23 June, 2024


Ivan Must Return The Bucks He Took: Supporters Including 73 Year Old Pensioner Demand

Well-wishers who supported Ravaya Solidarity (RS) after the newspaper made a public appeal to help keep the newspaper afloat, urge Victor Ivan to return the Rs 5 million he has robbed from the RS Funds collected consequently.



A 73 year old pensioner and retired wife of a Principal shared with Colombo Telegraph the following account on the condition of anonymity.

“My husband passed away three years ago and I live on his pension of Rs 12,500. After teaching students his entire life this is the amount I get as a widow of a government servant.

“However, as an admirer of Ravaya, even I managed to collect a sum of Rs 10,000 after enduring much hardship and donated it towards their appealed cause.

“Now I am sick to the bone as I am made to believe that Victor Ivan has pocketed even that money I donated.

“He should return this money or else I am happy to appear on state television or any other media forum and expose him for this.

“I am still to get a receipt of acknowledgement for this donation I made.

“Even my own family members collectively donated around Rs 150,000 apart from my donation. None of them got an acknowledgement of a receipt to date or even a share from the company.”

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    Not just Victor Ivan, there are so many people who have served their utmost best to the people and had become destitute. These people never lie and not hesitate to tell the truth to the people seeking their contribution to meet their ends.

    This is exactly what Ivan should have done, without taking the unsuspected people for ride to make contributions through an appeal, in the name of improving/modernizing Ravaya and later on robbing such funds.

    This is truly an appalling act and Ivan should be held accountable for unjust enrichment by inappropriate and unlawful means.

  • 3

    Dear Victor Ivan,

    RE: “Ivan Must Return The Bucks He Took: Supporters Including 73 Year Old Pensioner Demand”

    Ivan, tell them that When Mahinda Rahapaksa, his Family, the Corrupt ministers and the Shills and Crooks when they return the stolen loot from the tax payers, you will return the money.

    Ask them to ask from Mahinda Rajapaksa first, to return.

    MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa

    • 0

      Mahinda phobia?

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    All JVP’s are same as ex-JVP and current JVP political party had been collected Millions of Rupees from public time to time. That is what PDN Wijaweera did since 1965 day of founded JVP.
    Many ex-members of JVP families become rich because of they affiliated to anarchist politics found collections from public.

    Look at late Sarath Wijesinghe of Terrorist become rich from Kegalle District organizer of JVP , nowadays their sister and brothers become rich, actually had been rock bottom poor family since 1965 to 1970 tees .

    After they join JVP within few years they become rich.
    Now all family member are well do. How they become rich, collected hundred thousands Rupees from Bank Robberies and other means collected Party FUNDS.
    Victor Ivan is has taken same path of JVP democracy.

    Nowadays what is that JVP current leadership is doing.
    UNP Deputy leader Wijedasa Rajapakase side Anura Dissnayake has taken Rs. 25 millions from him. For what? To be benefitted their family to become affluent living.

    That is how that JVP politics type of hipcoracy. All JVP leaders like LSSP leader who cheated Party funds. In many leading JVP and ex-JVP party cadres become rich during their life time instead of their services to the People of Sri- lanka.

    JVP and ex-JVP is similar to UNP and other political parties want to be rich by misleading people in Dark era.

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    All these show that IVan the most double standard senior journalist of the nation is punished by God/Karma for what he wrote on CBK but nothing on most abusive president of the nation since indepenence -MR. The book that he wrote on CBK was in favour of MR and his kind of abusive politics, by marginalizing other leaders that could better join hand and work on the reconiciliation in the post war era. Instead, people were devided based on blant lies, but for all what MR and his regime carried out nothing is in air even today.. i mean adequately to turn the mind sets of guillible folks who are the majority and vulnerable to anyone s lies…
    If Rajapakshe led idiots would get elected, nothing would work towards any highly abusive men and women caught by the law and order system of the country. MY3 and Ranil have done a lot during the short period in the eroded system, but there will be no chance any goodies to introduce any good systems if MR would be reelected. God bless to Srilanka.

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    It appears there is a sustained campaign to vilify Victor Ivan. I hope that his former journalist colleague now wielding some journalistic clout from a cooler clime is not behind this vicious campaign!

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    Any mendia person deceives public to defraud the public funds should be dealt with strictly according to law, because they are expected to be committed to maintain high standard of integrity and set example to others.

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    Are you all mad? this man has don so much to this country to make it a country which value democratic ideals.The paper Rawaya is the only news paper in this country which could be called a news paper.He should have some thing to fall back after doing so much to this country Its very reasonable to have 5 million out of the sale of his shares of Rawaya which he himself has started.his valiant struggle against corrupt Sarath nanda silva alone is sufficient to gauge his contribution to protect the independence of judiciary in this country.Please don’t criticize man who has done so much to this nation.

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    We cannot be both the judge and the jury and pass judgment on Victor Ivan without giving him a hearing.

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    I think the issue here is not Victor Ivan selling his shares and getting the proceeds, BUT something much more serious than that.

    He was destitute and badly wanted some money, unfortunately the Ravaya was cash trapped. He did use some sham company to assess how much Ravaya worth, and obtained inflated value well over the actual value of the Ravaya newspaper.

    Still there was no one to buy the shares. Ivan organized fund raising campaign under the pretext of collecting funds to lift the paper. There were number of appeals made to the general public in this regard. In the appeal there was nothing mentioned that funds contributed would be pocketed by Ivan. Those who contributed thought that their investment would be used to upkeep the newspaper (this what exactly the appeal said).

    In response to the public appeal, people contributed well over 10 million rupees, out of which Ivan pocketed 5 million. This is grossly unacceptable and Ivan should explain to those who made contributions before he would be reported for a fraud.

    I too contributed 50,000.00 and I made a complaint to the Registrar of Companies and I am aware that he has initiated an investigation into this matter.

    In my view what Ivan has done is completely unacceptable by any means

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    I request Colombo Telegraph to publish a full account what really happened behind this idea of people contributing to rescue Ravaya.

    Information in Colombo Telegraph articles on Victor Ivan pocketing monies is sketchy. It now appears to me that Victor Ivan may have been owning and operating Ravaya publications previously and due to his inability to run the newspaper profitably he might have either gone to sell the newspaper ownership or sought the intervention of supporters to help afloat the paper. I, perhaps like many other readers, do not know the full story.

    Victor Ivan seems to claim some ‘stakes’in the newspaper company. What are these ‘stakes’? Are these really his shares in the previous company through which he had been publishing the paper? What were the understanding when the volunteers came to rescue the paper? Did they agree that part of the contributions would go to pay for Victor Ivan’s shares if this is the meaning of ‘stakes’ as claimed by Victor?

    In a company, whether private limited company, public company or guarantee company, monies can be withdrawn from the company’s account only after due authorisation and very often after company’s resolutions if they are big amounts. The company’s bank should ascertain the signatures of duly authorised company personnel before paying out of the company’s account. Usually two directors or a director and secretary have to sign cheques. This is the way mostly in all company laws, be it the SL Companies Act or the Australian Corporations Law. Most of these rules are provided in Articles of Association or Internal Rules. If such rules are present, then how come that Victor Ivan was able to take the contributors’ money or cash out any cheques sent by contributors?

    Colombo Telegraph owes a duty to readers like me to give a full picture.

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