30 June, 2022


Joint Opposition Calls On All Forces To Unite To Safeguard Country

Joint Opposition Frontliner, Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena has called on all forces to unite to safeguard the country and to also ensure that the sacrifices made by the armed forces will not go to waste.



Speaking at the Kataragama Kirivehera on Saturday, Gunawardena said that the Joint Opposition has come forward to take the lead to safeguard Sri Lanka, and to ensure that it will not be divided.

“In our efforts to safeguard the unity of this country, the Buddha Sasana and to ensure that the lives of the armed forces that were sacrificed in the war will not go to waste, we are calling on all forces to join hands to safeguard Sri Lanka from being divided,” he said.

Gunawardena said that even though under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidency the war was ended and the country was united, Sri Lanka was once again facing risk from being divided. “Our soldiers sacrificed their lives not for yesterday but for a better tomorrow, and therefore we will do everything in our power to ensure that their great sacrifice will not go in vain, so we are calling everyone to join us in this struggle,” he added.

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Latest comments

  • 2

    Malwatta Mahanayaka is an official stake holder of Btanalada’s Yahapalanay coup, along side Tiger Suren , UNP London , Vellala Sambandan and Bunky Moon.

    This is exactly what Batalanada Ranil said in his Devolution of Power speech which was reported in the Yahapalana Official Mouth Piece the Daily News edition yesterday.

    These are his words “After Mahinda Rajapaksa finished the War he didn’t implement the 13 A.

    This aggrevated the problems of the Tamils, created problems for Muslims and the Sinhalese in the Malwatta Chapter.

    They got together and gave birth to Bodhipala Sirisena”.

    Nice one.. How cool…

    Can’t understand why our Weerawansa went to worship the Mahanayaka, to hear that Batalanada’s Federal Thing is all cool.

    Go for it Gune, All our Dalits in the South are with you, including Lord Kataragaman, who produced the first liberator of the Land, King Dutu Gamunu.

    • 21

      Who is your official stake holder to have given birth to you ?

      You should be the most abusive creature or else, you are the most stupidest man not to have grasp the least yet.

      • 12

        “Joint Opposition Calls On All Forces To Unite To Safeguard Country”

        Mr Dinesh Gunawardena,

        All forces united to save the country on the 8th of January 2015.

        As usual you are late for the party!

        Your ministerial perks are gone for ever, buddy. Try for them is the next life.

        If not, like us all good non-patriots work for them. A day or two of real work once in a life-time can be good for your health.

        • 1

          All forces united to save the country on the 8th of January 2015.

          The way things go, There should be a day in 2020 to save the country and treasury from Yahapalana thives.

          but, it should not be the gang of JO. JO is there ro protect what they eanred by day time highway robberies.

    • 6

      Wow, now Malwatta Mahanayaka has joined the conspiracy!? now it will easier to list the people who aren’t conspiring against the smart patriots!

      Is this a full list?
      colombo 7,

      Even china is giving money to this government so maybe they are also part of the conspiracy?

      • 2

        If that is the case, then ….. it is a good thing right ?

        Finally they have made effort to drive away the extremists.

        We the real buddhists commend the reaction of M chapter theros, and we can also get their situation being unable to see it further. Finally spill the beans… good for all the folks

      • 9

        When we put 2 steps forwards, you the extremists cause to take one step backwards. this game has been the case for the decades. Now enough is enough…

        for the sake of Srilankens, try to see it let go through your head clean….
        We dont want people to stay or stagnate with unhappiness in this island.
        Men with all abusive thoughts should be destroyed once for ever directing them to rigorous laws, so that the peaceful lankens can build up this nation.

        lIGHT at the end of the tunnel is seen, we hope Rajapkashes will be convicted for all the avalanche of crimes perpectrated for the years. Duminda silva was convicted, so Rajapakshes will follow together their condom supporters like Wimal Buruwanse, Gonthadipila and the rest of social scum survived as parasites but extremists on the skin of Rajano

    • 14

      Aha… Time for the JO to do another walk, maybe start from Colombo via Puttalam, and swim to Rameshwaram – a new kind of Dualton to Protest!!! KA Sumane, trust you will join em too…..????

    • 17

      Sumane, Join the JO clan to protect the following.

      1. Re introduce white van culture.
      2. Kill and maim journalists.
      3. Kidnap businessmen and extort ransom.
      4. Kill dissenting politicians…Bharatha, Sripathi etc.
      5. Then protect the murderer…Dumi Ayya.
      6. Rape and kill tourists and innocent village girls and then have a party.
      7. Then protect the rapists and murderers.
      8. Kill the protesters demanding basic drinking water.
      9. Then send the killer major to diplomatic posting.
      10. Unseat the lawful sitting CJ by thugs like Booruwnsa and Modawansa
      11. Rip the country by plundering in the Billions and live like Rajathumas while the poor suffer the worst.

      Are above enough Sumane, to protect the B…….

      You truly is a two legged worst creature for wanting to bring back the bloody curse to our beloved Nation.

      Grow up will you, for heaven sake and become a human.

      • 4

        It i like talking to a wall… better to use your valuable time to share with anyone else. This particular Sumane should be put in Mulleriyawa. He has not the least knowledge but to hang on with MR etl. …

        Only argument he brings with a Batalanda.. else he seems to have nothing in his tongue.
        Too wasteful to add my 2 cts to the buggers. I hate the kind of people .. but cant see their thoughts have abused the nation sofar.

    • 7

      Joint Opposition Frontliner, Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena

      “Joint Opposition Frontliner, Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena has called on all forces to unite to safeguard the country and to also ensure that the sacrifices made by the armed forces will not go to waste.”

      You have no shame licking MaRa’s ass.

      Sacrifices and effort made by Field Marshall Sarath Fonnseka was wasted and used by the Mahinda Rajapaksa and Cronies like you to fool the people.

      Yes, there are still many fools, Modayas, left to fool, but they are no longer in the majority.

      General Sarath Fonseka Documentary


      Did you listen to Sarath Fonseka’s First Speech in the Parliament?


    • 3

      Sumaney, I do read your thoughts as you give a counter point to others.
      As humans, we are hammered by our own ‘confirmation bias’ where we look for information that we agrees with. So, you provide us the alternate.

      We can disagree without being disagreeable, no ?

      • 2


        Thanks mate… You are above average for sure..

        Of course we can agree to disagree,

        We have to look at the big picture..That is the great majority of the inhabitant population..

        The focus should be to see …Where were they then , Where are they now and where will they be in terms of Economic, Social , Educational and Health standards going forward..

    • 2

      This particlar Gunawardhana has lost by all means to this date. Only rope before him is MR bangwagon. As a constituent party leader of UPFA, he has had good times as many others only lived on perks being the bunch of thugs to do the job under the misguidance of MR.
      MR has now been sensing, he will have to say yes to the peace makers at least few minutes before going to stay permanently in the Jail… in the near future.
      I am sorry for the man – all the doors seem to be closing for him for all alleged crime to have perpetrated together. Law and order of the country will never see it – when evidence prove him and his men would be wrong and all against ethics and morals.

      How would the nation have been facing it, if he was reelected for the 3 rd term ?

      That is what goes through my head these days…

  • 10

    From SWRD to Sirisena/Ranil we are seeing the same racist drama being enacted to roll back any possible democratic, equitable solution to the long suffering Tamils’ grievances as a nation in the island.

    This racist Dinesh Gunawardena, Dayan, Izeth Hussain and other well known racists will join the bandwagon to turn upside down the apple cart.

    If this happens, International Community will find only a separate state with guarantees as a viable solution to Sinhala Buddhist racism.

    • 0

      Impressive! Can you name a single Tamil racist in Sri Lanka?

      • 0

        ” single Tamil racist “

        say heehaw, heehaw.

        You are a `sub human bigot` to not know that aren’t any
        even the UN does not use the word `race` (noun) from 1950.

        what is race sinhala speaking demala journalist?

      • 2


        ” Can you name a single Tamil racist in Sri Lanka?”

        Konar Mudiyanselage Podiappuhamy Rajarathna


        Konara Mudiyanselage Podiappuhamy Rajarathna

  • 12

    All anti JO people call for all forces to rise against JO.

    JO men and women are more proved to be abusive than the otherway around.

    JO leading men have been alleged to have made high profile crimes

    1) Wasim Sportler -Murder -which is under inveistgation

    2) High profile fund grabs- money laundering cases aginst Rajapakshes are being investigated

    3) Wimal Buruwasnse the genital part of JO – is proved to be suffering from Paranoia than anything else – the knowledge is far from the average. Not th eleast knowledge on InternationL pOLITICS even if MR abused so much of tax payers funds abusing WW showing the world for him…. else, why the bugger was part of Rajapakseh entourages….

    amma appage mudalda ? Rajapakshe highly abused by briniging mammooth delegations to USA or ROME..????????????????????????

    Atleast 2000 dollars each for 1 passenger – but for 250

    5000 000 ( 5 million dollars) – then again, if the aircraft is held landed until the entourage is over… say 4 days…

    The earnings had been lost to the period… so why not the Srilanken became all bankrupt airline.. with not a single small vehicle rolling onthe ground at Katunayake not belonging to lanken state today.

    The gravity of the problem – beyond thinking.. but Meeharaka still says, he did nothing wrong…

  • 15

    Please again unite to fight JO and crush them from the bud.

    The rigorous lawn enforcement can tame the buggers.

    These men with all incurable virulent nature should be taught a lession but a lession.

  • 10

    The Best thing to do is for the government to get the parliamentary majority support and for the moment implement the new constitution ,and thereafter present it to the people ,they will need at-least two years to cover the entire population, the Country and people can not bear the hardship of the collapsed economy caused by the past regime by putting the country into a debt of more than a trillion dollars and not to forget most of the funds borrowed has no account , very small proportion has been spent on the country , that too on projects that could have well awaited at-least another few years.

    The best is to put the new Constitutional mechanism to action , how many percentage of the public will really bother to read it and comprehend it? a group will just listen to Wimal and blindly follow suit too, once you have it implemented people can experience the real time benefits and short comings and the government can then at ease make changes and reforming the parts of the constitution without hindering the progress of the country.

    There is an urgent need to implement a new practical constitution that suits all people and is acceptable by international communities which would place a trust on investors and tourists to come in ,no one wants to bring in their money to a Country that has a constitution which was the cause for loss of valuable human lives and a bloody civil war that has ended on the battle field branding Sri lanka with an ugly image of how it was ended , though the war has ended to to date the tears of blood of all people are still wet, instead of healing the wounds more had been inflicted by using racial disharmony and promoting bigotry , the international community is well aware of all that happened , you need investors and tourists both are the very most means to progress ,please do not waste time , get on with it , sometimes you need to make the decisions for the people as leaders , but make sure your constitution has a special provision for continuous amendments and changes until the Constitution is finely set .

    Sincerely hope to see a new Sri Lanka with a new constitution that guarantees security to all people ,freedom , laws to check such freedoms , Hope ,inspirations , the feeling to be proud as a Sri Lankan Citizen , economical opportunities to all those willing to work hard and honestly , and special security to protect the vulnerable by attacks of racists and bigots , the right to choose to live in any part of the country even in a federal state without fear or harassment .
    Translated for Chandana (South Asian Buddhists for peace)

  • 20

    Dinesh Gunawardena

    “Speaking at the Kataragama Kirivehera on Saturday, Gunawardena said that the Joint Opposition has come forward to take the lead to safeguard Sri Lanka, and to ensure that it will not be divided.”

    Hang on are we talking about safeguarding MR clan, euphemism for Sri Lanka? As you know Wimal Sangili Karrupan Weerawansa said at Nugegoda (uprising) – “Mahinda is not a name, Mahinda is a country!”

    Dayan Jayatilleka too agreed with him ““So Wimal was probably right when he said to rapturous applause”

    The country is already divided between haves and have nots, crooks and the victims, politicians and the people, ….. war criminals and victims, …. the abusive arrogant rulers and the voters, ….

    Please confirm.

    • 8

      Not only to safeguard/protect MARA clan,but themselves as well,many of whom are in line for investigations of corruption and fraud. Dinesh G is doing a good job in this direction. These people who disrupt progress and protect the corrupt should be scorned.

      • 9


        “These people who disrupt progress and protect the corrupt should be scorned.”

        No they don’t care remember these are thick skinned career politicians.

        The alternative, people should not be voting for them. Would the people wisely make informed choices next time around. I doubt it.

  • 7

    That’s right folks. Dinesh Gunawardena is the ideal person to spearhead a campaign to safeguard this country. He and his cohorts will do all the right things to bring about freedom, democracy, equality, tolerance, good governance, financial rectitude, a vibrant economy and prosperity for all!

    Unfortunately, the last time they were trying to do it, they were rudely interrupted by the fickle voters!

  • 12

    Dear Joint Opposition mates,

    Just One and a half years before people of this country decided that should save this country from a dictator family and those JO theieves. They confirmed their decision again after six months. The law of the country now put one by one inside the bar and exposing how these theieves sold the soverignity of the Country to the Chinese and billions of public money into their pockets.Now it is proven undoubtedly by your mate Wimal weerawanse what you did to the Tamil civilians and put them under the soil and built military camps.

    You all have to face the human law. People are not prepared to hand over the power topower greedy animals.

    • 7

      Ajith you are sport on.

      At least they should be remorseful. They are though guided by so called leftists that sang the song in favour of their Raja – are really really animals.

  • 6

    IF the aspirations of the Tamils and Singhales unable to be in one line the Line has to break. It will break it self. If the husband and wife has different goals,views and intentions the family will break. All the kings horses and all the kings men can not hold together.

  • 3

    Guys I don’t understand why you even bother to waste valuable bandwidth with this Sumanasekera was begotten in the kitchen by marasami ..

    Sumana the nondi kole johnson ge ethanol peruwa (full Tittle )

  • 8

    The days are not far away when Dinesh Gunawardena-The Racist par Excellence will end up as the Repentant Racist!

    • 5


      “The days are not far away when Dinesh Gunawardena-The Racist par Excellence will end up as the Repentant Racist!”

      Most definitely he would end up a grumpy old unrepentant public racist still enjoying grassroots support.

      Once a racist always a racist.

      I may be wrong.

      • 1

        Once a racist always a racist.

        Tamils describing themselves.

        • 2

          jim softy dimwit

          “Tamils describing themselves.”

          Actually I was not describing you at this instance though your ancestors were genetically connected Demelas of Tamilaham.

          If you carefully read my comments you would find that Dinesh Gunawardena is the unrepentant public racist.

          If he is closely related you, well I have no comments. On the other hand a public racist would deny any connection with a Dimwit like you. It is understandable.

  • 4

    MR and co are capable to bring equality and they know the easy way which is making every one in srilank beggars by robbing and selling land to other countries and send all robbed money to rich countries – very simple and many lacy modias like that way because they can pick-up few crumbs. The name those robbers give to cheat the public is sovereignty , patriotism and Sinhala Buddhist. When a good Sinhala man born to teach these people what is patriotism and what is Buddhism. Before that Buddha himself born again to preach this people.

  • 2

    Buoyed by the IC’s ‘War of Terror” you have fallen into a well set trap.
    Worse, egged on by your over-confidence ( A human trait of disastrous consequences ) you looked the other side when ‘bus loads’ of surrendees have disappeared, in post war.

    Now Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor haunts you.

    At a future date, if the Tamil people go their separate ways ( they were a separate kingdom b4 the colonizers came in ), historians will blame you for your ignorance.

    Suffice to say, Prabhakaran dead is far more dangerous than Prabhakaran alive.

    Btw, the Kataragama temple you visited was a Hindu Place of worshi

  • 1

    Native Vedda: The “JO” spear headed by this “GANG” conducted a “devotional” ritual called “Sathyakkriya” at this shrine in down South. I checked with a person (not a Buddhist clergy) who knows what this ritual is all about and he told me that the people who perform that have to first “discard” all evil thoughts and go into deep meditation with one and only purpose of wishing “happiness” and “wellbeing” to ALL. If that is the WAY, do you think this bunch of hypocrites would achieve any of those desired goals? I doubt it very much. In the end the Law of DHAMMA (Natures Way) would prevail and that might take a little time. That is how the Nature works; but we humans are restless till then.

  • 3

    “Speaking at the Kataragama Kirivehera on Saturday…”

    Kataragama was Kathirkamam in Tamil
    Temple devoted to Lord Murugan
    I remember Accommodation and delicious food provided by Ramakrishna Mission for disciples travelling form all over the island as well as neighbouring India and tourist form the west

    The Sinhalese took over the temple renamed it Katragama.
    Buddhist Monks run the temple. I have no idea what goes on behind the curtain there

    And it’s ironic that this idiot chose Katragama to send his stupid racist message “….lets all forces unite to defeat..”

  • 2

    Folks do not be too anxious , the country is now with the blessing of all the sincere citizens in good hands with right heads.

    Just watch the moves of the leaders ,the game is on. fantastic moves , east and west are both their best allies .

    Boss is a calm man , he is well seasoned politician , he has been behind the making of a queen and a king (King gone wrong but) , he is a king maker and and knows how the keep the kingdom he won too and his emissary is no fool , he knows the parliamentary rules and systems like no other and his international reputation is par excellence ,can not be compared even by an atom by hmmh hmmm , “Joint oppressors” (rephrased)

    They both with their loyal men will do the job a shocking job and Sri lanka will shine again ,amen

  • 0

    Joint Opposition Calls On All Forces To Unite To Safeguard Country
    Safe Guard the country?
    You are requeting the people to save you rear ends after stealing murdering raping etc.

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