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Letter To My President On The National List

By Razi Muhammadh

Razi Mohmamadh

A letter to my president on the nomination of Mr. ALM.Athaullah in the National List.


We hear news that Mr. ALM Athaullah former Ampara Member of Parliament and a defeated candidate of UPFA in the last election is to be given MP in the UPFA national list.

Mr. President as a citizen of this beloved country and a voter of Ampara district I think I have a right to suggest, sometimes oppose the decisions taken by you. This is the basic tenant of fine democracy.

Mr. President I am from the same village Mr. Athaullah is from. I and he inhaled the same air of Akkaraipattu. I and he walked on the same road. I and he bathed in the same sea. I know him better than you do.

Athaullah and Mahinda

MR. President we supported your campaign against Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ruthless reign. We happily voted for you. We needed a change in our country. Not only we want to change Mahinda Rajapaksa we but also we want to change those who bootlicked Mr.Rajapaksa. What would there be a point of the head is gone and the tails still swing.

The mandate Sri Lankan people gave during both the Presidential Election and parliamentary Election and the message they conveyed to this beautiful country is crystal clear. “We will not tolerate anybody to rape our country. We will not let racism pop up and devour our nation. We will not let any money mongers to usurp our country. We will not let any ugly faces to twaddle our nation’s economy even if they defeated terrorism. Am I correct Mr. President?

The head of the snake is gone. But the tails are tittering here and there. People taught a lesson to those tails. Almost all those tails of Mahinda Rajapaksa kissed the dust in the last of those tails is Mr. ALM Athaullah from Ampara district. You know him very well and who he supported during the last Presidential Election and this Parliamentary Election. My home town clearly defeated him. He was able to secure 16770 votes. A clear defeat and clear messages from Ampara Muslims. MR.Athallah we don’t need you and we don’t agree with your politics.

Mr. President what made you go against the mandate of the people of Ampara? What prompted you to give him a position in the parliament when his own voters told him we do not want him in the parliament. Mr. President I don’t need to take you political lessons on democracy. You are well versed in that. The main element of democracy is to safeguard the mandate of the people. In Ampara district the mandate of the people is that they don’t want him. We humbly request you to respect our mandate Mr. President.

The people of Ampara didn’t vote for him. People from his own village Akkaraipattu didn’t vote for him. The people of Akkaraipattu know very well that if they do not vote for him the whole village will lose their representation they enjoyed for the last fifteen years. While knowing that they rejected him. How strong is their massage. We request you to respect that Mr. President.

Mr. President Mahinda Rajapaksa was the President of this country. Everyone knows he is corrupted. But it is hard to bring him to the books. Why? Law needs evidence. Criminal are acquitted or not caught not because they are not criminals but because we don’t have evidence. They are lot of Mahindas in this Country. There are lots of tails of Mahinda. Athaulla is one of them. Since we could not prove what he had done, we simply rejected him using our power of vote. But you decided to bring him back. I do not think democracy works in this way.

I have thought. What might have prompted my president to give him National he much educated? he a scholar? No. his knowledge will help develop the nation no. then what would have been your reason. Could it be your party interest? Could be. If you lose Athaullah you think UPFA will lose the votes of Ampara Muslims. Because he is the one who is helping to get Ampara Muslims votes for UPFA. That could be the possible reason you chose to give him in National List. You proved before that you prefer People over party by opposing UPFA candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is another time for you to choose between your party and people. Would you chose the people of Ampara or your Party in Ampara Mr. President?

Mr. President, purpose of the National List had never been to let the defeated creep to the Parliament from its back is to invite the educated to help the country. Why Sri Lankan politics is using this National List to reject the mandate of the people and let the rejected rejoin the parliament. Mr. President we don’t need Mr. Athuallah. We told through the ballot clearly. We request you to respect the feelings and the mandate of the people. If not we will be very disappointed. Because you are bringing the rubbish to our bedroom which we swept away on 17th.

Mr.President, it is the high time to build the country. Country was freed from terrorism and engulfed by Mahindaism. Today is the day our country is free from all clutches of evil. We join hands with you and Prime minister to build this great nation. But we demand you as the citizens of this country to not give National List to those who people rejected like Athuallah. I hope there are many like this.

Mr. President I do not know whether my message will reach you. But my duty is to convey you. I did that clearly.


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