14 April, 2024


Karu Slams Mawbima, Ceylon Today For ‘Media Terrorism’

UNP Leadership Council Chairman Karu Jayasuriya yesterday hit back at the Tiran Alles owned Mawbima newspaper group that has engaged in a spree of attacks against him and his family recently, calling them agents of vested interests and agendas who attempt to hold politicians hostage.



Speaking in Parliament yesterday, during the debate on the Media Ministry Budget Jayasuriya said the Mawbima and Ceylon Today newspapers were engaged in vicious attacks against those who do not do their bidding, hounding them with distorted reporting they are not afraid to publish.

Jayasuriya noted that it was ironic that the same UNP and its members including Mangala Samaraweera that had stood with the newspaper group and its owner when the newspaper was first sealed in 2007 and Alles’ home had been attacked were now at the receiving end of the editorial attacks.

“Mawbima newspaper has only short friendships. When friendships go sour, its editors know how to turn on you in a trice,” Jayasuriya said.

He said the newspaper’s reporting on certain events and facts were completely at odds with the ethics of media reporting.

“Unfortunately, some media in this country, instead of fulfilling this duty are engaged in attacking in a demeaning manner, individuals who are having opposite views, destroying their credibility and honour.  Under the circumstances the real issued such as threats to democracy, good governance, decline of rule of law, cost of living etc., are being neglected.  The media should expose the mistakes of the government and the opposition.  At present, some newspapers instead of exposing these mistakes, sling mud at individuals earmarked by them.  This is a very deplorable situation,” Jayasuriya told the House.

Tabling several Mawbima and Ceylon Today reports in Parliament yesterday, the UNP Leadership Council Chairman said the newspaper’s conduct was “shameless.”

We are seeing headlines in the Mawbima newspaper lately that this country has never seen. These are newspapers that little children and impressionable young people read. What is the message going out to young minds when a newspaper says lightning has struck a senior politician in the country, as if to curse him?” he said.

“Looking at it from whatever angle, it is totally against the media ethics.  Having seen this headline many persons from the government and opposition spoke to me.  They all asked me “Is this the media freedom you are fighting for?”, Jayasuriya said.

Jayasuriya said that instead of informing the people, Mawbima and Ceylon Today were engaged in spreading hatred. “We accept that a newspaper has the right to work according to its political agenda. But it is unethical and wrong to distort facts in order to maliciously defame those who hold dissenting views,” Jayasuriya said.

“Higher officials and the ownership of the paper have a desire to keep politicians as prisoners through the paper.  Those who oppose it are being hounded and attacked by distorting facts.   By this behavior the media as a whole is being ridiculed.  Media organizations have a social responsibility in distributing the paper when something is written about an individual.  The newspaper report is not the same as a malicious letter written to a person. It cannot be a bag full of lies. Every piece of news print must be used responsibly,” he said.

“There was a time “Mawbima” praised us highly.  To some of the writers of the papers there was no other character other than me.  I respectfully request from these gentlemen to read once again what they wrote praising us.  When you write contradictory things the readers will laugh at you.  I table some of those reports,” Jayasuriya observed.

“Venerable Buddhist priests and other religious dignitaries ask very often why I keep quiet when this paper attacks me in this manner.  Being a Buddhist it does not permit me to develop any hatred towards them,” he said.

Jayasuriya said he was not afraid to expose the media terrorism carried out by the likes of Mawbima and Ceylon Today.

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    This proves media is not what we think it is. We often blame state media for propaganda and charachter assasinations. And rightfully so. Well, private media are the same. Those who own media impose their will. While we believe media is free. Corporte media does not bring media freedom. Same problem applies to well known international media houses too. Such as CNN etc. Cheers!

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      Just like Mawbima and ‘Ceylon Today’, does not Mangala owned/controlled lanka-e-news not write filth and push its own agenda. UNP Leadership Council Chairman Mr Karu should learn to tolerate such gossips and attacks at least while in opposition.

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    Most media today have their own agendas. Even Sirisa seems to be toeing a more pro-government line. Political expediency driven by commercial interests is the name of the game. Individuals are compromised by distributing laptops and giving interest free loans. Owners of media a coerced by the power of the state.

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    Some say that Karu J, prior to the formation of the so-called leadership council, was fed a charmed “guli” by Ranil, and he has now become another zombie doing his Master’s bidding, with the look of a rabbit caught in the headlights!!———If Karu has a complaint against the media ethics of Ceylon Today/Mawbima there are various fora (including the ‘packed’ courts)available in this country to seek redress.—-He should stop crying like a petulant kid and be man enough to stand up and fight.–Has his Leader’s effeminate side also rubbed on him?—-Actually Karu by his initial crossover to MR with 17 UNP mercenaries should take full responsibility for the parlous political state of this country (together with that rascal Sarath N Silva).—-He deserves all the flak he gets not only from the press but also from the young and brave “Resistance Fighters” within the UNP.

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    If Karu thinks that what the Mowbima & CT has published were wrong then he has several ways to correct that.
    1) He can REPLY to that article and ask the editor to publish. If it is NOT published, then

    2) He can go to Court and file a case.

    3) He could have atleast denied in parliament by giving the Answers, instead of tabling some papers.

    When people change OR when the real truth comes out, then editors can change their earlier opinions and write GOOD OR BAD about anyone.

    As he says, he need not develop any hatred towards them. BUT he is under the obligation to the general public to clear his name as a POLITICIAN.

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    This is what happens when mudalalis and those who failed
    to oust their editors team up.

    Today, they want to introduce a new culture. Feed all Sri
    Lankans with burgers instead of their daily breakfast of
    string hoppers, pittu, roti or even bread. The front page
    headline is about scratch and match to win breakfast coupons
    from McDonalds. They have got played out in the game. Agents
    who distribute their papers have scratched and taken away
    the ones that offered free breakfast. They have only left
    the ones which say if you buy a cake, you get a black coffee
    free. Promoting tea, Sri Lanka’s national drink? No, black
    coffee and burghers.

    One only needs to ask the CID who made recent investigations
    to discern the antecedents of some top Mawbima/Ceylon Today
    people are. How they undertook trips to Singapore and Bangkok
    for shopping with their families. The venom they spew is worst
    than the sarpayas.

    Like the Sirasa group, the Mawbima group is in cahoots with
    the Government. They want to destroy anyone whom they dislike.
    It will continue until there is a gullible readership or viewers.

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    I appreciate that your real shape and signs are revealing. Be patient and follow the great leaders of the world today like Ranil Wickramasinghe. Just listening to a speech makes us enlightened in many ways.

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    When Mahinda and his family are attacked in certain media outlets,it’s OK for Karu.But when he is criticized he cries foul.A sign of a budding dictator.How about his new found pal Mangala?These are the fellows who hosted Channel 4 at Srikotha.By any misfortune if these fellows come to power it will be the end of democracy in this country.We all know who were instrumental in burning Anoja Weerasinghe’s house and the almost murder of Rookantha and his family.These ungrateful fellows never even visited their homes at the time of grief.Now Karu is hand in glove with the culprits,CBK and Mangala.Dreaming of being the common candidate and winning the presidency.This guy is nuts.He believes that the Tamil diaspora,TNA,CBK,Mangala will deliver the goods.The writing is on the wall for Karu.His new found buddy Mangala goes to courts against Sirasa,and now he himself attacks Mawbima. Instead of dreaming of becoming the president he should concentrate on how to save his parliament seat next time around.A future president who lost to Paba.Karu and his circus leadership council is one big joke!Ranil a very lucky guy!

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      [Edited out]

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    This is exactly what the lanken expatriates quickly notice when they read lanken articles today. Not only the articles published on lanken local media, but also behaviours of today’s young generations seem to be not polite enough – I compare all these whenever I am back in the country, I get upset easily, but there is no way to make them clear… All these are the issues that the opposition with country’s religious leaders should have addressed long ago. Now kenda become kanda…..Decades ago, the language used in lanken public press was thousand times decent than those of current day. Locals of all walks seem to be indifferent life mode today towards any of these issues, may be people are on a race to earn for living (life struggle) – not being able to bear the high costs. So they better focus on their jobs than daring to leave any comments any issues. That is very understandable, but the opposition waited that long to leave your kind of critics is not understandable. While living for decades long, I feel, these countries react on their public press very cautiously.. if anyone would go against rules and regulations, they would NOT wait any longer to check it..even about teledramas, talk shows are based on how they could educate their young generations better.
    I see it – in this way, average people in the country today continue their lives with all forms of fears …. more or less comparable to the manner they lived in late 80ties..

    Btw, Dr. Asoka clearly pointed out in his last article lately
    that lanken authorities incl. President Mahinda Rajapakshe today seems to be breaking all ethical codes when making public statements. At the very first time, I happened to listen the public speeches of Wimal weerawanse and Mervin, I asked myself – what happened to our nation. Their speeches contained all abusive forms of SINHALA.. that disturb civilised sinhala listeners. So, Authorities should have to take actions against them….
    This is a long overdue but a grave issue..

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      while living away from lanka decades long… I feel developed countries.

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    Tiran Alless and his family are stooges of the government. If not, they will have to close Gateway. They should be chased away from our country.

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    It was Bernard Liebling who once said that the freedom
    of the press belongs only to its owners. It is obvious
    that Tiran Alles has taken this dictum serious. A man
    who once sold mobile phone sets to the LTTE and became
    rich is now trying to make governments and leaders of
    Sri Lanka. What are his qualifications? A crow can never
    become a pigeon. Nor can Tiran become a Rupert Murdoch.
    The only man who is happy with what he does, distributing
    free copies, is the bothal karaya.

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    The speech was no doubt Karu. What
    about the hand behind? UNP MP Azwer
    had the answer. Find out.

  • 0

    Who told ass hole Azwer about it?

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    “Mawbima, Ceylon Today and Sirisa” are performing a contract they have undertaken to perform. Karu will soon be the winner and Kili will soon kneel down before Mervyn.

    • 1

      Don’t you think lanka-e-news does the same on behalf of Ranil, Mangala and co. Praba Ganeshan and SF said they will be contesting coming elections of WPC and etc seperately. I think UNP (fraud leadership council) is destined to get less than they got in Viamba.

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    How dare Karu J criticise two of our top notch
    Mawbima and Ceylon Today (content is always
    yesterdays) Thushara Gunaratne and Upul Joseph

    Their journalim will soon win both Nobel Peace
    Prizes. McDonalds (USA) will also give them an
    award for promoting horse burgers gas labu eta

    To their great publisher Tiran Alles who is like
    Lord Thomson (without a “p”)he will win a Deshamanya
    Sammana next year. The first prize will be for the
    record number of mobile phones sold to the LTTE. The
    second is for spending unaccounted, undeclared and
    ill gotten money on scandal sheets. He gets multiple
    orgasms with this vicarious delight.

    What happened to his love affair with General Sarath
    Fonseka. The former top soldier discovered that Tiran
    is a bad egg not fit even for an omlette. What is the
    use of having a permanent commission when they cannot
    round of allas takers.

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    Both newspapers “Mawbima” and “Ceylon Today” are owned by Allas. Allas has become a mouthpiece of some influential family for the sake of Allas. Allas givers as well as All receivers are ruining this country. The time is ripe for the country to get rid of Allas. Why not give a chance to Karu Jayasuriya and see whether we can can bell the cat.

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