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Is Mahinda Rajapaksa Suffering From The Complex Of “Excessive Self-Love “?

By Prasad Mohotti

Dr. Prasad Mohotti MD

Dr. Prasad Mohotti MD

George Orwell said in his famous novel, Animal Farm “that all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’’, this is relevant not only during the Stalin’s period in Russia, but to any person who tries to control others by political or any other means.

In the human kingdom, some have leadership qualities in their personality. Others feel comfortable, to be guided by a leader.

Politicians as a group, usually have strong desire for leadership. Politicians always try to convince fellow human beings that they can do a better job than others.

This raises the question: Are politicians a special breed of Homo sapiens? Are they behaviorally different from ordinary people you meet in the street or work place? The answer to this question is,” yes”

Sociologists and psychologists believe that certain personality types are more common among leaders, especially among political leaders.

It is a common belief among sociologists and psychologists, that most politicians have some degree of “excessive self-love” which is called Narcissism. The term ‘narcissism,’ stems from Greek mythology, where Narcissus, the hunter who fell in love with his own reflection in the water. Narcissus was unable to leave the beauty of his own reflection, ultimately Narcissus drowned due to excessive self-love. The core features of Narcissistic personality is that, they have excessive preoccupation with their own success, power and brilliance coupled with a singular lack of empathy for others.

Mahinda jan 6 2014Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, shed more light on this. He questioned: “How many of us would have the desire, much less the ability, to promote ourselves ceaselessly? You have to do that as a politician. It’s an amazing level of self-love … and a need for affirmation. Politicians always have to make others believe that they could do a better job than others.

What is personality of a person?

In psychology, personality is defined as a long standing pattern of, thinking, feeling and way of relating to others. Every person has a unique manner of thinking, feeling and pattern of relating to the others. Those three characteristics make us a unique individual.

Severe and dysfunctional personality causes distress to either themselves or people around them they are called Personality Disorders.

However, there is a large percentage of people with mild forms personality features that is not prominent enough to cause a personality disorder. This are called “a personality traits.”

As an example, it is not uncommon to find people who are more shy and anxious than others. The latter may be suffering from mild form of “anxious avoidant personality Disorder”. You may come across a person who is a perfectionist, he or she could be having mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder” (obsessive compulsive traits). In fact, people with such personality traits are in general high achievers. Good examples are individuals with obsessional traits because they want to do things perfectly.

Mahinda Rajapaksa’ Personality

Mahinda Rajapaksa is undoubtedly the most charismatic leader in the recent political landscape of Sri Lanka. He is fiercely ambitious, determined and a master of political Machiavellianism. At one stage, a survey done by Colombo University revealed that he is the most popular leader in recent Sri Lankan history. What is special about this human being call Mahinda Rajapaksa?

In this article I like to highlight some distinctive personality traits of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

When one closely observe former president Mahanadi Rajapaksa’s behavior, thinking pattern and interaction with others, it is obvious that he shows some features of narcissistic traits.

According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of American Psychiatric Association (DSM) Narcissistic personality disorder can be diagnosed if someone met at least five of the following criteria

1. Has a grandiose sense of self –importance (e.g., exaggerated achievements and talents, expected to be recognized as superior).

2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success,power, brilliance ,beauty or ideal love

3. Believes that he or she is “special” and unique can only be understood by or should associate with ,other special or high status people (or institutions)

4. Requires excessive admiration.

5. Has strong sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectation.

6. Interpersonally exploitative, i.e., take advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends.

7. Lacks empathy, is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and need of others

8. Is often envious of others or believe that others are envious of him or her

9. Show arrogant, haughty behavior or attitudes

Research evidence shows that the percentage of people who have fully- blown Narcissistic Personality Disorders in society can vary from 1% to 6%. However, there is a much higher percentage of people in who suffer from mild forms of Narcissism call ‘Narcissistic Traits”. Having Narssissitc Traits does not imply that the affected person has a mental disorder or disability. Some of them could be high achievers and doing high profile jobs, like business leaders and academics in Universities.

It is of interest that few traits of Narcissism can be beneficial and it is call healthy Narcissism. However, most people with narcissistic tendencies experience negative emotions like, frustration, rage, anger and depression. The latter perceive the world somewhat different to others. So that it creates “thinking errors” which are called cognitive errors in psychology. People with narcissistic tendencies make a number of thinking errors especially when they are faced with crises or when they are in situations that don’t bring forth checking and balancing mechanisms.

Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love

Mahinda Rajapaksa seems to have a grandiose sense of self –importance. He seems to have a preoccupation with the fantasies of power, success and beauty.

He seemed to be convinced that he was born to govern the country as long as he lived. In order to maintain power, he brought in the 18th Amendment to the constitution, which in fact was counter- progressive for the country due its inherent risk of leading to constitutional dictatorship.

The fantasy of having power and success undoubtedly worked for Mahinda Rajapaksa and perhaps for the country for a period of time.

Mahinda Rajapaksa had the ability to convince the entire community and the military the war was winnable. By that time, people were tired of the disruptions, deaths, fear and, most importantly, uncertainty caused the by 30- year- long war. Sri Lankan’s were emotionally and physically drained because of the war. They were looking for a ‘King Dutugemunu” to rescue them, as we read in our school books as children. This was most of the Sinhalese fantasy during that hopeless period.

I think, the grandeur- fantasy of success in the leader’s mind was projected to the people who were well receptive to such a fantasy. Fusion of fantasies of both the leader and his people became a reality at Nandikadal lagoon. Since then he became divine and invincible. This fantasy still remains alive and active in most of the people of country.

His political opponents may have different opinions about his contribution to the victory, but I think this psychological phenomena of transferring his fantasy to the Sinhala community seems to be a major factor of winning the war. This is still unshakable in most people in the country whether they are educated or not. Fantasies are so powerful however much we physically and intellectually grow up. We still have unconscious rescue- fantasy expectations form our parents.

However there is a flip side of having a preoccupation with fantasies, if it continues to influence our behavior without conscious awareness, this eventually leads to loss of touch with reality.

We all have conscious or subconscious fantasies. Most of what we have achieved in our late lives had been a fantasy in the past. It is important to have fantasies that is usually an underlying drive for our ambitions and motivations.

A psychologically balanced person usually “check mates” his fantasies. This is done by reality testing through self-analysis or by other’s judgments through interaction. This reality testing prevents us from excessive preoccupation with fantasies and losing touch with reality

It is understandable according to his personality why he has a strong desire for mega projects such as the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport, Mahinda Rajapaksa Harbor and Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket ground. It is apparent that a grandeur fantasy has taken precedence over the economic or environmental consideration of those projects. Hambantota and Monaragala depend on agriculture and these districts mark the highest index of poverty. This is how the personality of a leader could cause huge damage to the nation unless there is a system to check and balance.

Conflicts with the UN and Western countries

Diplomatic relationship with the West and Europe seem to be another area that the former government made a big blunder. The reality is Western countries supported the war. It was was more profitable for them to open up the market for trade to the north with a resolution of the war. On the other hand, main political streams of some of those countries did not want to lose the sizable Tamil vote base. If Sri Lanka acted more diplomatically by understanding this reality, the war crime allegation could have been managed without much damage. Unfortunately, due to excessive grandeur- fantasy, arrogance and a feeling of invincibility by the head of the government, unnecessary damage to Sri Lanka’s reputation resulted.

Usually people with narcissistic personality structures have a basic thinking error, namely they think that they are special and capable of achieving their fantasies. Also they believe that they are invincible.

When a politician loses touch with reality, the decisions he makes could be detrimental to that individual or his political movement. However the whole country can suffer as it equally affects his or her judgment in making decisions.

It seems Mahinda Rajapaksa lost touch with reality during the latter part of his government.

The psychological perspective of understanding the decision to hold the presidential election two years before the scheduled time, seems to be due to a thinking error (cognitive error). Besides that, Mahinda Rajapaksa always had a good track record in the art of politics. Despite this, it does not explain that decision which cost him greatly.

Mahinda always presents himself as a physically strong man. He wants to make sure that his media image was that of a physically strong man with a well -built body and flamboyant outfits. He changed the culture of taking photograph by politicians with library backdrops. The image he wanted to present is of him playing rugby with young buys, working on tread- mills or jogging in a track suit. His political campaigns usually revolved around his grandiose self-identity and abilities, than around policies and visionary Ideas.

A makeup artist who served for 3 previous presidents at the Temple Trees, once told a newspaper that Mahinda Rajapaksa was the president most concerned about his appearance among all previous presidents. So appearance and beauty seems to be highly valued by him. In combination of other features this confirms a narcissistic tendency in his personality.

Why does a Narssissitc person put up a grandeur façade? The psychological explanation is that a grandeur façade is an unconscious mechanism to cover his weak and fragile ego.

A person with a weak ego has limited capacity to reflect on him or herself. Their grandeur self-image would not allow them to be self-critical and learn from their mistakes, because such action is unbearable to a fragile ego.

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s response behavior to his unexpected electoral defeat is noteworthy in that he never accepted his defeat and instead claimed it a conspiracy. Mahinda Rajapaksa has never stated, that as a political party leader, he had any reasons for the failure for his campaign. Any other leader or political party would complete a self-analysis, and find causes for the drawback.

Need for excessive admiration

A person with a Narcissistic personality requires excessive admiration. Mahinda Rajapaksa thrived on others’ admiration of his grandeur .This could be observed when Jackson Anthony stated that he is related to Lord Buddha. The Former president visibly became elated, any other person with logical and rational thinking would probably feel embarrassed by that comment.

The Former president did not hesitate to reward the young armature singer who sang the song “Maharajaneni” with not only money but even named a street in her honor.

Because of their tendency to defend fragile egos, people with such personalities often tend to listen only to peers and supporters who do “lip service”.

By attracting only those who do “lip service” he alienates himself from those who honestly and genuinely advise or constructively criticize him. People who were close to him often observed that Mahinda Rajapaksa was blindly following cronies and corrupted people. This has led to his downfall. The real “blindness” here, in my understanding, is “unconscious mind”.

Persons with this kind of personality expect especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with their expectations. If they perceive otherwise, they act angrily and would not hesitate to take revenge. This psychological process was evident when he sacked the Chief Justice in a disgraceful manner, which created a black mark in the history of Sri Lankan judiciary. Another example was the uncivilized treatment of the former army commander. Both incidents negatively affected his later political aspirations. A shrewd politician like Mahinda Rajapaksa would not have taken such a decision if he was aware of his own psychological vulnerabilities.

A person with Narcissistic traits reacts angrily when they perceive even slightest negative remark. They often perceive constructive criticisms as a personal insult. The reason for this anger and rage is that the fragile ego is unable to bear it up. In psychology this is called “Narcissistic Injury “.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a politician who has a great sense of feel about the underlying currents of political movements. He was very patient until his time came. However when it concerns human interactions he tends to be impulsive and exhibit anger and rage. People who closely associated with former president often commented on his short -temperedness. He reportedly lashed out towards his colleagues, irrespective of the person or the context.

Narcissistic politicians seek out for gatherings to boost their self-esteem. They always like to be in the media lime light. Despite their bravado, people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder require a lot of admiration from other people in order to bolster their own fragile self-esteem. They can be quite manipulative in extracting the necessary attention from those people around them.

In psychology this is called ‘’ Narcissistic Supply”. They need people more than people need them. This is why former president Mahinda Rajapaksha reached out for people at his Carlton house even following a long and restless night on Election Day.

Psychologically this was how he managed the trauma of ‘’ loss to his grandiosity” following unexpected defeat on Jan 8th 2015. When a person is deprived of internal self-soothing capacity and self-reflection, he needs to look at his own reflection of “grandiose self”’ on the people who are around him.

If someone else was faced with this kind of situation, he or she would go home, spend some time with family and friends or take a break for a few days. But Mahinda Rajapaksha immediately sought out for his “Narcissistic supply”

We have seen people from all over the country visit Rajapaksa at Medamulana Walawwa, but actually he himself facilitated this as it was a need for “Narcissistic Supply”. He will most probably stop entertaining people at Medamulna Walawwa in the near future when his supporters organize massive rallies for him. Those larger Narcissistic Supplies for him will most probably stop the “medamulana pilgrimage”

They are usually interpersonally exploitative.

There is a saying that if someone talked to him once, he or she got attached to him for rest of their life. Undoubtedly, Mahinda Rajapaksha is a charismatic and sociable person. However, when it comes to human interaction he seems to be great manipulator of human relationships around him.

As an example, Former Chief justice Sarath N Silva who read the Hodi Potha to Namal on his reading ceremony, was dumped when he came to power. The same was the fate of Mangala Samaraweera who did all the ground work for his victory of the presidential election. This happened to most other SLFP stalwarts. Then his most trusted men were bought from UNP and other parties paying large amounts of money or other perks. Mahinda Rajakpaksha knew what sort of incentive was needed for each person.

Unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance.

They also have a strong sense of entitlement, often thinking that they are invincible.

Another example is taking over of Air Lanka from Emirates. Sri Lankan airline was making profits when it was managed by the Emirates airline.

Former president had a strong sense of entitlement, consequently he requested the airline to vacate some seats to accommodate his huge delegations on state visits. When they courteously refused his request, former president had reportedly became angry and abusive towards the airline staff. This outburst of anger could be due the perception that it was a great insult to his sense of grandeur. He, later, did not renew the airline’s contract in 2010 and appointed his brother-in-law as the Chairmen Sri Lankan Airline. Since then, Sri Lankan Airline has incurred huge debts to the country. This is how the maladaptive thinking pattern of a leader could be at times, detrimental to a whole nation.

Lack of empathy and inability to understand other’s feelings

Lack of empathy is á feature of Narssissitc personality, empathy is ability be sensitive to the feelings of others. His political opponents were highly critical of the way Mahinda Rajapaksa treated former Army commander and former Chief Justice. It is not my intention to comment about the legality or fairness of those procedures.

What was noticed during that time was his behavior of not showing any empathy towards them. If he could have shown some respect and empathy towards Shirani Bandaranayke and Sarath Fonseka it would have been of political advantage for him. In my opinion, an inherent difficulty of showing empathy together with inflated self-esteem seemed to affect his judgements in dealing with those cases.

As it is mentioned above, former president’s grandeur- self has worked for him at certain stages until he started to lose his touch with reality. The Personality style of Mahinda Rajapaksa has served the country at a decisive time to the end the longest war in South Asia. Unfortunately, the country also lost some golden opportunities due negative personality characteristics of the former president. However, he will be living in at least some peoples’ fantasy “as rescuer of the nation,” irrespective of good or bad he has done.

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  • 35

    Definitely, ‘mama thamai miniha’ (I am the man) complex !

    He thought he is god sent to rule SL and underestimated the intelligence of the people !!

    • 25

      He thought he was the Shahanshah (King of all Kings)! LOL.

      • 17


        “He thought he was the Shahanshah (King of all Kings)! LOL.”

        Mahinda Rajapaksha 2015 Election official theme song

        Raja, Raja, Raja,

        Published on Nov 21, 2014


        • 8


          Thanks. Hilarious! I don’t know how I missed this.

    • 18

      Dr. Prasad Mohotti MD

      RE: Is Mahinda Rajapaksa Suffering From The Complex Of “Excessive Self-Love “


      “‘mama thamai miniha’ (I am the man) complex ! “

      Actually, the Rajapaksa Tag line should b:

      “‘mama thamai Buruwa’ (I am the Donkey) The Modayas Support Me “

      One such Example, Wimal Modawansa. The Average IQ of the Modayas who Support Mahinda Modapaksa is around 65.

      Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s Speech on Wimal Weerawansa. 2/2 =0 , says Modawamnsa, Even my Calculator says 2/2 =1. Doctor, can you put my calculator into Modawansa’s head? Anura Kumara says, EEEYA, EEEYa


      What about the other Modaya, Mahinda Modapaksa?

      Mahinda rajapaksa worst lie ever told


      Inside Sri lanka #08


      • 13

        Dr. Prasad Mohotti MD.

        So we had a situation where the Modayas, Mootals and idiots with an average IQ of 65 Elected Modayas to represent them, and the Modayas governed the Land…

        This is what Plato said in 200 BCE.

        When the people with Common sense and Intelligence do not step forward, the less intelligent , the fools will step in. So, there is a dire need to educate the Mofdayas.

        The Common sense Pamphlet of sri Lanka?


        Published on Jan 2, 2015
        Upul Shantha Sannasgala speaking to the bottom and explaining why Sri Lanka needs a change at this election

    • 13

      Point of View

      “He thought he is god sent to rule SL and underestimated the intelligence of the people !!”

      The Northern VP and the Southern VP met all nine criteria and more. So one can safely conclude that there is no difference between VP and MR.

    • 6

      I like the term ‘I am the man’ complex. You have hit the nail on the head.
      I don’t think that I have it and don’t think that the writer of the article has it at all. What a great analysis. This is second only to Sigmund Freud’s analysis of dreams. What a competent doctor. I don’t think any Psychiatrist in Sri Lanka come close to his level. He must be diagnosing patients and treating their personality disorders just by looking at them. Keep up your good work

    • 3

      Reason was that biased media units worked on one sided brainwashed the rural gullible folks. This was purposefully planned them to stay in power. Cheating those folks telling the untruths not once for the entire period of his terms. So people will take some time to grasp all the realities WITH all the proof taking ground since investigations are underway. Basil will have to tell the truth about his high profile frauds AND gravity of abuses his ministry deliberately carried out for the last few years.

    • 2

      Definitely he is the man who was capable of doing somthing for the country. Arrogance of Sri Lankan rulers not confined to Rajapaksa. That is a national desease. It is in your DNA. I have even seen Sri Lankans losing their head when they get an honorary position in a committee to supervise flood relief. They think they are god. Acting strange.

  • 21

    THe 30 year old ended on May 2009 with LTTE completely destroyed and MR takes full credit for same. Whilst we can give him some credit for this victory we have to accept that there were other factors which helped defeat of LTTE. e.g.

    1) Division in the Ltte with the breakaway of Karuna’s group which in fact was initiated during Ranil’s
    Government in 2003/04. This essentially weakened the Ltte in the east and helped the military to
    Strengthen in the East.

    2) Substantial increased budget allocation for acquiring latest military equipment and increase in the
    Strength of the manpower in all defence forces.

    3) With installation of the Sonia Ghandi Congress government in 2004, who was very keen to destroy
    Ltte, Srilanka government enjoyed the benefits of them not allowing any support for Ltte though
    pressure was made from Tamil groups. The Indian government was more compelled to support
    our course with the terrorist attack on Bombay in 2008.

    4) large number of our lost their lives and similarly a lots civilians also had to sacrifice their lives.

    However, the previous leaders, though they were keen to destroy the Ltte, their conerns to protect human lives, had slowed down the intensity of the attacks on ltte. Therefore, MR, had the fortune of leading the win against Ltte and destroying them.

    This win made him to lose his control and allowed his family bandism to thrive. His outlook with so much make up, and arrogance increased. His mindset must have been that he is undefeatable with winning all local elections and breakdown in the UNP. His visits to foreign countries with large contingents at substantial costs to the people and tge behaviour if his family, such as conducting night car races especially in Kandy around the Maligawa, all shows his arrogance of power. Further, amending the constituition and introducing 18th amendment as an urgent bill gave him the hope of a lifetime president.

    Even today, he is doing everything possible to make a comeback, such as offering poojas at every possible temple, organising pocket meetings, even accusing alien forces for distributing bogus flags etc.

    He is power hungry and will do anything to regain same.

  • 13

    Marvellous piece of analysis Dr. Prasad Mohotti.

    I wonder what the the Bum-Suck-Puthra Dayan Jayatilake will take lesson out of this.
    Maybe, he knows all these stuff but since he is in the Zionist payroll to make the country to keep a bankrupt Mahinda in power so that another conflict may brew up and then the Zionist agents and Bankers could supply arms and money on interest to both sides of the conflict and then could drag it to another 3 decades with more devastations.

    They will have to keep the fire burning to cook the goose. Zionist gave Mahinda & co., real ropes. What the good doctor failed to mention is the Anti-Christian and Anti-Muslim campaign of Mahinda. The Sinhala Zionists gave lot of ropes and new ideas on how to attack the minorities especially the Muslims. JHU Champika is one of the culprits who “Runs with the hare and hunt with the hound”. He is one of the dangerous men the Zionist have picked up for their too many destructive projects.

    The Fake flag conflict is an indication that the Zionist backing is still active. As Jayshri Ranga explained in an TV appearance about the Fake National Flag of Gota (Sinhala Only Flag) if the scene is to show the world that the Sri Lankan majority does not recognise the minorities that it would simply mean that the minorities need a separation…..Isn’t this what is needed by the Zionist US ultimately.????

    Ms. Kunanayakam wrote an article about the danger that is posing the nation as the Zionist US is preparing the ground work to establish a military base in Sri Lankan nothern area possibly the Trinco to check the power of balance of the threat posed by the Indian and Chinese factors. India and China are technically partners in BRICS nation to checkmate US Dollar hegemony. So, if the Zionist US could get a hold in Sri Lankan north a base, they can hit two birds with one bloody single stone….i.e. India and China.

    So, the Zionists funded through Norway to Mahinda and Gota to set up BBS/Ravana Dogs/JHU and all other Sinhala Only affiliates to create the condition to make Sri Lanka unlivable to minorities. Then the minorities will approach Western Zionist nations for help and that will clear for them to have an agreement to set up a NATO base in Trinco in exchnage for a separation form the Sinhala Only south part.

    What a marvellous idea of the Zionists. The Zionists prepared the Sinhala only muck heads by infusing them with the Evil Theosophy through H.P.Blavatsky/Olcott team and fed them with Master Race bug into their brain and invented a creep in the form of a Christian convert Anagarika Dharmapala. He single handedly initiated the campaign against the minorities long, long time before. Like how the Zionist elders planned for the present the evil “Israel” with their step-by-step plans to rise up to the power centres and then destroy the Islamic Khalifate and then inducted the Crypto Jewish men from the lands that became independent from Ottoman and gave them the power. Turkey/Kamal Ataturk and the Saudi Saud family are crypto Jews who helped the British to destroy Khalifate and until now they are in alliance with the devil (US/UK Axis).

    So, now the Sri Lankan state has to view things from the Zionist angle. They are the immediate danger lurking the border called the Republic of Sri Lanka.

    The Age Of Evil – Theosophy

  • 6

    ” The conceit and craving of fools grows as they claim for themselves undue authority, recognition and reward:
    their falsity affects their longing, they wish to be seen as powerful and discerning.” # Dammapada verse 73-74

  • 12

    Very Good analysis Dr. Prasad Mohotti
    nothing more to say

  • 12

    May I present my humble solution for MR’s and the country’s problem. Let us divide the country somewhere south of Bentara Ganga and hand it over to him. There is an airport, a harbor and a convention center, which can be modified as a Parliament building.

    Most of all there is no dearth of admirer’s and supporters with all the grass eating humans and rice eating cows who dominate the South.

    It will be a worth while price for us to pay to be rid of him.

    • 7


      “Let us divide the country somewhere south of Bentara Ganga and hand it over to him.”

      Will Hindia approve a separate southern state in this island?

      “There is an airport, a harbor and a convention center, which can be modified as a Parliament building.”

      Don’t forget there is also a Hindian consulate in Hambantota.

      “Most of all there is no dearth of admirer’s and supporters with all the grass eating humans and rice eating cows who dominate the South.”

      Are you saying those “Smart Ass Patriot” Dayan, Weerawansa, ……….. eat grass?


  • 11

    Then dont forget those morons like Jackson Anthony who found Rajapaksas are related to even King Sudhodhana and then related to Gautham Buddha.

    What a jokers are these…?

    • 3

      Jackson Anthony dressed (anduwa) the Ex-president to make money. He became a multimillionaire overnight. Just think of the contracts he won (given without contest)to stage all those opening ceremonies of stadiums, harbours, airports etc.

  • 8

    The Doctors Article does not look into the Thuggery and Criminality of MR & family
    of politicians, which is the base cost of his downfall. In Sri Lanka MR is more of a
    patient who should seek physiatric therapy and not be allowed the 3rd term supported
    by 10 Judges in writing!!

  • 12

    This is certainly, a good analysis from a psychological perspective. But who needs such a sophisticated analysis to figure out the phenomenon that is Mahinda Rajapakse?

    As for MR’s popularity, there can be little argument. And for his popularity, he can count on, among other things, a good physical presence, a devious mind, being especially street-wise and a determination to secure things to his best advantage. But more than all these attributes is the fact that he was the President under whose watch the LTTE was finally beaten. And for this last thing, the country seems ready even to forgive him all his sins. In fact, so indebted do people feel towards him for ending the war, they go to great lengths to even picture him as some sort of good man who unfortunately has been misled and ill advised by those around him. In taking that attitude they don’t realise they are by implication saying that he hasn’t a mind of his own.

    For the likes of Dr Mohotti, MR must present a good case study. But at a practical level, MR is not very different from so many other politicians – crafty, unscrupulous, ambitious, unprincipled and corrupt. And, may I add, in my estimation, MR is neither sophisticated nor endowed with a capacity for deep thinking. He simply does not have the ingredients that go to make up a statesman. I also don’t think much of him as a leader. Ever since his defeat he has been looking for scapegoats; he simply does not have the capacity to admit that he lost because of his poor leadership and corrupt administration. A good leader must take responsibility.

  • 5

    Does he indulge in
    Excessive masturbation.

    • 6


      The better word is self actualization.

      • 2

        NV “The better word is self actualization”
        That is too posh for MR

    • 1

      The good doctor tells me that his habits in this arena are no different to yours. What do you reckon? :-)

    • 0

      Can there be an excess of that?

  • 11

    It is true that Mahinda Rajapaksa is suffering from excessive self love.
    He is now so angry and mad that he is out of power.

    He wants power for his children and his brothers and his family ,so he is trying by all crooked means ,to comeback to rule in spite of being rejected by the masses .

    He was so drunk with power ,he thinks that the President Sirisena ,too must bow down to him and take orders from him.

    Rajapaksa cannot swallow that he is no more the President, so he is acting as if he is still the president, this is the result of his narcissist disease that he has got.

    The booruwansas ,gembas and dinesh and the other sycophants are adding more bacteria to him and aggravating the disease.

    Rajapassa can come out of this disease if he retires gracefully to mademullama.

    SriLanka and her people will be saved.

  • 3

    MR loved himself and believed that he was invincible. He was a sociopath. Lied to the international community. Made promises and ratted on them. He was cunning ruthless and manipulative these are signs of a Phychopath.

  • 6

    In the course of Lankan politics, Rajapakse was another curse for Sri Lanka..
    The country can never prosper with these kind of narrow minded, racist, selfish political leaders. They only make everyone suffer, except the sycophants and themselves while the country going down the drains..
    The country needs discipline, law and order first. The country should be secular, non discriminative,plural then only people can feel ownership and will jointly work hard to achieve prosperity for themselves and the country.
    Racial and religious divide will make things worse and the country must leave the religions alone and concentrate on ruling effectively without supporting any particular religion or race.
    Most of all, the people must stop glorifying the ancient mythical, mostly made up stories and stop arguing,fighting and wasting valuable time.
    No one other than Lankans waste time talking and fighting about their two to three thousand year old ancient unbelievable cooked up stories. We all must wake up and smell the roses or the coffee.

  • 2

    Is Mahinda Rajapaksa Suffering From The Complex Of “Excessive Self-Love “?

    Or Is he a Waco like from Waco Texas. A cult figure. Definition for cult and Leader of a Cult seems to fit him well.


    http://www.anandainfo.com/cult_leaders.html. Need I say more. Read the first line.

  • 0

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  • 4

    The word Brilliance and Mahinda Rajapakse have no equation whatsoever . He is a mediocre human being with an inherent ability to con the public – more apt would be the term corrupt to the core !As for his so called Charisma , it just drives home the fact that the majority of us live in a make believe fools paradise .

  • 3

    Democracy Sri Lankan Style : Government of the Rajapapassas, by the Rajapapssas for the Rajapapassas

  • 7

    Dr Mohotti
    You are a disgrace to the medical profession.
    In America, you be stripped of your license to practice for misquoting the american psychiatric association’s characterisation of narcissitic personality disorder for blatant character assassination.
    Who is the narcissishere? Sarath Fonseka engaging in politics while he was in office, proclaiming that he alone won the war,claiming that army commited a crime by killing the LTTE rump in the last days of war, in Mullathi,. engaging in corrupt arms deals along with his then son-in law.
    To me he is the ultimate narcissist
    Has your victim and your hero, Sarath Fonseka boast of any audience or a following?
    Ihope you are not a practicing doctor. Woould be patients will take note of your venomous, abusive comments.
    Shamelessly, you added the suffix MD after your name!

    • 10


      We should take you task for typing stupid comments.

      “Sarath Fonseka engaging in politics while he was in office”

      What did the other war criminal Gota do when he was sate official, popping up saffron clad thugs, ……. operating white vans,… ?

      “proclaiming that he alone won the war,”

      MR did the same whereas the truth lies somewhere else. It was VP who won the war for MR with great contribution from Hindia and won two elections for him. MR and his brothers should have been charged for bribing VP to rig elections in the North.

      “claiming that army commited a crime by killing the LTTE rump in the last days of war, in Mullathi,”

      Not only last days of war but through out the 30 years.

      “engaging in corrupt arms deals along with his then son-in law”.

      Could you shed some light on MIG deals and other purchases, floating armory, selling arms to Somalis pirates and others, providing sanctuary to one of the leading arms smuggler, …………

      “To me he is the ultimate narcissist”

      To the people all are narcissists.

      “Ihope you are not a practicing doctor. Woould be patients will take note of your venomous, abusive comments.”

      Have you reviewed your typing before posting it on CT? You should always review.

      • 3

        Yes, Ican enlighten you on the alleged corrupt MIG deals. The the Sunday leadert wentntown with these allegations at the height of the Elam war 4. [Edited out]
        Read Smalini’s confession .
        We knoow that you are also a mercenary of anti -Sinhala, Anti- buddhist forces funded by Ravindran Karunanayakam and R Rajaratnam. The money, 42 billion. looted by Mahendran’s family is yet to reach Ranil and Ravindran.

    • 5


      do you wear cloths ? or just go naked ? Please let us know ? I really know dont know why you add the kind of comments. EIther you are born Rajapakshe [Edited out] or born to their families.

      • 4


        “EIther you are born Rajapakshe [Edited out] or born to their families.”

        gigurwa is born to kiss MR’s bum.

        Its his freedom and let him enjoy it while its last.

        gigurwa is looking forward to attend MR’s bum kissing ceremony soon.

        I am told Dayan is pleased to officiate a series of such ceremony.

    • 0


      By the tone of your nonsense rant, I am beginning to think you might be Mahinda Rajapakse himself or a close relative. Otherwise your consistent pampering of MR’s ego should have earned you at least a toilet named after yourself by now. To a wise Mahinda Rajapakse, this analysis would have been of immense value as a means to remedying his faults but I very much doubt it as his narcissism is much too ingrained for any remedy.

  • 6

    This is a brilliant intellectual discovery of the personality of the former High King. The image in the article exemplifies what Dr Prasad Mohotti says. Mahinda did have self-delusions of grandeur and people like Jackson Anthony led him to further go astray. Mahinda’s mad journey was such that he could have become more and more dangerous.
    Thanks to the royal astrologer for saving the country!

  • 1

    It seems that MR and NR have abandoned their brass door knobs that they used to clutch in their fists. All Gimmickery to mislead poor villagers and intelligent but blind MR slaves as well.

    It must have been hilarious to watch them throwing their brass door knobs in Fake Astro Sumaney’s face. I could imagine this scene: very funny!

  • 1

    In short, he is mad!

  • 0

    some [Edited out] try to construct logo centric image on mahinda,who reasoned for the mass destruction during war time in srilanka. Forthcoming general election would be challenge for many racist idiots who marketing communal disharmony among voters,in case that to rectify the bad situation they take wasted mahindamania to the scene. I don’t think this shit hole idea worked out for the [Edited out] !

  • 1

    Dr Moohottu, let me say you have given a precise account of one half of the human race i.e. males. Yup, the majority of the male population are narcissistic, there is no question about it. Moms bring them up to be gods while neglecting the needs of their daughters. Dads expect them to wear their crown, leading and saving the family treasure troves. So in 9.9 out of 10, men have been given the right to be power grabbing, narcissistic loons. Isn’t LTTE leader exactly what you are describing? Hitler, Mussolini, Henry the 8th and of course you have forgotten R Premadasa who was Machiavelli himself and JR Jayawardena who gave Kotte his own name and brought in the all powerful Executive presidency? Why in this 21st century there are still wars going on? Power crazy narcissistic pampered men. They grow up lacking empathy – it’s all about me, me, meeee !!!!!!!!!!

  • 0

    Dr. Prasad Mohotti MD:

    Is Mahinda Rajapaksa Suffering From The Complex Of “Excessive Self-Love.

    *** You are a Doctor Of Medicine so you cant be blamed for not being well up on Human Psychology because you would spent 2 years in Rural Areas.

    Mahintha is going through a period of fear and is trying to Psych himself to face the future.

  • 2

    Your behaviour sounds to be that of a horauguduwa.

    How come you have been making every effort to protect the most abusive ones that are now being cornered in the society today. They would not come back to you and confess even if your lovely ones would have deliberately been raped by them. They promote crimes of all scales. I have no doubt their interpretations are just to misguide the nation. If a crime is commited, whether it is by CBK or MR should be focused in the same manner. CBK was attacked by MR treating her to all last levels. I am not a party sympathiser but as one who has been in touch with any kind of developements in my former home country, I feel – it is high time you guys to see it right. Just looking at their unethical protests lately held being in the parliament – what is being realized is those who are alleged to have gone on all abuses stand by Rajapakshes. THis was the case with MR regime while he had been in Power.

    Remember how so called beloved People#s leader protetced Kudu Duminda ?
    For no rreaons people s tax payers funds were abused to give a treatment to a multi criiminal like Duminda De SILVA while totally ignoring about the grievances of Rajaparat renal patients fate.

    How so called people’s man stood by Lansa – known as drug kin pin of Negambo- MR had all guts to betray the nation by being present to Lansa s residence – using state helicopters… this was only to protect Lanza being arrested. What was behind that ? All these illegal business men financed his election campaigns. These men like Rajapakshes deserve jail sessions no doubt about that.

  • 0

    Quite a professional analysis of a man who was deemed by the vast majority including myself inspite of completely different political affiliations,as a great patriot and a hero who was able to rid this country of the curse of terrorism.Had he handed in the reigns over to someone else and gracefully retired,which is simply fanciful to think would have ever happened,Mahinda’s name would have been writ in gold letters in the annals of our history.He instead went on to commit the most mean and dastardly crimes that is unparalleled in the history of abuse of power by a leader and by virtue of these crimes drag his name into the lavatory bucket of history instead. Now to add to his misery he has become the but end of jokes and the darling of political comedians as we can see with Sunils gig.Could you tell us how people should deal with a person like Mahinda and how they could be exposed soon enough before they do the kind of damage that this man has done to the Sri Lankan political administration and more importantly the morality of the nation and in particular the younger generation who have grown up witnessing the corruption and the open and unashamed vulgarity of this man and all his henchmen. It would be very useful for analyses of this nature to be published of our leaders so that people could better deal with their personalities and not be fooled and mislead by them

  • 0

    If former Egyptian president sentenced to hang, Ali Baba and his 110 thieves should be stoned to death, which is what the deserve

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