. But the fundamentals of the saga have not changed. Although Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara was nowhere in the scene at higher levels at the time of the Presidential Elections either in 2005 or 2010, his taking over of the very venomous environment that was created after the crushing of the terrorists of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam, has created a breeding ground for extremities in politics and racial and religious disharmony. As much as Bandaranaike could have been severely lacking in demanding accountability from his own Cabinet of Ministers- he never asked Wimala Wijewardene to resign from the Cabinet nor did he ask for any explanation- the present rulers too are not asking Gnanasara to shut up and just do his regular monk’s duties. After being convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, Gnanasara is being portrayed as a ‘messiah’ of the Twenty First Century. And with a nudge from the powers that be, the newly- educated middle-class people whose family cum social roots cannot be traced beyond one generation and who seem to be always in a dire struggle to attach a more acceptable DNA to themselves, are funding and supporting the demonic undertaking of the Bodhu Bala Sena without having even an iota of understanding of the danger and socio-cultural disaster that it is leading the Sinhalese Buddhist population to.

That is the cruel and invisible layer of the Sinhalese-Buddhist frenzy that organizations such as BBS have generated in the susceptible minds of ordinary men, women and children. The real danger will not be seen now. It awaits a trigger point and that trigger point is not very far away. The moment the Muslims begin to retaliate, even by showing the slightest of anger and frustration, all hell would break loose. While we must all pray and hope that that day should never dawn, if meaningful action is not taken to bring both parties together not at a rudimentary level but at the highest possible level, involving the Maha Nayakes of the Four Chapters of the Maha Sangha along with the Imams of Islam in Sri Lanka, the inevitable would happen. Then the riots of 1983 and Black July would fade into insignificance in ferocity and viciousness.

In the midst of all this, Minister Rauff Hakeem, leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress which is an integral partner of the governing coalition has warned that “his Government’s failure to restrain Buddhist monks accused of sparking religious hate attacks may foment Islamic extremism and threaten security”. Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem said he had been under intense pressure from supporters to quit President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s coalition after it failed to prevent last month’s deadly religious violence.  Four people were killed in the worst religious riots to hit the island in recent decades. That is four too many.

What the democratic opposition in the country must be acutely aware of is that any racial or religious riots so embarked upon by either of the parties, Muslims or Sinhalese Buddhists, will result in the political advantage swinging immediately towards the incumbent. Then the game, set and match would be for the current rulers who would be mistakenly held up as the saviors of the nation.

Another deceitful and crafty act of Gnanasara is the way in which he addresses his clergy-superiors on platform. The very respectful and dignified manner in which he invokes the blessings of the Maha Sangha is all theatre and drama. In such a dishonest and fraudulent context, how could any layman or laywoman question the sincerity and honesty of purpose so portrayed by Gnanasara?

The prognosis does not look very promising; nobody is bothering to attack the fundamentals of the issue; no leading patriarch of either religion is daring enough to silence their younger warriors. The foreboding feeling one gets is immensely threatening. Buddharakkhitha came, he saw but he was defeated; so would Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara be at the end. But we must open our eyes and ears so that we can hear the approaching danger and see the coming disaster and do what needs to be done.

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    Possible. If die a natural death even it’d b a trigger ploy to incite the drunken n unruly mob to start a ’83 like massive riots blaming minorities, the info highway won’t b free it’d b blocked, after everything happened the blame passed on the weaker section vulnerable n victims. Buddha rakhita was hanged but now no death sentence carried out, another disaster, hope it won’t b, to think only good n forget n forgive is moral!

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      “Is Gnanasara Another Buddharakkhitha In The Making?”

      Nope. Gnanasara is the pet project of Jarapasse.
      See what happened to all the economic prolems?
      what happened to the sky rocketing cost of living issues?
      what happens to unemployment issues?

      all gone…. everybody talking about gandasara and his heroics.
      Jarapasse can fool all the people all the time..

      • 2

        “Jarapasse can fool all the people all the time”

        He does it with a false smile and a pretence that he is One with the People.

    • 1

      Vishwamithra1984 –

      Who Says Buddhism is a Peaceful Religion?
      Sinhala Buddhism is Not.

      Tibetan Buddhism is not,

      Japanese Buddhism is not. They killed well over 20 million people.

      Buddhism and Maraism go hand in hand.

      The guy in the video drives it home, as to what Buddhism is compared to the other religions. No different, but worse.

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


    • 2

      Sign the petition



      Why this is important to me

      To STOP further GENOCIDE in Sri Lanka against its peaceful Muslim community similar to the Genocide unleased against them on 15th of June 2014, in southern Sri Lanka. 90% of the people of Sri Lanka are AGAINST this racist violence but NO ACTION is taken by the Government which indirectly supports this groups racist actions and agenda.

    • 2

      Ganasara and BBs tools. Will it Backfire?

      Sinhala Buddhists Should Realise that this Govt is Promoting Anti-minority Racism to Win Future Elections.

      [Edited out]

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      `People Who Misuse Religion Are Savages`- Faizer Mustapha

      Deputy Minister of Investment Promotions Faizer Mustapha making a statement at a gathering stated that there are extremist forces within the country who are driving the country towards another civil war.

      `Do not use your relegion and race to discreminate another, do not use relegion as a tool to create a platform for spreading extremism and racism to the Sri Lankan community`, he said.

      The Deputy Minister also said that if a person uses his or her relegion in an offensive way they are no better than savages. Adding to that he also said, ` true patriotism never comes by degrading or insulting another human being, there is no homour in preaching relegion while practicing violence.`

      Faizer Mustapha retorted the extremist groups by asking where they were during the three decades of civil war, and where their patriotism was when the country was terrorised by the LTTE.

      He claims what the country needs now are politicians who are willing to look beyond the parameters of political campaigning and willing to put their duty and the rights of the people before their personal gains.


      These ministers taking moral high ground.

      Shame on you Rajapakses !!

    • 1

      If Ghanasara could fulfl at least that job… people (majority masses) would could have paid some respect to the man.
      Right at this stage, we the nation feel we are caught by DEVIL.. as no easy to get rid of. Rajapakshes are minimaruwos… by nature.. born high criminals.

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    Gnaney is a product of contiuous process of the Sri Lankan state from independence. D.S. belong to the same group that sparked the riots in 1915. He became PM and what did he do then, he disenfranchised the upcountry Tamils.

    The first score itself was evil. The rest simply followed on with one PM to another passing the baon of the Ultimate goal of SINHALA ONLY EVIL Project.

    The state mechanisms potrayed DS as “JATHIYE PIYA”. It was meant only for the SINHALA ONLY project. To the minorities that was the beginning of their persecution which the minorities for that might have called DS as “JATHIYE DASPIYA” (Father of the Garbage).

    Banda came he started murdering the minorities with ’56 Sinhala only shit openly. Then came Dudley & then Sirimavo. She is woman whose heart filled with top range racistic prejudice, she re-started her British educated SMUTT husband’s Sinhala only project. She removed the remaining democratic protection that was available until then to the minorities with her racist 72 constitution.

    JR the arrogant bastard gave us ’83. Premadasa started his Sinhala re-populating project in the minorities concentrated areas of Colombo with his housing projects.

    DB, another cheap bribe taking smutt became the President and then Chandrika allowed herself to be dictated by the Racists (JHU/JVP) terror gangs. Then afterwards the present shit leading the country on the unbroken link of the EVIL SINHALA ONLY is marching, devastating the minorities.

    I think Gnaney is the Loudspeaker only. All his speeches and actions are coming thru the wire that connect the microphone which pinned on the collar of Mahinda (Newest Anti-Islamic thug in the 21st century South Asia).

    Gnaney words are MAHINDA’s words. Gnaney’s violence is MAHINDA’s violence. Gnaney’s FILTH is MAHINDA’s FILTH. Gnaney’s protection is MAHINDA’s protection. Finally, Gnaney’s death will be from Mahinda’s order. Because, at the last minute MAHINDA will start killing all the guys who knows his secrets/his orders/hidden operations/mass murders/robbery of the country….etc.

    Gnaney’s project is the EVERY SINHALA BUDDHIST’s wish as they’ve been preached racism continously for the last 100 years from Anagarika’s preachings and brought to the present level.

    Muslim countries have been betrayed for their unstnted support lent to this racist lot for the last 40+ years by providing employments and financial support to the Lankan economy.

    They’re already taking action to stop MUSLIM money being used for the destruction of the Muslims.

    SINHALA BUDDHIST is a brand name for BARBARISM and UNGRATEFULNESS. So, present & future bosses will think twice before they hire a eternal racist who will never going o change until he achieves a murder,looting and rape.

    TIME IS UP! From now on you will see how the victims are going to play the game which is still unknown to anyone.

    Let’s pray for the annihilation of the SINHALA ONLY CREEPS!!!!

    Everything went along smoothly

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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      Genghis Khan,

      You are absolutely right about the freaking leaders of Sri Lanka since independence: They are all Sinhala racists.

      Their mantra is the malicious Mahavamsa composed by the arch racist Mahanama, revised again and again by racist theros, and rekindled by Anakarika (the uncivilized) Dharmapala. Now the marauding terrorist Gnanasara is islet loose by the racist Rajapakses as leaders decimating the minorities.

      UN needs to make Sri Lanka its protectorate to save the minority communities from being annihilated in the island by the Sinhala racists.

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    Your arguments are cockeyed and lopsided, you say:

    “What the democratic opposition in the country must be acutely aware of is that any racial or religious riots so embarked upon by either of the parties, Muslims or Sinhalese Buddhists, will result in the political advantage swinging immediately towards the incumbent. Then the game, set and match would be for the current rulers who would be mistakenly held up as the saviors of the nation.”

    I can’t understand your logic: Are you saying it’s the duty of the opposition (without the vast resources possessed by the state) prevent any riots to stop political advantage going to the incumbent? Don’t you think it’s the duty of the state and the regime to stop any riots before it materializes? Furthermore your concern is more about political advantage or disadvantage for the majority community, rather than the protection of the hapless minority Muslims.

    THIS IS EXACTLY THE STAND TAKEN BY ALL OPPORTUNIST SINHALA BUDDHIST POLITICIANS SINCE INDEPENDENCE. How to capture power, never mind the other communities. Rajapakse is no different from you, he is doing what you advocate!

    What kind of warped thinking have you got? Then again the incumbents would be held up as saviors or the nation by whom? Sinhala Buddhists? If the rulers don’t stop any future riots, doesn’t the blame fall upon the regime?

    You say again:

    “Another deceitful and crafty act of Gnanasara is the way in which he addresses his clergy-superiors on platform. The very respectful and dignified manner in which he invokes the blessings of the Maha Sangha is all theatre and drama. In such a dishonest and fraudulent context, how could any layman or laywoman question the sincerity and honesty of purpose so portrayed by Gnanasara?”

    I ask you, didn’t one Mahanayake tell the US ambassador recently that people are spreading false information about war crimes in Geneva? Recently didn’t several Buddhist organizations say that Muslims are spreading false information about Aluthgama riots against Muslims abroad?
    I don’t think the venerable Mahanayakes themselves are free from lies and prejudices against minority communities.

    I don’t want to take up more of your flawed arguments.

    You are also one of the Sinhala Buddhist majoritarian thinkers who parade as enlightened ones!

  • 3

    A clear comparative analysis of the past with the present, to project what the future hold for this country. The gathering dark clouds spells doom and gloom for us all SLs, unless meaningful action is taken to disband all of these raucous monks including the institutions they represent, and stop the hate venom that they dissipate throu effective enactment of laws forthwith, before it is too little too late.

    All minority communities now feel especially vulnerable and live in fear of imminent attacks by specially trained goons, who have been thoroughly brainwashed to attack and destroy what is not Sinhalese and Buddhist. They even have perfected the fine art of lying through their teeth, in spite of all the evidence clearly laid out on the table for all to see.

    Very soon we can expect the floodgates to open, where exodus of Muslims and Christians will start migrating to foreign lands, either legally or by risking their lives through illegal means. This is bound to happen and this government will have to squarely take the blame for creating this situation. The writing is on the wall for the fate of minorities in this country, and the evidence to prove government collusion is overwhelming. A sad indictment on SL for its poor governance.

  • 7

    Why do we still talking about this mad man?? Everywhere in the world, there are people like this Gnanasara.. … Gnanasara is not the real problem, it is natural phenomena… In SL, real problem is that we don’t have strong anti-bodies to counteract these venoms? You and me just talk and write but do nothing… very ineffective antibodies … Gnansara, Dompe(?) Sobitha, Champika, Mervyn like evil people with some power exist in the world, new ones are coming continuously too.. We can’t stop the existence or regeneration of Evil, but we should empower the good among us to fight them and subdue them…

  • 2

    Galagoda Gandasara will never ever be another Somarama. He can’t come close to Chakrawarthi as Chakrawarthi is from South who can make a Omelet without eggs. (Themparadu Politician)

    Where is Vaas Gunawardana now, what happened to the real War hero Gen. Sarath Fonseka. Did’t he destroy all Political parties in to pieces? Can Wimal Weerawansa, Champika Ranaka and other Deshapremi’s go against our Nihathamani Nayakaya?

    Galagoda Gandasara and other Gandasara’s are running here and there, but within a limit as Aadambarakara thatha has the remote control.

    People has to come up against this rouge Government to chase this Rouge King and all kind of Gandasara’s.

  • 0

    Though the analogy makes good sense, the Rajapaksas with their backwardness and their crudities cannot be compared at all to the refinements of SWRD, who unfortunately lacked a backbone and was vacillating . He was a great gentleman and was taken advantage of by Buddharakkita. The Sinhala chauvinists are prepared to forgive the Rajapaksas for they believe it was them that vanquished Tamil militancy created by the chauvinists themselves, thanks to Buddharakkita. It is, however, a relatively different era. Buddharakkita was also more refined in comparison to Gnanasara. Buddharakhitha unlike Gnanasara travelled about in a chauffeur driven car and hence he was never charged for drink driving. There is no doubt that Gnanasara could indeed resort to a crime similar to that of Buddharakkita sooner than later. Let us wait and learn. Bensen

  • 1

    You cannot compare SWRDB with MR, nor Buddharakitha with Gnanasara. Buddharakitha had limited political ambitions of his own, he did not want to kill minorities or have a bloodbath. Gnanasaras ambitions are on a mass scale to arouse religous hatred against muslims and cause another Black July. This man is a thousand times more venomous and deadly than Buddharakitha.

  • 0

    First of all the question should be not is Gnanasara so called Gandasara is Buddharakitha, but the question should have been is he a “Thero” following the teaching of Lord Buddha whom we all venerate?

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