25 June, 2022


Kenda Heliya

By Waruna Rambukewella

What a coalition of a mess..! I thought to myself when seeing on a State-run television channel a campaign advertisement that showed a kenda heliya indirectly depicting the National Democratic Front or the political platform of the common candidate Maithripala.

To my mind the arguments that are being raised in this TV trailer are correct. The coalition of Maithripala is a kenda heliya, and of course a baby of none or too many fathers. A quick analysis would make it easier to understand.

Maithripala newLook at Maithripala himself. He still represents the interest of the old SLFP camp who has lost its past glory at the hands of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his kith and kin. On the other hand Chandrika is playing her own game of revenge according to the Rajapaksa camp but nevertheless she has become the engine behind the Maithri campaign specifically conducting corridor diplomacy for defections from the ruling party.

As usual UNP is with its own market economic and capitalism policies which are usually being opposed by both JVP and JHU. But both latters are strong stakeholders of the coalition. Though JVP has not officially become a party to the group it indirectly support it by requesting the voters not to vote for Rajapaksa.

Think of TNA and other Muslim forces being in the same camp of JHU. Unthinkable isn’t it? Hakeem has to take a stand soon otherwise he will be an non-valid coin soon within his own community.

The leading fire-brand Jathika Hela Urumaya has a totally different approach to the others, mainly with regard to the Tamil and minority issues. But the most important bond here is between the JVP and UNP which has reached on an unsung understanding.

But the question of the hour is the reasons behind the building up of this non-traditional coalition of rival political forces. It is not rocket science. There exists a common enemy that emerges as the biggest threat to the nation of Sri Lanka after independence.

In order to deliberate, fight and engage in any form of democratic discourse there are two major requirements. One if the very existence of the country and the second is the presence of a healthy democracy. It is extremely ironic that the very same person who rescued the country from the clutches of ruthless terrorism is engaging in destroying both these cardinal factors.

Thus, the political forces who foresaw this menace dropped their respective political agendas and brought into a common immediate cause of restoring democracy within 100 days in a country which would not further be auctioned to China or any other interested party.

Hence, emerged Maithripala over-shadowing conventional and outdated political figures and also entirely confusing the ruling party family-bound stalwarts.

In fact, it is highly interesting to see how these non-compatible forces came under a common umbrella mainly for a single cause of sustaining democracy. This would be a new political era for the country where a multi-party regime will be taking over the task of restoring democracy. This 100-day task and beyond would certainly be rich with words like good governance, transparency, anti-corruption, access to information, media freedom so on and so forth. But the real challenge is converting these words into tasks which not only Maithri but the entire coalition partners of this Kenda Heliya would be facing with soon as their victory is imminent as of now. Nevertheless, Kenda or Porridge is the nutritious meal that we start the day as Sri Lankans. Thus, we are expecting a healthy begging from January 9 for the entire nation.

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    May be a Kenda Heliya… NOT stale Kenda though..BUT KOLA KENDA which may infuse LIFE to the Country and the Citizenry as a whole… or better yet ” SAU KENDA (SAGO) which is sweet for the country and citizenry EXCEPT for people like you.. who would love to see MR come to power and for the country to go to dogs… not that it hasnt as of now…

    It’s nice to see people like you who are paid to carry he flag of the govt…even while the ship is sinking…wonder if you are the BOY on the burning deck… keep your head high while u sink with the Murderers, Rapists, Goons, Thugs, Ethonol and Drug barons along with the Tsunami Hora..

    May all your souls rest in Pieces…not in peace…

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      Waruna Rambukewella –

      RE: Kenda Heliya

      This is not a Kenda Heliya. It is Team formed to defeat the Medamulana MaRa Family Dictatorship and Cronyism that has taken over the country.

      It is a Team that has come together to defeat the Medamulana MaRa Pavul Heliya, Family Pot.

      Listen to Anura Dissanayaka Speaks

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    [Kenda Heliya]

    A kanda haliya, mix of all opinion, different segment of races, political groups is sure sign that democracy is going to comeback.
    A different mix of team full of team work is going to come against the autocratic rule.

    Kenda Haliya is 100% democracy.
    The whole idea of Parliament democracy which is Kanda haliya is against a dictator. One man decision and one family rule is not democracy. A kanda Haliya is the ideal democracy.

    This ruling family video & this article is against Kanda haliya is propaganda is against democracy itself.

    Are we and voters be brain washed not choose democracy?

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    Most know who represents the “baldiya” ,what the baldiya and his clan did to us.

    The fresh Kenda heliya on the other hand is invigorating & will lift up the long suffering people & economy of Lanka afer 9th Jan.

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    Bringing down a Dictator in a flawed Democracy is not an easy task e.g. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. A Broad alliance (those with divergent policies, agendas, philosophies, colors, right, left and centre)is necessary even to have a chance of defeating the murderous, dictatorial incumbent. That is exactly what has been achieved today. Selection of MS as the CC was a master stroke in that he was someone acceptable to all in the Coalition. Even with all resources under its tight control, MR and his machinery had no clue of what was brewing in his backyard!! It is with some satisfaction, that we the public observe, the sacrifices and compromises MS (and others who left the Government), the UNP Leadership (the largest and most significant Partner) and other Partners have made in making this Coalition possible, with the sole focus and objective of banishing this Dictator and his family for good and thus restoring some democratic values in the Country. Once that is achieved (in 100 days?), the country can get back to multi-party TRUE Democracy again.

    We need to grab this last opportunity with both hands lest we may not get another. If the Dictator MR comes back illegally, he may change the Constitution to make him the President for life. Afterall, he has made a vague reference about making changes to the Constitution without cunningly informing the Public what those changes are going to be. Remember, seeking a third term in Office in itself, is a violation of the current Contitution and therefore illegal. But with his lackeys in the Judiiary, there appears there is nothing MR cannot do and the rest of the country is helpless.

    The writer has referred to the ‘market economic and capitalism policies’ of the UNP. He has failed to mention that these are the same policies adopted by the SLFP led Governments since 1994, with its Coalition Partners, which at varying times included the JVP and JHU. The difference is that the UNP have demonstrated they are better Managers of the Economy.

    But these issues are now secondary to the main issue at hand. The focus should be the defeat of this Cancer that has taken over all facets of life in SL. If that is not done, the Cancer may become incurable and SL will also die a natural death with China taking over its Administration due to inability to repay the horrendous Debts!

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    The majority of Sri Lankan’s MP’s are men, obese and wear sunglasses and during rallies they shout like madmen. It’s a fact nobody can deny.

    And when you listen to them consitently, you will realise that more of the brown stuff is coming out of their mouth, than out of their rear end if you know what i mean.

    Be it the male singalese who is King of the lies (if you turn the letters is says isle!), we need to know what made Sri Lanka men such good liars?

    Digging deep, it must be the frustration of living on an island without being able to swim. But more interestingly, when little babies, it was their mothers telling them “dear beloved son, I am heading for the kitchen to do some cooking” while in fact, they would leave via the backdoor because they found out that with a lie, the baby would not cry!

    And that means, lying is embedded in the society as if it is part of the education curriculum. Believe me, that is not going away in a few years just as for instance, the lack of corruption didn’t suddenly pop up in the Northern European countries: it has been so for centuries.

    MS could help steer this sinking island into less dangerous waters. Nothing more than that. Don’t expect MS to solve everything. He is just the captain of the ship for a few years, trying to head for swallow seas.

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    So your response to political parties in Lanka, especially ones that stand for such a variety of policies, coming together for a common cause is to call it a mess and a kanda haliya?

    Yup, this is why we’ll never have a mature democracy in this country.

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    People in this country sees it not as Kendahaliya but an inspiration to chase away the most unbearable dictatoship that the island nation experienced for the first time.
    Ms Pillay left the country insisiting that the country s on an authoritarian rule – that was two years ago. These great women leave their thougth in that way – not just evasively but having studied it comparably to other states and their adminsitration. To this day, those who coughed for Rajas have become the allies of current powerful coalition led by My3: Ascending from its introduction how many of the ruling powerful men thought to support by joining or without joining will show on the 8th Jan.
    Not many days left to on that remarkable day of srilanken history.
    12 days left …. to see this.. Jay niyathai.

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    Mr Waruna Rambukewella – your name could be far more interesting if it is spelt as Ran-puka-wala – meaning valuable something giving off a bad odour.

    You should seriously consider taking a course in Journalism – to say clearly what you mean.

    You have said in the last paragraph, “Nevertheless, Kenda or Porridge is the nutritious meal that we start the day as Sri Lankans. Thus, we are expecting a healthy begging from January 9 for the entire nation.”, which is really your endorsement of the Kenda Heliya. But read the brick bats directed at you. You have been clearly taken to mean the opposite of what you have written.

    Better luck next time my friend!

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    It is most interesting to see the combination of different political parties coming together for a common cause. This itself speaks for necessity for change. This combination of different political parties augurs well for the future management of country, whether it is economy, education, agriculture, trade, racial/religious issues sithiut being biased in only one direction. It is a shame the writer of this article has not understood and the whole article onesided.

    Some of the politicians who joined the opposition to support the common candidate who have sacrificqed the positions they held in the government, are with clean hands and proven record. The voting public who is intelligent enough to understand the manner in which the country is going and have shown their response vigourously to ensure a definite change.

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