16 August, 2022


Kiriella Responds To Gota-Maithri Plot To Abuse Bribery Commission

Minister of Public Enterprise and Kandy City Development Lakshman Kiriella responding to a query regarding the Colombo Telegraph report on investigations into alleged corruption said that he has declared the assets of his family in Parliament.

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that already the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption (Bribery Commission) has requested relevant statements from banks regarding the 16 persons and their close family emcees.

“I read your article with interest and you may recall that about 7-8 months ago during a debate relating to Highways Ministry, I declared the assets of my family openly in Parliement in figures. I have also submitted my assets declaration,” Kiriella further said.

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  • 22

    Don’t you remember Kirra bragging in Yahapalana Parliament that his Missus had 40,000 Acres in Balangoda.
    And Kirra’s own 10,000 Acres of Kandy.
    That is serious wealth.. Right .
    Why would such a wealthy Family has to take Santhosams from Aloysious?.
    Also remember Kirra has put 5 family members on the Yahapalana Ministerial Payroll. to take care of Kirra’s big ass Ministries.
    That I guess entitles all Kira’s Relos to free Defenders with Dual A/Cs.
    I mean , Nanos from Hindians can not handle those rugged terrain even in Kandy..
    Wonder how much Kirra’s Baby Girl with BSc in London Economics, get a month?.

  • 28

    People of the past and present regimes should be investigated for corruption.

    • 11


      who is going to do that,the past and presnt regimes?Get out onto the street like in korea and brazil you lazy motherf……kers without typing and typing comments day in day out.Galle face green first protest 100000 people.Second protest 300000.third 500000.

      • 8

        Holy Moly Poopy ! Marpy , Garpy !! Dayappy !! .!! 500.000? Eh!!! Vow !!!
        At the next meeting the whole of Galle face will be covered with carpets of people eating parcels of food and Drinking Free arrakku curtesy of modamullas .

        We know what happened after drinking freebies.

      • 7

        Very correct, I have stopped commenting ‘cos there is no point in voicing our written discontent in a country overtaken by inefficiency, corruption, racism, religious fanaticism and all the rest that is needed to help in making this a failed state.

  • 9

    He is a very wealthy man . How many of us can declare that we have 400 million in the bank ?
    Must have a thriving legal practice !

  • 8

    Aye! Aye! Sir, you can make any amount of declarations but what is the value of those declarations? You cannot escape from the fact that you are a politician and anything a politician does has to be for his ultimate advantage. “Good wine needs no bush”. People are aware of the very few politicians who have a thing called integrity. Others really should go to the dustbin but the voter is often required to choose the best among the evil. The standard dictum of the Sri Lankan politician is “Make hay while the sun shines”. Some of them say “If you can’t earn for seven generations when you have the opportunity then you are a fool not worth your salt.”

  • 18

    It was disgusting watching Mr kiriella walk out of a press conference the other day, leaving a lot of questions unanswered.

  • 0

    Quite a charming man , actually .

    • 8

      Dear Oracle,

      He may be quite a charming man actually, but the true test of a man’s charm is how he handles himself when under pressure. Mr. kirielle despite all the purported charm, palpably failed when under the microscope.

      A very poor advertisement he was for the government that day. No charm, no guile, no style whatsoever. He epitomised everything this government is, on that day.

      • 0

        …. tongue in cheek , obviously .

        • 2

          Sorry, I missed it! :-))

  • 6

    Sena says he is from v,rich family & wrote a book to defend Bond business and now counting Allo’s donations .Kira also doing the same.

  • 12

    Bogooollas too to be investigated.
    They pretend to be from an Aristocratic family actually they’re from the Cess Pitt families of the Past.
    Recently as last month the wifey and daughter were called to grace the ” CID walk the talk show” for being nasty to a woman in the western province.
    To make a note here , the wifey Booglls was seen threatening poor women in a Hindu temple premises with her foot wear in the Eastern Province where her BOOGLE HUSBAND had been made A Biggy by the Sillisena.
    Where do these families comes from???

    • 7

      They come from the Ancestors of “Cross between Money lenders and Garbage collectors.”
      That’s why they behave as they behave now their ancestors behaved like village thugs who owned lands ( by cruelty) wealth( by greed)
      village women ( of course by force ,greed, and Lust.)
      We cannot expect good character from any one of them holding high posts presently.
      They’re the products of ” Thugs Ancestry “
      They worshipped different religions and now converted to the so called UN Noble present day Srilankan Seculism Buddhism.
      They’re in front of Lord Buddha asking for pardon for all the sins they have done.
      Bogus lot in expensive designer cloaks.???
      Do you feel sorry for them???

      • 6

        NO Not at All.
        Say the least of these Robbing Thugs in Parliament.

  • 2

    What I do not like is for the foreign banks where the illegally got wealth is deposited by the crooked politicians don’t inform the Central Bank of SL and the income tax. No confidentiality for these criminals

  • 0

    Stupid Kiriella: Bribery commission did an excellent job during the MAhinda Rajapakse times. Who appointed the Bribery commission Chief ?

  • 1

    We seem to have entered albeit unwillingly, an era of public washing of clothes. What is hung out to dry are as dirty.
    Dayasiri started this, quickly followed by SF (only an underwear), then Sujeewa.

    Just the start. Wait for the Emperor’s New Clothes!
    Who ever thought that NCM started this!

  • 3

    Our shedding tears over the country’s curse is just telling it to the birds who hear and fly away.

    Not very long ago did the Bo KollaKema threw a birth day party running to laks and laks while in New York as his mother land’s ambassador. (an ambassador is an honest man who LIES abroad for his goods of his country). The money spent was none but ours.
    How conveniently and deep low matically was this forgotten by those be in power, as he comes back with dishonours and is made a governor!

    Yahapalanaya at its helm??!!

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