27 October, 2021


Johnny Further Remanded – Johnny Says He Paid The Bills

Former minister Minister of Co-operatives & Internal Trade and UPFA MP Johnston Fernando who was produced before the Kurunegala Magistrate today, has been remanded till May 11.

JohnstonHe was arrested yesterday by the Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID) on charges of financial misappropriation at Sathosa. He allegedly acquired more than Rs. 5million worth goods from ‘Sathosa’, without making any payments, police said. He was remanded till today by the Colombo Fort Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya.

Meanwhile Johnston Fernando says he had paid the bills after the elections. Receipts below show the bills were settled on April 08, 2015.




JF 3





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Latest comments

  • 28

    Look at the disgusting laughter from this and other (Basil) crooks as if they brought the Gold from the Olympic!!!! Cheap [Edited out]!!!!!

    • 12

      Hey, Former minister Minister of Co-operatives & Internal Trade and UPFA MP Johnston Fernando,

      Have been and actor before? Or, did you learn from Mahinda Rajapaksa? You seem to be happy, after all these rackets and stealing. Whose money did you use to pay the bills? Peoples stolen money?

      Just curious. Can you promote Welikada “Hotel” for all the Rajapaksas and their Cronies, who are Liars Crooks, Robbers and Criminals?

    • 12

      These IDIOTS have NO shame… They would stoop down to any level to make money.. Look at his ARTIFICIAL smile..he’s burning inside.. Damn good for this sore loser…now I wonder how he would be gifting Hummers to Samitha Mudunkotuwa..probably from TOYS R US…

      These low lives come to parliament with ONLY one agenda, which is…how to make money the illegal way… now they better taste the rice served in prison…wonder if he suddenly fell ill..a dick attack rather than a heart attack…and had to be admitted to a private hospital…

  • 22

    You arrested Johnston easily as he being a Tamil Catholic and the offence is financial misappropriation but Gnanasara committed more vigorous crime from hate speech to man slaughter and then divide the nation for many, many generation and he roaming around like stray dog in town from SLFP high-ups to Election office!!!
    How long will it take to arrest the bunch of BBS racists`???

  • 23

    He needs a good rest and rethinking. Therefore, he can now concentrate on same in his new hall of residence. Good luck to him.

  • 21

    You wait in the jail soon Mara, gota, normal, lemonpuff, harbour, sport, h.edu and all your unmentioned friends will join. Laugh enough to fool your voters some more again.

  • 8

    Poor Johnny bought a few bags of Bombay Fish and Red Onions and may be Myssoor Dhal as well on Credit, to feed his constituents during the Election.

    Poor bugger is now behind bars thanks to the good detective work of the UNP FCID.

    Bathudeen on the other hand pocketed LKR 700,000 from each house which were donated donated by fellow Muslims in Pakistan to Prabakarna’s ex captives.

    This is not from the BBS publication, But from the Hrse’s mouth the TamilNet..

    Now he has been rewarded with the Ministry of Commerce .

    Of course Commerce is all about making money… Right

    And Yahapalana Boss, I mean the unelected one is a well know Buddy of Business & Commerce… Don’t you think?….

  • 29

    Jhonny says he has settled the 5 Million.

    From where?? His Grand Father’s Boothlaya…

    That itself is ample evidence to sentence him for plundering from the public.

    These idiots do not know what they are talking.

    I am told that even Basil has uttered some rubbish during his interrogation and that lead to his arrest.

    These uneducated fools were fooling the masses and now getting exposed through their utter foolishness before the law.

    • 8

      Karma is a byatch, will bite their ass big time…they didnt realize that they may fool some people sometime, some people all the time and not ALL the people ALL the time…

      ALL of them MUST be brought to book, their wealth seized and handed over to the Central bank without Mahendran of course or else add it to the Presidents fund and help the needy who need health care /surgery…

  • 18

    The bank deposit slips indicate all payments have been made on 8th April’2015.

    Why the delay? the voting was on 8th Jan’2015.Would the money have been repaid if there was no change in government? Did the inquiries and imminent arrest induce him to pay?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 12

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      Defense: “Later I paid it back, no”.

      A precedent set by former president.

      • 11

        ALl payments made AFTER the day MR lost the elections is not valid as proof..coz had MR won they would NOT have paid at all… now they have to or face jail.. No matter what..they need to be jailed…

        They ALL thought that they were above the law… even MR and familys heli trips including Lemon-puff Weeraya and Dayasiri hadnt been paid until recently….BY who? UPFA..the Party…

    • 2

      Come on RN,

      It is only 120 days , Just only 30 days over due… Right..

      Poor Johnny is not even a Sinhala Buddhist…

    • 16

      Actually these purchases have been made during the “wayamba” Election , when his son was contesting for the CM post against Dayasorry jayasekara , Johnny never thought Mafia king would be defeated under his kingship hence he had plundered public money like his own , Sathosa main office fire at Vauxhall St was another crime this criminal has committed.

    • 10

      whoever the fool is, who filled out the bank slips didnt know that he/she has to put in their national ID ONLY if there is a deposit of 5 hundred thousand and above, lately I saw in a bank slip that required the ID number if the deposit is more than 2 hundred thousand..

      Probably all the payments were by check coz so many slips but all dated the same day.. How did he have so much cash/check to make a payment in one shot? peanuts?

      Department of Inland Revenue..over to You…

  • 3

    Poor Johnny is not a smart robber…Or should I say is a dumb ass Big Time…

    Where on earth a rogue will leave receipts / invoices for the goods which he/she has nicked?.

    That is where Ansar’s mates shine…

    Take Baththudeen , the Hon Minister.

    Tamilnet , the mouth piece of the rich and powerful Diaspora says, Baththudeen nicked LKR 700 G from each house donated by Pakistan.

    He didn’t leave an IOY, even without the signature.

    How cool..

    Poor Johhnys from the Bible Belt make the UNP Police – Ranil Unit look smarter than they really are.

    By the way my Elders tell me Baththudeen should have been the Minister of Conservation & Forests as well for that eye catching hamlet which he has built in Wilpattu.

    Wonder whether Native’s Dalit mates in the East got any accommodation there ?..

    At least they would have used the abundant Wild Boar in the Park…

    • 12

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Poor Johnny is not a smart robber…Or should I say is a dumb ass Big Time…”

      I agree.

      You cannot expect much smartness from a petty thief when compared to the clan and its robber barons.

    • 9

      Elections around the corner. Why not use this to demand justice from whoever comes to our homes for votes with facts. Then surely if Bathiudeen or any other had swindled will have to face the music.

  • 14

    The money was paid – Why this delay? The honorable judge should impose a fine for delayed payments – an amount not less than the interest to be paid at today’s interest rate.
    Johnny makes a remark ” Yaha Paalanaya” Yes because of this Paalanaya some kind of money due to a state institute has been paid.
    By the way could anyone tell me please the educational qualifications of Johnston to hold the ministerial post held by Lalith Athulathmudali, other than licking the Raja Passa?

    • 6

      Johny had only one pass for English at his O/L .

      • 6

        I bet he failed in Maths… no wonder his calculations all went wrong…

        take back the SUV he gifted to Samitha… that too was bought from stolen cash…

  • 0

    Dear Native,

    Your mate Ranil has no sympathy for even good Catholics, if they are on Rajapaksa side.

    Why is Ranil so scared?.

    Even the Bible Belt will give your mate the flick this time, after what he did to poor Johnny.

    You should thank your Deities that Ranil’s electorate has mainly Anglicans and Vellalas. Or just forgot and Baththudeen’ and Hakeem s clan.

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Your mate Ranil has no sympathy for even good Catholics, if they are on Rajapaksa side.”

      I can see your logic, crooks are good Catholics simply because they are on the side of Maha Crooks.

      You really put rationalists such as Plato, René Descartes, Baruch Spinoza, Gottfried W. Leibniz, ……… to shame.

  • 16


    This is the problem with you racist b……., you pin the community tag to individual’s actions.

    MARA was a TSUNAMI SWINDLER AND STATE PLUNDERER and I never said Sinhalese as a Nation are rogues, it is MARA and more than 40 thieves who are rogues. We still have more than 6 Million good Sinhalese in our country, save for people like you also in the midst. If Bathiudeen has done something wrong, he is wrong and I was the staunchest of critics of Bathiudenn and even Rauf Hakeen when they were with MARA the ALI BABA.

    That is where I shine and you Sumane, miserably fail. Learn to be a good human first and then let’s talk about community.

    Try to be a part of the people who are trying to re-distribute the Wealth amassed by one family and their henchmen to the poor masses. That is humanity. Hope you will get on board, ah if you are a human only, sorry if I am inviting a different species to the human clan.

    • 7


      “Hope you will get on board, ah if you are a human only, sorry if I am inviting a different species to the human clan.”

      You can’t teach an old stupid dog new tricks hence you are wasting your time. However you can still have fun commenting on K A Sumane’s stupid/racist typing.

      Remember this “dog’s tail can never be straightened”.

      • 8

        I agree… and this dog’s( Sumane) tail is comfortably tucked between its hind legs…and wags when MR is around…

        Ive never seen a racist dog but sumane

    • 1

      Ansar mate,

      Your mates Bathu & Hakeem are all good now because they joined the Troika.

      So their ill gotten wealth and power are all hunky dory now.

      Crook is a Crook

      He/ She doesn’t become a good human by joining Ranil to fuq up what ever little benefits the poor great majority got, after 30 years of Diaspora funded Terrorism.

      When the Terrorists were kicking your butts , you and your mates were happy to get protection and free land free everything from Rajapaksa.

      Being part of the plot which was hatched in Singapore by the West. Left. Elite and the ex Terrorists, Bathudeens and Hakeems knew they can double dip.

      And it is paying off in Shit Loads..

      Take a walk in Colombo suburbs and see how your mates have even got onto building mega Condos in Wella Gardens to sell to the Rich Diasporians..

      Distributing wealth seems to be the sure thing under Yahapalanaya , But it is not from Wealthy to poor but the other way around.

      You need a recalibration.

  • 8

    Looks like he paid the bill because of imminent arrest. Her probably got info as the arrest was brewing. FCID has to go back and look at previous unauthorized acquisition of goods from Sathosa and see if he had paid those bills. Secondly looking at his assets and political expenditures in previous years should be looked at. A review of income tax returns may lead to some inconsistencies as well. I am sure the FCID is after these details

  • 7

    Johnston Thief Thug Fernando,
    We don’t care whether you pay the bills or not. You steal you broke the law you will be punished no matter who you are. Even ranil or maithri brakes the law they should be dealt with the rule of law. No one is beyond law. I want maithri to tell his children that they are not above the law. They break it then they get punished. That should be the way for YAHAPALANAYA. Under Rajvavassas it was a BOORU PALANAYA.

  • 1

    Payable when able no men!

  • 4

    My understanding is that these actions (taking Sathosa goods without payment) have been done not during the Presidential elections but earlier during the Wayamba Provincial Council election over an year where his son contested. If so why did it take so long (after the investigations started) to settle the bills. It is quite clear that he would not have paid back the debt had MR got re-elected.

  • 4


    You are right, crook is a crook. Now you are talking.

    I never said Hakeem/Bathiudeen became saints after joining the troika. If they have done any fraud or misappropriations, they too should be prosecuted. Why not tell your friends to lodge a complaint with the FCID if you have valid grounds, I am sure our Yahapalaya will prosecute them too.

    BTW, your MASTER MARA tried his pranks with MS to stop the prosecution of rogues protected by him and MS has said a BIG NO.

    I have a faint hope that you will eventually join the reasonably thinking folks. Our hands and hearts are wide open, we will not attack you with goons and thugs, just like what happened on MAY DAY by your clan who are clamouring to bring back the BIGGEST CROOK MOTHER LANKA HAS EVER PRODUCED.

    With regard to your point of kicking your butts, you know what happened to the person who kicked. Similar or worst thing will happen to the person who replaced him with much more vengeance and atrocities.

    Prabha was anyway branded as a terrorist for his actions, but unfortunately the Southerner was elected by the people, not knowing he is going to be a far worse person than a terrorist. That is where the difference lies.

    Hope I have made myself clear, with little I know and what I perceive as correct. May be you are much smarter than me, to think otherwise.

    • 0

      Ansar mate,

      F…… CID is your mate Ranil and Mangala’s joined appendage ..Right…

      So you think they will take any complaints other than any bullshit against Rajapaksa supporters

      BTW , Has that UNP heavy literally, paid that ill gotten LTTE funds he was guarding in Kirrulapone?.

      Has F CID visited Batththudeen?..Hakeem and Azaath Sally unless they are all on No Limit Limit payroll…

      You know what. I will embrace a Vellala or a Dalit anytime , because they are good people who were mislead by Prabakaran and his handlers overseas.

      As far as you are concerned I wouldn’t touch even with a Barge Pole..

  • 2

    Have you noticed that Johnston apparently is NOT in prison hospital or have I missed that news? Maybe he doesn’t know that he can become sick like the others?

  • 0

    To come into power before 08th Jan what told against Mr. Jonsten was ETHANOL and YAHAPALANA asked us to vote to stop ETHANOL mafia of Mr. Jonsten. Now it is some fraud not very clear.

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