17 January, 2022


Joint Opposition And JVP Takes On Government Amidst Continuing Tax Slaps

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) declared today that it will fight the government for continuing to burden the people with various taxes.

Anura Kumara

Anura Kumara

Speaking at a protest rally in Colombo against the VAT increase, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that the government is tormenting the people by slapping on various taxes on everything. “They keep slapping taxes according to their whims and fancies. They can’t see a car, they have to impose a new tax. The people are undergoing severe hardships because of this,” he said.

“We will take the government head on in this fight,” Dissanayake said. The protestors who took part in a protest march, carrying placards demanded to know if Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had no shame in slapping the people with taxes, whilst he was spending Rs. 600 million for two vehicles for himself.

Meanwhile, the Joint Opposition will bring in another no confidence motion against Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, following the recent tax revision, including the Value Added Tax and the increase in the minimum unit tax for vehicles above 1000CC.

Addressing a news conference in Colombo, Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardane, representing the Joint Opposition said that there was obviously conflicting views from President Maithripala Sirisena and the Government, including Finance Minister Karunanayake.

“President Sirisena said he will send home anyone who is burdening the people, and the government waits till he goes overseas to increase taxes. There is an obvious conflict within,” Gunawardena said.

He said that the Joint Opposition will hand over the no confidence motion against Karunanayake by next week. If this motion is handed over, it will be the third such motion against Karunanayake in seven months. The second motion against Karunanayake was handed over in March this year, while the first was handed over in November last year, also by the Joint Opposition.

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    Well said Anura Kumara, why don’t you & the joint opposition take the lead & say no to tax free car permits if you are so concerned over the import duty increase for 1000 cc cars & the PM spending Rs 600 m for 2 cars. I am sure Ranil W will be ashamed to go in such expensive cars if you lot show an example.

    The opposition leader in UK, Jeremy Corbyn, goes around London in a bicycle with no bodyguards & so did Cameron when he was in the opposition. In fact, only high ranking Ministers in the British Govt. are given a vehicle but it does not belong to them. MPs who travel to London to attend Parliament get their first class train ticket & overnight hotel accommodation reimbursed or if they own a property in London, the mortgage on the house is paid by the Govt. as long as the MP is in Parliament. MP’s expenses are constantly under public scrutiny & a few even went to prison for a few thousand £s in bogus claims. So follow the example in developed countries instead of all mouth & no action.

    • 1

      Anura Kumara

      Joint Opposition And JVP Takes On Government Amidst Continuing Tax Slaps

      “The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) declared today that it will fight the government for continuing to burden the people with various taxes.”

      YES. Fight Them.

      Yahapalanaya- For Us- Says 225 MPs. We get Rs. 20 Million tax breaks and luxury vehicles.

      For You Citizen, we give you more VAT – Says 225 MPs.

      Wait 4 more years for the next set of Crooks!

      Do they expect the Sri Lankan Citizens to Emigrate? Then they will not have anybody to Tax?

  • 3

    The Yahalpanaya,most probably,is reaching its twilight days!
    Have you heard of a Conservative-Labour joint Govt:in the UK? at any point of its Parliamentary History?
    Was there a joint Govt:in India with its major political parties,Congress and say BJP in partnership?

    So what we have here is a freak system!
    Taxes for the people but duty free cars,and SUBSIDIZED food for the Legislators in the Parliamentary canteen!
    The lunch/dinner served in the canteen is just a small fraction of the cost in a 5star hotel.
    But there is no revolution?
    Why,you may want to ask?
    Pl.figure it your selves!

  • 2

    Thank you comrade Anura Dissanayake for standing up for the people. Organize mass “Jana Handa” protests, rallies, hartals and strikes to ring this entire country to a halt because these crooks in this government do not deserve even a bullock cart. Even if we equip them with bullock carts, let the UNP parliamentarians like Ravi, John Amaratunga, Gonn-Ranjan, Ranil and the rest of the buffaloes pull those carts. It does not cost Rupees 600 million for two cars. Even at this atrocious currency rate of Rupees 145 to the US dollar, this works out to over $4 million which is the price of brand new corporate executive’s Lear Jet in the USA. Why the hell should our people pay for these cars from heaven. I think it’s time for herald the T-56 culture. Unfortunately, violence I think is what these politicians understand best.

  • 2

    Actually, I do not think there is any other country in the world that allows so called representatives of the people to suck the country’s wealth dry, as they do it in Sri Lanka by its 300-odd vermin that are seated in the Parliament and by several hundred provincial rogues. It has created the worst ever example of how to misuse and abuse national revenue for the benefit of the few. Foreign governments take note, should you offer foreign aid to a country that is squandering its revenue this way, of no benefit to the country with all those assets flowing out to vehicle manufacturing countries.

    The entire population most of them are earning well below world poverty threshold are being forced to pay taxes to satisfy the greed of these several hundred rogues. It does not matter what color they were: they only have one color, that of chameleons that change according to where the prey is coming from. Putting up taxes for the citizens while giving themselves luxurious gifts is evil, reckless and teeters around selfishness and mis-Governance

  • 4

    Come on greedy Pigs!!

    The last government left the till high and dry after swindling the people’s money. Most of the car owners in SL are well off . They have made enough money by hook or by crooked ways . Just because they can make big noises they are asking for more.
    I am sure that they know that our present government is finding ways to make ends meet.

    The rich scroungers still have noT got one bit of conscience for not to go on asking the government to give me more! More,! !more,!and more.

    Remember Theravada Buddhism ?? Do not be GREEDY WHICH IS A KIND OF INTOXICATION ON EXCESSES.


    Get on with your lives and let live others too. Greeeeeedy Dogs.

  • 2

    This new government too behaves as how the Queen Marie Antoinette behaved just before the French Revolution!!

    The poor went to her Palace gates to ask for a piece of bread and she asked them to eat cake not realising the extent of the poverty and hunger , ie: so the story goes … Which started the Revolution and eventual decapitation of the Queen in the 17th century.

    ” Hungry man is an Angry man ” as we all know.
    Our PM and the President should first learn the lesson of tightening their own Belts before tightening the others Belts.

    We as a small poor country should not behave as super rich super powers.
    Our PM and the Prez cannot even speak properly let alone competing with Super powers.
    Shame on them and have not learnt ANYTHING.


  • 3

    Is the Red Baby Elephant on the side of the Yahapalana suckers, who missed out on making instant Millions, from Batalanada Ranil’s Vhicle Import tax?.

    Which Dr Harsha came to know only from LankaeNews?..

    The big ticket items which affect our inhabitants big time, are Ranil’s macro policies . which I have listed below.

    * Hold War Crime Trials and cull the Sinhala Buddhists from Armed Forces

    * Give Vellala Sambandan the Homeland.

    * Cull the Sinhala Buddhists from Govt & semi Govt jobs.

    * Stop Mahindodaya Vidyalams

    * Banish the Chinese and make way for the Indians and their new buddies the US, to take control of Trinco and the Shipping routes.

    * Send the Dalit kids to dark ages, by denying them a level playing field in Education.

    Ranil’s latest announcement on education is one of the most damaging for the great majority of the inhabitant population.

    Yet the idiots like this JVP dude is carrying on like a pork chop , without any concern for the people who elected him and his friends who are now on the UNP payroll,

    Ask UNP Wije if you don’t believe me.
    Batalanada Ranil announced a couple of days ago that he wants to give our kids American Education.

    Yahapalana suckers who have never been to America must be delighted.

    Batalanada says our kids don’t have to work too hard to get the GCE OL.

    He is going to ensure that.

    Because he is going to put them in different streams after OL..

    I think the stream he must have ear marked for us, is in the Assembly Lines from the Third Reich.

    Because American kids have to pay minimum USD 10,000 per annum for Uni Education fees.

    With their parents earning less than USD 10 per hour, it is nearly impossible for them to send the kids to UNi.

    Good Universities charge up to USD 40,000 per annum as Tuition Fees.

    They are totally reserved for Wall Street Kids.

    With Ranil’s Federal Model, Jaffna Uni, and Eastern Uni will cater well for their federal kids, who are only 10 % each of the total population.

    Our Dalit kids who are about 60 % wouldn’t seen an inside of a Uni, let alone staying there for 4 years to get a degree.

    That is the Batalanada Ranil’s Yahapalana Education Policy…

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    Anura you all are well aware the taxes has to be imposed when there are ports and airports built obtaining loans where hardly a ship or plane arrive. These are the legacy of Rajapaksha rule.We got to service these loans.Take up issues such as while imposing taxes rouges in the parliament including you all get tax free vehicles,salary hikes and other perks.Rise against those. Take issues like the case of Thilina gamage where law of this country blatantly violated by judges who make judgement in the judiciary. So people will see one law for judges and politicans and one law for an ordinary man in the street.Initiate action in the courts what is Watawala is doing. Take the issue of how Namal Rajapaksha answered the papers in the law exam and passing the exam as a lawyer with colors. Organized demonstration citing why action are not taken against Rajapaksha Rouges. Wimal weera wansas wife still out, while it is being proved she has used two passports obtained through submitting fraudulent documents. If it is an ordinary man he will languish in remand for years. That is how law administered in this country. There are thousand and thousands cases like this. Please demonstrate to correct this situation.

  • 3

    Before Slapping Taxes on the Already Overburdened Ordinary People, the MPs and Ministers should set an Example by Voluntarily handing Back their Perks!

    How or Why do they give themselves these Perquisites, When they do not even Serve the People, Only Themselves?

  • 1

    Can someone define ‘joint opposition’ for me please?

    There is the major opposition party, TNA. Then, we have JVP and a few others. Who is ‘joint opposition’?

    • 4

      Scumbags who can shout LOUD are the. JO who have self represented to form the JO.

      This is the Banana Republic Politicas.
      Laugh if you want to!!
      Bloody Fools!!’

  • 2

    JVP: I challenge you to bring a motion in Parliament to remove all those perks to MPs including the “Pensions”; “Vehicle Permits” etc. Let us see who will vote in favor and against it. That will give a good picture to the people how the Government is managing the economy and how interested they are in providing relief to the voter.

  • 2

    I see the selfishness even among the bloggers here , no one bothers about others comments , not bothered to put thumbs up for appreciation or down for the opposite .

    Everyone in their own Bubble and selfishness.
    Good feeling when your comments are appreciated , does not matter if not appreciated too .

    This is all to do with the democracy we earned from the Present government to inform the others how we feel about wrong doings of the government and the public figures.

    Democracy and freedom of Speech is the ingredient Needed in the Recipe for the making of Good Governance ,

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