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Judge Interdicted, Two AG Hot Shots Called For Inquiry Over Hate Speech

Embilipitiya District Court judge Dinesh Lakmal Perera has been interdicted and two high ranking officials of the Attorney Generals Department have been summoned for an inquiry to the Human Rights Commission for hate speech.

Jayantha Jayasuriya CJ

Sources confirmed that the Judge had been posting vulgar, obscene and racist remarks though his Facebook page giving rise to complaints against his conduct and issues regarding his impartiality.

The two High Ranking Attorney Generals department officers have been summoned over “boycott” Muslim shops and other racists postings on their social media accounts by the Human Rights Commission.

The two High Ranking Attorney Generals department officials together with certain other officers of the Department were seen making racist, tribal remarks over the last 4 weeks following the Easter Sunday attacks giving rise to many questions on the impartiality and conduct of the islands lead prosecutor.

“It was shocking to see so many members of the official bar act the way they did. They acted like complete tribalist reactionaries who did not understand the context or the sophistication of the issue. Instead, they led the the march blaming and maligning the ordinary Muslims of the country coming out with all their inherent tribal ideologies,” a senior Lawyer told the Colombo Telegraph.

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