18 August, 2022


Lax Attitude Of State Intelligence Apparatus Comes To Light At Inaugural Select Committee Hearing On Easter Attacks

In a damning narration of events that referred to discussions into the potential threat of Easter Sunday bombings among top officials of state defense apparatus, National Intelligence Chief Sisira Mendis told the Parliamentary Select Committee, although April 9, 2019 was the first meeting during, which the threat of the attack was discussed, the topic was not taken up as a priority.

Sisira Mendis

The intelligence coordination meeting held on April 9 had been led by Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando with participation of SIS Director Nilantha Jayawardena. State Minister for Defense Ruwan Wijewarena had not attended.

“A letter was received by my office on April 7 issued by the SIS, titled ‘Information of an alleged plan of attack’ which contained details of a possible bomb threat… It was a Sunday and when I reported to work on Monday morning (April 8) I read it and was seeking a chance to talk about it with Defense Secretary,” Mendis said.

Mendis adds he did not receive an opportunity until that evening to bring it before the attention of then Secretary Fernando, as the Secretary was busy with the visit of Indian Defense Secretary to Sri Lanka.

When he eventually brought it before Fernando’s attention, Mendis had also noted that the Police should promptly take action as they are mandated with necessary power to act on the information in the interest of maintaining law and order. A decision had been made to discuss the threat further at the Intelligence Coordination meeting.

However, Mendis noted he believes the then Defense Secretary was not aware of the information received on the potential threat, even by that point on April 8.

When the Intelligence Coordination meeting convened the next day, on April 9, Mendis says the information on threat of Easter attacks was not taken up as a priority.

“I had placed the letter I received on April 7 in front of me when I sat for the meeting. Since it was not brought up, when the meeting was about to close, I brought it up. I informed them that the gravity of this information can only be gauged by SIS Director,” he told the Committee.

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    Imminent attacks were known to higher ups and was in ignored by some people higher up in order to use the attacks as a reason to bring Emergency laws, delay the Presidential Election and make it suitable for Gota Rajapaksa to campaign on the only person who can control Terrorists.
    President was not in SL conveniently and safe overseas.
    Did he make it easier for the copper to be purchased by a prosperous Muslim merchant.

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    What a HELL
    Sirisena and all responsible individuals must be brought to justice and incarcerated for life.
    Sirisena definitely has been informed before he left for Thirupathy and ignored this .
    This IDIOT must be incarcerated for life

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    What the HELL
    Sirisena and all responsible individuals must be brought to justice and incarcerated for life.
    Sirisena definitely has been informed before he left for Thirupathy and ignored this .
    This IDIOT must be incarcerated for life

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    Very briefly, the Sri Lankan National State requires an intelligence system. An intelligence system is a state structure manned by its most intelligent citizens whom it is able to mobilize for this task. These citizens develop various undesirable scenarios and measure the probability of their occurrence and the likely impact thereof. They construct responses for each of these scenarios along with response triggering processes. They then identify indicators that signal increases in the probability of occurrence of these scenarios and link them to counter actions designed to prevent their occurrence or mitigate their impact. The constant 24 hour real time monitoring of the levels of these indicators is the backbone of such an intelligence system.

    The fact that the letter from ISIS warning of an attack could only be responded to by waiting for a meeting on the 9th clearly indicates that such an intelligence system is not available in Sri Lanka. It is not a matter of a lax attitude on the part of an intelligence apparatus but the absence of one.

    If the citizens of the Sri Lankan state wish to have such a system they can ask their government to construct one.

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    It is not a Secret Ranil and Mangala tried to debilitate Military and Intelligence. There were so many things happened leading to April 21st. For example, So many wanted PTA abolished, Ranil wanted at least some military, those in colombo under him, Minister of LAw and Order, Judiciary became a Joke. I hear Intelligence was handed over to Pujitha Jayasundara nd one press issue, I suppose, from Army commander was, Police did not release the attack news to the Army. Pujitha Jayasundara’s answer had been he informed all the subordinates (even the DIG responsible for President). But, another complain from President’s side, there was a problem of getting information from the Minister. Ministry was not releasing informtion to him. That may be the reason why PResident did not want Ranil any where around the Security meeting. Take into accout, How intelligent Mangala is. He ” said, because of the 4/21 attack we got 4 480 million loan from MCC”. But, now foreign media has explained the whole story. Even Saudi Arabia had been informed by some one that the Wahhabi Attack would be advanced the date. Wahhabis knew by april first Zaharan had transferred and wealth and finished writing the will.Sri Lankan PTA did not have any provisions to arrest any people who visited middle east etc., other than that 40 people had been trained in Syria including Zaharan. So, Ranil may have kept silent. but, another machinery was working over time behind every thing. Mangala Said, SRI LANKA IS NOT A BUDDHIST COUNTRY AND ANOTHER UNP MP SAID ONLY ELEVEN FORCES PEOPLE HAD BEEN KILLED. ALL Those may be asking for July 1983 against muslims. Mangala say I did not know any thing, May be true may be not true. Most expected it but not this bad. IT was fully planned for some time.They needed the security apparatus, laws all changed for this. Homicide bombers knew except the day, they would go.

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    This is yet another “NATO” meeting. “NO ACTION TALK ONLY”. Shouldn’t at least NOW the 225 “IDIOTS” realize the DANGERS that the country is facing an decide to “IMPEACH” the President and “CHASE AWAY” the Government lock stock and barrel. The PEOPLE must NOW decide and make a fir determination NOT TO VOTE for any of these “225” vagabonds PLUS any connected with their families and goons. If otherwise, it will be “SOBS”.

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    Why was the threat not given priority on April 9? Was it b’cos Nilantha was still verifying the tip? Was the Prez aware of the threat by April 9 (I believe he did)?

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    Oh, NO. Hoe can it be???? Rajeewa told us it was only Hemasiri and Pujitha are the only two individuals responsible. Look how casually this guy (former DIG) and the whole intelligence (Nilantha) has handled the information. And then Rajeewa says the system with 5000 people could not handle this vital information because they were “shell shocked”. Rajeewa you are one of those CUNNING FOOLS.

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    The Security of nation of Lanka that first priority of stabilization of all ares of life-line of citizens of
    Sri lankan could be undertaken by UNP ruling regime since 15/1/8… They failure to deliver nothing but that nation division and chaos again after 2009 may 19th defeat of LTTE+TNA terrorism. Unique features of that ugly head of silent GUN point rose again by misdeeds of mismanaging of intelligences of state security by Wickamaishe of R , MS and CBK line of politics that save for the Terrorism of Islam in this time.
    Non of security in our soil there is no democracy at any nook and corner of Island by smooth function of democratic institution of republic.
    The 5% of that Muslim minority an Island of Islam terrorist, that locally oriented out-fits has undermined nation democracy of representative funded by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of Sunni muslim extremist.
    Well this a was gross violation of democratic nation survival that order of governances of Island by World islamic extremism to undermined different faith of religion beliefs and its religion FREEDOM of enjoy by people Lankan 2600 years of its civilization>
    Sri lanak is one of old civilization has permitted to Christern, Hindus and Muslim respect of faith and practices own beliefs by peacefully every corner of Island in last countries.
    Ours Freedom and functions Democracy of ballots has been thatren by GUN -POINT Politics by Islam Terrorist. A Islam of ISIS wanted jeopardized and curtail nation inherited democracy form of governance last 71 years.from 1948?
    Islam or Muslim terrorists are anti-establishment political are that similar to JVP and LTTE of ruthless Tamil chauvinist of exterisms. They are evils of People and its democracy back and enrich by current UNP led Wickramasinghe’s regime in power since 15/1/8 ?

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    The intelligence was provided way early in 2018,when Indian counterpart stumbled on Zaharan when they were investigating A planned bomb attack in TN. A diary taken from the suspect had details of Zaharan. After following further leads and verifying, Indian intelligence passed the information to Lankans. Following which on further investigations when ever Zaharan,s name came up India kept updating our clowns. This year when the plans became more clear there was more frequent updates from India until a week or so before Easter, with details of date and target. The initial excuse was because of antipathy to our neighbors the infor was ignored which is absolute lie because India had been providing infor on LTTE for years and every tit bit was readily grabbed by our clowns. A direct link is already established with south block to avoid mistrust. Also now we know some of the perpetrators were already known to Rajapaksas. It has been proved beyond doubt that MS is lying. So readers , lets behave like adults and not kid around.

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    when what is destined happens. people who lack intelligence will look at hindsight . what is needed is foresight., which most people lack.

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    According to the notorious “verse of the sword” (Sura 9:5), Muhammad was told, “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them”—unless they convert.

    According to Sura 9:29, Muslims are to “fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures [i.e., the Bible] were given as they believe in neither [Allah] nor the Last Day… until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.”

    This, in the eyes of Muslim fundamentalists, justifies permanent war against non-Muslims until the entire world is under Islamic rule.

    They also cite Sura 8:39, in which, after winning a crucial battle, Muhammad received instruction that permanently authorizes holy wars to spread Islam: “Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and [Allah’s] religion [Islam] reigns supreme.”

    According to the Koran, Allah gives Muslims a spiritual incentive for joining in jihad, or holy war: too: “Fight for the cause of [Allah]; whether they die or conquer, We shall richly reward them” (Sura 4:74). The reward of those who die in jihad, in Islamic teaching, is to immediately go to Paradise.

    Elsewhere the Koran authorizes violent war against unbelievers (see “Does the Koran Promote Peace and Cooperation?”). No clear pacifist verses appear that temper or overrule its warlike teachings. By contrast, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ told His followers to turn the cheek to those who would strike them (Matthew 5:39) and to love and pray for their enemies (verse 44).

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    What drove Harzan and his followers to torch churches and ignite 5-star hotels. It is not because of poverty, not because of lack of opportunities in education, business, jobs etc. During the war, the Muslims enjoyed the best of both worlds. They exploited the enmity between the Tamils and the Sinhalese and they were armed by the Sinhala state. When Karuna betrayed the LTTE he sold the weapons to Muslims. They used those weapons to attack Tamils in villages bordering Muslim villages. They came out of the war with a minimal loss of lives.

    Zaharan and his cohorts attacked churches and hotels to establish an Islamic state in Ceylon. It may sound ridiculous but that is the fact. History shows that Islamic theology has and will stir up far more religious wars and terrorist actions proportionately than Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or other religious belief systems. Muslims believe Allah revealed the Koran to Muhammad over a span of 22 years. Interestingly, almost all of the peaceful, tolerant verses appear in the earlier “Meccan” suras (chapters) of the Koran, but the verses promoting violence and holy war emerge in the later “Medinan” suras.

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    Comment by Thanga
    What has happen that (new & old ) UNP leadership of grab power by misled the whole nation 15/1/8? Immediately after day assume power of govt. shifted or turn to seek advice from USA led caucuses.
    At once domestic interest put into silent then that downgraded key role state intelligences by that ruling
    click of RW of UNP!
    UNP’ s has not rely on 6.3 millions people who voted for them bring into power by 15/1/8 election.
    The so-called mandate has been discarded of new shape of “good governance” by Old-christen orthodoxy politics UNP of Wickramasinghe( fedul) clan.
    His all action of policies ( RW ) that was purely depend on that Goble road Map by that origin of strategic location –big powers of hegemony in Indo-Pacific region & vital interest of USA and their allies !
    Well have turn into politics of “good governance & rule of law” of that nexus direct interest and governance of USA in island .
    Our nation has enter the period of New Neoliberal a colony, which nation subject to hegemony of USA that all nationalities of Sri Lankan dominated by Pentagon of Defence and Dep. of State of USA.
    After long years of Independence 1948 we have been re-colonized by western domination .But actually-UNP strengthener old colonial in new form..since 1977.
    These days after 21/4 that UNP policies of national sovereignty and security being compromised USA by the most corruptions regime island by UNP ‘s leadership. Back by USA military forces.
    In additional to that sale of of ports, airports, houses, lands, and business to foreign-powers.
    Are we that setting-up back to allowing it to happen under UNP regime again in 2019?
    It’s time to stand up all Sri lankan and everything we hold dear to People of Sri lanka.

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