13 August, 2022


Opposition Leader Sampanthan Requests Speaker To Convene Parliament Forthwith

In a major development, Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan has requested Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to convene Parliament with immediate effect and allow the legislature to perform its legitimate functions.

TNA leader Sampanthan

In his letter, Sampanthan says the request has been made “recognizing the necessity of upholding the supremacy of the constitution of Sri Lanka and the supremacy of Parliament comprising of the democratically elected representatives of the people.”

This follows letter by the Speaker to President Maithripala Sirisena earlier today stating the continuing prorogation of Parliament will have serious and undesirable consequences for the country

“I have received a request to protect the rights and privileges of Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe until any other person emerges from within Parliament as having secured the confidence of Parliament,” Jayasuriya said, in his letter.

Jayasuriya also said, “I consider my duty to draw your attention to the convention that a prorogation should be done in consultation with the Speaker.”

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    Now, experts’ opinion is President only suggest and Parliament only appoint the PM. So they are choking the parliament for get the result they like. Real parliamentarians should kick on the butt of these donkey merchants and send them out of the parliament. .

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    I understand America is requesting to convene parliament. If that is true I am sure one after other IC countries will ask for that. The outstanding reason for that call is closing down the parliament is deviating from democracy. No other proof is needed on that to tell country has descended to dictatorship. Up to UN there is chance to talk on closing down the parliament.

    ADK may not like to support Ranil in parliament. That can be understood. But they all have to take a stand on closing down the parliament.

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      Parliament in S L is fake; poor attendance; poor performance in debates; “a minority party’ leading the opposition.
      The speaker is a joke.
      The need of the hour is a set of younger, more educated, parliamentarians.

      The old codgers should be sent to pasture; it’s time for significant change.

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    He is an article from Al Jazzera that confirms what I earlier stated


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    It is too little too late. Sinhala Lankas has beens sealed. It was sealed on the day RW visited India to take orders from MODI to cancel the £300 milliion project given to China. India has been encircling Sihala Lanka slowly but surely and that was too much for MS to take. MSs explanation that it was the threat against his live ( MS hasnt explained by who) that prompted him to sack RW heading an elected chamber and bring back the strong man MR in a direct challenge to INDIA is ludicurous . I thought Sinhala Lanka belived in a RULE OF LAW but not a bit. MS has proved that what we have is JUNGLE JUSTICE. MR will now give everything back to CHINA and let us see how India reacts and when it decides to send the army in. We are living in exciting times and MS will be forced by India to invite the army just lke JR was forced so it looks like a bloodless COUP. JAYHINTH .

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    UNP ” A” List Rogue Kiriella threatens to bring the UNP supporters on to the Streets if the Parliament is not recalled and Dr Ranil is not re installed..

    Colombo Elite and Anglicans will have to flock to the streets in Colombo soon,
    in tens of thousands…
    Because Keselwatta Kid does not look that keen to bring his Flock to help Dr Ranil..

    Wonder whether Mr Sampathar demand the Vellalas do the same as Kiriella to back this demand…

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    This country is beyond repair. The Tamils should go for a referendum in their areas and part ways if the referendum shows that the Tamils will be happier without the unending self-inflicted injury or chaos by the majority. These idiots don’t even know how to govern themselves, how on earth they will govern the whole country.

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    The Architect of Executive Presidency and the relevant Constitution is J.R.Jayawardane who is the uncle of Ranil Kolu Wickramasinghe.

    When the Constitution is prepared with Ranil and bunch of Homo Sexuals raised the hand and voted for the constitution. when the situation arises and started applying the very conditions in the constitution for which they have voted and passed specially against Kolu wickramasinghe, he feels the pain. The same rules applied at the time he as appointed in January 2015 , he did not feel any pain.

    Similarly, proroguing the parliament is also constitutional and right of the Executive Presidency.

    Sampanthan. There is no need at all to Executive President to consult Speaker of the Parliament for any matter. Do not talk like a donkey.

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    Tamil Racist idiots do not know that the proroguing the parliament is well within the constitution and it is a right of the Executive Presidency hatever the reasons may be and Sampanthan donkey does not know this it seems as he knows that once he declared LTTE terrorists as sole representative of Tamils during his proxy days with LTTE and today, he talks about democracy. Bunkam.

    I am not surprised that Sampanthan will end up supporting Mahinda Rajapakse because he knows that Elam or federalism is in mythology only and never be able to achieve under any circumstances.

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    Sri Lanka is sandwiched between India and China in their struggle for Supremacy in the Region. Uncle Sam is waiting to Toast a nice Mouth watering Menu.

    It’s a mystery and very hard to identify who is playing for which Team. First a RAW plot came in the air and then came Subramanian Swamy and herded all the Sheep to New Delhi. Back at home all the sheep are straying to all directions as usual.

    I think very soon the black sheep will be singled out and get culled. The Question is who is the Black Sheep and who is the Shepherd? India, China or Uncle Sam ?

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