23 January, 2022


‘Sira-Gota Combine’ To Move Bribery Commission Against 16 Ranil-Loyalists And Their Families In Insidious Political Move To Subvert Wickremesinghe’s Presidential Bid

Sixteen close associates of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as well as their families are to be targeted in a special program with the intention of crippling the UNP leader politically ahead of a possible run for the Presidency in 2020, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. The move is part of an overall political strategy that would have Maithripala Sirisena winning a second term supported by Gotabaya Rajapaksa, for whom the Prime Minister’s post has been earmarked.

The plan is to move the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption (Bribery Commission) to investigate Wickremesinghe’s aides, nine of whom are his closest loyalists. The Commission is empowered to investigate and even call for and examine bank details of persons about whom allegations are made. The expectation is that those named will be castigated in the public domain whether or not they are guilty of any wrongdoing.


The first of these exercises target Minister of Public Enterprise and Kandy City Development Lakshman Kiriella through his daughter Chami Kiriella. Chami is a graduate from the London School of Economics and is likely to contest the next Parliamentary Election from the Kandy District with a good chance of securing victory. The allegation against her began a year ago when it was reported that she had earned a whopping Rs 300 million in commissions.

Sirisena, whose political fortunes have taken a serious dip over the past three years has all but declared intention to go for a second term despite fervent pledges not to. Wickremesinghe is tipped to be the UNP candidate for the first time in almost twenty years, that party opting to back Sarath Fonseka in 2010 and Sirisena in 2015. However, given that Wickremesinghe and the UNP, like Sirisena and his party, the SLFP, are in decline while the probable candidate of the Joint Opposition, former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brother Gotabaya is possible candidacy is gathering momentum. While a Gotabaya candidacy will face a stiff challenge from Wickremesinghe, a situation where Sirisena runs for President with Gotabaya as his virtual running mate would fare better, according to the architects of this ‘master plan’. Hence these moves to vilify and weaken Wickremesinghe by moving the Bribery Commission against his loyalists and their immediate family members. While such investigations typically drag for years they easily feed vilification mills, a reality that the ‘Sirisena-Gota Combine’ is counting on, according to sources close to the President.

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    Someone’s imagination is running riot or is this the result of lack of newsworthy stories? Sadly there are dimwits who would swallow this waffle as the truth. CT ‘s credibility will suffer from such putrid attempts at journalism.

    • 0


      If this waffle were to be true do you think it is “Hilarious and Tragic”.
      Suitable Headline for the article ” Poacher’s fantasizing to be reborn as Game Keeper’s to save their behind’s”

    • 5

      Nothing will change in the system so long the senior politicians would not see it right.

      This problem we dont have in Europe. Even former east Eruopean countries dont have it to the manner lanken state faces it.

      Not even much senior politiians in this country are somewhat honest and are well aware of the facts aboutt them being elected by their people.

      If they could know it at least to someextent, things would not stay extended rotten as garbage heaps mounting in city areas.

  • 15

    Shame….you can’t find even one decent politician ,all are bloody rogues . who ever who contests in future will be dreaming big money and their subconscious mind will be already fed with wealth.
    Colonel Rathnapriya Bandu will be a better candidate for presidency than the famous bunch of morons.

    • 1

      Yes.its heartening to know there are decent and good people like the Colonel Rathnapriya.
      Blessings on him and all such.

  • 2

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 3

    No reason for anyone to be scared if they have done nothing wrong.

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    In any election if the anti rajapaksha votes are divided the modern slfp of rajapaksas are easy winners .modern slfp the largest single party in the srilankan history and top level capitalist party who owns the entire business community in their hands and have a support of all the government mechanism and media. No point of talking a small poor parties like unp who holds only 23% votes or JVP who holds 6% of the vote. There is no point to discuss who is candidate from unp or who is candidate from jvp.if they come separately rajapakshas and their rich capitalist will win with the election at least by 2 million majority and go for a 2/3 majority In following general election.this will be a scenario in any election in future of srilanka.so first make sure how to stop anti rajapaksha votes are get dividing.other than this no point of talking a small poor party candidates like unp or JVP.and do not try compare the richest top level capitalist party modern slfp with small poor parties like unp or JVP.it is not practical.if anti rajapaksa patties divided modern slfp is on very top position.

    • 3

      Any logic will not apply to SL voters

  • 16

    Relax folks. Most probably what may happen.

    No Presidential election ,I mean why waste such a huge amount of money when we are already struggling with debts that we can not pay ?

    The most possible turn of events by 2020 would be and not just possible ,but could even be a probability are .

    Executive Presidency. Abolished and the current The President allowed to remain as Ceremonial President for the next term too.

    And The Prime Minister will by great means be Sajith Premadasa , this is something that people can look forward to .

    He is the only, one man left as a Choice for the entire people ,he might win even a landslide .

    If he wins ,he won’t waste time on petty issues of elephant ,chase ,hand ,or elephant chase the flower bud ,or play hora police ,(crook and police) , he is his father’s son ,he will be too busy getting the work done

    This will possibly happen ,he is a preference by most of the citizens of Sri Lanka ,he will fulfill all his father’s aspirations ,which are none but the uplifting of the people & nation building.

    • 6

      From Central Bank robber to treasure hunter? I don’t think so.

  • 4

    only after gota has got rid of his US citizenship i will take his antics seriously.This is just a smokescreen to scare the judicial system.Already 4 supreme court judges have said no t looking at his FR petition causing further delay to arrest him.Even if he renunciates his US citizenship,the US has to accept his letter and state that he is no longer a US citizen.He may have problems with that and is doing all the argy bargy now.The proof is in the pudding only when he loses his US citizenship.

    sira is using him to put pressure on UNP to get rid of ranil ,while gota is using sira to not get arrested.

    • 8

      Quite a game going on here, and the citizens are the losers and weepers.

  • 3

    To run against Ranil in a presidential race will be a dream come true to the Rajapakshes.

  • 8

    I think the Appa President ate with Mahinda before he stabbed Mahinda on the back is still working in him. That may be the reason why the President is continuing to stab on the back of Ranil who brought him into power. What a thankless person he is.

  • 11

    Rajapakse family and its nepotism

    Rajapakse brothers, relatives and friends were accused of many frauds, money laundering, murders, and siphoning ill-gotten money to foreign countries to hoard in foreign banks and buy properties. Yet, president Siresena appointed presidential commission to investigate Bond Scam allegedly committed by Allosius the son-in-law of CB’s governor Arjuna Mahendran who is a friend of the PM, Ranil Wicremasinghe. The president did not wait much time to expose the contents of the report and got. boomaranged and suffered self inflicted woulds. Still the alleged bond scam of Rajapakse era not investigated.

    There are many other allegations against Rajapakses but the latest alleged move is planned to sweep their reported crimes under the carpet if the culprits managed to get into power through the back door.

    • 5


      it is the prevailing legal system makes it burying the carpet.

      President himself louds that Thadjudeen case was buried by some lawyers, in the same time, as the executive president, he stays mum. as if he hs no powers.
      For what he is elected is he does not know.
      THat happens when the appropriate person does not take the appropriate positions.
      Just the grass eating majority folks voted wrong persons into such position.

      If a surgeon would just stay having done the due quickly and timely in saving the life a patient who would die without his support, there it is becoming even clearer, that the surgeon should be mentally sick or incapable of fullfiing his duties in compliance with standards. Even if his qualification as a surgeon is avaiable, what brings to the patient ? Nothing. RIGHT… likewise. President elected by 6.2 voters in this country, the faith kept on him about serving the justice again high profile criminals… is fading away.. day to another.

  • 11

    As the world sees Young leaders emerge ,in Canada ,France ,hopefully Rahul in India ,There is a 99% Chance of Sri Lanka Selecting Sajith Premadasa in 2020.

    He should be on guard ,keep the friends near and the enemies nearer ,that is be alert all the time .

    One never knows who is their enemy .

  • 4

    What people need to worry mostly is our external debts ,the reason why people need to worry is as for my opinion ,I will not trust even an atom of figures given to us by this government or the previous one .
    Not just debts ,even the whole of the GDP figures are all warp and I refuse to believe it.

    I have only some respect and trust and hope left on Sajith Ptemadasa , Eran Mangala Sameraweera , Navin ,Harsha ,Budika .and of cause Sarath fonseka ,the man is yet to mature politically but So far I see him as one who is completely honest when it comes to money .

    I will not trust this Land of ours in the hands of anyone else
    Though there is nothing I can do to change the minds of people hell bent in sticking with prejudice over reality .

    Hope we will soon have pur own whistle blower ..

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