2 February, 2023


It’s Time To Go Ranil! 

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

In a democracy, if a Prime Minister’s name is tarnished in a financial embezzlement of the slightest nature, he or she should gracefully resign. This does not necessarily mean that he/she is directly responsible, but trying to be in office disregarding the tainted image do harm to him/her and more to the country.

This is not written in law or in constitution, but a democratic custom. It is also common sense. Otherwise, how can a PM maintains the financial integrity of the Cabinet?

In these columns, I have written about the case of ‘A bottle of Wine [Throwing] a Premier Out!’ (Colombo Telegraph, 17 April 2017), well before the Yahapalana government, where “The Premier of the New South Wales (state) of Australia, Barry O’Farrell, announced his resignation (16 April 2014) over the issue of receiving a bottle wine as a gift that he failed to declare in 2011 in the ‘Pecuniary Interest Register.”

I further said, “This is a case of ‘accountability and transparency’ that all Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Ministers and all Members of Parliament or members of any such representative institution in a functioning democracy should abide by.”

Therefore, my claim: “It’s Time to Go Ranil!” is not at all personal or aiming at him alone.

Before the Commission

There was no ‘charge sheet’ as such before the Commission, but there were 28 questions first (letter dated 10 October 2017) and then 20 more for the PM to answer, because of his implication and/or responsibility on the matter of bond irregularities. In addition, he was requested to appear before the Presidential Commission to clarify several other related matters and the questioning lasted for about one hour on 20th November.

One may say that he answered well, which is true, or the Commission was so decent and polite without grilling him on the same matter again and again. It is also true that this is the first time that a sitting PM was questioned before an independent commission ever, and it speaks well for the democratic culture of the present government. The question or the necessity therefore is to take the next logical step.

Possible Culpability?

To the first question, the PM truthfully answered ‘Yes,’ that somewhere in early January 2015, he invited Mr Arjuna Mahendran (AM) to serve as the Governor of the Central Bank.

It is true that on the second question, he explained that the formalities under the Monetary Law Act were duly followed in the appointment. However, the third question further asserted that the recommendation came from the PM, based on AM’s evidence, and asked why AM was singularly considered ‘fit and proper person’ for the position of the Governor. The answer was ambiguous, going in rigmarole, even referring to the previous Governor unnecessarily, like in a Parliament debate.

The PM further couldn’t answer properly the suitability of a person who was not a Sri Lankan citizen (question 4), in the current context, or who has not even applied for the citizenship back. All indicated to the ‘conflict of interest’ on the part of the appointee being a citizen of Singapore; and the PM with a possible self-interest due to friendship or other obligations overlooking the above ‘suitability’ of the appointee.

Most importantly, the PM has clearly overlooked or taken lightly the ‘conflict of interest’ between the CB Governor (AM) and a Primary Dealer, Arjun Aloysius (AA), directly and indirectly. This is how and where the irregularities have apparently occurred, the gravity and illegality of which have to be determined by the Commission. The questions 5 to 7 were surrounded on these matters. The PM has clearly admitted: 

I was aware that Mr. Mahendran’s son-in law Mr. Aloysius was the Chief Executive and Director of the primary dealer Perpetual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd.”

The above could have been a disqualification for AM to be the Governor in addition to his citizenship.

Match Fixing?

However, the PM has thought otherwise. The most strange is the way he has tried his best to fix the apparent ‘conflict of interest.’ The following is what he has said, 

When Mr. Mahendran was offered the post of the Governor of the CBSL, I insisted that he should ensure that Mr Aloysius would resign as a Director of Perpetual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd, and not involve himself in the business activities of that company in anyway.”

How come that the PM ‘insist’ that AA should resign as the Director of the Perpetual Treasuries unless they were a close group? How come that even AM ensures that AA resigns as the Director? Even going beyond those premises, the PM has “[I] also strongly recommended that the best course would be for Mr Aloysius to divest himself of his shares in the company. This was conveyed by me both to Mr Mahendran as well as to Mr Aloysius.

It appears that the PM had become an ‘advisor’ to both AM and AA, but none have heeded his advice, perhaps believing that the matters are not that serious or that the PM would protect them in any event. This was the standard thinking in Sri Lanka, particularly prior to 2015.

It was in the above context that the PM’s advice to go for ‘public auctions’ is highly questionable while the past practice has mainly been ‘direct placements,’ completely right or wrong. It is an obvious fact that ‘divesting shares’ is not that easy for anyone like resigning from a position of CEO or Director. A ‘conflict of interest’ can go even deeper, leading to ‘insider trading,’ as revealed by the fact that actual ownership of the primary dealer, Perpetual Treasuries, being with the Perpetual Capital Holdings.

Having known or aware of the above circumstances, the PM should have been much more vigilant and careful about possible ‘insider trading.’ He had already taken over the Central Bank under his ministry which otherwise was under the Ministry of Finance. It was also a political fact that he was like a ‘caretaker PM’ during that period without a direct mandate from the people.

Public Auctions!

In answering questions 10 and 11, the PM has admitted that he instructed AM in February ‘to issue bonds by way of public auctions in accordance with the economic policy of the Government,’ which could be his own or his party’s economic policy and he has not referred to any Cabinet decision or a meeting on the subject.

He has further given a theoretical discourse on ‘market liberalism’ and ‘macroeconomic liberalization,’ but it is not clear why he was so quick in overhauling the bond procedure that way, which has led to the erosion of credibility, arising ‘conflict of interest,’ ‘insider trading’ and at an enormous loss to the government according to the Auditor General.

From the answers given the following also were clear.

  • Mr Mahendran informed me that evening [26th] he may be able to raise money far in excess of Rupees One billion in the Bond Auction fixed for 27th February 2015” (The PM should have known that this is not a task of the Governor directly. He should have suspected a ‘conflict of interest’ or ‘insider trading’ arising). 
  • After the Auction held on the 27th of February 2015, he informed me that in fact Rupees Ten billion had been raised.” (The PM should have requested more information directly as to who were the beneficiaries as he has known about the possible ‘conflict of interest’ or ‘insider trading.’ Although a ‘Briefing Note’ had been requested later, no further action had been taken).
  • I stated that neither the Monetary Board nor I was the proper authority to inquire into the issue.” (This was with reference to the Parliamentary debate of 17 March 2015 and appears evading of responsibility in addition to political defence of the whole affair on the pretext of criticisms over the previous administration).    
  • As stated above, I have forwarded the COPE Report to the Attorney General to take appropriate action if there has been any transgression of the law by Mr Mahendran or any other person.” (This was clearly evading the question 25: “Did you consider that, it was fit and proper for Mr Mahendran to continue to serve as Governor of the CBSL after the events of the Treasury Bond Auction held on 27th February 2015?).
  • I deny that I had agreed to provide or provided copies of Minutes of meetings of the Monetary Board meetings/papers to Mr Aloysius or any other person. I resent the insinuation.” (This is in respect of an alleged text message (question 26) sent to AA by his personal assistant to request Monetary Board papers from PM and RK! The PM’s denial and resentment should be accepted.).

There is no much point in going further into other questions and answers in the Affidavits or his submissions at the Commission. The questioning at the Commission was solely ceremonial.

Let us assume, for his favour, that the nexus between his ‘market policy’ and ‘bond irregularity’ is purely coincidental, but he cannot easily absolve himself from overlooking the ‘conflict of interest’ or the ‘insider trading.’ The key question is whether he is not politically responsible for the whole Saga as the responsible Minister? If not, who is responsible?

International Best Practices

Let us look into the ‘international best practices,’ at least briefly, first in the case of ‘insider trading,’ and then the responsibilities of the minister in charge, and in this case the PM. The ‘conflict of interest’ between AM and AA, that the PM has conveniently overlooked, is fairly clear I believe.

About ‘insider trading’ the following is what Wikipedia states: “Insider trading is the trading of a public company’s stock or other securities (such as bonds or stock option) by individuals with access to non-public information…In various countries, some kinds of trading based on insider information is illegal.” It further says, that “A person who becomes aware of non-public information and trades on that basis may be guilty of a crime.” 

It also says, “However, some economists have argued that insider trading should be allowed and could, in fact, benefit markets.” Milton Freedman is one such a prominent culprit. It is possible that Ranil Wickremesinghe and his advisors belonged to this category! This is in fact a serious situation.

In many countries, that I know of, insider trading is an offense. Australia, the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, India, China and France are some. Sri Lanka is the same. There are many cases of prosecution and/or penalty. James Thomson (Macro Think Institute) gives a comparative picture of insider trading regulations.

Let us look at the political side of the matter, in respect of accountability and responsibilities of the minister in charge. Sri Lanka is a unique case where the PM has involved or implicated almost by choice under the circumstances. In Britain, the PMs have been maintaining quite a high profile particularly in financial matters and there are no known cases of PMs involved in financial scandals or resigning on those counts. But as Graham Thomas has recounted (‘Prime Minister and Cabinet Today,’ 1989) there are numerous cases of ministers’ resigning on financial matters prompted mostly by PMs themselves to preserve the integrity of cabinets. This is more or less the case of other parliamentary democracies including India. 

In the case of France, however, there are numerous cases of PMs resigning after financial scandals. In 1993, the PM, Pierre Beregovoy, even committed suicide unable to bear the charges of a financial scandal. There are many other cases of PM’s resigning on the issues of accountability largely to preserve the good name of his or her government. Let me finally refer to Shinzo Abe’s resignation in Japan in 2007 as the PM not due to financial malpractices on his part, but several scandals involved in his government. He became elected again in 2012 and 2014 because of his retained credibility after initial resignation. 

Ranil Wickramasinghe has been in Parliament since 1977, more years than even Robert Mugabe (since 1980). Even Mugabe has now resigned. RW has been holding the reins of the UNP since 1994 and his association with power perhaps only second to Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is a common dictum that ‘justice should not only be done, but must also be seen to be done.’

It is obvious that he has overlooked or took mildly the ‘conflict of interest’ between AM and AA and oblivious to ‘insider trading’ perhaps because of his too much of market thinking. However, as the minister in charge of the CBSL and the whole saga of the controversial bond issue, at least until his name is clearly cleared, he should step down following the international best practices.   

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Latest comments

  • 10

    Can Laksiri Fernando Recommend someone Better Experienced than RW; who is Ready, Willing and Able to take on the PM’s Post?

    • 7

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

      RE: It’s Time to go Ranil!

      It’s TIME to write the COMMON SENSE PAMPHLET, Dr. Laksiri Fernando, so that the low average IQ 79 populace, in the land of Native Veddha Aethho, illegally occupied by the Paras, can understand the current situation.

      Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 advocating independence from Great Britain to people in the Thirteen Colonies. Written in clear and persuasive prose, Paine marshaled moral and political arguments to encourage common people in the Colonies to fight for egalitarian government. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution, and became an immediate sensation.

      Common Sense made public a persuasive and impassioned case for independence, which before the pamphlet had not yet been given serious intellectual consideration. He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity, structuring Common Sense as if it were a sermon. Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.

    • 18

      It is easy for critics to crticize but not easy to do. If not for RW when every effort was made by MR with help from within and outside the UNP to oust him, ably supported by the media led by Sakkili Maharajah Democracy would have been long lost had they succeeded in removing RW. MR would have installed himself for life like Robert Mugabe. Thanks to RW remaining we have hope of Democracy surviving.

      • 5

        Gamini, Are you sure you are mentally stable now, or have you forgotten to take the daily dosage recommended by your family Psychiatrist or are you over-dosed? Or a combination of all of them?

      • 7

        What democracy? Hanging on to the leadership of the party as a life time leader despite protests from within the party is called Democracy or what? Having to use puppets instead facing elections and then steal power through illegal means are called democracy? Boy your definition of democracy is highly flawed.

        • 7

          An MR bum sucker as you, who else is or was there to take over the Leadership of the UNP? None. Besides what interest have you in the UNP? You all would have been very happy had RW been removed as MR would have destroyed the UNP for good setting one against the other. Now you all are eating Humble Pie after RW proved himself smarter than all you Pundits who are just amatures compared to RW.

        • 3

          Dear Shenal,

          By whatever measure you count, Mahida Rajapaksa, cronies and shills were displaced by democracy. True, democracy is not perfect, that is why it is called Demo-cracy, but still better than a dictatorship, or a pseudo-democracy, we had during the MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa years, with cronies approving the 18th amendment to extend the dictatorship, and the fleecing of the masses and the country.

          There is a cure for the MaRa addiction.

          1. Sing the following Poem , Kavi, twice a day.

          MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa
          MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa
          MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa
          MaRa MaRa DhushaNaMaRa

          2. Sing the Jaya Mangala Gatha in the original Pali,(not in Para-Sinhala) where the target is Mara, aka MaRa, the current incarnation.


          Jaya Mangala Gatha-Verses of Auspicious Victory (rare Pali version)-Buddhist Chants

          Based on the Book of Protection (Paritta Sutta) from the Pali canon, the Jaya Mangala Gatha is sung here in a rare recording by the Mahabodhi Society of India in original Pali. The Jaya Mangala Gatha is a chant recommended by the Buddha to destroy negativity and to generate auspiciousness. It proclaims the 8 major victories of the Buddha which are:
          1) Victory over Mara (MaRa)
          2) Victory over the demon Alavaka (Wimal Buruwansa)
          3) Victory over the wild elephant Nalagiri ( Gamanpila0
          4) Victory over serial killer Angulimala (GoTa)
          5) Victory over the evil intentions of Cinca who sought to defame (Pavitra)
          6) Victory over the haughty brahmin Saccaka (Vasudeva)
          7) Victory over the serpent king Nandopananda( Dinesh)
          8) Victory over the false views of Brahma Baka G L Peris)

        • 2

          Dear Shenal.

          You have been infected by Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies, MaRa , Mara disease. Given below is some treatment, straight from the Enlightened Buddha.

          Mangala Sutta Chanting with Meaning – The Buddha’s Discourse of Blessings


          Mangala Sutta Chanting with Meaning-

          The Buddha’s Discourse of Blessings
          It was preached at Jetavana temple in answer to a question asked by a Deva (deity). The sutta describes thirty-eight blessings in ten sections and given advice how to eradicate evil and how to cultivate good. Blessing means practise by the one who is to be blessed. Therefore we can attain each blessing, by ourselves, through our own endeavor. These 38 blessings are ethical and spiritual in nature, providing a step-by-step training on the journey of life.

          The word mangala means “blessings” “auspicious sign” or “good omen” throughout Jambudipa ( In ancient India at the time of the Buddha) people wanted to know what constituted a real blessing that makes life happy for them. Many people spoke about blessings in many ways: as beautiful and peaceful objects to see or hear, or sweet and pleasant smells, sounds, tastes and touches.

          This issue was even raised among deities (Davas) in the heavenly planes. For twelve years the deities argued, debated and discussed about it. Then Devas of Tavatimsa heavenly realm approached Sakka, the leader of the devas, for his views. The Sakka advised the devas to consult the Buddha.

          So, give up Mahinda Rajapaksa, MaRa, Mara, and cronies.

    • 9


      How about Dr Mahinda Rajapaksa (LLD) or Dr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa (DSc)? Both men are desperate to occupy top seats.

      • 3

        Don’t make me Laugh! Or should I say Cry?

        • 2


          If both were worthy of honours being bestowed by a leading Uni then why not?

      • 0


        Dr. Laksiri Fernando and others approved Mahinda Rajapaksa being given a doctorate LLD by the Colombo University.

        Shouldn’t they give doctorates to all those who approved the 18th Amendment, after they they were approving Dr. Mahinda Rajapaksa rule.

        • 2

          The Sad Situation in SL, where Exposure in Politics is held in Higher Regard than Education!

    • 2

      There would be enough suitable candidates to take PM post if RW and the govt resigns and go for a fresh mandate from the people.

      What is “Better Experienced”? Rob without getting caught (as RW has been )?

      • 2


        Better experienced means in Sri Lankan context – one should be able to kill, maim, and make people disappear, rob the people, ……………. who is willing to commit everything that Buddhism considers wrong view or actions.

        You should once again consider electing Dr Mahinda (LLD) or Dr Gota (DSc). It is the easiest way to reduce population. When Gota’s gundas come for you it would be too late.

    • 3

      Hamlet, RW says only ArjunM is suitable for the post (Commission should have asked if RW still think that) You are saying only RW is suitable to be PM. If RW leaves the UNP leadership, within a few years someone will prove to be a worthy leader.

    • 3

      If our politics were not full of incompetent , devious, and crooked chancers with their thug supporters, then we will have decent and competent people come into politics to SERVE the country.

      If Ranil was a gentleman, he would have gone a long, long time ago. But he is so arrogant that he feels that the country cannot do without him. In truth he likes the kudos that comes with the title, and of course, Mugabe-like, he has no shame to understand that he has outstayed his time. This is not only Ranil, but our politics are full of people like him, who just go bumbling on.

      The highly capable Travis Sinniah is forced into retirement whilst these incompetent, ageing septuagenarians keep fiddling on.

      This is the curse in Mother Lanka.

    • 1

      I have one; Mr. Sujeewa Senasinghe.
      Oh Yeah! Mr. Sujeewa Senasinghe.

    • 4


      “Better experienced than RW……..”

      Be happy with RW, given that the average IQ of the country is 79. Besides, he went to “Royal” College and the University of Colombo, the top ranked University in the Land. ( Did he not qualify for ambridge, Oxford, Harvard or Berkeley?). The probability is that the replacement may be stupider and a crooks, like MaRa and Gota and cronies .

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


      Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

      ——– Country
      ———————– %
      1 Singapore 108
      2 South Korea 106

      28 Sri Lanka 79

  • 8

    Dr.Laksiri Fernando

    You are asking something from Ranil which is not in his mind. Zimbabwe president Mugabe , at last resigned from his post having tried his best to stay in power and to transfer power to his wife and having plundered the country over billions of dollars. He was 93 years old .
    When people come into politics and power, they are reluctant to leave. It should be embodied in the constitution that people over 60 years cannot enter politics or stay in politics. And people who enters politics should have a University degree as most of the members of parliament now do not have the basic education. I am aware of a timber smuggler contesting the last parliamentary elections on the UNP ticket in the North.
    As far as Sri Lanka is concerned there is no word as “Justice” in its vocabulary.

    • 6


      Amazing, SL doesn’t have “justice” in its vocabulary but you have.
      It’s wise to embody in the constitution that nobody below 45 be allowed to do politics, it’s that immature minds that wreck SL.

      It’s not education that matters in politics, it’s intelligence, the myth that educated are intelligent must be given up. See RW is a graduate, do you think there’s intelligence in his head pot.

      • 0

        Dear R. R.
        You are talking Bull Shit. Why are you retricting people under 45 to contest Eletions When you are Happy With all over 18 allowed to Vote?

        It is real hypocrazy on your part to say so.

        Also you seem to be quite happy to allow any body over 45 whether senile or not.

        No one over 70 is allowed to to be co operate Director But even over 90 are allowed to enat laws affecting the Country.

        You are attempting to Kill the Messenger.


        • 0


          Voters understand whether one is senile or not but never forget that all of us become old aged one day. so pls don’t support discrimination on ageism.

          Maturity comes with age unless one becomes unfortunately senile; it’s up to voters to notice it.

          Senior citizens might become senile due to retirement; that makes them unrecognized so keeping them intact will be advantages for any country; provided they keep on updating.
          What’s the hurry for youngsters to become MPs & ministers; that doesn’t mean that they must be kept away from politics. Youngsters with outstanding abilities will be elected.
          Kill the messenger? sorry I can’t follow that but please let me say that if messengers of any sort impact negatively why should we embrace them?

  • 2

    I heard some one who used to live in cinnamon Gardens is also Saying Ranil Baba, Ranil Go away, do not spoil my life too Because That person has said, Mahinda Rajapakse also did so you also do it. MY3 is saying Ranil quit, Do you want me to go to Prison too. In a country where law is respected by now, so many would have been arrested, but not in Sri lanka.

  • 7

    My elders told me of a statement made by Late Sir John Kotalawala when SWRDB was assassinated – “I tied all the dogs and let them where they should be; but Banda let lose all those dogs and this is the result”. Hasn’t that statement stood TRUE to this day? It is time for all the “DOGS” who have and are plundering the county’s wealth be tied and placed where they must live and perish, because they are not going to GO AWAY on their own until chased after and caught. To do that, all PEOPLE, whether “Green”; “Blue”; “Red”; “Yellow” colours; “Elephant”; “Hand”; “Bell”; “Wheel” and host of other symbols must think in common terms of SALVAGING this country from these “ROUGE DOGS”( who have ROBBED their valuable vote) and start from now on wards to UNITE into a COMMON FRONT with a LEADERSHIP of the type of Lee Kuvan Yeo of Singapore and start afresh to build the country. No other STEP DOWNS or RESIGNATIONS are going to work. The only available option and alternative is that COMMON FRONT made up of PATRIOTS that can throw these present proven political ROGUES to a “JAIL”, that too situated in a far remote place away from Colombo to rot and meet their final destiny .

  • 5

    Where are that so-called civil society organizations like Friday Forum who taught us about the Good Governance? Those people said that they will come forward if this government goes wrong. But we cannot hear any voice from them. The PM is implicated with strong evidence against him, at least his conflict of interest with Arjun Mahendaran and his Son in Law. Therefore, the PM should step down because he cannot escape from the crime. In other countries like South Korea and Brazil, the relevant head of the government had to step down for crimes that are less than the bond scam in Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    Yes! Now it is too late!

    Not only Ranil, the whole lot

  • 4

    DR LF,

    Do you surreptitiously want the new constitution to fail?

    RW is not perfect but who else you have in mind?

  • 4

    RW should step down and make room for Wimal Weerawansa, the hero of the South Wing politicians…. It seems that’s what the people want or local Mugabe to come back so he can rule till he is 100 years old. Sri Lanka will never grow up.

  • 2

    it’s time for Ranil, My3, GOta, Mara, Namal, Sangha, Sumanthiran, Sampantha, Karuna, etc etc lock stock and barrel to go.
    Leta have some liberal young politicians with fresh face and fresh idea from all walks of Sri Lanka to take the country forward in this digital age

  • 1

    RW’s culpability is evident from the very beginning. Even MY3 is culpable in covering it up. It is all chaos for the last 3 years and country has gone backwards all along in all fronts. Now the buggers are scared to go in front of the voters. A recipe for an eruption no one would be able to control.

  • 4

    Never knew Dr Laksiri Fernando could make such a ridiculous judgment and publicize that! My position is that we should wait for the Commission’s findings-as simple and logical and fair as that. The Commission is set to examine accusations following judicial process. Only such a due process can have the competence to make judgments on matters like this.
    I can observe uninformed and unsophisticated little minds and also vicious and politically sectarian minds making their own judgments. To find Laksiri joining such ranks is disappointing-to say the least

    • 1

      Shyamon Jayasinghe

      May I take this opportunity to remind you Dr Laksiri Fernando was the proposer at the University of Colombo (senate) who hastily decided to bestow both war criminals doctorates, Dr Mahinda (LLD) and Dr Gota (DSc).

      By doing so the Uni has belittled itself. His behaviour at that time was nothing short of trying to fit in with war criminal lot, a little racist lion jumped out of his tummy.

  • 4

    Some stupid idiots make totally irrelevant comments such as who is to replace RW. Utter stupidity! I don’t know why these idiots want to make comments every time a sensible article is written?

  • 1

    I as a simpleton is of the opinion that Ranil has erred in his judgement. First of all he should not have invited AM as he is not a Sri Lankan, even after several ministers protested and more so the President did not like the idea. What is wrong in Sri Lanka is that nothing could be done without friends and relations. Ranil should step down for the good of the country. Otherwise this will be a good precedent, for others in line to follow. However, Sajith is not the replacement. Sirasa is promoting the man and yesterday in their new bulletin referred to him as Deputy Leader of the UNP. RANIL STEP DOWN.

  • 2

    Will never happen in Sri Lanka. As long as some people think this man who cannot get elected ad thePresident and has no achievements to his credit is the best person as PM of the country such politicians will continue to rule and SL will continue to be a underdeveloped country.

  • 3

    Only human beings are shy and self-conscious. All animals expose their sex organs.

  • 2

    Where is Shyamon Jayasinghe? Come on Shyamon from your hiding place in Australia and answer this guy who is also in your vicinity? Can you believe? He says: ” It’s time to go Ranil”. How dare he says it. Please come out (Winter is over in Australia) from your hibernation, drink a beer (brewed and sold tax free under Y-pala’s new budget), and help us poor UNPers in this Perpetual democratik plus socialist banana republic!

  • 4

    Ranil is in India for the fourth time since 2015. He visits more temples in India than meeting politicians. This time he and his wife have offered poojas extensively, perhaps to invoke blessings to save him from political turmoil he is facing.

    • 1

      Naga Ramalingam

      Visiting Indian temples by Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist politician is the public display of foreplay of their brief intercourse at Delhi Sultanate, assuring the Hindians they are bound by Hindian geopolitics and not by peacefully rising middle kingdom.

  • 2

    A superb analysis of the horrible situation. From all what we can see, the advice is unfortunately unlikely to be taken, short of a miracle. But miracles do happen – like it did a couple of years ago. We can only hope for someone capable to step up.

  • 2

    There are no capable senior Parliamentarians to take over as the PM of Sri Lanka at this time. Dr. Laksiri Fernando knows it. PM Wickremasinghe admitted he had made a mistake in trusting former CB Governor Arjuna Mahendran to do the right thing.. My understanding is the money realized from this CB Bond transaction was to pay some outstanding bill for work completed by road building Contractors appointed by the previous Administration. If any government funds went to the pocket of any politician the culprit should be identified and prosecuted. But, people are aware Ranil who was born with a Silver Spoon does not have to resort to such lowly acts of stealing any time.

  • 1

    Laksiri calling Ranil Wickremesinghe “its time to go” is inappropriate. If this is so our parliament will become an empty zone. As almost all parliamentarians are corrupted to the core and no one is exempted. This is the present reality of Sri Lankan Politics. Racial politics played by the key political parties UNP and SLFP to be blamed for the sordid state of the country. In today’s context, most of the Srilankans are trying to emigrate to developed countries seeking greener pastures. Most of the politicians had already sent their children overseas and preaching patriotism to poor people.

    • 0

      Paramanathan’s logic is as breathtaking as Shaymons temerity in trying to defend the indefensible.

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