18 May, 2024


Sri Lanka State Media Calls Mandela An Appeaser, Rubbishes TRC As A Sham As MR Attends Memorial Service

Amid the Government declaring two days of mourning for South African liberation icon and former President Nelson Mandela and President Mahinda Rajapaksa‘s attendance at the Johannesburg memorial service, the Government controlled press has referred to him as an appeaser of the whites and says the claims have more than a smidgen of truth.

Rajpal Abeynayake

Rajpal Abeynayake

Daily News Editor Rajpal Abeynayake in his editorial on December 9 said some people in South Africa certainly do not entertain the same view about Mandela that most people outside do.

“They feel that he sold out the anti-apartheid cause, and replaced social apartheid with a form of economic apartheid, as he did not agitate for the return of the farms that had been established by whites in land that had been stolen from black South Africans,” the editorial said.

The state media editorial also goes on to say that these claimants also feel that he sold out the blacks as he, through the so called reconciliation process, gave a blanket reprieve for whites to get away with their apartheid era crimes and with the ‘booty’ — the land that they acquired in the process of so called settler-colonization.

“They also say that Mandela probably cut a deal with the white South African apartheid regime, to be gentle with the white South Africans in exchange for their being able to keep the lands, and not having to pay for their crimes,” it read.

“There is no doubt more than a smidgen of truth to some of these allegations. But, the fact remains also that Mr. Mandela perhaps could not have done any better,” the editor says.

Meanwhile in an editorial on December 10, Abeynayake calls the much hailed South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission nothing but a sham to appease White perpetrators of apartheid because they ran the economy. “In South Africa it was the whites they wanted to please, in Sri Lanka it is the diaspora LTTE rump that is targeted for pacification. In South Africa there was good reason to appease the white perpetrators of apartheid; after all they ran the economy and therefore it was a matter of practicality as well. In Sri Lanka with no such considerations can’t we please get past this pantomime of pseudo-reconciliation and get to the task of nation building which had been on inordinate, extended hold?” Abeynayake asks in his December 10 editorial.

Abeynayake said the TRC was a result of Mandela being forced to appease many forces. “The Western led governments no doubt helped him with sanctions against the apartheid regime and obviously those came at a price. In short, at their behest, the ANC leader came up with the TRC as a means of a smooth transition in which there was no damage done to white people’s reputations, or their property or selves,” the editorial reads.

So it was in that sense not ‘truth and reconciliation’ that took place, it was the exact opposite; the papering-over of the truth and pragmatic, almost cynical accommodation, mainly because the loser in the confrontation in South Africa over apartheid, was somehow curiously also the stronger partner in many ways in the South African ‘rainbow’ state that ensued, the Daily News said in its Tuesday editorial.

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    It is futile to compare Rajpal with Nelson Mandela.Any fool can write what he writes but Madiba has proved himself to the world. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words and if you see the number of South Africans queueing to see his mortal remains you know what his worth was to them.I wonder if as many Sri Lankans with queue up for Rajpal!!

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    Kabbargoya – his is not blek. He is one of your
    distinguished progeny. The mooslaa face of a
    moosala bootlicker just puts me off!!!

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    Today one crook has written about
    another. Rajapal only knows brothels
    in Geneva. Imagine that wheeler
    dealer Nirj Deva? He is commenting
    on the European Parliament decision
    only because he can scrounge for
    favors from the Government. He did
    the same thing when Ranil Wickremesinghe
    was Prime Minister. May Gods save this
    country from the Rajpals and Nirj Devas.

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    Everytime I see the face of this lunatic,
    I am reminded of the back exit of my
    pet dog. He is loyal and faithful. But
    this pariah [Edited out] barks at anyone. He will
    not last long in his job.

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