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Is Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome The New Pandemic?

By Manuka Wijesinghe –

Manuka Wijesinghe

Is Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (V-AIDS) the New Pandemic? Homeopathy; a Western Science, Defamed and Denounces and Discredited. Who is behind it?

Covid-19, more than a disease, is an instrument fabricated for the manipulation of the human mind: The virus, lockdowns, and Infodemic have been used to confuse, pacify, cause fear and render human beings into docile and willing lab rats; willing to be injected with bio weapons. It has caused a new mode of divide and rule; the vaxed versus the unvaxed, this time through digitalization of economy and society, trade and education– Digital Colonialism.

Why did we not ask ourselves why we needed an injection as a prophylactic for a simple flu? A malaise we could have easily dealt with, with a few days in bed or a hot kottamalli or a pas panguwa? Why did we think that an aged west European population, diseased thought the counter productivity of the health care endeavour, their bodies having lost vitality and thereby resistance through decades of antibiotics, corticosteroids and indiscriminate vaccinations, not to mention over-consumption of sugar and processed foods; why did we assume we would face the same malaise? Our parents do not live in nursing homes, they live with us. We do not have to be reminded not to kill the old and the infirm for in our societies we have a natural respect for aged. We do not need to be reminded to wash our hands for washing hands is our faith, be it Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam. Yet, like robots, we follow their dictates and made National policy in Sri Lanka, based on images from New York or London. What about our local data?

Could it be, that despite our freedom from the Colonial yoke, they (Euro-America), are still our Masters crafting our narratives and policies through digital hacking of our society, economy and brains?

Although Covid-19 is now ENDEMIC in much of the world and herd immunity is apparent, local and global medical establishment pretend otherwise. Boosters are in fashion, although the excess of injections in a short space of time is toxic. It destroys the immune system and endangers public health. Though unarticulated, a pandemic of vaccine injury is already upon us. The nature of the virus does not induce thrombosis, but the nature of the vaccine does. The virus does not induce turbo cancers, but the vaccine does. And the list goes on. [1]

Ironically, the most vaccinated part of the world, Euro-America has the highest rates of Covid-19 in the world (after Israel which is on its 4th jab)! Sri Lanka is flooded with expiring Pfizer injections and the Ministry of Health and the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) are in a desperate rush to vaccinate the masses. Caught in a pandemic of Big Pharma corruption, having spent billions on unnecessary “boosters‘(Pfizer shots), whose expiry dates are imminent, Sri Lanka’s MOH pretends that Covid is not endemic and trashes “herd immunity‘; the only proven immunity in epidemics. It is pretty obvious that ‘Omicon’ is a weaker variant of Covid-19, but with the name ‘Omicron’, Covid-19 has been re-branded for the sake of further injections.

Health authorities are unmindful of the deaths, vaccine injuries, and long term damage these injections have caused to the innate immune systems of the double jabbed. The result of the mass roll out of Covid-19 injections are increasingly clear locally and globally. There has been a catastrophic increase in deaths in 2021 and disabilities, due to cardiac inflammation, strokes, thrombosis and many more.

But there is NO public education or policy discussion on Vaccine Adverse Reactions, or a viable Database. In Europe and the US, thousands of Deaths have been reported on VAERS, but the data and information is concealed from the public.

Why do we follow their vaccine mandates despite the mounting evidence that the toxic Covid-19 injection has killed, maimed and traumatized our friends, kin and family members? The data, evidence and knowledge is in front of us that the end will be various states of chronic disease, a body unable to resist a seasonal flu and a life reduced to being a permanent consumer of western pharmaceuticals; not for the gain of health, but for the suppression of pain caused by their toxicity?

Have we too, unknowingly, destroyed our gods of nature and begun adoring the one God of Fake Pandemic Science since the Covid-19 narrative has turned both Natural and Social Science on its head? And if, it is certainly not a Christian God for the Christian God willed his son to touch the Leper he heals. ‘And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying: ‘be thou clean’. And immediately his Leprosy was cleansed.’

The God of Scientism and Big Pharma has no healing touch. He wears gloves, masks and is socially distanced from his followers. He appears on TV and is heard in Podcasts and is a terrified monster who wills eternal life on earth[2] for he is afraid to die. His God may not be Christian, but is still attached to cultural Christianism where every man, on the day of judgement will have to pay his dues. And of that, he is mortally afraid.

In contrast to western monotheism, our cultures possess an inherent polytheism evident in our traditional healing methods. While allopathy or western medicine, in the spirit of monotheism, has been in existence only for a few hundred years, our traditional healing methods have existed for several thousands of years. When medical schools were begun in the mid nineteen century in the west, we have been having generations of indigenous medicine men and women, pass their knowledge to disciples. Yet, even the American medical establishment, until the mid-nineteenth century had a curriculum of medical multiplicity, teaching its students Phytotherapy, Homeopathy and several other traditional healing methods.

It ended with the collaboration of John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. These two millionaires began funding medical schools in the US with strict orders that they ONLY teach allopathic medicine; a system that SUPPRESSES symptoms through synthetic drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. A system that does not remove the cause of disease, but SUPRESSES it, so that it goes deeper into the human organism and causes severe chronic disease.

Thus a capitalist elite took virtual control of the ethos and practice of western medicine that by 1910, 30 medical schools had merged and 21 had shut. Fifteen years later only 76 schools of medicine existed in the US and they all followed the SAME curriculum.

Allopathy or Western Medical education is not a healing art, it is a Monotheism. Likewise; the Corona narrative. For no matter where one goes, to whom one spoke, which radio or TV one listened, the narratives were the same. It was the same numbers, the same people, the same deaths, the same apocalyptic prediction on the same media channels. But, where were the dead on our streets, or in public places? Visibly, there were no dead.

The sceptical human mind seemed to have been numbed into Groupthink for the apocalypse unfolding on the mainstream, social media and in WhatsApp groups, were perceived as reality.

If one paused to think, one would realize that when the narrative was the same everywhere regardless of country or context, global north or south, something was amiss. The uniform Covid media reality TV show could not be real, rather, the result of fabrication. But, in the age of ‘Google Revelation’ we the people had ceased to think critically for one click, and not analytic inquiry, was the source to all truth. Knowledge was no more a path of diligent inquiry, but accessed through google.

Had prince Siddhartha lived in our day and age, he would not have had the need to renounce his patrimony, not have had to starve for six years or engaged in dialectic, but would have reached Buddhahood (Enlightenment); with just one Click. Yet, did that one click deliver true enlightenment? Was it truth that was being playing on the TV screens? But, sitting on a comfortable sofa, behind a TV or computer screen, could one discover truth? Was Google, a truth delivery service?

‘The pandemic will not end until the world is vaccinated’, Merkel said, echoing WHO’s Tedros on the 21st of February 2021.

‘The world will need seven billion vaccine doses to end Covid’, Bill Gates says on the 30th of April the same year.

The vaccine roll out has long begun but Covid has not ended, instead it has mutated and the vaccines are not only ineffective, they are positively injurious. Not only has it prevented the development of herd immunity but those countries with higher vaccination coverage have higher mortalities [3] (through Vaccine adversity). These nations are now plagued with a population whose bodies are surrendering to disease for their immune systems have been destroyed through ‘vaccination’. Once, this disease was called AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Perhaps it ought to be re-named VAIDS. Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome?

We may not be able to fathom the evil that men and women do but why did we con ourselves into believing that we needed a new and untested vaccine for a relatively mild respiratory disease, albeit lab-made and dangerous for the elderly, weak and those with allergies, which could be effectively treated with a mix of remedies?

We in the East, with our ancient indigenous medical systems, have a choice. But surely, even western medicine has at least 4000 listed medicinal drugs from which, even a small handful could have been used for the care of a respiratory disease. Surely that handful (Ivermecin or even Hydrochloroquine for example) would have been better than an untested gene based technology (mRNA) which has not even passed the gut of lab rats essential to western medical drug trials? But drug usage was not only unendorsed, but prohibited. It was hospital administration, insurance or the higher echelons of management that dictated to doctors, the treatment of Covid-19. And, if any physicians acted innovatively, they were threatened with the suspension of their medical licences. As Rockefeller had instructed, only ONE method was to be used. And that method was the so called ‘vaccine’. Why?

The secret of the vaccine’s success was good old patent laws.

Old drugs had long outlived patent protection and were being generically produced. The western pharmaceutical establishment needed new patents to make money. Patents laws were for the pharmaceutical industry, the protective umbrella for the goose that lays the golden eggs. That goose was a new lab-invented virus and the golden eggs were the dangerous technologies of the mRNA and the vector based injections. But, in order to mandate them, a crime had to be committed first.

It was committed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; a black servant of the white pharmaceutical mafia. The kind of African who had always betrayed Africa. A man, against whom a complaint was filed at the ICC for genocide and crimes against humanity. He was Director General of the WHO. He committed the crime when he announced a ‘pandemic’ when there was none, with a novel corona virus, which was not novel, a PCR tests that give false positives, and injections with new technologies whose toxicology was not known.

Messenger RNA, gene therapy injections had been developed for cancer treatment, for patients who had been saturated with radiation and chemotherapy but the cancer still proliferated; persons between the devil and the deep blue sea who were willing to take any toxin to escape death. But, the Corona virus was not cancer, it belonged to an old virus strain, causing a regular respiratory disease. It needed no new technology, merely the space to develop herd immunity.

Thus, upon an edifice of lies, ‘vaccines’ were marketed as a salvation to a public whose minds had long been numbed by fear, lockdowns, social media, and mass formed into Orwellian Groupthink. ‘Science promised us truth, or at least a knowledge of such relations as our intelligence can seize: it never promised us peace or happiness. Sovereignly indifferent to our feelings, it is deaf to our lamentations. It is for us to endeavour to live now with fake science, since genuine science is modest alive to the indeterminacy principle, and the unknown and unknowable with current methods of investigation, nothing can bring back the illusion it has destroyed’.

Like faith was once destroyed by science, science is now destroyed by predatory philanthro-capitalism and the Corporate “Disinformation Playbook”. Allopathy is no longer about health but a platform for unmitigated evil. It is not science but the manipulation of science into dogma. If gene-therapy mRNA ‘vaccine’ salvation was science, let us nail this science to the cross and pray it may not be resurrected for if allowed to flourish, it is not life that shall be eternal, but disease and death.

While we have our indigenous healing arts, Ayurveda, Hela Vedakam, Unani, did the West have no such gifts? Has their God given them nothing except a faith without inquiry? Inevitably forcing them to compete with us, with their pseudo sciences called western medicine?

No, God was Just for he gave to them one of the best and finest healing sciences known as Homeopathy. He gave it through one man who was a medical doctor, chemist and a botanist; Samuel Hahnemann, from the German city of Meissen. ‘The physician’s high and ONLY mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed. His mission is not, however to construct so called systems by in interweaving empty speculations and hypotheses concerning internal essential nature of the vital processes and the mode in which disease originate in the invisible interior of the organism, nor is it to attempt to give countless explanations regarding the phenomena in diseases and their proximate causes, wrapped in abstract technical jargon which should sound learned in order to astonish the ignorant whilst sick humanity sighs in vain for aid’[4]

Homeopathy consists in the thorough study and comprehension of the 294 Aphorisms in the Organon of Medicine which deals with the philosophy of the curative system called Homeopathy (similia similibus curentur; let like be treated by likes). It is a reflection on the purpose of the physician which is to heal disease, the requisite knowledge for a physician, the knowledge of disease, the application of drug knowledge to disease, the knowledge pertaining to the choice of remedy and the different modes of treatment, the classification of disease, the understanding of misasma (chronic disease), the care of the patients through diligent recording of data, the proving of drugs, the preparations of drugs, the administration of medicines and mesmerism, just to name a few.

The homeopathic physician is required to understand the qualities, keynotes and attributes of the more than 2000 remedies in the Homeopathic Materia Medica. Every one of these remedies have been tried, tested, proved, and its toxicology, along with its compatibility, concordance and antidoting effect upon other remedies listed. As nature gifts disease, nature gifts cures too. The Science of Homeopathy is not only one such method of cure; it is perhaps the ONLY method of perfect cure for its remedies, when given in various dilutions and potencies works on the patient on different levels of individual disease. For example, a simple chicken pox, an essential children’s disease which has been nearly eradicated through vitality destroying vaccinations, appears no more as chicken pox, but in a far deeper interior level, as Shingles or the Herpes Zoster, even in little children. The Homeopathic remedy, when given in a lower potency, while it may be sufficient for peripheral chicken pox is of no avail when the disease is at the deeper level of shingles which indicates, not disease, but an immune deficiency and needs to be treated accordingly. According to the laws of Homeopathy, in such instances, the same remedy should be given in a higher potency, which would reach a deeper state of the human organism, thereby touching upon the internal diseased state in order to compel it to regain its vitality so that the complete organism may return to a state of health.

‘The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, the removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent in the shortest most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles’.

Homeopathy is NOT magic, it is not pseudo-science (as Wikipedia and pharmacy lobbied media claim), it is the ONLY medical science. If not, why did the entire German state security apparatus descend upon a homeopathic apothecary in the city of Koblenz in Germany, when he potentized Pfizer BioNTech D30 as a homeopathic remedy, not as cure for Covid (for those are plentiful in the homeopathic repertories) but to mitigate and antidote the adverse reactions of vaccines as based on the law of homeopathy? This pharmacist was threatened with closure and his product removed. Why did the authorities react with such draconian methods? The people of Germany too are being injected untested toxins. Yet, a homeopath making a thirtieth dilution of BioNTech, to the power of ten, was threatened closure. Even if the remedy was useless, it was not lethal, like untested injections containing dangerous graphene oxide. What was their rationale? Why was a regiment of authority, claiming a scientific paradigm, feel threatened by pseudo-science? Could it be that theirs was the pseudo–science? And they were afraid of homeopathy’s success? Are we no longer permitted, even to use that what they claim to be pseudo-science, homeopathy, in the simple endeavour of returning to health. Everyman is a pseudo scientist, but why has Homeopathy been targeted?[6]

‘The curative power of medicines depend on their symptoms, similar to the disease but superior to it in strength, so that each individual case or disease is most surely, radically, rapidly and permanently annihilated and removed only by a medicine capable of producing (in the human system) in the most similar and complete manner, the totality of its symptoms, which at the same time are stronger than the disease’.

Western Medicine did not have a remedy for the fever of Covid-19. It only had an unmade vaccine. But, in the Homeopathic repertory of James Tyler Kent, there are 67 remedies for fever. But, what is the fever of Covid-19? The Homeopath’s object of attention is not the title of the pathology but the individuality of the diseased. What kind of fever does the patient have? Is it a burning fever, an intermittent or a fever combined with pneumonia? A fever combined with pneumonia (having two symptoms), has 13 potential remedies, a nocturnal fever (one symptom) has 109 remedies and an intermittent fever has 14 remedies. What if the fever is accompanied by thirst? What if the thirst is ONLY for cold water? For the former, one remedy may be specific and for the latter, another remedy. The choice is between Bryonia and Phosphor, but do these remedies agree with the rest of the patient’s symptoms. Does his state of fever caused an aggravation on movement? In which case, Bryonia, instead of Phosphor would be the chosen remedy. What if he has fears? A fear of death? Or a fear of loneliness? Fear is not normal to the healthy mind, but symptoms of a disease, which, having left the peripheral level (the respiratory level) has now entered the deeper state of the mind. And homeopathy, unlike allopathy, treats the entirety of the individual. The body and the mind.

The Homeopathic repertory begins with the Mind. According to the laws of Homeopathy, good health is not a prerogative only of the physical body but of the mind too. When a remedy is selected, a remedy relevant to the whole human organism is the choice. (Allopathy does not do this. For even in the long list of drug adversity in western pharmaceutical drugs, the mind’s side effects (depression, suicide, anxiety, phobias) are not listed. I suppose it is understandable for their tests are done on animals and one can hardly ask an animal if it is depressive, suicidal or anxious. But more than that, I would presume the reason for this negligence is that the same pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs (psychiatric drugs) for the adverse mental symptoms caused by physical drugs). For example, the not too long ago American Opioid crisis in which Pfizer was implicated is a wonderful illustration of dichotomy of body and mind in western medicine.

In the 2000 and more pages of the homeopathic repertories, there is rarely a symptom not common to human being; fever, fatigue, cough, cold, sore throat, chest pain or joint ache, etc. And every study conducted by the giants of Homeopathy has been written down for the benefit of posterity. When the remedy or remedies need further analysis and contemplation, one has a choice of Materia Medicas compiled by Homeopathic physicians of yesteryear: Kent, Allen, Nash, Herring, Boger, Boenninghausen or even the Materia Medicas of present day giants of Homeopathy, such as Georg Vithoulkas.

With all this wisdom, knowledge and the accessibility of good health, why do we still stand in the blazing sun or in the freezing snow for untested vaccines? Having once walked on the shoulders of giants are we now being trampled by dwarfs? Do these dwarfs know anything about disease and illness and human well-being? Or is it wiser to ask, what is their objective?

It is evidently not good health. Vaccination is the greatest false belief in the minds of men. It is the myth cherished and hyped in medical schools and fictionalized by the medical establishment. Vaccination has never eradicated disease. Rather, it is hygiene and better dietary practices that has largely improved the health of people.

For example, Polio was not eradicated by vaccine for it was never caused by the polio virus but from industrialization’s rampant usage of nerve damaging products such as DDT. Vaccine did not prevent epidemics, rather, better immunity did. [7]

To a great extend vaccines have increase the percentage of chronic disease in children. Autism is a vaccine related epidemic in the United States. The early Aids epidemic too. Chronic disease in young is most evident in the wealthy countries that have been practicing vaccination as a part of national health policy. Nearly every third child suffers from some form of chronic disease. Be it allergy, asthma, neuro- muscular diseases, autism, and cerebral palsy, auto immune disease, just to name a few. [8]

When the so called Covid-19 pandemic was on in 2020, deaths were not higher than usual but since mass injection was rolled out in Euro-America, there is a twenty percent increase in the death of young men between 18 and 60. Men have always died in war, perhaps in this bio weapon war this is mere collateral damage. When Joe Biden said, the US ‘Forever Wars’ will end, he did not say that humans would NOT be killed. Germany may have lost the war, but did the Nazis win? Have they collaborated with those Europeans whose historical fame comes from the annihilation of American Indians? Aborigines? Africans? Are they not one European tribe?

Now, most of the world has had two vaccines and one or two boosters, yet the Covid-19 narrative is unending. The virus is mild and endemic and most populations have achieved “herd immunity’, but the vaccines are still being pushed and mandates threatened. Is this the stabilization of numbers as proposed in the Rockefeller papers?

Where have we gone so wrong? If we were of healthy mind, we would know that symptoms are not a disease but what the body develops to fights its way out of disease. If the human body, through vaccinations, lacked the capacity to produce symptoms, it would surely die. Symptoms are the body’s inner physician, developed by nature, to fight an invading pathogen. It must not be supressed. And it must NOT be destroyed.

Covid-19 is not a disease but this vaccination strategy wills verily bring disease upon us. Not from pathogens, but vaccinosis; disease caused by vaccines.

‘…in the case the immune system is too weak to counteract the morbid stimulus of the vaccines, so a deep illness is produced. This is perhaps the most tragic circumstance, because if the patient survives the complication at all, his state of health may remain impaired for a long time. It is in such cases we see the development t of chronic conditions of great severity. , dating from the time of the vaccination’.[9]

As said by Jomo Kenyatta, ‘When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the bible. They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the bible’.

Covid-19 task force are the new missionaries. This time it is not our land they will rob, for their corporations have already done so, now it is our health. We will lose the vitality to be creative or to procreate and our women and our lands will be made barren. There will indeed be a future, but it shall not be inhabited by our children for there will be none.

Thus, the US War Machine, the military business industrial (Bioterrorism) complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned U.S. citizens about, shall control the world with the White ‘Old Commonwealth’ and Western European NATO partners (and their corporate front) has come to be. Covid is not pathogen, they are. Along with their attempted Global Governance through V-AIDS and Digital Colonialism.

Is this the price we have paid for usurping nature and placing our trust in science? Is this the derangement that comes from eating hamburgers and drinking Coca Cola? Despite all, perhaps the God of science will have mercy upon us and let us live diseased, drugged and doped, until 90, when we died at 20. With that first jab.

May our tombstones be engraved with the words, ‘Here lies the remains of proud contributors to the US pharmaceutical enterprise. May they rest in Peace for they could not live in peace. The first Covid 19 Vaccine sent their body into spasm with every bodily cell acting like it was struck by lightning. But, as a true believer in the God of science, they ritually consumed the “vaccines”. They were true patriots, not of a country, but of the US-EU Drug industry. The Corporation ruling the world emptied of human brings’.

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    When last reported, A Fundamental Rights Application filed before the Supreme Court by Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake, Ranjit Seneviratne and Hiran Fernando against Keheliya Rambukwella – the Minister of Health, the NMRA, the Director General of Health Services, was to be taken up on January 11, 2022. Did judge and jury burst their sides laughing and throw the case out? Anybody knows what happened?

    • 5

      Bold and Courageous article, and Dead Right too is MS. WIjesinge! And it seems that the CIA Bots and Trolls on this website are up in arms!

      It is clear that the US and EU countries that have been jabbing themselves with Pfizer and Moderna RNA injections and boosters – – are the worst affected by Covid! How strange?
      Africa has few mRNA injections and fewer Covid cases!
      Manuka WIjesinghe is dead right that the current deaths and pandemic is that of the mRNA vaccine injured.
      Pfizer which made billions is a criminal Big Pharma operation and its trials were fake , and Moderna is DARPA viraus and vaccine biowarfer project. The Vaccine Endgame is clear.

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    I would like to experiment with the substances that the author, Manuka Wijesinghe, appears to be using. Will take me back to the Pasakudah beach and the hippy culture of the 70s. Mind blowing.

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      Sarath, as MW mentioned it is strictly home grown. Please do share with me.

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        Sarath, I am now having second thoughts about trying homegrown remedy. Some one here seems to be having a bad trip “CIA bots and trolls on this website are up in arms!”???.

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    Oh man! My memory is worse than I thought. The Beatles’ song was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. But I’m sure everyone got the drift of what I was saying when I referred to the personification.

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    ……Like faith was once destroyed by science……
    Is that bad ?
    ……God was Just for he gave to them one of the best and finest healing sciences known as Homeopathy…….
    ……For example, Polio was not eradicated by vaccine for it was never caused by the polio virus but from industrialization’s rampant usage of nerve damaging products, such as DDT….
    Sweeping statement of “”never caused””. Does that mean the Polio Virus is non-existent though you refer to its existence? What does it do other than to cause Poliomyelitis.

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    MW, as a play writer and actress, you forgot to add the footnote “this script is nothing but an imagination of this writer and doesn’t depict any real people, events or facts”.

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      OMG, I just heard Washington state patrol/police officer who defied state mandate vaccine policy and officially signed off for the last time by telling Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee to “kiss my a—” is dead from Covid 19. MW good that you are not in U.S, imagine if any of the victims or family decided to sue you for wrongful information/act ????

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    This is all too true! Thank you Manuka Wijesinghe, for taking this from the deep recesses of our minds and bringing this to the forefront of our consciousness…..we need to pray :'( . Some of us older people need to die, so the young can live and be strong.

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    A CT reader has asked me why I mentioned the Beatle’s LSD song – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I did so only because sometimes photos can give us a bit of a spaced-out look, as if we have downed a couple of the tabs.

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