17 January, 2022


Joint Opposition Says Ravi K’s No Confidence Is A Litmus Test For SLFP MPs

The Joint Opposition says that the no confidence motion against Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake is going to be a litmus test for SLFP Parliamentarians.

Dullas Alahapperuma

Dullas Alahapperuma

In a statement last night, Chief Organiser of the Joint Opposition, Dullas Alahapperuma said that Karunanayake was working against the SLFP’s policies.

“Therefore, the no confidence motion against Ravi Karunanayake on June 8th will also test the conscience of the SLFP members in Parliament,” he said.

He reiterated that the SLFP Parliamentarians who contested under the UPFA banner received 4.8 million votes; therefore Wednesday will be a test to see if they will work in accordance to their conscience or against it.

He reminded how the UNP-SLFP government were continuing to slap the masses with various taxes, which has put them in severe difficulty. “I ask our friends who represent the government are you truly happy with the taxes that are been slapped on the people, are you in support of the increasing cost of living, and are you in support of the eroding economy?,” Alahapperuma questioned in his statement.

He advised government parliamentarians to not hesitate and vote in support of the no confidence motion against Karunanayake on Wednesday.

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    Anura Kumara Dissanayake

    Opportunity knocks only once, grab it and make a deal with MR’s cronies. In the next parliamentary elections, JVP could win more than 39 seats and be part of MR’s cabinet as well as the kitchen cabinet.

    This is a good time to stir up politics a bit as the government is said to be drafting the new constitution.

    Please come back to Sinhala/Buddhism, the only way you could survive. Take up the Sinhala/Buddhists cause of 4.8 million voters.

    Be a man, be a Sinhala/Buddhists, be consistent with JVP’s ideology, be the saviour of Mara’s opposition, be the smart patriot, …………. your supporters will be right behind you, help them build another North Korea, ………

    MR and 4.8 million need you.

    • 12


      Do you see much difference in the present Yamapalanaya and the times of MR’s tenure. Yes the white vans are gone. Yes the police are somewhat independent. But corruption and corrupt practices – they are ongoing. Many of MARA’s rogues are in the present cabinet.

      We know this Dullas Allhapaperuma is a top class fraudster. So any of his actions must be taken with a large pinch of salt.

      However Ravi Karunanayaka is not a clean skin. He is facing so many fraud issues himself. He is being protected by the Yamapalanaya kingpins. This no confidence motion brought by one fraudster against another fraudster despite the ethical issues should succeed. The foundations of all political fraudsters is best shaken by the fraudsters themselves.

      So JVP are in a bit of dilemma – do they support this motion? Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

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        BBS Rep

        If the JVP was serious about the need to cleanse the state and its apparatchiks, AKD should have taken the initiative to bring the no confidence motion on his own against those who were not fit for the job, not tagging along the crooks, and the pied piper.

        What this shows is what I wrote in my comment above.

        It is for AKD and his JVP to prove to the people that they mean business, not seeking favours from the crooks in the narrow interest of their party.

        I see no difference between the main parties and JVP, putting the card before horse.

      • 6

        BBS Rep

        Here comes the former national executioner Gota, with the tried and failed sloganeering, “unitary status, sovereignty and territorial integrity, well-being of the armed forces, turmoil,instability, threat to security, patriotic people, foreign powers (or conspiracy) .

        Here is his final salvo

        “Outspoken former official said that post war national reconciliation would never be a reality as long as the government didn’t take into consideration the concerns of the majority Sinhalese.”

        Is he speaking for the majority Sinhalese or for king, his country and cronies?

    • 6

      Ravi K should have been thrown out by the President himself the day he ssid he had a mystery investor ready to park a billion dollars in Sri Lanka !..that’s the extent of his stupidity !

  • 11

    Dullas Alahapperuma

    “Therefore, the no confidence motion against Ravi Karunanayake on June 8th will also test the conscience of the SLFP members in Parliament,” he said.

    Did you say conscience of the SLFP members in Parliament?

    They have no conscience.

    What is there to be tested?

    If you really have conscience, please fess up and return all the stolen loot of the people carried out by Mara MaRa Chatu Mara and cronies.

    What about the bodies extinguished by the White Vans?

  • 16


    You are a real joker. You thrived during Mahinda’s corrupt rule. You could not even stop dog meat being sold in the Colombo market.

    Where is your darling Gnanasara Thera of BBS, white vans, grease yakkas etc.

    Why did you give sanctuary to Pottu Amman and Karuna?

    The political appointees to the embassies and opening of new embassies in the no mans lands to promote your failing foreign policy have destroyed the foreign service.

    From where did you get the billions to pay for potty Bell Pottinger and the others in the USA. Whey didn’t you scream then.

    Ajith Navraal was doing Kabara dance with Mahinda going around the world with his unlimited Central Bank cheque book to perfect his dance.

  • 13

    These idiots don’t want the country do well and people to live well. If they were in power by now things would have been worst, and people would be on the streets to chase them away. No dought by now, people would be starving to death. They looted every thing and left the country high and dry for the next government to pick up the pieces.

    Right now, the government is doing it’s best to put the finances of the country back to good order. This wouldn’t last forever, once the economy is turn around, and the people would get benefits in multiple ways.

    How the government could provide all the welfare facilities and service the mountains of debts without generating income? Money wouldn’t come from the thin air or fall from the sky. Country of 23 million, has only 20000 tax files. All have to make sacrifice for a short while for a better future.

    If all these politicians care for the people, they should first forgo all the thumbing benefits they are enjoying from the poor peoples’ tax money and pay all the taxes instead of shedding crocodile tears. It all tactics to grab power by any means. They are trying to fish in trouble water and nail the government when it’s in this tight corner, for it’s taking hard measures to set the economy on the right course, for the people to have good life.

  • 3

    This is another enactment of “Vihilu Thahalu”. Just consider who brings this “No Confidence” motion? This gang who called themselves “Joint Opposition” was the worst rogues we had up to 2015 January 8th. Now they are accusing another gang of rogues who took over from them. What is the motive? Could be that they are still shocked and disgruntled for losing the opportunities given to them by the “Leader”. Like in the olden days of “Vihilu Thahalu” the Late “Amaris Aiyah’s” (means no disrespect to Mr. Samuel Rodrigo) role has been taken over by the ex President MR. He has said that if any SLFP member does not vote for the “No Confidence” motion, he/she would be a “Traitor”. Now enjoy this episode and learn to ease the burden of economic difficulties imposed. This is nothing but one set of JOKERS fooling the other.

  • 1

    We should not forget that MR and his goons were voted out by the people that were facing more or less every other neighbour steeling away under the protection of being part of MR’s party. Everyone had blue-red lights in their cars chasing others from the road.

    The problem is there were so many crooks, that plenty of them are in the system and Sirisena probably realizes that he can’t get it done. Typical Singalese, so clever in lying and cheating that the corruption goes on and on no matter what cost.

    We had electricity systems “suddenly” blown up, now army depots “suddenly” blown up, and I expect more of MR’s goons to continue to sabotage other’s to get a chance to help Sri Lanka recover before it is swallowed by India. Remember that buses were “suddenly” blown up deep in the south during the civil war? We had “suddenly” a riot in the prison, and these days “suddenly” everyone in prison ends up in the prison hospital or are granted bail before even arriving at the prison.

    I am sick and tired of all this pathetic Singalese male BS. No wonder the Tamils decided to take their share of the cake and eat it. My prediction is that as soon as there is a ferry from Mannar to India, an international harbour in Jaffna, Tamils will make something great out of it, while Singalese just keep lying and steeling from eachother, stuck in endless traffic congestion in Colombo in their tax free Prado’s with VVIP stickers and blue&red lights horning away.

    I rest my case.

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