29 June, 2022


Are Foreigners Backing Anti-Muslim Racism In Sri Lanka?

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

I must state at the very outset that in my title Are Foreigners backing anti-Muslim racism in Sri Lanka? I am posing a question, not stating a conclusion. I believe that in political analysis it is important to pose questions even when no definitive answer is available. The reason is that some questions could amount to fertile hypotheses that lead to answers later. In some situations it could be crucially important to pose questions even when no more than conjecture of a rather wild order is possible. This applies to foreign involvement in our internal affairs as it can sometimes have very horrible consequences. That was shown in the case of the Tamil ethnic problem. We must try to ensure that there is no repeat performance in the case of the Muslim ethnic problem. We must therefore pose the question whether foreigners are backing anti-Muslim racism in Sri Lanka even though no more than conjectural answers may be possible at the moment.

I will now indicate very briefly how foreign involvement in our Tamil ethnic problem has had very horrible consequences. India insisted that our troops refrain from going into Jaffna after the successful Vadamarachchi operation, and President Jayewardene caved in to that demand when he could have resisted it without much difficulty – as I have shown in recent articles. The result was the extension of the war by twenty two years at the cost of a hundred thousand deaths. Norway and other countries initiated a peace process with the best of intentions. But they did not understand that the LTTE would be content with nothing less than Eelam or a confederal arrangement close to it. They did not understand that the LTTE was never serious about a negotiated political solution. And they believed that the war was unwinnable. Consequently they contributed mightily to our ethnic disaster.

GnanasaraThe evolution of our Muslim ethnic problem provides a very vivid illustration of the destructive potential that there is in foreign involvement. There were anti-Muslim ructions from 1975 to around 2002; then there was the Grease Yakas episode in which Muslim women were targeted for harassment; and also there was the problem of Muslim businessmen being kidnapped for ransom. But all that did not amount to a major Muslim ethnic problem causing international concern. That transformation occurred after the BBS started its anti-Muslim hate campaign. It clearly had the backing of Norwegian Islamophobes, but who else was involved? According to the former President MR it was all part of an international conspiracy to topple him. After the next Government is installed there should be a thorough enquiry into the question of foreign backing for the BBS.

A Muslim friend of mine tells me that he followed closely the BBS’s anti-Muslim campaign and found that their speeches to the masses were heavily influenced by Western Islamophobia. He is convinced that the heaviest input into those speeches was made by Israel. This brings me to the question whether the Israelis have participated in promoting anti-Muslim racism in Sri Lanka, and more specifically whether I have been targeted by the Israelis. I wield the pen and such persons can be troublesome, even dangerous, which is why practically all governments try to control the press or influence it. And of course as a Muslim I can be expected to be unsympathetic to Israel. In addition there is a particular reason why I could have drawn the unwelcome attentions of the Israelis. It is believed that President Premadasa decided to close down the Israelis Interests Section in consequence of a speech made by me.

Among the Tamil lunatic fringe racists who have been attacking me there is one who seems to be the agent of a foreign power. I must provide the context in which my suspicion makes sense. The concerted attacks against me – concerted almost certainly by the LTTE – died out altogether after having flourished vigorously for several months, as I pointed out in my last article. As far as I can remember there is only one participant in those concerted attacks who still continues to attack me. Each week he is joined by a couple of newcomers. A noteworthy fact is that the hysterical hatred and the mad dog rage – which in the early days of the concerted attacks led me to write of “a total annihilating hatred” – has largely diminished. The hatred and rage are still there, but they are given vent to in sneering and jeering. I believe that the reason for this welcome transformation is that my counter-attacks have made the Tamil racists look ridiculous. The lesson to be drawn is that the antidote to racism is to counter attack it, not to ignore it, in which case it flourishes. Anyway the important point is this: the attempt to stop me being published by the Island and the Colombo Telegraph, which was the motivation behind the attacks, has failed completely.

The motivations for the continuing attacks have to be sought elsewhere. It is partly that impotent rage is finding expression through sneering and jeering. But in the case of the sole survivor from the days of the concerted attacks I think the motivation is to promote hatred of Muslims, the expression of an Islamophobic drive. K’s performance – let’s call him K – is in a class apart from the others in important respects. Though his hatred and rage are obvious, as in the case of the others, he surprisingly concedes that I am well read and readable. My guess is that his foreign mentor has told him that if he is merely abusive he will lack credibility, and that he should concede some merit to me so that his attacks will then seem unprejudiced. My guess is also that his foreign mentor has instructed him to adopt Goebbels’s strategy of the big lie: if a lie, any lie, is repeated often it will come to be believed by the public. I have seen more than one reference to Goebbels’s idiotic notion in Tamil contributions to the Colombo Telegraph.

K’s responses are in a class apart for being chockfull of blatant lies, distortions, quotations out of context etc, showing that his Goebellsian strategy is forging ahead full blast. I provided details to the reader on how to access the text in which I wrote against the use of starvation against the LTTE, but he prefers to believe that I advocated the opposite. I quoted Maugham as saying that under the Nazi occupation the French would have to “eat shit”. K has insisted, despite my making the necessary clarification, that I thereby referred to the Tamils as “shit”. In my last article I referred to the stereotype according to which the Muslims are, among other things, excellent “drug traffickers”. He attributes that view to me, not to the stereotype, and proceeds to berate me over that in a lengthy paragraph. Is K clinically mad? I believe that the explanation for what looks like lunacy is that he is following the Goebellsian strategy of the big lie. Anyway what interests me is whether he is acting as the agent of a foreign power.

I can think of only one country in the world that could have a very special interest in the promotion of Islamophobic hatred: Israel. It has to be expected that many Israelis will have a visceral hatred of Muslims, warmly reciprocated by Muslims since human beings are human beings are human beings. We must bear in mind that Israel is presently going through a phase in which it is widely regarded as an apartheid state – Archbishop Desmond Tutu believes that its apartheid is even worse than that of the former South Africa. We must also bear in mind that Israel’s present leader seems to be clinically mad at least to some extent, as indicated by his former psychiatrist who committed suicide in 2010, and he seems to be in a state of genocidal rage against Iran. Netanyahu is indeed the very epitome of the kind of leader that Theodor Herzl would have wanted for Israel, since Herzl saw Israel as the last bastion of European civilisation against the advancing Asiatic hordes. Finally we must bear in mind that many of our Tamils have had a deep admiration for Israel, and that the LTTE which wants to be taken as a liberation movement has never spoken up for Palestinian liberation even once. It seems to be a very reasonable surmise that the Israelis could use the lunatic fringe Tamil racists to foment hatred against the Muslims. The Government must look into that possibility, bearing in mind the terrible harm that has been caused to Sri Lanka by interfering foreign busybodies.

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    Dear Mr Hussein,

    Israel alone does not have the machinery to provoke and propagate the anti Muslim sentiments we witnessed in Sri Lanka in 2014. A well educated Muslim lady was convinced that it the government at the time and G Rajapakse were behind it all. I doubt she was correct because the government had much to lose, the entire Muslim voter population and the presidency if they were anti Muslim. MR is politically too savvy to have embarked on such a stupid mission. Besides he is a humanist.Therefore, I believe foreign powers who wanted a puppet government in place, lead by weak leaders, planned the anti Muslim sentiment to topple M Rajapakse. Of course, the parties opposed to MR were willing partners. How else would they have come to power? They were certain that 100% Tamils were anti Rakapakse but, needed overwhelming support of the Muslims voters to achieve their goal. True, the government should have acted decisively to protect the Muslims. But they failed to do so.The rest is history.

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      “True, the govt should have acted decisively to protect
      Muslims but they failed….”

      Their failure to protect Muslims was also a CALCULATED
      DECISIVE ONE Lal! If you think that was the case , you
      will look at your comment from that point of view, I
      have no doubt !Not to be a puppet govt , the only thing
      MARA did was knocking out LTTE ! But to match that he
      was happily watching the nightmares unleashed by
      Buddhist extremists against Muslims ! Now tell me the
      difference between MARA and LTTE Lal ? He did all the
      bending towards the West to feed our country and to
      escape war crime charges.Tamasha of Common Wealth in
      Colombo was just one such instance !

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    Look at Malaysia where constitution says it is a multi racial country …jokers declared verbally it is an Islamic country today:

    1- Christian are not allowed to wear chain with cross ..it seems this cross will change the minds of muslims and they will become christians.

    2-Church are not allowed to display cross out side…muslims will change their religion looking at cross

    3- the word Allah can be only used by muslims he he he this word is not even a Malay word ( 50% OF MALY WORD ARE TAMIL the rest is Sanskrit ..and Malay language has no alphabet )

    4-Latest joke is non-muslims ladies are not allow to enter government buildings with skirts ..it seems when these idiot muslim malays see their legs they get Sexcited during holy (??) month of fasting

    But Muslim women in the west want their dress code he he he .can cover their body and throw bombs
    .if Islam prohibit their women to look at a man other than their husband better let them stay at home ..these idiots know very well they have to show their white skin face ( jewish DNA) to immigration desks on arrival ..pity Koran forget to mention about passports and airports

    By the way this is the information for these Islamic frogs live under rock …

    even Tunisia..Egypt..Jordan ..Azerbaijan..Turkeistan..Uzbeskitan ..Tajikistan all have good relationship with Israel …when Shah was ruling Iran …they had good relationship ..the biggest number of Jews outside Israel are living in Iran ( even before the birth of Islam ) and there is a Jewish MP at Iranian Parliament and Jews with Iranian passports can travel to Israel freely

    Now it is clear who create problem all over the world.


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    Is it meant to be rhetorical question from Izeth? Bensen

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    @cholan, what about France, India, multi racial but x’tianity n hinduism given first place respectively. In India even some places are out of bound for other caste people. Modest dress code differs from nation to nation. Some tribals show secret part, covering the entire body with leaves. It is futile to argue whether judaism is compatible to zionism. Torah is old testament etc. If your ancestors went to Malaysia as indentured labourers you are enjoying lot of rights there, some of the richest there are Tamils. Late S. Tondaman used to say comparing Sri Lankan estate tamils. Are you still an estate labourer there?

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    @xintson (sounds Chinese not Arabic)

    British recruited Tamils from then CEYLON to handle Civil service in Malaysia-Singapore

    But dark Tamil Muslims marrying malay women plus another 5..called themselves as MALAYS what a comedy

    When Indians and Chinese arrived in Malaysia to develop the country these Idiot Islamic Malays were living near riverside wearing barks to hide their modesty

    Malaysia economic progressed because of Tamils and Chinese not by lazy MUSLIM MALAYS..

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    Allah is good ….2 MALAYSIAN AIRLine accidents ,,,,Volcano …soon people are going to beg because of economic problem …the fanatic…..PM of malaysia will be landed in prison for multi billion fraud …

    but malaysian economy today in the hands of JEWS no haram in money making….JEWS who follow TORAH are indeed ruling the world indirectly ….Muslims are killing themselves even during the holy(???) month of ramadan

    malaysia is a multi ethinic country but fastly becoming another afghanistan…ISIS is very active here


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    @cholan, I’m not a chinese, literally and figuratively breeding non-malays compelled malays to bring son of the soil laws however discriminatory on such theory you people base home land demand. This is something to do with nationality not religion if you want to bash Islam on that you have not seen the power of Islam if any race can breed and catch, the chinese would have captured the world, if mass destruction weapons bring peace Israel would be a peaceful nation in the world! Nothing can stop Islam even the infighting all tricks of infidels failed now they hold the last straw, islamic extremism to exterminate all muslims, it will never happen! George Bush-II regrets invading Iraq.

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      Muslims today are living in fear….

      Muslim nations are living in insecurity….

      Arabs are worrying about tomorrow…

      USA is the only guarantor for the existence of SO CALLED SELF PROCLAIMED GUARDIAN OF ISLAM …

      Your Allah couldn’t save big mouth Gadafi…Saddam…Osama Bin Laden …

      Never ever Allah can’t save Muslims and Arab people …

      Of course on Fridays moulawi will say islam is best..Islam is marching..Islam will coquer the world better believe this rubbish and live in your dream world ..

      For your frog brain there is no race called malay race ..,malay means immigrant .Tamil hindus were living in MALAYSIA since 2nd century still there are ruins to prove this ..indeed these idiot lazy malays were Hindus like Indonesians …till 15th century …iSLAM ENTERD MALAY PENNINSULA after Tamil Hindu King of Malakka ,,Parameswaran embraced Islam ..today these idiot malay muslims have even changed the history books …most of the leading politicians in MALAYSIA including never smiling PM all came from Indonesia …

      The first PM of Malaya Prince Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly mentioned in public that his ancestors were the decedents of the Tamil Hindu Chola and Thai Royal marriage ..even today Malay malawian Sultan`s wives carry Tamil Hindu names he he he

      But these idiot lazy malay muslims say Indian and chinese are immigrants …and sucking their income

      Soon Malasia will issue visa only for those who have made SUNNATH….things are moving in that direction with the blessing of fanatic racisit current Malaysian government

      It is the matter of time when the west declared Malaysia is breeding ISIS etc., that will be the end of all these idiotic islamic fanatics will go on begging …again Arabs treat these lazy idiot malays as 3rd grade Muslims


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    Hi zozo

    you are talking through your anus. according to the religions of the books you muslims are not going to rule the world. The Jews say that they are the chosen people, the Christians also say that they will rule the world one day and they will destroy all of ismail’s people meaning musalmen.

    you are talking about the UK where average people treat their pets better than a muslim. In the UK the national front thinks all the muslims must be castrated to stop excessive breeding. All the civilisations in the world want the muslims to be annihilated from their midst. The whole world hates muslims with valid reasons. in 50 years time there won’t be any islam in the world as it would have self distructed itself. Take ISIL as a prime example, you fool.

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    Cholan, A good friend pointed me to this website.

    When Malaysia gained independence MERDEKA , my people were generous enough to give your father citizenship who came as indentured laborer brought in by the British. Still hordes of Indians are flocking to work in Malaysia as migrant laborers.

    I suppose your kind will never be grateful anywhere you live on earth. Anyway I am making a snapshot of your comment in this website together with the URL and send by WhatsApp to all Malaysians to show what a coward hiding behind a great name.

    You should know better It is because people like you the generous Malay people behave as they do. Can you blame us?

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