29 May, 2022


Letter To Sampanthan: Let The World Know The Truths

By V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

Hon. R. Sampanthan (MP)

Leader of the opposition


My dear Sam,

Let the world know the truths

Seven years had passed since the war came to an end. The government that was formed with your support has functioned for over 20 months now. The tussle between the government and the people over their lands is continuing. The first village that was formed in Killinochchi is Paravipanjan, which is the most important settlement in the Killinochchi town area.

It is now under the control of the army which is using it as the Head Quarters of a division of the Sri Lankan Army. In the midst of this confused situation, apart from the sufferings, difficulties and losses sustained by the people, the government is now preparing to take over 617 acres of private lands belonging to the people of Mullivaikkal in the Mullaitivu district. The land is to be surveyed shortly. In this situation I wish to ask you as to what you have achieved for the suffering victims of war. I would have called for the unity of the Tamil people more than ten times during the last few years but upto now you have not taken any step towards it. I did not do any wrong to our people. I am the one who challenged the Defense Minister in Parliament one day that he will never recapture Elephant pass. That is the truth. But you have said that I wanted Elephant pass to be returned to the forces. That was a deliberate lie which made me to lose even the Local elections that I contested, for which the credit goes to both you and Senathirajah. If only Mr. A.Vinayagamoorthy M.P will confirm what you said, I am prepared even now to quit politics. All these are old stories. The credit for depriving our people of my services for well over 12 years also go to you and Mr. Senathirajah. I remained silent these 12 years because by my interference the peace process should not get disturbed. I can’t remain silence any more. Under compelling circumstances I have to come out with what happened in the past without hiding anything. This is the first in the series of letters that I propose to write to you.

From the time you broke away from the Tamil United Liberation Front, I had written to you a number of letters without receiving a single reply for any of them. However I refrained from dealing with sensitive issues for the main reason that, my actions should not go detrimental to the interest of the TULF’s policies.

You are not unaware of the fact that History is a country’s record of past events, social, political and economical, in order of time. It is the history of its great individuals and also records of all varieties of events. I accuse you of destroying the history of the TULF which itself is a part of the political history of the country involving great leaders and personalities like the Hon. S.J.V.Chelvanayagam Q.C, Hon.G.G.Ponnambalam Q.C, Hon.S.Thondaman, Hon.A.Amirthalingam, Hon.M.Sivasithamparam and many such others.

You should first know the history of your association with the TULF. When the TULF was inaugurated on the 14th of may 1972, initially the entire membership of the Thamil Arasu Kadchi and the All Ceylon Tamil Congress got merged together, with the blessings of the founder President Hon.S.J.V.Chelvanayagam and Hon.G.G.Ponnambalam. I hope you will remember that I was a founder member of the TULF, joined it from the ACTC. Although you were there at the public meeting held that evening, you did not join the TULF because you were not a member of any one of these two parties. You joined the TULF with your nomination as its candidate at the 1977 General Election, at which 17 of us won and lost only one seat in the East. Your conscience will tell you as to who was responsible for the defeat of one of our candidates at that election.

It is now very clear that you were not a member of the Thamil Arasu Kaddchi formed by the late Hon. S.J.V. Chelvanayagam, till he died on 26-04-1977. With his demise, the ITAK was virtually dead. But to prevent anyone from misusing its name and the symbol ‘HOUSE’ the late Mr.A. Amirthalingam, perhaps the only founder member living at that time, who was active in politics, had the registration of the party ITAK in force. This is confirmed by a statement issued by his wife Mrs. Mangayarkarasi Amirthalingam long before she died, an extract of which is as follow: “It is a pity that some of those who have been groomed by him have attempted to misuse the name of the Federal Party and trying to revive it. They have only breached the Trust he had placed on them. Thus I categorically make it clear to all that I have never approved nor blessed the revival of the Federal Party but instead condemn it as this act is a ploy to destroy the TULF which was formed by our great leaders.” Please note that she refers to our leaders as great leaders.Who are these great leaders who have now revived it, I wish to know.

The Presidentship of the ITAK which you held for some time was not that of the ITAK founded by the late Hon. S.J.V.Chelvanayagam, fondly referred to as ‘Eelaththu Gandhi’ and was strictly committed to Non Violence. The one of which you were President, was founded by Hon.Mavai Senathiraja 26 years after the demise of the original founder Thanthai Chelva. The details of this episode will be given to you in my next letter to you.

Please forget about our differences of opinion and start seriously thinking about our ethnic problem. I am not interested in any positions. I want to see a permanent solution arrived at for the ethnic question. As a first step please drop the TNA garb you are wearing which found a good market among the Diaspora crowed, since many of them were under the impression that the TNA was a creation of the LTTE. But you and I know that we created it on the advice of six leading Tamil civilians namely M/s V.Kailasapillai, Kandiah Neelakandan, V.R.Vadivetkarasan, Nirmalan Kathikeyan, S.Thiyagarajah and K.Jeyabalasingam. It was formed on the 22nd October, 2001 and the signatories to the MoU were M/s. R.Sampathan, Dr. Kumarakurubaran, N.Prasanna and K.Premachandren, in their capacity as secretaries of the TULF the ACTC, the TELO, and the EPRLF respectively. You should feel guilty for betraying the late Mr.Muthulingam by depriving him of the National list Membership of Parliament promised to him after Mr.M.Sivasithambaram. This promise was given to him by the party including you. But even before the funeral pyre of Mr.Sivasithambaram was lit, you rushed to Vanni with another Member of parliament to meet Mr. S.P.Thamilchelvan to have Mr.Muthulingam’s name replaced with the name of Mr.Thurairatnasingam who came next to you in the Trincomalee District. You were very much aware that Mr.Muthulingam was persuaded to stand down in favour of the late Mr.Raviraj who won at that election. Mr. Thurairatnasingam did not have any justifiable reason to have himself nominated to that position. The party should have removed you from your position as secretary general of the party for your wrongful act. Although it is not my concern, I should say that you played this foul game again, detrimental to the unity of the TNA. This does not mean that I approve the existence of the TNA which was a fraudulent combination of parties not constituted in a proper way. But you ignored the other constituent partners of the TNA very often and always continued deliberately to promote the ITAK founded by Mavai Senathiraja by fraudulent means.

The term TNA is now being thoroughly misused and it has lost its credibility. We should not take mean advantage of the popularity the term TNA has unjustly earned among the Tamil people, mistakenly still believing it as one organized by the LTTE. But I am glad that you have openly admitted that the LTTE has nothing to do with the TNA. Let us be fair by our people and not continue to cheat them anymore. Therefore please drop the TNA garb and come to the ring with clean hands and with sincere motives to solve the main problems of the Tamils, the ethnic problem. Please reply.

Thanking you,


V. Anandasangaree – Secretary General – TULF

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Latest comments

  • 10

    Mr V. Anandasangaree

    This is not going to help to resolve the matter.
    Did you try to talk to Mr Sampanthan directly in person?

    • 9

      All what what you say is historically correct, but why have you have you not named the unsuccessful candidate who contested that one seat under the TULF flag and lost?
      You too were in the party at the time when Mr. Mutulingam’s name was replaced with that of Mr. Thurairanasingam and for that you say Mr. Sambanthan should have been replaced but that was not your concern. If that is so why are you complaining now? Why did you not raise the issue then?
      Besides that would you elaborate on the background reasons for the elimination of Mr. Thangathurai by the LTTE and the part you initially played in the creation of the TNA of which you were also a part for some time before your TULF got jettisoned from it?

  • 3

    The Vellala scrabble dual. Way to go. Now now did we say yes LTTE no LTTE hmm. What LTTE they are all missing persons aren’t they. Yes they should put aside the differences so they can solve the National Issue i.e. Absentee Vellala Land Lord property overseeing and maintaining.

  • 14

    “”Let The World Know The Truths”

    You northern and eastern tamils have no friends in the world as we saw in May 2009. You have put the majority of tamils worldwide to shame.

    Even in the UK when a terrorist attacks (russell square) they say the Somali was mentally deranged. Now the UK defence ministry is querying the verdicts against soldiers- it was a setup solicitors to gain legal aid they allege.
    Don’t expect the dead to come to life and Sampa knows that so he prefers to pass away as opposition leader which no tamil has ever held.

    Life is a joke it’s better for you to fade away.

  • 12

    Ananthasangree Aiyaa.

    Enough is enough of your letters. Please keep shut.

  • 8

    Dear Mr Anantha sangaree

    Still you are interested only in finding out who ousted you from power. It is really lamentable. Now leave every thing aside and find a political solution to the Tamils following an investigation into the May 2009 war crimes against the Tamils in Mullivaikal. This is the only chance for the Tamils to win a suitable political solution. Pool all your talent and present a nice case at the UNHRC along with your barrister son Gary. Now or never. Preserve our Traditional Homeland from being robbed.

  • 6

    Is this the time to wash dirty linen in Public?

  • 4

    The lament of a one-time iscola mahathaya!

  • 6

    There you go again the quibble among the Tamil politicians over party names and party politics. Mr.Anandasangaree is now an ordinary citizen who is pointing out the lapses of the TNA. The Tamil politicians are only interested in party names , their well being and not about the Tamil people who are still suffering although the war has ended. I would only advise Mr.Sangaree not to harp on the past but to the pay attention to the needs of the Tamil people.
    It is perfectly true, that our history is littered with examples of staggering treachery and mendacity. Mr.Sambanthan is a clear example. What has he, so far, done to the Tamil people, except to seek promotion as a defunct leader of the opposition, A few weeks back I saw a video clip of the IBC where few Tamil women begging the Army personnel to allow them to go to their lands in Vali-North and few men are standing behind. It was another damn disgrace for the Tamil leadership and the Tamil society as a whole. The audacity of Mr.Sambanthan and Sumanthiran who were elected by the Tamil people, to attend the Independence day celebrations, which was never attended by any Tamil leader and goes to raise the Sinhala flag , not once but twice. It was a disgrace brought about by the TNA trio to the Tamil nation. Yes of course, Mr.Sambanthan will be no more in the political arena but how about Mr.Sumanthiran and Senathirajah? The duty in public life is all but dead. Mr.Sumanthiran, recently in reply to a journalist stated about the new constitution” Any reasonable solution to the Tamils which would be accepted by all in the country is acceptable by the Tamils”.Are the Sinhalese going to accept a federal solution, proposed by the TNA in their manifesto. What a hypocrite,lawyer this person is.
    Not only 617 acres of land in Mullaitivu, over 5000 acres of land in Vali north is under the Army occupation not allowing the owners to go back to their lands. Nearly 10 villages in Vali north are still within the high security zones. What does it indicates? Sinhala settlements in the North in due course. Is it not high time for the Tamil MPs to resign from their seats in protest. In this excoriating critique, a historian says too many of todays politicians are only in it for themselves. Their friends and shamefully the voters can go hang.

  • 5

    What is written about TNA is ok. But you are a discarded politician and what is the point of writing this now.
    You have been very close to Mahinda for some reason.
    Why this turncoat policy.

  • 5

    /When the TULF was inaugurated on the 14th of may 1972, initially the entire membership of the Thamil Arasu Kadchi and the All Ceylon Tamil Congress got merged together, /

    One quick point: It was NOT Tamil United Liberation Front, but Tamil United Front in 1972 when it was formed.

    If this is true, who do you allow this description in the TULF wiki page? You are so good in writing letters, all you need is a simple email to Wiki to fix this.

    On May 4, 1972 several Tamil political groups, including the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, formed the Tamil United Front (TUF). The Federal Party joined the TUF in 1976.”

    Please don’t play clean now, Mr Sangaree. It was you who hijacked TULF. When the party was built, they wanted Amirthalingam to be the ‘Thalapathy’. So, they formed the party was very high power to the Secretary General. Everything was good until you took charge. There were demands from all around to call for an AGM and you declined to do so. You knew very well that you would be thrown away by the membership. TNA was created because of you. TNA had to run in the election as ITAK (with their symbol) because of you. When they could not put together a proper nomination paper for a local election, you let them run under your symbol, Rising Sun.

    /i977 General Election, at which 17 of us won and lost only one seat in the East. Your conscience will tell you as to who was responsible for the defeat of one of our candidates at that election./

    Okay, Thangathurai, who was the election in 1970 by 1000 votes did not make it. But, TULF lost that seat by just 280 votes. What are you trying to say here MR Sangaree?

    But, how about Batticaloa? TULF, which you are a foundation member of, planted Kasi Ananthan there. There was a very very clear possibility for him to win too along Rajadurai (the incumbent and a senior member of ITAK and T. But, who killed that opportunity? TULF guys went along and spoke only in Kasi Ananthan’s meeting, ignoring the incumbent. The people of Batticaloa were not happy, and Rajadurai was opportunistic, and used regional politics (East v North). You were as guilty, Mr. Sangaree.

    I know, we are wasting our time with you by writing long responses. But, you cannot expect us to be fools!!!

  • 7

    TULF is a One Man Party.
    V.A is the only member.
    He has been discarded by all Tamils.
    He is a frustrated old man.
    His occupation now is ‘finding fault with all Tamil Representatives.
    He should protest the oppression of Tamils in the north and east, by the occupying military regime – this, he is afraid to do.

  • 5

    The taste of being in power is overwhelming than the cause for taking power for anybody taking to politics in Sri Lanka. Let it be a Sinhalese or Tamil or Muslim politician. Who is really interested in bringing a solution so the purpose of the voter or the Country gets priority? A politician in Sri Lanka is a person who is willing to sink his Country down and further down for the sake of winning an election again and again.

  • 2

    Brahmins,scream Eelam . No one listens .low castes are the LTTE. Brahman and Vellala expats want to keep hating and collecting money for Eelam pipe dream.

  • 1

    Anandasangaree was in LSSP for quite a while and contested as an LSSP candidate in several constituencies. He must write a similar open letter to Upali Tissa Vitharana with the end “Please reply”.

  • 0

    Letter To Sampanthan: Let The World Know The Truths… that we have been lying to the gullible World since 1977.

  • 1

    Mr. Sangaree

    You should write the below given matter to your good pal Mahinda Rajapaksa. After end of the war, he was in power for nearly six years. Have you ever calculated the damage done by Rajapaksa to the Tamils!

    Today you are very old and looking for a venue to enter the parliament again.

    It is too late!

    “The tussle between the government and the people over their lands is continuing. The first village that was formed in Killinochchi is Paravipanjan, which is the most important settlement in the Killinochchi town area.”

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