27 June, 2022


Mohan Pieris’ Kohila Dhamma And Gnanasara’s Abasarana

By Sokayatapath Ananada –

Kohila Dharmay became famous due to a relationship that he had with a particular magistrate. The magistrate was on such good terms with this man, who acquired the nickname Kohila Dharmay as a youth when he became a convicted criminal, to an extent that when auctions were held on court premises for confiscated goods, Kohila Dharmay would get the best of items for the cheapest price. Unfortunately for the magistrate, this was exposed and the magistrate lost his job. Both Kohila Dharmay and the magistrate were good talkers and could create an image of themselves as innocent, simple people.

Sarath N. Silva and Mohan Pieris

Sarath N. Silva and Mohan Pieris

Listening to Chief Justice Mohan Pieris preaching Buddha dhamma, one could not help but to imagine a reincarnation of Kohila Dharmay. Not only in personality but also because the dhamma he preached is better called kohila dhamma and not Lord Buddha’s dhamma.

The Chief Justice also talked about seela. He said that one such seela was not to take other people’s things. He did not acknowledge that taking Dr. Bandaranakaye’s place as CJ was just that.

He talked only of three seelas and forgot the fourth – the one about musavada; not telling lies. Perhaps it was a Freudian slip of the memory – he may not have forgotten how he lied blatantly before an official United Nations session, in which he said that he has reliable information that Prageeth Eknaligoda was living abroad. Later, when asked in court about the source of his information, he said that he had forgotten it.

Such is the great dhamma of the man who conspired with the President to destroy the independence of the judiciary altogether. That again is no surprise as another Chief Justice, Sarath Silva (who had until this man done more than anyone else to destroy the legal system and judiciary) was also a great preacher of what should be called the same kohila dhamma.

To pretend to be impressed by the great teachings of the Buddha without batting an eyelid, while at the same time destroying everything that is decent, just and legal in the country itself, suggests a kind of mental aberration that only psychopaths are capable of.

Someone compared the experience of watching Mohan Peiris’ extreme hypocrisy in preaching Buddhism to that of a victim of abuse seeing mass being performed by a pederast priest.

For Sri Lankan citizens, listening to Mohan Peiris hypocritical rubbish was a similar experience.

Many forms of abasarana Buddhism

The infamous Gnanasara Thera of BBS has introduced a new form of Buddhism, which may be called abasarana Buddhism. It is a Buddhism that pursues violence in order to obtain the properties of opponents. In essence, greed is the highest virtue of abasarana Buddhism.

In essence, Mohan Pieris’ and Sarath Silva’s Buddhism is also the same. Sarath Silva persecuted innocent people, such as Tony Fernando, who requested that the case he filed should not be heard by Sarath Silva and was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for one year.

In the same way, he first used his office to punish the opponents of Chandrika Bandaranaike and later tried to do the same for Mahinda Rajapaksa. Intimidating lawyers and litigants was also part of his idea of practicing Buddhism.

Now, as Mohan Pieris talks about Buddhism, the life of the President of the Bar Association is being threatened, causing alarm among the lawyers of Sri Lanka.

So for everyone there is this abasarana Buddhism.

The Dalai Lama preaches the Buddhism of compassion and love for everyone. He recently said that, ‘The Buddha preaches love and compassion. If the Buddha is there, he will protect the Muslims who the Buddhists are attacking.’

In India, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism, saying that Buddhism stands for non-discrimination and for the dignity of everyone, including India’s most discarded section of society, then called Untouchables. Now they call themselves Dahlits, a word derived from the Sanskrit for ‘the poorest’. The uplifting of the oppressed and bringing peace and harmony for all is the aim of that Buddhism.

Sri Lanka’s best-known novelist and writer, Martin Wickremasinghe, in his great work Bhavatharana talked about Buddha’s search for liberation for everyone, as against the cruelties and repression of the princes and other powerful elements in society in his day.

However, what has come to prevail through Gnanasara, Sarath Silva and Mohan Pieris is abasarana Buddhism, which may also be called the kohila dhamma.

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    We do not know about Pacha Peiris but former CJ, mango friend of Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi, was always looking for Hilawal. He was very famous for that and Victor Ivan has all details. Once he was found near Diyawannaoya with a Lady connected to legal profession while searching for Ko-hila. Ko-hila Silva.

    • 7

      Sokayatapath Ananada –

      “The infamous Gnanasara Thera of BBS has introduced a new form of Buddhism, which may be called abasarana Buddhism. It is a Buddhism that pursues violence in order to obtain the properties of opponents. In essence, greed is the highest virtue of abasarana Buddhism.”

      How Different is Abnasarana Buddhism to Mara Buddhism?

      How different is it from the Buddhism Described Below.

      May be you should try to counter the argument put forward by the following on Buddhism. He says, Buddhism is Evil. Is he talking about Abasarana Buddhism or Mara Buddhism?

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clcs2PSze0I

      • 7

        I did. It was so heart warming to see so many Sinhalese Buddhists sign it and their remarks denouncing BBS, whilst expressing love and hope for little Sri Lanka and its citizens, to live in peace amongst each other. But a great deal more needs to be done, so please sign up and help gather momentum opposing the forces of hatred.

  • 7

    There is no difference between the two, Silva and Peiris. So why waste time. Each in their own way has contributed to the downward trend of the rule of law.Bensen

    • 2

      The Unfortunate of us is, there is no symptom of getting things better.

  • 1

    Dear Ananda, How thought provoking and timely. You definitely should translate and circulate in Sinhala. But still can you change the mindset of these foolish masses. I would go one step and say it is the Sinhala Buddhism which has an additional edict called Abasaranai idiotically followed by the fools of the miracle of Asia. It regrettably has to be labelled that way in the absence of any opposition to this wanton crime by the Maha Sangha and majority of the Sinhala Buddhists.I personally hold them responsible for the sorry state of affairs of our beautiful country for willingly being a silent majority for the crimes of MARA Family using this Abasaranai BOORU BALU SENA for the ruination of our country.

  • 3

    After doing all the damage to the nation these people dress in white and start preaching Bana as if they have attained enlightenment. It seems the Govt is full of such Arahats and Bodhisatvas. A sad joke for our times when people a subject to misery and suffering. This is definitely the curse of Aba Sarani.

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    This Sarath N Silva’s Grandfather was also a Catholic like Mohan Peris, who turned a Buddhist refusing to pay some tax to the Church. So both are Catholics really, preaching Buddhism today.

    • 1

      Ballige putha Sarath N silva the man who made MR a leader.
      THere, the educated lankens would hate him for that forever.
      If he gave a fair verdict at the time MR was caught as a tsunami embesszler, nothing would have gone this much. Today, everyone is buff not being able to do the due in terms of removal of the Raja rascals from power. Would Your beloved RW / be the one to run against him, will only make it more easier ballos to govern this nation one another time.
      So,we the respect loving, dignity loving people of the island have no chance to live the life. anymore.

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    Good to know that Pieris is gradually becoming aware of Lanka’s existence, and is moving away from acting Sinahala in colonial style.

    At last these kinds of persons are moving away from the thoroughly misguided notion caught on by the elite of Lanka from the colonial times that being Lankan means going gama-ralaya-ing with redundant high culture of predecessor kings (who actually were from Tamil Nadu), but missed out on the true voices and tunes of the struggling Lankan masses.

    Having said this, it is now hoped that the high priests of Lankan Buddhism- the ones from Kandy- are not the persons to rule the Lankan religious kingdom with their Hindu-based caste systems brought down from Tamil Nadu, but that the original egalitarian Therevada Buddhism the Arahant Mahinda brought down will endure.

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    First of all the basic requirement of a Learned Person, like Cheap Justice is to be honest to himself. Can he look at the mirror at the end of the day before going to bed and say:

    1. I am a True Buddhist who has kept to the teaching of Lord Buddha>
    2. I have been first of all honest to my self>
    3. I have not made sure that the decisions given by the courts are honest and impartial judgements
    4. I am a honest person

    Readers of this comment please judge for yourself as you are not a Cheap Justice but worthy of being the Chief Justice!

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    This [Edited out] Sarath Silva as we know refused to hear the case of embesellement of tsunami funds by Mahinda R as a mutual back scratch for saving him the humiliation of being caught by the police getting a blow job in a parking lot by a female judge who was being investigated for wrongdoing.Mahinda called all the newspapers and did not want this news published, and he had the power of the office of the prime minister.

  • 0

    last I knew of mohan peiris, he was a staunch catholic. has he converted to Buddhism? strange times we live in eh?

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