26 May, 2022


Listen To The People; Include Health As A Fundamental Right In The New Constitution

By Saroj Jayasinghe

Prof Saroj Jayasinghe

Prof Saroj Jayasinghe

In its most simple form, health means to be well or contented in the key dimensions of life (i.e. physical, mental and social dimensions). In other words, all our struggles, investments and conflicts are ultimately aimed at living a good quality life to a maximum. These are the fundamental goals of human existence from a secular point of view. It is therefore essential that such a basic dimension of existence should be included and enshrined as a fundamental human right in our constitution. The public consultations done by the government overwhelmingly supported this line of thinking.

The next few paragraphs outline the proposal in further detail.


The new Constitution should include a clear statement on right to health. This includes a right to reasonable healthcare, but extended to other determinants of health. The latter is essential because, people fall sick BEFORE they come to healthcare (i.e. visit a clinic, pharmacy or hospital). For example, if the state ignores taking any action on air pollution, we will all choke to death or suffer from diseases such as asthma. Though the precise wording can be improved, examples of such statements include;

“The Constitution guarantees the progressive realization of rights that will enable everyone to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical, mental and social dimensions of health”


“Every citizen has the right to a reasonable standard of living, adequate for the health and well-being of himself or herself and of his or her family, including the access to medical care, preventive services, basic amenities and social services”.

Why do we need such a proposal?

We need such an explicit statement because the current Constitution does not explicitly include health as a fundamental right, and has only an indirect statement (Article 27 2 (c): “the realization by all citizens of an adequate standard of living for themselves and their families, including adequate food, clothing and housing, the continuous improvement of living conditions and the full enjoyment of leisure and social and cultural opportunities”).

Common Misconceptions 

There are four common misconceptions that are used to oppose the inclusion of health as a fundamental right:

1- “Countries cannot afford the right to health” – This is absolutely wrong. The level of implementation of any fundamental human right in a constitution is governed by the availability of resources at that time. While the detailed steps depend on the context, the state should show progressive movement towards meeting its obligations to respect the right to health. It cannot use the argument of inability to afford to delay their obligations indefinitely. This is clearly stated in the document The Right to Health: Fact Sheet 31 by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and WHO, available freely in the internet.

2. “The right to health is the same as the right to be healthy” – A right to health does not mean that the state guarantees that everyone is in perfect good health. Good health is influenced by several factors that are outside the direct control of the state (e.g. individual’s genes, biological make-up and socio-economic conditions) and partly the personal responsibility of the individual.

3. “The ‘right to health’ is the same as the ‘right to healthcare” –  The right to health is over and above healthcare. It includes healthcare and other determinants of health. As described previously, an example of ‘other determinants’ is air pollution. Interpreting a right to health in this context does not mean that there should be no air pollution. Instead, it means that the state should demonstrate that reasonable and affordable actions have been taken to control rising levels of air pollution.

4. “A ‘right to health’ would permit the judiciary to overstep their role” – Judicial interpretations exist in many countries with Common law systems, including our own, contributed to developing ideas on human rights and strengthening their implementation. In fact, the role of the judiciary in this process will promote a change in the political culture, an avowed goal of the current government.

What Are The Global Trends? 

There are several other countries and UN organizations that have included or supported health as fundamental right in its constitutions:

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) in Article 25(1) states that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including… medical care and necessary social services…

The World Health Organization states the following in its constitution: “The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition”.

The UNs International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) describes the right to health in article 12.1 as “the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.

The trend is for countries to recognized health as a fundamental right in their constitutions. A study done on 191 countries in 2011 showed that almost 70 countries guarantee the rights to overall health or medical care. (Refer to paper available on-line in Global Public Health 2013;8:639-653). A few examples are given below:

Constitution of South Africa (1996):

Chapter II, Section 27: Health care, food, water and social security:
“(1) Everyone has the right to have access to a. health-care services, including reproductive health care; b. sufficient food and water; […]
(2) The State must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within its available resources, to achieve the progressive realization of each of these rights.
(3) No one may be refused emergency medical treatment.”

Constitution of India (1950):

Part IV, art. 47, articulates a duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health: “The State shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties…”

Constitution of Ecuador (1998):

Chapter IV: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, art. 42: “The State guarantees the right to health, its promotion and protection, through the development of food security, the provision of drinking water and basic sanitation, the promotion of a healthy family, work and community environment, and the possibility of permanent and uninterrupted access to health services, in conformity with the principles of equity, universality, solidarity, quality and efficiency.”

Finally, Sri Lanka has endorsed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of which Goal 3 is explicitly on health (“Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” is articulated through 9 targets for implementation). As such, inclusion of Health as a Fundamental Right in the new Constitution will give effect to this goal in a concrete manner.

*Professor Saroj Jayasinghe – MBBS, MD (Col), MRCP (UK), MD (Bristol), PhD (Col) FRCP (Lond), FCCP.

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  • 2

    Listen To The People; Include Health As A Fundamental Right In The New Constitution

    This is excellent idea. I think that is hiw it was in ancient Sri lanka.

    Only problem is now everything is money. Even one will use this as a way to abuse the govt.

    See there are hopitals and doctors, in Sri lanka, but politicians go to Singapore or To USA if there is a panic attack or a bactrial infection.

    On the other hand, they don’t like British hospitals as those hospitals are full of Sri lankan doctors.

    • 0

      First of all, lst of all let us find out WHO is damaging the health of the humanity. Just because, W.H.O. comes from an “Internationally recognised” institution does not make it an authority on health of the entire humanity.

      W.H.O. is run by the thick skinned Jewish MAFIA who has an agenda to destroy the world population in its secret/open AGENDA 21 programme to depopulate the world. Meaning, to kill the NON-JEWS (Goyim/Gentiles) as much as possible.

      The criminal JEW/ Bill Gates is going about killing as many babies and children with his evil Vaccines that has multiple poisonous stuff in its ingredient to destroy the immune system of the newly born healthy babies.

      If this writer bases all his theories and arguments on the UN charter, then its a foregone case of any health to anyone. Because, the Zionist masters do not want the world to be healthy.

      The Jews owned Big Pharma corporations cannot make money in a healthy world population. The Jew owned monetary systems cannot make WARS and destruction as its going on in the world today backed by US/British/French/Israeli criminals, if the humanity is bodily healthy and mentally sharp. So, with Vaccines all this can be destroyed in a single shot given to a baby with multiple doses of poisons.

      Just stop the VAccines…. and the entire nation and the entire humanity will be super healthy.

      Do you get what I am talking about???? If not, please check these…..AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT….

      1. WAR ON HEALTH –
      Gary Null’s documentary exposing the FDA

      2. AGENDA 21
      The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order

      3. Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

      4. Dr Russell Blaylock – Nutrition and the Illuminati Agenda

      5. Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire

      6. How To Cure Cancer with Vitamin B-17 (DOCUMENTARY)

      7. The Satanic Cult that Rules the World
      – Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Henry Makow

      • 0

        Also, if anyone have any doubts about the EXPOSE’ about the Vaccines (Dangers and injuries it has caused) that these Jewish criminals who are owning almost all the Big Pharma corporations and the stuff they’re manufacturing. Please check the following link to know about all the poisons they have added and openly declared about it and to say like…

        “Hey guys, we have put so many poisonous stuff in the vaccines that our guys are recommending to you and your kids. Its your duty to verify yourself before taking them. Its an open war on your health, you see… The Karma is on you as you have failed to check by YOURSELF the stuff you are giving yourself and your babies/children and you have trusted the criminals we all dearly call as THE MEDICAL DOCTORS and THE MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS”.

        The doctors and the Medical industry is run on their rules. So, no one dares to cross the line. Those who have gone against the Medical Industry have been murdered in cold blood….

        CHECK THE OFFICIAL VACCINE INSERTS for its dangerous ingredients found in them:


        50 Holistic Doctors Have Mysteriously Died In The Last Year, But What’s Being Done About It?

        International Monsanto Tribunal: Monsanto on trial for crimes against humanity and the environment

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055607_Monsanto_international_tribunal_ecocide.html#ixzz4MmCc1VQN

      • 0

        WHO knowingly pushed deadly vaccine in India that killed thousands of children

        (NaturalNews) The United Nations hasn’t had much success as a global organization designed to provide opposing nations a forum with which to peacefully resolve their differences, but the UN has had some success in other areas, namely, working to alleviate poverty and improve healthcare in poor countries.

        So why would one of its groups, the World Health Organization (WHO), intentionally push a vaccine that kills children? That’s what academics and scholars in India are asking.

        An impactful editorial published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics has accused WHO of pushing a pentavalent vaccine “by stating falsely that no adverse event following immunization (AEFI) has ever been reported with the vaccine.” In fact, however, the editorial says that’s not true.

        End Quote-

        Just see how much they have damaged the world and the health of the entire world population…..

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041590_child_mortality_vaccines_India.html#ixzz4MmD4lr8J

        • 3

          desert storm
          Are you a friend of Amarasiri?

          • 0

            Ken Roberts,

            Are you connected to the big Pharma?
            Or else, you are connected to the Zionist system?

            • 0

              Oi, 666,
              he is no pharma or zion but asked you a simple about UVA mutt amera tribe which you are evading.

              • 0

                This is for all you guys who are working for the Zionist system and to the appeasers of the evil JEWS….

                Fake News and the National Security State

                In this week’s episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine a recent revelation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism on a Pentagon psychological operation in Iraq following the 2003 invasion by the United States. From there we look at how the CIA spawned its Operation Mockingbird and the ongoing effort by the national security state to control media and form consensus for its foreign policy objectives. END QUOTE

                • 0

                  All that is besides the point. We are aware of chillcot report and how Bush was taken for a sucker by Blair to make hay for 5 generations etc.

                  could you please be kind enough to answer the initial question by Ken simple as that. you have many good points but there is a way to address it and be heard.
                  BTW you should meet Lester the academic he is all fire onto arabs- change his mind please.

                  • 0

                    Do not know what he’s talking about. I know Amarasiri in this forum as a pseudonym label. Who knows who is out there behind a PC by the name Amarasiri.

                    • 0

                      ” Who knows who is out there behind a PC by the name Amarasiri. “
                      ask the man just below(listening carefully) called sinhala_man from uva he knows part of what you are hiding.

                  • 0

                    Just watch this video to find out how the powerful Jews “Rockerfeller Foundation” funded Alfred Kinsey to write fake research about human sexuality to destroy the children and the family structure of the American people systematically which also affected the world today.

                    If anyone has any concern about saving the humanity, they must watch these info and take whatever necessary action to undo and reverse the bad tend which is destroying the families and children. This is serious stuff….

                    How the Gay Agenda Began – FULL DOCUMENTARY

                    Alfred Kinsey is the monster who’s research can be found solely responsible for the advancement of the homosexual agenda in the world today.

                    This Satanic sick paedophile who tortured and abused children, lied about numbers and statistics to encourage a gay revolution in America and set the tone for the rest of the world.

                    It is a satanic agenda, and this amazing look at how it began and who it began with, will explain a lot.


                    • 1

                      “”how the powerful Jews “Rockerfeller Foundation” funded Alfred Kinsey to write “

                      Waning or waxing crescent you have no star until you meet Lester your enemy.

                      The Jewish people work very hard and prefer to be at the right place at the right time in history.


                    • 0

                      Union required to tandem posters of insanity. put this arab/Israel conflict to rest as Lanka has suffered from terrorist president Abdel Nasser- Pan_Arab.

                      October 13, 2016 at 10:43 pm: What do you call it when someone wears a headscarf in public all the time, or even a bedsheet with two holes for the eyes. They are like slaves to a particular ideology/religion. If you ask them, they will say they are protecting their “modesty.” But then you should ask, why don’t the men also cover up, since women are also capable of lust. The ones wearing the scarf or bedsheet don’t understand the men (who make all the rules) are just using them.



                    • 0

                      [Edited out]

                    • 0

                      [Edited out]

                    • 0

                      Desert Storm ,
                      Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.
                      today CT is operated by strict sinhala only-
                      16th Poooya Angoda- hunters moon- out to kill the muslims and tamils.

  • 7

    Please start with MENTAL health. Daham Sirisena needs help urgently.

    I’m putting this in early hoping that this will be seen and reported to Maithripala Sirisena, who is sane, reasonable, and intelligent.

    That son of his urgently requires psychiatric treatment. If this is not attended to fast a lot of damage will be done to the future of the COUNTRY!

  • 4

    You will, necessarily, have to destroy the freedoms and liberties of the people of Sri Lanka through requesting such a thing.

    This is because the government can only provide the health care you demand by means of force and violence in order to procure the wealth necessary for the purpose.

    They will then distribute that wealth to those whom they decide should receive it. The politicians i.e.

    Furthermore you will destroy the healthcare industry – doctors, nurses etc. by preventing them from responding to natural market forces thus preventing them and the industry for maintaining international standards.

    By including this right therefore you will necessarily have to increase the cost of health care and lower its quality. This is also the trend globally.

    The best way to provide good quality healthcare is for the government to leave it to the free market. Leave it alone. Just like we leave alone the electronics industry that has provided us with so many life saving devices at cheap prices that get cheaper with every passing day.

    Remember why we had a 30 year civil war? It’s all about rights and liberties. Do not make another case for some other new form of violence to manifest.

  • 3

    Well, I think its the duty of the govt to provide social services only when its needed.

    Social services should kick in to help persons who fall through the cracks. A comprehensive package should be made available so that poor and needy become independent and self-sufficient first. This should include money to survive, job training and guidance etc.

    When social services are included into the constitution then even those who can afford education and healthcare will exploit the benefits.

    Govt money does not grow in trees. Its collected from hard working people middle-class mainly. Its duty of the govt to ensure money is utilized efficiently.

  • 2

    Timely article Prof. Saroj

  • 1

    With an aging population, and the ever-growing desire to repair every organ that gets worn out, it may be necessary to affirm also the right to die with dignity!

    It was ages ago that this man formed a society to help those who wanted to commit suicide; no, he wasn’t rushing in to dissuade as the Samaritans, “Sumithrayo” in Sri Lanka, do:


    He was supplying information on how to most effectively go for euthanasia. He went through with it himself!

  • 6

    Prof Jayasinghe,

    You say universal health are “the fundamental goals of human existence from a secular point of view.” And you wish it to be enshrined as a fundamental human right in our constitution.

    But Buddhism is enshrined as the most favoured religion of Sri Lanka in our constitution. Therefore Sri Lanka is not a secular state.

    So your intent of universal health which is a secular idea cannot be enshrined as called for by you in our constitution. Let the sharks within the GMOA and SLMA attend to our health needs.

  • 0

    Every citizen should be under the immediate care of a family physician,
    listed in his/her office.
    Family physicians should be recruited for designated areas with manageable numbers.
    They should be ‘contractors’ to the state in the disbursement of health care.

    Hospitals and health care/research institutions should function separately.
    There will thus be no need, for “private practice”.

    This is the general trend of health care delivery in most developed & developing countries.

    • 0

      Wise man
      Here men the profs are just Illiterates.
      Read this

      The NHS Constitution for England

      Updated 14 October 2015
      Principles that guide the NHS
      Seven key principles guide the NHS in all it does. They are underpinned by core NHS values which have been derived from extensive discussions with staff, patients and the public. These values are set out in the next section of this document.

      The lazy pirates of the south of lanka sinhala speaking demals – want to have the cake eat it and see it.
      Amma fed them Bath guli after bath guli – ? ? rice ball and plain tea ☕

  • 0

    ”Sri Lanka has endorsed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals” ?????
    1.DoE hasn’t conveyed any message on #SDGs to provincial directorates which thus haven’t conveyed any stuff on SDGs to schools(going by the Northern province directorate of Education and schools).
    2.No info on National Institute of Education website.
    3.No info on any other ministry website or PM’s website or President’s website.

  • 2

    Thank you Prof. Jayasinghe.

    People in any civilized society have the right to essential health care and school education; and the state should provide it free of charge.
    Education and health are investments in people that make them more productive. In that sense, they are really not free, because the society gets more than it gives by enhanced output of individuals both in quality and quantity,

    It is cynical to transform these two fields into hunting grounds for parasitic establishments.
    The process of privatization initiated by JRJ has done much harm to the standards of health and education in the country.

  • 7

    “”Listen To The People; Include Health As A Fundamental Right In The New Constitution””

    You are hearing voices at a tangent.

    What an advertisement trying to bring dead hair back to life??

    Sri Lankan professors, PhD’ school teachers are very good at calling the bluff.- the government salaried professional politicians- Because they believe in the politics of contention, of opposition.

    It is wrong and illogical for a particular ethnic group to think that they are more justified to be called Lankans and that the others can become Lankans only through their favour.

    To top it all the main component of export income comes from sex slavery.

    With a Sinhalese population of 74 % and a debt of 74% and 96% of tax income going out as debt repayments, the island is as dead as a door post.

    In a global economy it’s better to sell the island than setting the island up as war mongering one.

  • 0

    Prof. SJ,

    It is included in Clause 12 of Lal Wijenayaka Report. You may download it from https://www.colombotelegraph.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/PRC-Report-English-Final.pdf


    The Professional

    • 2

      first duoplural- Naxalites bargain for the beast!

      SirMao constitution and The constipated merchants of Doom and Boom.

      Prof & Pseudo Pro.

      Health Care Is Not a Right. Especially for a nation that thrives like leeches begging the world- you would end up with ebola.
      Remember Sinhala Insurrection was due to Free Education but the 2 of you come from the village so its your bliss.
      You are what you eat rotten meat.

  • 1

    How about including the following as well in the constitution.

    1. Guilty till Proven Innocent
    2. Anyone with a criminal case cannot hold politics
    3. Anyone after the age of 65 has to retire from Politics
    4. Only one member of the Family allowed to be in politics. Anyone wishing to join has to wait for the other to pass away.
    5. All Politicians will use public transport no fancy cars etc
    6. Every Citizen pays taxes including Government employees
    7. Rapists, Killers and Drug Peddlers (Not Addicts) to be shot no matter what in public
    8. All Court Cases have to be concluded within a year
    10. University Students upon completion and gaining suitable employment need to start paying back to the government the cost of their university education.
    12. All Students need to serve two years in Military after O/Ls. or NS Like Singapore.
    12. All Doctors passing out of Govt, Medical Colleges cannot Strike, Demand or Work in Private hospitals for 10 Years.
    13. ONLY ONE JUSTICE SYSTEM. NO Lower Courts, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court. If one courts verdict cannot be overruled by another court.

  • 1

    The right to live as a citizen in Srilanka is a human right.So Saroj is right to call health as a human right to survive in this country, be enshrined in our constitution.

    So what?

    • 0

      “The right to live as a citizen in Srilanka is a human right”
      Even if the longest standing and extremly rich immigrant has a child at UAE the child gets no citizenship same as Japan- its a privilege
      Right English= Rectus Latin ( england still refer to latin part of constitution because for over 100 years the kings did not speak latin.Yuor matter would finally be stumped in Latin and one word only – that is law universally- one word.
      Same with lanka when we use sanskrit in lieu of sinhala word that does not exist- your first words are still spanish- like sinhala ulu for spanish missionary tiles. please don’t increase the sinhala boru olu.

      Another prof another dope what a shame free education has bestowed to our island.

      This advice applies to England

      Advice can vary depending on where you live.-click on radio button for other nations- citizens advice is a powerful body more powerful than any government.


    • 0

      pseudo profora,

      The maximum taxes come from the cooperate sector and they are bound not to agree unless they get incentives then you have to pay the increased cost.

      Citizen is just statistics born to consume resources.

      Who is a free person?? A person who can command himself.

      don’t mix up knowledge with wisdom.

      Knowing others is intelligence;
      knowing yourself is true wisdom.

      mind what you say cheap professional politician.

  • 0

    Agree 100%. Sri Lankans should have a universal health coverage like in Canada.

  • 0

    Agree 100%. Sri Lankans should have a universal health coverage like in Canada. Thank you for the article.

    • 0

      that is why at Canada even if one pays the highest insurance the treatment is dependent of the ethnic of patient This goes with asian Kotchi nurses who would look at the ceiling.
      The rich cross over/drive down to USA than pay that heavy insurance.
      Like us we have UK medical insurance and EU nation insurance medical.

      Typical Gass Gembo of 4th world- no knowledge how advance rich nations and poor nations work when it comes to health and medicne- no reading wont cant read Ohma yaman Bath guli seated on Goo geddi!

  • 2

    Saroj Jayasinghe’s proposal is a typical non-starter.

    How do you define health?
    Even worse, how do you define mental health?

    Jesus heard voices when in the desert. Would Dr. Jayasinghe classify him a
    schizophrenic rather than a mystic?
    Should women or men be subject to circumcision for good health as claimed by certain groups og people?
    Should the state ban pork, or beef, or all meat as required by religious dicta for good health or follow medical science.
    Or should it allow only halal meat where animals are killed in the most mercyless manner as this is a “rite for good health”?

    But medical science is completely divided in regard to whether to eat or not eat meat. It fails to follw the WHO/IARC recommendations.

    The IARC has classified meat as a grade I carcinogen, and so are we to ban meat to ensure the RIGHT TO HEALTH that this doctor is advocating?

    What about sugar? A class-I hazard as a carcinogen according to the IARC and WHO
    classifications. So, to ensure that the citizens have their RIGHT TO HEALTH, engraved in the constitution, should the state ban sugar?

    There are some people claiming that Sri Lankan rice has Cadmium, and so the rice is toxic to kidney (this is actually a wrong belief, because the Cd is not bio-available, and yet this doctor believes in that while others don’t), and so, to guarantee the right to health, should the state ban rice eating?

    Simple minded policies are what comes about when narrow specialists come to dictate public policy

    They have a right to say what they want, but we also have a right to point out the
    naiveness of many of these proposals. So whaat should they do? They should discuss their views with a variety of specialists before disgorging it on the public.

    • 0

      Bodhi seems to be ranting asymptotically. He denigrates Prof Jayasinghe for seeking to include a clause in the draft constitution affording the right to good health for Lankans by conflating and sidetracking, talking about unrelated stuff like halal, red meat and sugar, without countering Saroj’s plea intelligently.

      He also deviates from the plot by boldly stating that cadmium in rice is not the cause of the kidney disease problem in the Rajarata region (which some say is a major topic of controversy with allegedly grim links to overuse of substandard fertilizer) but this has no relevance to Prof Jayasinghe’s article). And since he has raised the subject, he should be reminded of his recent claim on this forum that certain ‘salts’ from certain ‘rocks’ are the cause of the kidney disease, yet when challenged to identify this he remained mum.

      He certainly sounds like an empty vessel to me.

      • 1

        Ben he may be a prof for all I care but he is not a constitutional lawyer and medical expert but a `professional politician` paid a government salary, these are the worse of its kind anywhere in the world. They do not do the job they are paid for but play on human emotions more the the mere politician- it is bad bad for any nation- protest, content.

        Now under any constitution the word `right` entails any citizen to ask for medicine faith etc. but assigning a special provision is putting the cart before the horse and sabotaging a as it is constipated constitution.

        In this case once again beggars wan’t to choose.
        When bigot/fascist SWRD wanted free food, free education for all rich europe was shocked because it could not afford it – the slippery slitherer said buddhist compassion and ignored- then he blew his foot- Amen
        nett. result – rice from the moon (folk pillaging in the bins) and insurgency of the free educated ` rise of Tamil militancy due to standardisation and onion/chille (mooted by lazy sinhala buddhist)
        you never learn from your mistakes but gladly borrow the weakness of western wars- Sunday sil..monday kill…kill the buddha.. blame the suddha. That is your buddhist island of former european slaves if that fits.
        Helicopter money printed by MR is over, once again whom are you going to fight to make money? India you will all be blown up the situation in the world is different there is nothing called peace keeping force but kill the 4th world bastards misusing democracy and freedom.

        read matters like this. In the UK its private public imitative and still struggling to cope. Go to a dentist for free NHS even a clean up its bad but if you pay on top of it you get a proper cleanup with latest medicines from the same bloke- same with it all- will i report no! I am not the complaint compensation professional but do suggest better practice.

        I think when people say healthcare is a right, or ought to be a right, they don’t always have the same thing in mind. I think everyone would agree that you shouldn’t be denied healthcare on account of race or religion or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. Well, maybe everyone wouldn’t agree, but it’s not what people usually dispute about. The question is whether you can get healthcare if you don’t have money to pay for it.

        And you know that question is still not so clear. Does it mean that you have a right to healthcare even though you can’t pay for it, but you still get billed and have to deal with it one way or another eventually? That’s pretty much the current situation; if you’re broke you can go to an emergency room of a publicly supported hospital and get taken care of, and then maybe get a bill for $20,000 a month later……

  • 0

    Buruvanse the school drop out naxalite never needed the provision in the constitution to get what he wanted and here paid staff with low level education want to duplicate rights -. Yes they want to derail the nation which is in a financial fix because of the teaching fraternity of pseudo scholars from 1st sinhalaya insurrection.
    Government must send them to jail and find others like UK does,
    bring in the army!!

  • 0

    My good old teacher at Colombo medical faculty.We had lots of respect for you.
    Great to see you in this forum.
    What you are trying to say is not clear Sir.
    Isnt health care available to every citizen free of charge in our country

    I thought health and education are two rights entitled to people born in this country.
    Am I wrong in thinking so.
    Are you talking about ensuring quality health care like in UK for our country.
    Prof we have a long way to go if that is the case.
    Look at our health system
    Mushrooming private hospitals act like mafias and contnue to empty the pockets of innocent people by variety of unethical crooked means.I dont need to elaborate them .You know.
    Professionals at the top end are silent about these atrocities.Pharmaceutical companies are acting.like vampires.One of the biggest service you can do to the public is health education about their right to fair and ethical treatment.We need a powerful commision to look into the grievences of affected i dividuals.Our medical council is toothless.
    Some doctors are shameless vultures and some hospitals are criminal institutions.Their sole aim is making money and they know nothing about health care .We should have a system to bring those culprits in front of justice to ensure the right to safe treatment of each and every citizen.
    Why not start articles elaborating right to treatment and the actions public can take if they feel their rights are violated.
    I wish you all the best as a former student and a medic willing to act on behalf of the rights of ordinary citizens who suppprted our precious education.

  • 0

    Typical GMOA propaganda. They will say health right. Then try and get more money allocated through courts so doctors get paid more. Let the administration run our systems. We have managed fine without including these in the Constitution!

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