26 September, 2023


JVP Joins TNA In Demanding Speaker To Convene Parliament Immediately

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) too joined forces with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today to request Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to convene Parliament despite President Maithripala Sirisena’s decision to prorogue it until November 16.

Anura Kumara

All MPs of the JVP Parliamentary group, sending a letter to the Speaker, said the leaving the legislature out of the current dialogue was an act of undermining democracy.

The party said current constitutional crisis should be extensively discussed in the legislature that represents the sovereignty of the people and assured Jayasuriya to summon Parliament forthwith.

Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan also requested Speaker Jayasuriya yesterday to convene Parliament immediately and allow the legislature to perform its legitimate functions.

TNA leader Sampanthan, in his letter, says the request has been made “recognizing the necessity of upholding the supremacy of the constitution of Sri Lanka and the supremacy of Parliament comprising of the democratically elected representatives of the people.”

Meanwhile, UNP’s Minister Mangala Samaraweera said this morning that the so-called ‘government’, headed by Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa, was formed following a coup and therefore had no legitimacy or moral and ethical grounds to operate in office.

“Therefore, all appointments are made by the so-called new government are deemed illegal and we will take stern action against the individuals accepting them,” Samaraweera said, in a statement, a short while ago.

“We, the democratically elected government with a clear majority in Parliament, will defeat the coup and establish a stable government through a democratic and constitutional process in Parliament. Many foreign countries and international bodies such as the United Nations (UN) have stressed the need to respect the constitutional process and uphold the rule of law,” he added.

“We wish to reiterate that all state officials who accept positions from this ill-legitimized and unconstitutional government will be considered individuals aiding and abetting the coup,” Samaraweera said.

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    May Cananie Tooth at Dalada Maligawa bless Mahinda Rajapakse and Sri Lanka. Where are the deveils of Malwatta and Asgiriya. Are they sleeping with little monks and BBs?

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    Yesterday I saw MaRa venerating three-inch long Canine Tooth at Dalada Maligawa. Canine tooth and devils of Malwatte and Asgiriya are there to protect rapists, killers, corrupted fraudsters like MaRa, GoTa and Basil.

    May Canine Tooth Bless Sri Lanka

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    Rajapaksas getting ready for riots “Mahason Balakaya leader Amith Weerasinghe granted bail” Maithripala Sirisena & Mahinda Rajapaksa are now releasing terrorists. Red alert to international community hope international troops are ready to take necessary action against these terrorists holding the country hostage.

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    Wow, AKD has woken from slumber and his constitutional games!
    Bondscam Ranil and MR had turned the Diyawenna Parliament into a ‘Cesspit of Corruption’, while distracting everyone with endless Constitution making and de-limitation reports, along with NGO supporters at numerous conferences with foreign funds and fake Constitutional Xperts. Constitution legalese about minority rights has become a means to Divide, distraction, rule and loot Lanka .
    No point convening the Diyawenna Cesspit for more constitutional hot air!
    Solution is fresh elections WITHOUT current generation of corrupt politicians, who must be banned from contesting, with an age limit of 70 for those in parliament. Time for new generation to take over and clean up the mess in the Diyawenna Cesspit nurtured by Bondscam Ranil and his friends MR and Sira.

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    Sirisean is a dictator in the making or already made. He will be backed by Mahinda and his followers. He will be overrun by Mahinda soon

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    That is wise move to convene parliament now ..
    Before all goes out of hand; the country is in a knife edge ..
    But M&s does see like that .
    He behave like childish..
    He shows he is a village man ..
    He does not know how to behave in politics ..
    The entire world knows he acted illegally on this matter ..
    Military coup could take place any time if both can not decide ..
    If both can resolve people of both parties come into street…you can see blood bath in the beautiful country …May God protect ..
    Mahanayakes have a big responsibility on this matters ..
    They could bring both into peaceful settlement now ..
    Each day is serious day..
    ..All 4 forces must have put and braveness to put the country first not these political cheats ..
    It will affect economy?
    It will damage our name ..
    It will create instabilities in all areas of the country ..
    Shame on you m&s .
    You won the post with UNP votes..
    You one of treasuoius persons in Sri Lanka.
    We know why did you did this .

    You do not have back born to win election on your own… you want to use the reputation of MR for people personal gains ..
    You will be impeached soon.
    Ranil is nephew of JR.
    Do you remember that

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    There is no doubt in any rational human beings that it is political coup by President Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapakse. People are spreme in any constitution. Parliament is the supreme law making institution. The President should have followed a proper procedure to appoint a Prime Minister or removing a Procedure. He should have consulted the Judiciary on the legal and constitutional matters before appointing Mahinda Rajapakse as a new Prime Minister. He should have consulted the Parliament before making any changes. There was no emergency for a change in Prime Minister. The reasons given by President are utterly baseless and legally acceptable. If there is an emergency he should have dissolved Paliament and called for election. Unless people come forward against such misuse of power this will become a practice by everybody who takes power. People should unite irrespective of political background, race, religion etc to stop this nonsense. People should show their power to save this country.

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    From the recent past to present JVP of the Sinhala parties is the only party that has acted democratically and with responsibility. I as a long standing UNPer salute you. I also thank the TNA and other Tamil parties sans CWC who have never been opportunist. SLFP has always been the downfall of Sri Lanka from the time of ‘Oxford’ educated Banda’s “Sinhala only” policy, Sirima taking over private enterprise, land and controlling imports and travel to Maithri’s betrayal and Mahinda’s coup.

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    Here we go again. There may be doubt as to the constitutionality of the appointment of a Prime Minister by the President, but there is no question the President can prorogue parliament:

    “(2) In addition to the powers, duties and functions expressly conferred or imposed on, or assigned to the President by the Constitution or other written law, the President shall have the power–

    (a) to make the Statement of Government Policy in Parliament at the commencement of each session of Parliament;
    (b) to preside at ceremonial sittings of Parliament;
    (c) to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament;” (- Your precious 19th Amendment)

    Why is it a problem to some parties that the President exercises his powers in a perfectly legal way? Some have accused him of not following the process here as well. That is a technical issue, but he does have the right to postpone parliament.

    It is not good governance for the President (most readers here voted for him) to act in this way or that based on pressure by the United States or any other nation. If this is good governance, that is, dancing to the tune of foreign powers, then maybe we should drop it altogether.

    Maybe someone can explain it in a way that makes sense.

    “The US State Department on Sunday called on Sri Lanka’s president to “immediately reconvene parliament” to allow representatives there to quell a violent constitutional crisis sparked by the prime minister’s sudden sacking.” – Ada Derana

    “violent constitutional crisis” – don’t know where they got it – they are the experts in fake news after all.

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    There are calls from within the country, and from outside the country, for parliament to convene….what is Sirisena waiting for, orders from his new boss?

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    Late President R Premadasa prorogued the parliament for 3 months & all including the US kept mouth shut.

    What on earth has made Trump to shout for just 21 days.

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    UNP and JVP supporters must rethink.

    It is true especially that the UNP MPs are disappointed and angry at the sudden loss of their power and privileges.

    But when you cool down please think.

    Why did this happen ? You have had one leader for nearly 30 years now. We all know the consequences

    Most of you are Sinhala Buddhist from decent families ( Today some NGO types are trying to even make that a crime !) A vast majority of you did not study in the Colombo school called Royal.

    Under your so called leader only old Royalist have any say. Others are there only to put up stages during elections and may be now to go to temple trees and protest !

    Your parents were not some lumpen element dabbling in dubious business deals while sipping whiskey and doing religious work only for public consumption. .What religion are the inner cabinet-Malik, Ravi , Mahendran ,Paski, Charitha etc ?

    The average UNP guy is not living for foreign trips ( at public expense) and high life with public money.He does not think any guy from a foreign university and speaks in English is the next best thing to sliced bread ( remember Mahendran) !

    You guys have nothing in common with Ranil. The same goes for the JVP. In the evolution of our history RW stands for the most reactionary..This historical moment do the right thing by your nation.Don’t let Ranil fool you in to thinking that he stands for democracy or parliamentary traditions.

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    Forces that stood to defeat MARA’s murderous regime must first unite.. Then go before courts seeking an injunction against unconstitutional appointment of another PM while nothing has changed in the parliament to sitting PM. Same time go to highest courts in Srilanka to seek nullification of Sillysena’s bias act or coup de tat.
    Next. Collect sufficient signatures from those oppose it and impeach him.

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    Well done JVP ! This MARASIRA coup need to be defeated ! It is nothing but a
    clean coup ! Sira is under the impression that he is safe with the company of
    rogues . He must be made to lose both worlds . You never provide a mattress
    to a leach , it goes back to where it belongs ! I would blame Ranil as well for
    not handling sensitive issues intelligently . Mainly , his anti-corruption drive
    was too fast and actions against MARA & Co too slow and in the meantime
    burdening the people with more and more hardships are not intelligent steps !
    All these actions made right conditions for Sira to plot with HIS FRIENDLY ENEMY
    MARA ! BUT UNP’s decision not to budge , is the perfect answer ! MARA SIRA
    COMBI started to feel losing sight of any light in the channel for a quite good time
    and so a coup ! So desperate for power ! OUT OF PATRIOTISM ! JVP STANDING UP
    MOUTH SHUT AT A TIME LIKE THIS . MARA SIRA have made up their minds to
    bring their clean rogue five million to the streets ! U N P must now show their muscle !

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    JVP stance of abstain in vote when parliment is met is a another mistake that they going to do in their political life. If they think appointing MR as PM is wrong in accordance to constitution THEN THEY SHOULD FIGHT THIS WRONG AND VOTE AGAINST THE APPOINTMENT irrespective of which party will get benefitted from this.
    But if they think appointment in accordance with constituion they shuold endross MR’s appointment by voting withh them.

    This is their moral right as MP’s of JVP to protect the country before any other petty political indifferences. . Hopw JVP will act wisely.

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